Worst Things That Bullies Say


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41 I'm going to punch you in the teeth
42 You are noob
43 Poor noob

i am sad

44 You're so fake
45 Do you want me to put you on the harassment form?

I ought to do that to them.

46 You smell

If anyone says that to me, I'd respond by saying, "Look who's talking."

Yah - 1507563

47 Nerd alert!

So what that there are nerds on Earth? They have every right to exist. Just because someone's a nerd, it doesn't automatically make him or her bad.

If anyone asks me, I favor nerds over jocks and other bullies because I can relate to them. And besides, many of them are better off being the top people of this world.

Well if it wasn't for nerds we would be living in a jungle

48 You are not good looking! You are ugly!

*Sigh.* One of the oldest insults there is. Honestly, who cares about how people look?! It's what on their insides that count.

If I'm ugly what are they ohay they are hidious

49 You make out with Donald Trump

They're better off making out with themselves.

"I hope you let this slide"

You are a little ugly

50 Only the strongest survive

Yeah I know,so you better plan your funeral.

That's one of the biggest lies ever made by bullies. Is being strong the only thing that matters in life? Well, for anyone's information, strength alone isn't the only way to get through life. Specifically, it's better to use your brain than your brawn to survive.

I mean, who the hell are all folks are into telling others that only the world belongs to the strong? They don't own the planet and never will.

As one of my male and former teachers from college once told me, there's room for all people in the world and that rainbows don't have just one color. Besides, we all have to share the world with everyone instead weeding out weak people. After all,there always be weak folks out there and we can't force any of them to be strong.

Like my dad once told me when I was in eighth grade, we all have to accept our weaknesses. And he's right.

Seriously, how would bullies like it if they're victims make them weak and tell them that they don't deserve to live just ...more

51 Shut up Weirdo
52 Hahaha!!
53 Your car is garbage and trashed
54 You're so boring
55 Haha dumbo
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