2016 U.S. Presidential Election


I voted this, not because Trump got voted in, but because Trump was hacked into presidency by Russia. It's not an election if people's votes for the opposite were hacked by another country. I feel like they should've done a re-vote, because the people of America ask for what they want, and Russia should keep out of it.

Look at all the special snowflakes crying like babies in the comments

From start to finish, this election was a disaster. The bar for civil discourse started off in the gutter and ended up buried somewhere in the Marianas Trench.

The two main candidates were horrible. We had an egotistical, racist idiot and a corrupt, compulsive liar as our Republican and Democratic candidates. Let's just hope the next election will be better.

At least he's better than Hillary Clinton, if she won, we'd REALLY be doomed.

Donald trump SUCKS he cheated to be the president and Hilary should of had won but the Russians cheated to help him win and so blame them and not Hilary and also Donald trump will be a terrible president for 2017 and if u voted for trump u are racist

Holy crap, I hated the election. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are horrible people who just care about themselves. And I can't believe Trump is president. - Powerfulgirl10

Trump and hillary are on a plane. The plane crashes. Who survives? America

We were done for the moment that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump became our only real options

This was so overrated. And annoying. Hopefully Kanye doesn't run for 2020. Then the world's possibly over

The wall solves nothing besides being a waste of time.

I'm a Mexican girl, and you have no idea how much fear and anxiety this presidential election gave me.

We just handed the nuclear codes to a man who can't control his temper and is bound to start World War III.

How did it come to this? How could people let two not only run for president, but become the nominees!?

Trump sucks! Hillary sucks! We're screwed!

Never or less, Trump hasn't been so active lately. - DarkandSinister

I have no faith in America after the election

Trumps a birther buffoon for whom only white supremacists swoon.

Just kill us we don't want to live anymore just end our lives

The President Defect is a tweetin creetin who has no concept of the detrimental impact that his fraudulent "think system" of politics and social order will have. There is trouble right here in River City. There is nothing socially redeeming about this person who embarrasses me to be a member of the same species.

America is going to die, that's all there is. Unless you're white then you have white privilege but if you're not... yowzers

Worst thing I've ever witnesses in 36 years!

The most bad president in the world.

Trump became president. There is nothing worse that happened this year than THAT.

This is Bush Part 2. The world is laughing at us.