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61 The Coup in Turkey (15th of July) V 1 Comment
62 SpongeBob winning the KCA.

How's that bad? - ConorDooley

63 Everyone On Worst Intros (MrBeast)
64 Retirement of Popular TopTenners

Lol come on guys, I'm not that popular! - TeenTitansGoSucks

A lot of TopTenners left.

At least Britgirl is still here. - anonygirl

But TeenTitansGoSucks is back.-Vestalis

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65 YouTube Star Coyote Peterson Stung Himself With a Bullet Ant V 1 Comment
66 Death of William Christopher
67 Death of Glenn Webb

Who was Glenn Webb? I've never heard of him. - PerfectImpulseX

68 Death of Gene Wilder

He was the original Mr. Wonka in the CLASSIC Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. And he was also in that one meme too. - Catacorn

He was one of the greats of my youth. I'm still in denial.

69 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Got Released

Tragedy for all treyarch fans

70 Death of John Glenn

Why isn't this higher.
He was way too important, the first american in space and the oldest in space.
You got to believe it.

America's first person in space, and oldest person in space has died, at 95.
We will never forget the American Space Age.

He was such a great person.
He knew it would matter to go up there in space, and just realize we're the first creatures to go up and explore space, and we've also sent robots up there, but we're the peak of achievement, and we've just made it to the unbelievable, and knowing what lies out there.

He was such a good person, and he lived a great life, he's in a better place, and he's gone far in his life.

71 Regular Show Cancelled

I'm glad Regular Show was removed from Cartoon Network's lineup. Because that show was beyond overrated. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

That was in 2017! not 2016, Get your facts straight, and it didn't get cancelled, it ended.

Because regular show was goat

72 Teletubbies Starts Airing Again

Disney1994 would be so happy this crap airs again. - KianaLexi

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73 New YouTube Rules

Most of 2016 sucks. But when the cubs won I was so happy. Only good thing about this cruel year is that the cubs won. I am from Alberta Canada and the fort mcmurry fire was terrible. Hell this year was worse than the start of ww2. Stuff is very crappy. 2015 was a terrible year for me. Worse than 2016 even. 2017 is not that good either. 2017 is also crappy because I heard on the news that a 19 year old got beat with a led pipe and he had broken bones and his eye was damaged and has to be removed. He will probably get a glass eye. The person that started the incident was a police office in Toronto. Shame on the Officer. What the hell gives him the right?

YouTube is screwed up now, the new rules that state "no sexual content or violence" are letting YouTube remove the channels and videos from people, making their careers end, therefore, YouTube will pretty much end that way.

Basically, you have to make videos saying "i love youtube and it's the greatest thing that has ever happened". - Catacorn

YouTube's slowly and steadily becoming more grating and embarrassing :/... - CrimsonShark

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74 Hurricane Nicole

Why is this on here, we know it was devastating in power and caused flooding, but nobody was killed.

NObody was killed or injured, Take This OFF THE LIST!

NO ONE DIED or got hurt! This wasn't even serious.

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75 Collapse of Nigerian Church

I heard 160 people were killed in this collapse

76 The Beginning of The Loud House

The Loud House is overrated kiddy trash. - PerfectImpulseX

Do you REALLY wanna know WHY this was on the list? The Loud House is CREATED by Chris Savino.

Let me spell it out for you: Chris Savino, the man who destroyed Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls, got his own show on Nickelodeon. He KILLED animation as we know it.

I do not understand how people like this garbage. I have watched 4 episodes of the show and I tried to give it a chance but nope. All what people ever say is they like this show without giving not even one reason why they like it and they disrespect the haters. Here's why I hate it 1 very gross( just like sanjay and craig and bread winners)2 the characters look weird and act weird. 3 flash animation done horribly 4 has twerking in it( and people still like it and hate breadwinners because it has twerking but don't care about the twerking in the loud house ugh😒😒) 5 teaches bad morals( like most of the other shows on T.V.) 6 relies on toilet humor(gross) and 7 relies on a lot of stereotypes. I know I'm gonna get lots of hate for this but... who cares. It happens to all haters and I will just ignore those bullies( bashing someones opinion is cyberbullying and it can lead to depression and sometimes suicide. Read the list why fans should respect haters and you'll see what I'm ...more

Who put this here on this list?

This is one of the saving graces of Nick, even though Nick will never be as good as it used to.
It's the best thing Nickelodeon has ever made in Ages.
Whoever put this show on here must've either been brainwashed by the crappy shows or just is retarded in general.

The humor might be a bit weird, but it's obviously FAR better than Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners
Those shows are DISASTERS!

77 Brexit

Really bad like seriously bad help us here

78 Star Fox Zero
79 Ellicott City Flood

Elliot City destroyed by a flood, killing a few people.

80 Death of Leonard Cohen
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