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81 2016 California Wildfires V 2 Comments
82 The Emoji Movie Was Announced

The fact that this exists makes me want to put a bullet in the guy who thought of this.

The trailer gave me aids. Please cancel the movie. - EastZombie

This movie just got released, please end my suffering. - Catacorn

I was in the movies to see Sing. I was watching the trailers. The Emoji Movie was one. That was the first time I had heard about it. I wanted to punch someone so bad. I've lost so much respect and faith for people. Here's everything wrong with this movie:

1. Just because it exists.
2. You shouldn't have the "bored" emoji narrarating.
3. The poop emoji gets the fancy stuff because it does.
4. Bored emoji says it's "our FIRST movie! ". Yeah, right. This is going to get a rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes and, like, two stars, maybe one.
5. You get it.

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83 Support Ended for Windows XP Embedded

We'll never forget those memorable sounds that it made. - Catacorn

I thought support ended in 2013-2014? - PerfectImpulseX

84 Legend of Everfree
85 Death of Glenn Frey

Co-Founder of The Eagles, a band which has had more music sales in the USA than Michael Jackson.

86 KC Undercover Getting a New Season

Horrible show

87 Bordertown Premiered
88 Death of Harper Lee
89 Texas Hot Air Balloon Crash

A hot air balloon in Texas blew up and crashed, killing all 16 people, the world was in horror.

I think this is funny but you know that is just my opinion on what I think

90 Chicago Shooting

The World is in terreor.

A cartoon cancellation is higher than a shooting...Really :[ - ZeroxOmegaz

91 Portugal Fire
92 Death of Steve Dillon
93 Daniel Bryan Becomes Smackdown GM
94 Botroseya Church Bombing
95 Death of Ricky Harris
96 Justin Bieber Punches Fan

This just shows how arrogant people these days are.

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97 Ice Age: Collision Course Was Released
98 Beyblade Burst Coming to America
99 The Jessie Spin Off Still Airing Episodes

This show is so cringe worthy

They're just doing reruns

It's called Bunk'd - mayamanga

Hey you stupid haters bunk'd isn't the worst or cringe worthy! so take this off the list! NOW!

100 Project Scorpio
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