My Condolences and Input on the Manchester Bombing

Yay, me being real again. I know this is probably the most pretentious, insufferable, and, well, worst side of me. But there are several talking points about this certain subject that make me lose faith in humanity somehow even more than I thought I could.

I'm pretty sure by now most of you have heard about the terrorist attack on Manchester, London on Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman 2 tour. 19 dead, 50 injured. And yes, you heard right. It was a terrorist attack.'s where I embrace true edgy leftiness and become political again. Just hooray.

Now, I just want to clarify that it is a horrible tragedy what happened and whoever did it deserves to die painfully. This person targeted children and killed innocent people who just wanted to enjoy a concert by an artist that they enjoy and should suffer for it. However, some of the things I've heard people say about this are some of the most unrelentlingly toxic things I've ever heard.

Let me just state that it was a Muslim attack. Plain and simple, trying to find a way around it at this point is futile and immature. However, it is absolutely NOT okay for this to be an excuse for conservatives to push an agenda of political arrogance and religious sectarianism. Let's put aside how the vast majority of Muslims disapprove of these attacks, or how a lot of the cab drivers and doctors working overnight while willingly taking no pay to help people in Manchester were Islamic, or how I could just debunk the logic that the only Muslims who would be affected by an Islam ban are the innocent ones (do you really think terrorists are dumb enough to play by the rules?), no. We can put all that aside. But all this talk of banning Muslims and saying that religiously forgiving liberals shouldn't be allowed to hashtag "PrayForManchester", or just calling liberal scum on David Leavitt are some of the worst examples of political arrogance I've EVER seen.

And on the topic of Leavitt, let's talk about another thing: I don't CARE about your opinion of Ariana Grande or her fans. I don't care if you hate her more than Hitler. You don't GET to make jokes about this. He tweeted this before deleting it:

"MULTIPLE CONFIRMED FATALITIES at Manchester Arena. The last time I listened to Ariana Grande I almost died too."

I'm speechless. He ended up deleting the tweet and apologizing for it, but then his excuse was "I just joke about whatever's trending". People DIED and you can't even have the spine to show some respect, just because something's TRENDING?! And then you try to draw attention away from it by saying that people who are mad at you should donate to Red Cross despite YOU being verified and wealthy? UNBELIEVABLE.

And that doesn't just apply to comedians, it's everyone who thinks that their opinion matters right now. Like people who think that Ariana, being anti-Trump, is a hypocrite who shouldn't be surprised she got attacked. Or people who think it's so important to mention how much they hate Ariana (like the tool who added it to this list) Or people who think that it's the fans fault for being fans of such an obscene artist. Again, innocent kids die and THIS is what we say?

But the worst people are the ones that think Ariana owes them something or doesn't care. Because she cancelled her tour or didn't respond immediately to the attack.


She was there when a bomb went off at her own tour, she saw her own young and loyal fans get killed RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER, she was there with the possibility that she very well could have died there. Wanna know why she didn't Tweet about it instantly? Because she's human. She's terrified for her life. She cancelled her big because she doesn't want anyone else to have to take the fall for loving her music. She's considering ENDING HER CAREER because she doesn't wanna see anyone else she cares about get hurt. And you have the living AUDACITY to be angry at HER?

Hell awaits anyone who applies.

UPDATE: So I have just been informed by a news outlet that Ariana has said nothing about the state of her career. If there's one thing more despicable than anything I've described above, it's feigning concern to play at the stir of emotions the general public has garnered so far. Absolutely disgusting.

Now, to people who were within this bombing, I want to say you have my biggest respects, condolences, and concerns. No one should have to go through what you have. You should be able to freely go to a concert by an artist you enjoy and not have to worry about terrorism. I don't have the power to make people feel empowered, but I can send them a sign that someone genuinely cares.

As for Ariana...look, I'm a fan of yours. But even if I wasn't, you don't deserve this. You're easily the happiest, brightest (in both senses), and most impassioned and jovial pop star still making music today, no one should be able to take that away from you. (Ok this next part sounds super patronizing but still) I know that you're scared and want to keep everyone safe, and I give you all my respect for that. But in the long run...stay strong. If nothing else, just stay strong.

This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


Condolences to every one. If I go further on this topic, I'll lose all my followers. - ProPanda

What ProPanda means is that, David Leavitt's joke could have been pushed aside if it wasn't for his awful timing.

And really, when you put it like that, I completely agree. - WonkeyDude98

My older sister told me about that event recently; I'm not even a big fan of Ariana, but that event was still very sad. People are seriously blaming Ariana Grande for it? Like, cancelling the tour was the best move for Ariana Grande to make. I wish Ariana really well. - visitor

If you cancel everything, then the terrorists win. - visitor

I'm not a fan of Ariana, but I hope she's okay. - visitor

Those idiots saying $hIt about Ariana and her fans ought to smash their heads into an obsidian wall. How are people so self entitled to blame the INNOCENT PEOPLE that got INJURED for the fact that terrorists attacked? All they did was ATTEND THE F***ING CONCERT and got FATALLY WOUNDED and you think THEY are the reason this happened? How shallow do you have to be? Blaming the artist is also complete stupidity, she watched her FANS DIE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER and you think that she's the problem because she licked a damn donut in 2015? I know she said she wanted her fans to die, but come ON, this is RIDICULOUS. She clearly did that due to record company manipulation since they believed she'd get some attention, most in the pop music industry have that happen at some point. Victorious even made an episode covering this! Using that as a comparison is beyond stupidity because she's considering ENDING HER CAREER because of this event, so CLEARLY she cares about her fans.

Honestly...I don't hate Ariana. I'm not the biggest of Ariana fans, but she did not deserve this at all. I hope everyone recovers and I hope she doesn't end her career because of this. - DCfnaf

I couldn't have said it better myself - Ultron123

You said that very well. - Skullkid755

I'm not a fan of her but all of this is just wrong. Haters should not wish this one as a blessing, that's just straight wrong. - Neonco31

Don't know what to say except that NO ONE deserves this. I don't know the purpose behind this, whether it was a terrorist attack (which it probably is), or someone just flat out hates Ariana Grande, but still, no one deserves to pay like this just for liking someone's music. - PhenomentalOne

I just wanna say I'm really sorry for what happened at Manchester. I'm not a huge fan of Ariana but she's not the worst artist I've ever heard. And her fans definitely didn't deserve a harsh punishment like this. - visitor

No matter how tragic something is, there is always someone who has to be an a$$hole about it. Dark humor can be funny, but sometimes you just have to learn that now is not the time for that.

Anyways, my deep condolences to those who suffered from this attack. And I wish the best for Ariana as well. - cjWriter1997

The people who make jokes about the bombing need to stop. On iFunny, one of the trending tags is #araiangrande, and people keep posting pictures of her cpncerts with Minecraft creepers photoshopped in. It's absolutely sickening, like spitting on the grave of a dead army general. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That's not funny. - Swellow

You don't have to laugh; someone else would laugh it off for you - visitor

I'm not big on Ariana Grande music, but it does seem like she is a nice person. Things like this happening are just cruel and make me sick to my stomach. Events like this should not be joked about, and it also isn't an excuse for close minded idiots to think all Muslims are evil. My uncle is Muslim, and he hates hearing about this kind of stuff. I hope Ariana is okay and that, in time, she can recover from this tragedy. - Elric-san

The Manchester Bombing, like all terrorist attacks, shouldn't have happened. And even though I'm not an Ariana Grande fans, I feel bad for the people who died at the concert and their loves ones, and also for the people who witnessed it including Ariana Grande. - Skullkid755

Ariana may not be the nicest person but does she even deserve this? No, it's not like she finger ed the terrorist or insulted him because I know she didn't do anything. Also, if I was the terrorist I would've have just ignored Ariana Grande and try to get a life. - AlphaQ

"Manchester, London"
I am triggered.

Seriously though. Remember seeing this at night when it was breaking news. It was horrible. I doubt the target audience is a coincidence either: teenage girls.

To those complaining about wanting their money back for the tour, shut up. Some parents want their kids back. - IronSabbathPriest

I can't even be intelligent when I'm trying to. :P - WonkeyDude98

Regardless if you like or dislike a certain singer's music, there is absolutely NO excuse at all to take this tragedy lightly. This isn't something to joke about. Even if I were to be the biggest Ariana Grande hater on the planet, it still wouldn't change how shocked and devastated I would be once I heard the news that Grande had to not only risk her OWN LIFE being taken at the terrorist attack, but also had to witness HER OWN FANS, some of which are just children, die in front of her.

Now while I don't want to bring politics into this (because who would do such a thing during this time of tragedy? ), to all those sick degenerates poking jokes at this event and those political people trying to use this to further their political agenda, let me just say people like those have no heart if they're not going to at least show some respect and sympathy for all the innocent and young lives who were killed that day.

All in all, just about everything you said was on point, WonkeyDude98. Thank you sincerely for making this post in condolence for all those who were lost in that event. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Https:// - djpenquin999

I'm absolutely relieved. We need a pop artist and personality like Ariana in our lives, and the fact that she's enduring even after this shows that we all can too. - WonkeyDude98

Lmao at the fact that Ariana wants open borders that she doesn't care if terrorists come to her country. shame at what happened in her concert lol - visitor

If I may add, it's nice of her to pay for all the funerals and do a benefit concert. I still feel bad for all the victims and share my condolences to their familes, and I must give kudos to Grande for being such a kind person throughout the whole thing. - ProPanda

Yep this post is so accurate. But why are people getting mad at Ariana Grande for the Manchester bombing. Look I may not like her music (or her that much) but to blame her for the bombing is ridiculous, stupid, heartless, and cruel.

And the fact that people are getting mad at her for other stupid reasons is just disturbing, like why are some people complaining about wasted money when she literally had to watch some of her fans (many of which were young children) DIE in front of her and because of this attack many families are grieving for their lost relatives. There was nothing that she could do in that situation and she was scared, genuinely scared, it's totally logical for her to go quiet and cancel her tour. It was a literal terrorist attack that caused her trauma, of course she's scared.

So for those who even have the audacity to blame Miss Grande for the attack all I can say is that you are cruel, demented, heartless, and selfish. In conclusion all I will say is all of my condolences go to Ms. Grande, the victims and witnesses of the Manchester attack, and the grieving families. May the best of luck come to you all. - Anonymousxcxc

Terrorists need to be wiped off the face of the earth. - Therandom

Then why are these idiotic governments no closing their borders in order to tighten their national security while also allowing an unregulated mass migration to take place? They're basically promoting cultural jihad in their place, with these refugees demanding sharia law, more welfare, and then some of these refugees are potential terrorists. - visitor

If only that could happen, but unfortunately not. I hope ISIS get defeated though - Swellow

Jared, you do know that the only people who would actually abide by restriction rules are the ones who SHOULDN'T be kept out, right? Do you think terrorists give a damn about laws? - WonkeyDude98

Do you think all these refugees are law-abiding people? Do you think terrorists would always NOT give a damn about laws? Hilarious. The terrorists from Syria now have a more effective alternative plan to inflitrate European and other Western countries, which is to disguise as refugees, take advantage of the overtly PC culture of the libtard governments, then seek asylum in the host country and demand more welfare. This is also known as cultural jihad.

Hell, some refugees are actually better off with nice houses while other NATIVE citizens are experiencing hardships. Nations should serve the interests of their own citizens and their own country first. - visitor

Don't you think at least one actual refugee would be competent enough to realize "hm, you don't seem familiar to me"?

It isn't political correctness, it's called the first amendment. - WonkeyDude98

What are you talking about lmao - visitor

This might be controversial, but I think everyone's taking Leavitt's joke way too seriously. First of all, it is just a 'joke', albeit a very unfunny one. Is it insensitive? Yes, but that is all subjective at the end of the day. Also, at what time does the phrase "too soon" not apply anymore. Is it a week, a month, a year, or more? I'm not a massive fan of the phrase anyway since the application of it is so subjective. So I just tend to let most of these jokes go. Dark humor is very prevalent in culture and because someone misjudging the scope or humor of his joke shouldn't earn him the vitriol of the internet. Seriously it's like people are more mad about his tweet than the actual attack sometimes.

Also about the whole Muslim connection thing. Look I'm not religious, so maybe I'm biased. But we cannot continue to dismiss the beliefs of these terrorists like it's some kind of monolith. It's empirically true that the world Muslim population as a whole does not believe in the same values as us in the West. There are many, many polls that show that the populations in Muslim predominant countries favor by majority many radical ideas such as strict Sharia law, honor killings of women, and worst of all suicide bombing. Again this is over 50% of the population in these countries. Even if these polls don't quite accompass the majority of Muslims in the world, it does accompass a giant amount of people. Now these people might not be as radical as ISIS, but it's not a massive leap in logic if the circumstances are right or if someone is actually crazy enough. I truly have nothing against Muslims that believe in even just standard Western values such as democracy and freedom of speech. But we cannot justifiably turn a blind eye to the beliefs of many Muslims when those exact beliefs may be the ones that could inspire the next terrorist attack. - ryansliao

1. Here's the thing: for me, while "too soon" is a decidedly case-by-case basis, I think two hours after an attack constitutes as "too soon", especially considering his excuse was "it's trending".
2. Fair, but discrimination by association isn't acceptable (at all) unless it's like 10% of the population who are the exception. - WonkeyDude98

Thank god! I thought I was the only person who feels this way! - ProPanda

Ryan, I agree. - Teravolt1422

Couldn't agree more. - visitor

The jokes are insensitive, of course. the attacks were horrible, and terrorists should be put to death.

however, a majority of the recent terror attacks have been by Muslims. no, I am not trying to attack Muslims or offend them. I'm afraid to put this out there, because I'll probably be called an Islamaphobe.

I'm sorry for offending you. love you, Andrew. - Teravolt1422

I'm going to be blunt.
No, I'm not "rustled" or "offended" or anything, but the jokes Velitel made are tasteless and not funny. - Swellow

Our president in the Philippines makes awesome jokes that Americans and liberals get so offended with lol. He also has dark humor - visitor

Your president is awful.

Dark yes. Humor no.

It's not called rustled, it's called sensible. - WonkeyDude98

Our president has a higher approval rating in my country than both Obama and Trump ever had. The only reason why you hate Duterte is because of his truthful remarks about America - visitor

Shut up, GamerMike, I'm not. - Swellow

Nah, I hate Duterte because of obvious scandals that are placed right at the forefront, yet you're so focused on being as anti-PC as possible you refuse to see it. - WonkeyDude98

Definitely agree, Andrew.

to jared:
please stop being such a jerk. I love you dearly, you know this, but sometimes your humor gets pretty out of hand. I agree with your stance on immigration, etc. however, there's a time and a place for everything, and making fun of the innocent victims of a bombing right after it happened isn't one of them. love you. xoxo - Teravolt1422

I've spent a significant portion of my life to go against political correctness. I'm better off with a leader like Duterte who curses but gets things done for his people than to have a "very polite and professional leader" whose corrupt. - visitor

Dark humor has it's time and place. I think that your president, Jared, is a rather nasty man. just because people get offended by something doesn't make them sjws. - Teravolt1422

Don't give a damn about a nasty president because he actually is loved by the people and he gets his job done lmao - visitor

Mike, stop saying people who take things seriously are rustled. - Therandom

Duterte is an awesome president. How idiotic of me saying otherwise back then - visitor

Maybe that's why I liked you at first, because you didn't always worship the political arrogance and objective fascism of alt-rightism. Shame that's gone, and only the conservative scum is left. - WonkeyDude98

Politics has no moral boundaries. And democracy can be hijacked. - visitor

Shame that's how America's been since it started. It's apparently only a problem after alt-rights take over. - WonkeyDude98

There's no problem at all. Democracy is basically all about getting the best propaganda machine and having the most fanatical supporters. Brainwash many people, and you win.

The will of the majority is nothing that is deemed moral or ethical, because morality and ethics are always illogical. - visitor

Andrew: democracy=good freedom=good oppression=bad slavery=bad fascism=bad communism=bad

politics 101

Jared: You've really changed since I left. You used to be very nice and respect other people's opinions. Now, like my former commentary idol Hunter Avallone, you've become brash, rude, and disrespectful. You've also become one of those extreme conservatives (i don't like using the term alt-right". I don't like extreme conservative ideals, just as I don't like the extreme liberal ideals. Politics DOES have moral boundaries. Such as: you shouldn't rip people off, steal, lie to the public, etc. Everything has it's limits. Democracy, yes, can be hijacked as you stated. However, it should only be overthrown if citizens are living in a harsh and oppressive enviroment, just as the colonists were under Britain's rule back in the 1700's.
With best regards and love,
Tiffany - Teravolt1422

If democracy is so horrible, then what would you suggest as your alternative? - Teravolt1422

Morality is not illogical in the slightest. Let's say I killed you (not that I would, but hypothetically speaking). Would that be justified? No, of course not! That is morality. Morality makes perfect sense. I shouldn't kill you, because that's morally wrong. Got that? - Teravolt1422

There is no such thing as objective morality. It always begs the question. Where did you get all these 'morals'? I'm arguing in a secular perspective.

"Let's say I killed you (not that I would, but hypothetically speaking). Would that be justified? "

Don't give a damn lol. Neither good nor bad in an objective sense.

"No, of course not! That is morality. Morality makes perfect sense."

Never said it was good nor bad HAHAA gfy and do whatever u want because it's a free world

"I shouldn't kill you, because that's morally wrong."

No, you just assumed something and begged the question. It seems to me that you're making illogical claims lmao - visitor

I don't see any good government type. I can abuse my power as an authoritarian dictator, I can brainwash my people as a democratic leader (like how Hitler won), I can be a tyrannic monarch, or a physically and mentally strong anarchist. - visitor

1. Or, you could try to actually do something good for your citizens instead of trying to rule over them like a crazed, power-hungry maniac.
2. Simply asking. If I killed you, would that be okay? If a society existed where there were no rules, we'd have crime and terrorism all over the place. Rules are in place to profect us. - Teravolt1422

1. I see it as something optional to actually give a damn.
2. The only reason why rules exist is because of protection of self-interest. Hell, I'm pretty sure the only reasons why many people are alive is because (1) it's illegal to kill them and (2) because one does not see higher benefit in killing someone. - visitor

1. As a leader, you should put your citizen's needs first and to better your country. Dictators have always screwed up their countries.

2. Morals and rules are there to keep people safe. End of story. - Teravolt1422

1. Utterly misinformed comment. Singapore is a successful authoritarian government. Muammar Gaddafi led Libya in a great economic state. What did your US-imposed democratic government give Libya? Chaos. What did the same democratic government give Iraq after killing Saddam? Chaos. Preaching democracy as if it's a divine gold standard is hilarious neocon crap. Plus you can rule a democracy with bloodthirsty voters winning the majority. I have yet to see this happen so you realize that democracy isn't always good. Democracy is a typical excuse made by an American government to destablilize foreign governments they don't like.
2. No, they are only made to protect the self-interest of the one on top of the social hierarchial order. - visitor

I'm done.

how could you POSSIBLY support a dictatorship?

ugh - Teravolt1422

Oh, and I like Hunter Avallone. He preaches truth lmao - visitor

The lad became a total jerk. I used to admire him. then he went downhill. rip

at least there's Seth and Christian. - Teravolt1422

Fun fact: I live 2 hours away from him, and got Seth's autograph at a homeschooling fair

small world - Teravolt1422

It's kind of ironic that the people who say "HURR DURR U R RUSTLED" are ironically getting ticked off themselves. - Swellow

Haha ikr it's hilarious - visitor

Grab the popcorn lol. - ProPanda

Already sold out. - WonkeyDude98

I ate everything lmao - visitor

I have more! *gives you popcorn* - Teravolt1422

*infinite popcorn*

there you go enjoy - Teravolt1422

Puga's thoughts on this:

I side with Swellow and Wonkey. Jared, this isn't the place for your joke, which isn't even humorous and is just offensive for the sake of being offensive. I'm all for believing in free speech, but even I know there's a line you don't cross, and you crossed it.

I'm not offended. Or rustled. And neither is Wonkey. Or Swellow. You really are trying to emulate me, but it isn't funny.

Rustling is becoming a damaged art. Please, if you're gonna do stuff like this, don't call it a rustle. Call it what it is: a pathetic attempt at being funny.

Also, Mike, this isn't a rustle, so you can stop damaging your reputation now. - visitor

Freedom of speech has no lines. One can say whatever racist or hateful stuff he/she wants without fear of arrest and death. - visitor

I don't need you to laugh or whatever, I only need to keep myself laughing at your reactions. - visitor

But that goes agains right not to be discriminated against? - IronSabbathPriest

It's just speech, not action - visitor

Here's Puga's input on the situation for all of you:

My thoughts on all this:

I side with Swellow and Wonkey. Jared, this isn't the place for your joke, which isn't even humourous and is just offensive for the sake of being offensive. I'm all for believing in free speech, but even I know there's a line you don't cross, and you crossed it.

I'm not offended. Or rustled. And neither is Wonkey. Or Swellow. You really are trying to emulate me, but it isn't funny.

Rustling is becoming a damaged art. Please, if you're gonna do stuff like this, don't call it a rustle. Call it what it is: a pathetic attempt at being funny.

Also, Mike, this isn't a rustle, so you can stop damaging your reputation now. - Element119

I can joke anywhere I want. criticize me all you want, but I'll still make jokes wherever I want - visitor

You copied jacks comment. - Frodomar49

"You have the everliving audacity to refer to us as Social Justice Warriors? This isn't a gay cake or a Hawaiian doll we're talking about here, it's a joke that can only be funny by the absolute edgiest and most unlikeable of people."

Hilarious. The last thing I want is someone trying to dictate morals in front of me and tries to stopping myself from having a good laugh. - visitor

So making fun of innocent victims who were killed mercilessly is humor to you? Alright. You have the right to express your humor, it doesn't make it tasteful. - Teravolt1422

I don't care if you joke about this in another thread (although your jokes on the Rate The Jokes page are still utterly horrid), but you shouldn't act like a total debauchee on a post created the day after the attack designed to gather sympathy for the victims and more relevantly, give people like you a dose of something you might not have heard of.

Common sense. - WonkeyDude98

You don't have to call my humor taseteful for me to enjoy my time here lmao - visitor

Thank u Andrew - Teravolt1422

Ah, so admin only deleted the comment because I pointed it out. Unsurprising(not that I actively tried to get anyone in trouble, using it as an example of admin's bias). - Therandom

Puga's thoughts were posted by both Jack and Element, but I'm keeping both to say this: Jared, get your head out of your ass. - WonkeyDude98

Do I really have to take crap from your thoughts lmao - visitor

I'd message him that if I could. - Skullkid755

I don't have a head, I just have an arse. :D - visitor

That explains everything. - Skullkid755

Very accurately, Skullkid :D - visitor

What happened to this? - Nonpointed

I'm getting comedy from PC liberals - visitor

Not everyone who disagrees with you is an sjw

god, I am very disappointed in you right now. to think that I used to look up to you. - Teravolt1422

"PC liberals"
Well, I'm done here. If you're going to drag politics into this (personally I am not political myself) then I'm leaving. Hope this crap ends soon. - Swellow

Tl;dr two teenagers got into a political debate about Islam and free speech - Teravolt1422

Yes, because if someone who has different morality opinions as another, he/she should cease existing on this site. Stop playing the moral superiority card; it's not gonna work with me. - visitor

"PC liberals", coming from someone who is acting like a PC conservative right now. Admit it now. This isn't comedy unless it's at the right place, right time, and right mindset.
Politics has nothing to do with this, and idiots always like to make things political for no real reason. - Nonpointed

It's funny how people ask us to mourn victims of terrorist attacks and not ask our politicians to take a tighter security policy. Soon, we will end up crying every day because of these attacks. - visitor

Thank u Nonpointed.

jared, you are acting JUST like an sjw, but from the other side of the political spectrum. no other way around it. - Teravolt1422

Not an SJW, I'm an alt-right knight :P

How can I be a politically correct conservative if idgaf about discrimination or whatnot? - visitor

And you're being a jerk to people who have a different opinion. Just like SJWs! - Teravolt1422

No, I'm just refuting claims lmao - visitor

I swear if you aren't being satirical about this whole alt-right thing I am going to be very confused.

how is this not satire - Teravolt1422

I'm not exactly doing satire - visitor

Breaking news! More terrorist attacks occur in London and Paris! #IStandWithThem

HAHA how does a hashtag fight terrorism I'm dying now lmao - visitor

This is the internet

and hashtags are everywhere on the internet - Teravolt1422

Complaining about hashtags doesn't fight terrorism either.'s a harmless hashtag on the internet. - DCfnaf

Well you complaning about hastags wouldn't stop people using hastags (not hating) - RoseCandyMusic

To 2cool4u:
For someone who refers to himself as the next Milo you don't really seem to understand the core of what the anti-SJW community is saying. If you're trying to provoke people, fine. Go ahead. But you're actually trying to send a message to these people you're failing. Milo and his ilk provoke and troll to make a point. They don't just do it for their own fun.
Now to answer to some political points:
- There is no objective way that I see Trump as a good president so far. The only significant thing he has done is stopping the TPP but other than that his attempts at a healthcare system and "Muslim Ban" are laughable. There's been no "draining the swamp", not to mention all the scandals. Now I would've voted Trump over Hillary at the time of the election just because of how bad of a candidate she was, so I'm not just hating on Trump. I'm just saying he's been disappointing all of his voters that actually expected change when he's brought very little of it.
- Morality is subjective in concept. But in Western society there is a major consensus on a lot of moral issues such as murder and rape. Therefore, there is pretty much an established moral code in the West that most people do share.
- There hasn't been a single successful dictatorship in history. Singapore is neither a dictatorship or "successful". It might look glamorous from the outside looking in but the wealth gap there is absolutely gigantic and the cost of living is sky high.
- Please do not argue for relativism. Our system of government has proven itself to be better than Libya or Iran. Obviously there are better methods than what the neo-cons did as proven though history but that doesn't mean we don't have the superior system.
- Freedom of speech is absolute but politeness is also a thing. I won't address your jokes but as said before, if you're really not trying to make a point then go right ahead. Also if you really do think people should "cease existing on this site" just for disagreeing with you, then that does kind of make you an SJW.
- I don't think anyone here is "happy" about terrorism. People just have different solutions to the problem that you or I might not understand.
Not very specific but enough for now. - ryansliao

T h a n k y o u - Teravolt1422

(i am not serious with all my /pol/ opinions here lol.)

1. not going to contradict that
2. idgaf bout morality lmao
3. South Korea was another successful dictatorship.
4. Democracy does not always work in every country; stable dictatorships are better than unstable democracies lol
5. idgaf bout politeness lmao screeching. no, people actually want me to leave because they can't take the fact that my opinions are different from them. it's not that I want them to cease existing for disagreeing with me lol
6. ah yeah sure haha - visitor

See kids? This is the perfect example of why you should prevent edgy teenagers from getting their hands on the extreme sides of politics. It turns them into edge-lords. - Swellow

To be honest I don't mind some offensive jokes, but this is too extreme even for me. I hope Ariana recovers soon, and that this joke controversy ends. 2ccol4u should stop joking about this. - Powerfulgirl10

Anything in life can be a joke lmao - visitor

@2cool4u If your mom died would you make fun of her death after finding out? - Skullkid755

Making jokes would be a pretty good painkiller, so why not? - visitor

One of the better controversies in the past 12 months on this site - Puga

Meanwhile the same user who complains about ariana grande jokes is the one who makes jokes about chester bennington's death. double standards lmao - visitor

At least I knew my joke was badly placed, also at least it wasn't a condolences post I did it on - WonkeyDude98

Doesn't matter; the fact that u made the joke baffles me - visitor

It wasn't even really the joke itself I had an issue with: it was your placing of it. - WonkeyDude98

Wonkeydude did it on a post that's purpose was humor, so he didn't do it in a bad place. Just should've waited until a lot less people were mourning about Chester's death to make the joke. - Skullkid755

Ah yes, whereas it's the same person who tried to condemn Leavitt on making the Ariana jokes on a site which has multiple purposes, humor being one of them.

Please, everyone is equal, and we can joke about everyone equally and with no restrictions. - visitor

I'm entertained by reading all the comments on this post - RoseCandyMusic

Same lmao it's so enjoyable :D - visitor