Worst Things that Happened in 2017


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181 Ending of The Vampire Diaries
182 Death of Neil Fingleton
183 Peruvian Storms
184 Death of Chuck Barris
185 Nigeria Suicide Bombing
186 Winter Storm Stella
187 Patriots won the Super Bowl

Tom Brady is not the GOAT people, he is not as good as joe Montana

This is a Good Thing. - kcianciulli



188 Storm-Chasing Vehicle Collision
189 Washington DC Shooting

It was near the U.S. Capitol.

190 Death of Gilbert Baker
191 Death of Paul O'Neill

Co founder of the Trans Siberian Orchestra
Dead at 61.

192 Merrick Park Shooting
193 Palm Sunday Egypt Church Bombings

This just shows how much hate we've developed over the years and how vulnerable our world is to terror.
ISIS just keeps doing it.

194 Death of Tysen Benz

We lost him to suicide. His girlfriend faked suicide for a "social media prank" and put forth further fake "proof" that she "did so", and then he just committed real suicide.
This just shows you the dangers of using social media.

195 Death of Alum Clay Adler

Suicide is not the answer to our problems. it's just cruel of us.

196 The Loud House lost in the KCA 2017

The one time I wanted spongebob to win Best Cartoon. - NikBrusk

197 Death of Charlie Murphy
198 Kabul Suicide Bombing
199 Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb Dropped in Afghanistan

That's a good thing. It was non nuclear (good for the environment) and very effective against our enemies.

200 Death of Dan Rooney
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