Top 10 Worst Things That Happened in 2020

The 2020s started off pretty rough, you could even say horribly. Here are the worst things that have happened.

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Coronavirus Outbreak

This is the worst thing to happen not just in 2020, but probably the entire 21st century. It has killed many people, put Italy (and soon the US) on lockdown, and pretty much cancelled all sporting events. This is the worst pandemic in US history, and maybe even in world history. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire world population got infected.

Update: After some reading it appears that this coronavirus might just be a fraud that the elites and mainstream media are trying to make a big deal out of, so that they can scare the population into staying at home. We are all living inside a prison because the rich people consider us a bunch of peasants who can easily be manipulated by CNN and Fox News. This year's flu has killed more people than COVID-19 in the US. In fact, every year the flu infects and kills more people than the coronavirus yet nobody is making a big deal out of that. 2009's swine flu is probably worse than COVID-19 yet we didn't have lockdowns and ...more

Media has yet again over exaggerated and put fear in people's minds. Only elders, children or people who are already suffering from another illness / condition have died so far. Plus most deaths happened in China. Just wash you hands regularly and develop sanitary habits and you should be perfectly fine.

It actually ruins everything. You don't get to see your friends and hug them. My father said a year ago I'll get to see my family In Honduras. I live in the US. It's been 3 years since I haven't seen them. I feel for those who feel helpless and don't have enough money. So many people gone crazy. I'm not sure why it started but I know it was from an animal (probably bats). And so many people lost their jobs. Luckily my dad and sis didn't. I thought 2020 was gonna be the year I've finally be happy and fine but COVID-19 ruins almost everything but who caused it? It was from an animal and they carry bad diseases. I also felt bad for a few of my friends too. Some are going to a concert but it was canceled... the same artist I love. I got to go 12 months go happily and hoping my friends would go to. Even the artist made a promise they would come back this year. The internet may be a bit slower because of quarantine. I don't like quarantine. My aunt go COVID-19 but hopefully, she recovers.

This is one of the worst things that happened in 2020 so far. Many people died and got affected by this awful virus.
Edit: there are people recovering from the virus which is a great thing, but the spreading is seriously scary.

It is bad, but I haven't heard about it spreading too much recently, I also have noticed the curve of new cases is starting to flatten. Not only that we have almost every major world power working on a cure, and last I heard several countries have made major breakthroughs, at the very least we should be well under way on testing by mid to late summer.

Coronavirus is basically just the flu, it kills about the same amount of people that the flu would and the fact that people are trying to make it look like it's a deadly disease is kinda sickening. I honestly don't give a damn if I catch this virus because once you get it the first time you will likely become immune to it and your body will know how to fight it off, so your chances of geting it a second time are a lot less likely. Screw all the numbnut politicians and people in our government that try to make the coronavirus look like a scary thing when it's really not, they are just trying to control the population with fear and sadly it seems to be working for them. The only way the coronavirus is scary is if you are having health problems or if you are an elder, but if you don't fit in either of those two categories than there really isn't a reason to fear the virus

Australian Bushfires Continue

*Facepalm* It's NOT arson.
It was a just theory proposed by a woman on a Facebook post, and I can't believe people fell for it. Already dismissed by experts, there's NO truth or proof. Explanations for such false news and disinformation have been given.
Can't believe how quick people are to spread rumors, lies and conspiracies. Kind of an insult to anyone affected by the fires.
Shameful, instead of assisting those in need of help, people come up with nonsensical theories and gossip about it.

I don't know how this happened but I know it's not arson. I live in Melbourne, which wasn't damaged that much but I kept seeing smoke everywhere and the sky was burning. It basically felt like hell. So many animals died too. That thing spreads around Australia rapidly.

The Black Summer fires (yes that's what their called now) burnt so much land in Eastern Victoria and New south Wales, but great things have come out of them. The firefight concert in Sydney raised so much money and was a example of Australians coming together. It showed the world what can be achieved if people rally for a common cause.

Ten months later, the Australian Bushfires have finally finished but they'll probably return next summer ... well, September when they started last year

Death of Kobe Bryant

Now here's a big name celebrity that unexpectedly passed away horrifically from a helicopter crash. He was well known for his 20 year career in the Lakers before his retirement.

Don't forget about his daughter, and the other people on the plane ):

Absolutely tragic to see a basketball legend plus his daughter die in that crash. RIP to him and Gianna and the other victims of this horrible moment

Because he was a good man and million of people prayed for him and his daughter who also died I did not know him but went I found out I was so sad but people said he good one died first

Minneapolis Riots

We must combat injustice with peace and logic, not with violence and selfishness.

I think this should be closer to the top, not just at 4th place. Coronavirus can be helped with a vaccine, which we are making good progress on. But police brutality cannot be controlled with a vaccine or medications of any kind. It's everywhere, and the prejudice by police against people of color is disgusting. All people regardless of race are human beings who should not be murdered by police. I'm glad that the policeman who killed him got charged. He deserved it.

What about the prejudice on police officers? Just because there are some bad eggs in their ranks does not mean they are all horrible, racist and murderers. Instead of fighting and seeing racism and oppression everywhere, people should be happy they live in a beautiful country like America and try to live their lives. These protests are a joke and are no longer about George Floyd, or even black lives for that matter. I don't understand how anyone could support this.

This was after the George Floyd death. People began protesting which they have a right to do so but going to this extreme? How exactly is raiding a Target bringing justice for George Floyd?

Because of the death of George Floyd, this shouldn't be happening here everywhere. Fly high George Floyd

Death of George Floyd

RIP George Floyd. Being black myself makes me sad because I've seen too many stuff like this happen. I know what the cop did is horrid and he deserves to be punsihed but at the same time we should also cut down on assumptions and act calmly. Rioting won't help and it will only make things worse.

Heard about this... just makes me feel sick. The riots caused by this aren't making things better though. If anything they're making things worse. RIP George Floyd and I deeply hope that his family makes it through this rough period in their lives.

This poor man was suffocated by an officer for no good reason at all. It was murder. I hate the riots going on now, but I hope we can find a way to end police brutality regardless of race.

Wow, this event is really tragic. Also, he did not deserve to die, or die in the way it happened. I really feel sorry for his family too, they also deserve none of this either. This event just makes me feel sad and sick.

Ukrainian Boeing 737 Plane Crash in Iran

Not a crash. the passenger jet was shot down by an iranian missile.

Apparently, a well-known Youtuber was on the plane

This started the whole ww3 rumors thing

Thailand Mall Shooting

A soldier killed 29 & injured 58 with a shooting at a mall in Thailand. Now the deadliest gun shooting in 2020 & the deadliest single man made incident this year after the Ukrainian plane attack in Iran that killed 176.

It is not fair I wish people could just stopped doing thing like this and before they do think what would you do you will not like to be killed so don’t do it

Nova Scotia Shooting

This is really sad that happened R.I.P people who died in the shooting

RIP to those involved in the shooting, especially Heidi and Emily :(

This was shocking as it was in Canada of all places. Not what you’d expect

Puerto Rico Earthquake

Puerto Rico is having a very terrible time from the past three years.

Earthquakes are horrible and dangerous.

Gotta feel bad for the residents.

YouTube COPPA Update Released

I agree that the COPPA update being released was bad, but worse things happened this year.

YouTube was violated $170M by the FTC about its age target, so changes were made, therefore content made for kids would have meany common features (like comments & sharing) disabled & while the features were used in the videos not made for kids. It was once stated those violating the law would receive a $42,530 fine per video & that no new channels/content would be allowed. YouTube used to be a great place before COPPA turned it into cable television.

Blam the spider man and elsa videos and Ryan's world for starting this.

This is quite bad but other things bad happened but coppa Needs to stop and YouTube forgot about there little friend ids yt

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? Cancel Culture Getting Worse
? 8-year-Old Secoriea Turner Fatally Shot in Atlanta

Secoriea Turner was shot in the area of University Ave while riding in a vehicle with her mother and an adult friend. The driver was attempting to enter a parking lot at 1238 Pryor Road where a group of BLM Rioters illegally placed barricades. Someone in the group opened fire on the vehicle, killing the 8 year old.

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Infant Beaten to Death in Chicago

Apparently coppa is worse than a innocent child being beaten up

This is absolutely disgusting, how could someone do such an inhuman act .

A 9 month old infant was beaten up to death by a man in Chicago. His name was revealed to be Josue Juarez. A truly horrible day for her mother & horrible way to start 2020 for her. R.I.P.

Go to hell, whoever beaten the baby

Jakarta Flooding

Torrential rainfall hit Jakarta causing flooding that damaged buildings & caused landslides, along with killing 53 people, which was MORE than the number of people killed in the Albania earthquake in 2019.

We have the fire and now flooding and people don’t know what to do

Orange County FL Club Shooting

Why do shooting when you can be in peace and not hurt anyone and just be that good person and not the bad guy

The 1st shooting of 2020. 2 were killed in a club in Orange County, Florida. A horrible man-made incident in 2020 so far & this list should keep changing.

Welp I'm not safe.

You're totally safe. Those incidents are extremely rare & they help provoke fear. - SamanthaRosie

NBA Season Suspended

That sucks that the nba season got suspended my favorite nba team made the playoffs and it suck if they can't do playoffs

this one isn't really about the nba itself its about all of the players that have contracted the covid-19 virus Rudy Gobert Donovan Mitchell Kevin Durant

I was mad

Southwest Houston TX Apartment Shooting

1 dead at a shooting in Southwest Houston in Texas. A horrible day for Texas.

That's horrible

Death of Neil Peart

Here's a big one for not only fans of the band Rush, but drummers in general as he was a very inspirational man for drummers everywhere. He died at 67 from brain cancer on Jan 7.

Donald Trump gets Acquitted

After so many crimes he committed during his rule, he gets laid off? Uh boy, just wait for the 2020 elections and another 4 years with him and see what happens

Belongs in jail; blood on his hands for his mishandling of COVID-19; the worst president we have ever had. A grifter, a racist, a fear monger, a scamster, a liar, a common criminal. Everyone who voted for him should be ashamed.

A stupid event

I mean, he should have been convicted.

People Overreacting to Coronavirus

we all know that the coronavirus is out of control right now but PEOPLE STOP BUYING TOILET PAPER LIKE ITS GOING OUT OF STYLE all is doing is making lesser fortunate families with a lesser change at survival. if were not careful the new currency will be TOILET PAPER

Don't even get me started on the panic buyers. Buying way too much toilet paper and paper towels.

I can't even do my usual fun things because everyone overreacted to this virus.

Do I have to make a new account and return just to rant about this goddamn year? Not only was this personally a distressing year for me but now schools and events around me everywhere are getting canceled for god knows how long. And for what reason? The media overreacting to every little thing about this cold to make money off of it. I’m speaking this for the United States, Italy, and every other nation forced to cancel all their events. Good riddance! - SpectralOwl

to be fair, when he means the government, I don't think he just means Trump, but Trump isn't the central part of the US Government and many others who either act or don't act are responsible for any consequences. Like Trump issues a travel ban for China on February, Democrats acted like that was racist and all and welcomes people in China, then the lockdowns happen in March and then they do a quick 180.

Astros Cheating Scandal

THE DODGERS COULD HAVE WON THE WORLD SERIES BUT Nope ASTROS CAME IN. They stole so many wins from other teams so this legit makes any baseball lover mad.

This has been going on since 2017

Torreón School Shooting

Trump being acquitted is appearlty worse than a shooting. Many people died in this shooting

Mexican authorities are reporting he was an obsessive gamer, and was trying to recreate a first-person shooter.

An 11 year old did this. An 11 year old.
Then again, in 2000, a 6 year old shot a fellow classmate. But still.

all school shootings are awful in there own right people who do school shootings are derranged piece of craps that are deppresed that need help but instead of asking for it they take all there deppression and anger out on other humans and that's wrong

Indiana Subway Shooting

A shooting took place at a Subway restaurant in Indiana, leaving a man in critical condition. 2020’s off to a bad start.

Non-Stop Donald Trump Impeachment Talk

Here's a thing everyone

The majority of Republicans would vote to remove Trump from office, according to a private meeting said by Joe Walsh (A Republican), but they didn't because they fear for Trump supporters, and they will vote to remove him if the polls are rising. The Right-Wing media lies about the impeachment because they also fear for Trump supporters, which they can attack anyone who says anything wrong with him, and likely classify them as snowflakes and Liberals, like they're big losers.

Trump's Ukraine phone call is Treason because he's teaming with an enemy to investigate Joe Biden just to gain his re-election chances of attacking him and other Democratic institutes. Trump only wants to be president for power, and he treats Putin far better than everyone else. He's not that smart of a person, and his scholars and a former professor said that he wasn't that bright.

Honestly a couple days after the senate acquitted him people stopped talking about it, but honestly Presidential Corruption talk shouldn't be thought of as the worst thing of 2020, If the President abuses his power it should be talked about and to act differently is to say who cares if a President abuses power

Andrew Yang was right, we were tired and didn't want to hear the impeachment talks.


Tornado Outbreak in Tennessee
Taal Volcano eruption

4 were killed in this eruption. Sorry for the people who had to experience this. There were even fears a more explosive eruption could've occurred, meaning cities like Manila could've been destroyed.


Death of David Stern

Yeah a really sad event. I absolutely loved David Stern and it was sad when I heard of his passing.

Yup & what made it even more shocking was that he died on New Year's Day.

The #1 commissioner of the NBA David Stern passed away at 77 from a brain hemorrhage on New Year’s Day. A truly dark day for sports in 2020 even to this day. He had been commissioner for decades & will be remembered forever. R.I.P. David Stern 1943-2020.

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