Top 10 Worst Things That Happened in 2020

The 2020s started off pretty rough, you could even say horribly. Here are the worst things that have happened.

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1 Australian Bushfires Continue

*Facepalm* It's NOT arson.
It was a just theory proposed by a woman on a Facebook post, and I can't believe people fell for it. Already dismissed by experts, there's NO truth or proof. Explanations for such false news and disinformation have been given.
Can't believe how quick people are to spread rumors, lies and conspiracies. Kind of an insult to anyone affected by the fires.
Shameful, instead of assisting those in need of help, people come up with nonsensical theories and gossip about it. - Ananya

Australia’s been through perhaps the worst fires in its modern history with these. Bushfires are raging across the country & countless times & buildings have been destroyed & many trees too. Many people are dead & many unaccounted for. Yet 1.25 BILLION animals were killed. Over 26 MILLION acres have been burned so far & there’s no end in sight to this at our latest point. We’ve had fires over the years including California in 2018, the Amazon Rainforest & Siberia in 2019, but we’ve NEVER seen anything like this! 2009 was once serious for fires in Australia but again not like this. This disaster’s gotten even me worrying all the way. Yet so many iconic legends live there & no one could imagine them being caught in these fires. We realize this was caused by climate change, yet there was a huge heatwave that made Australia hit record-setting upper temperatures, contributing to the fires. This is so far the worst thing that's ever happened this year & Australia has been burning ...more - SamanthaRosie

So is it man-made climate change? I heard over 200 arsonists were arrested while the media tells everyone that it is climate change. I know weather conditions help fuel the wildfires though, but the supposed arsons are very suspicious. - NuMetalManiak

2 Jakarta Flooding

Torrential rainfall hit Jakarta causing flooding that damaged buildings & caused landslides, along with killing 53 people, which was MORE than the number of people killed in the Albania earthquake in 2019. - SamanthaRosie

3 Orange County FL Club Shooting

The 1st shooting of 2020. 2 were killed in a club in Orange County, Florida. A horrible man-made incident in 2020 so far & this list should keep changing. - SamanthaRosie

4 Southwest Houston TX Apartment Shooting

1 dead at a shooting in Southwest Houston in Texas. A horrible day for Texas. - SamanthaRosie

5 Indiana Subway Shooting

A shooting took place at a Subway restaurant in Indiana, leaving a man in critical condition. 2020’s off to a bad start. - SamanthaRosie

6 Death of David Stern

Yeah a really sad event. I absolutely loved David Stern and it was sad when I heard of his passing. - 2storm

Yup & what made it even more shocking was that he died on New Year's Day. - SamanthaRosie

The #1 commissioner of the NBA David Stern passed away at 77 from a brain hemorrhage on New Year’s Day. A truly dark day for sports in 2020 even to this day. He had been commissioner for decades & will be remembered forever. R.I.P. David Stern 1943-2020. - SamanthaRosie

7 Death of Lexii Alijai

A truly dark day for hip hop & rap along with music in general. Rapper Lexi Alijai passed away so suddenly at 21. Her death was unexpected & shocking. She was a rising star & her music was powerful. She's so far the youngest star to die in 2020. A HUGE tragedy for music in 2020. R.I.P. Lexi Alijai 1999-2020. - SamanthaRosie

8 Death of Serikbolsyn Abdildin
9 Death of Monica Echeverria
10 Puerto Rico Earthquake

Puerto Rico is having a very terrible time from the past three years. - BurnAux

Earthquakes are horrible and dangerous. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

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11 YouTube COPPA Update Released

YouTube was violated $100M by the FTC about its age target, so changes were made, therefore content made for kids would have meany common features (like comments & sharing) disabled & while the features were used in the videos not made for kids. It was once stated those violating the law would receive a $42,530 fine per video & that no new channels/content would be allowed. YouTube used to be a great place before COPPA turned it into cable television. - SamanthaRosie

I hate this update, it sucks, it bothers me when I see mario or sonic get marked made for kids, different if it a dora game, or Sesame Street game - trains45

COPPA bad. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Great, now I can’t share OR add videos I like to playlists anymore. Thanks for ruining YouTube, COPPA. - IceFoxPlayz

12 Death of Don Larsen

The only baseball pitcher in the world to make a perfect pitch Don Larsen passed away at 90, which was surprising as a perfectly fixed number & a high age. R.I.P. Don Larsen 1930-2020. - SamanthaRosie

13 The Assassination of Soleimani

They tried to draft me, and I-ran.

World war 3 memes incoming - junk

14 Infant Beaten to Death in Chicago

Why the heck would someone do that?! - IceFoxPlayz

A 9 month old infant was beaten up to death by a man in Chicago. His name was revealed to be Josue Juarez. A truly horrible day for her mother & horrible way to start 2020 for her. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

That’s... that’s scary. - junk

15 Ukrainian Boeing 737 Plane Crash in Iran

Not a crash. the passenger jet was shot down by an iranian missile.

16 Torreón School Shooting

Mexican authorities are reporting he was an obsessive gamer, and was trying to recreate a first-person shooter.

An 11 year old did this. An 11 year old.
Then again, in 2000, a 6 year old shot a fellow classmate. But still. - junk

2 dead at a school shooting in Torreón, Mexico. It was confirmed the shooter was an 11 year old. JUST an 11 year old did all THAT? Some people are just crazy these days. - SamanthaRosie

17 Tarragona Chemical Factory Explosion

3 were killed & 6 were hurt in an explosion at a chemical factory in Tarragona, Spain. - SamanthaRosie

18 Death of Rocky Johnson

Legendary wrestler & father of Dwane (Rock) Johnson passed away at 75. He was one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. Gone too soon. R.I.P.

19 David Olney's onstage death

Just happened, David Olney just suddenly died in the middle of performing a song. He said "I'm sorry" and just died onstage so suddenly. - NuMetalManiak

He died suddenly during his performance due to a sudden heart attack. This shows how bad luck can hit. One of the most shocking music moments in all of 2020. R.I.P. David Olney. - SamanthaRosie

20 Death of Richard Maponya

The man who helped the black community business in South Africa passed away at 99. He lived 99 years strong & helped the nation in the race & suffered a brief illness on January 6th. A MAJOR legend gone so suddenly. R.I.P. Richard Maponya 1921-2020. - SamanthaRosie

21 X1 Disbands

The K-Pop world is mourning the disbandment of X1, who had been together for years making music & performing. X1 was a great K-pop band & we're unbelievably heartbroken to see them separate. BTS is still around though & they're the largest ever. R.I.P. X1. - SamanthaRosie

22 Death of Elizabeth Wurtzel

Legendary author of Prozac Nation Elizabeth Wurtzel passed away after a battle with breast cancer at 52. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

23 Death of John Baldessari
24 Death of Buck Henry

The screenwriter of The Graduate & What’s Up, Doc has passed away at 89 from a heart attack. What a huge loss for entertainment in 2020. R.I.P. Buck Henry. 1931-2020. - SamanthaRosie

25 Death of Neil Peart

Here's a big one for not only fans of the band Rush, but drummers in general as he was a very inspirational man for drummers everywhere. He died at 67 from brain cancer on Jan 7. - NuMetalManiak

26 Death of Edd Byrnes

One of the greatest television stars of the 20th century & known for playing his character Kookie & the host of Grease passed away from natural causes due to a condition. He was 87. R.I.P. Edd Byrnes a.k.a. Kookie. - SamanthaRosie

27 Death of Harry Hains

He was just too cute. Now he's in the 27 club. RIP. - KatushStella

28 Death of Maxie

I loved her fnaf videos. RIP. - junk

He wasn’t a YouTube megastar (188k subscribers compared to the millions some have) but still he was growing & provided great entertainment to YouTube & unfortunately was one of the people in the Ukrainian plane that got shot down in Tehran. The 1st to die in 2020. R.I.P. Maxie. - SamanthaRosie

29 Death of Ahmed Ali

Adhmed Ali, Bangladeshi politician, passed away after a battle of prostate cancer. He was 87. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

30 Death of Chilli M

Legendary radio broadcaster Chilli M passed away after a liver condition from alcohol abuse at 42. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

31 Death of M. Chidananda Murthy

M. Chidananda Murthy, an Indian historian, passed away at 88. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

32 Death of Hilarion Vendégou

Hilarion Vendégou, French politician, High Chief of the Isle of Pines since 1974 & Mayor of L'Île-des-Pins since 1989, passed away at 78. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

33 Jeffree Star & Nathan Schwandt Broke Up

It's been a horrible day for Jeffree Star, Nathan Schwandt & their fans. They broke up after 5 years together. Never since the breakup of Jaclyn & Jon Hill (who were together for 8 4/5 years) we haven't had a breakup quite like this for YouTube creator couples. They & their fans are heartbroken beyond belief & struggling to enjoy the new year. - SamanthaRosie

A break up with a description takes a spot here.
The stench of ignorance is causing me to walk away from the list. - Ananya

I think it's pretty obvious this item doesn't belong here. A break up is one of the worst things of 2020? Amidst deaths and disasters? Pretty rational. - Ananya

34 Death of La Park II

Professional AAA wrestler La Park II died in an accident, resulting in a fall that gave him life-threatening injuries. A bad way to start the new year for wrestling. He was only 56. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

35 Support for Windows 7 Ended

REST IN PEACE WINDOWS 7 YOU WERE EXCELLENT. A fantastic operating system that just so happened to stop having support, many people including myself ended up clinging to it and I gotta say it was sad to see support for it go. I hear Windows 10 support will end probably next year but we don't even have a new OS yet! So what are we gonna do? I say we keep Window 10 support. - NuMetalManiak

36 Death of Samantha Jaelle

YouTube star Samantha Jaelle passed away 10 DAYS before her 50th birthday. She had brain cancer & her condition was confirmed incurable 4 months before her death. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

37 Death of Nadila
38 Death of Stan Kirsch

Stan Kirsh, actor from Friends committed suicide at 51. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

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