Top 10 Most Chilling True Stories of People Being Buried Alive

Many people's biggest fear is being buried alive. Thankfully, modern technology has advanced to a point where it is easier to confirm whether or not a ‘dead’ person is really dead, so chances of it happening won't be as likely as it used to. However, no matter how far we advance, it could still happen anytime, whether be it genocide, murder, or just a mistake. Here is a list of people who were buried alive, whose stories would guarantee to send shivers down your spine.
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1 Mina El Houari

This horrific real life story happened at May 2014. Mina El Houari made a long trip to Morocco to meet a man she had been chatting online with for months, checking into a hotel in the city of Fez. However, she never checked out.
The two went out and shared a lovely evening, but midway through the night, she collapsed and fainted onto the floor. Instead of doing what people would normally do at a situation like this, her date took her home and buried her in his garden, assuming she'd died on the spot.

As it turns out, Mina wasn't actually dead. She was an undiagnosed diabetic who happened to have had fell into a diabetic coma. The unnamed man had confessed and has now been charged with manslaughter.

2 Lawrence Cawthorn

Lawrence Cawthorn fell fatally ill in 1661 and was eagerly pronounced dead without a doctor's consultation by his landlady, who was hoping for his swift death just so she could inherit all of his belongings. Soon after, he was buried at a nearby chapel. It wasn't until visitors and mourners realized he was still alive when they heard screams and shrieks coming from the grave, not long after his burial. They rushed to dig up Cawthorn's coffin, however, it took time, and in the end, it was too late. His eyes were swollen and his head was bleeding, and he was dead. It appeared as though he had chosen to kill himself rather than suffocate.

3 Octavia Smith Hatcher

Octavia was plunged into a deep depression after her infant son's death in January 1891, and eventually became very ill and fell into a coma. Months later, she was declared dead of unknown causes by doctors after they could not find any heartbeat. Since embalming wasn't a practice yet at the time, and due to the unusually sweltering heat, Octavia was immediately buried in the local cemetery. But then, about a week after her burial, many of the townspeople had also become ill with the same symptoms Octavia had, and like her, fell into comas, but only to awaken after a short span of time. Knowing this, Octavia's husband began to fear that he might've had buried his wife alive, and so he, along with his family, rushed to the cemetery and had Octavia's body dug up, and it turned out that she was, in fact, still alive when buried. Inside of the coffin was scratched and torn to pieces, and her fingernails bloodied and broken; she was obviously horrified. However, it was already too late. She had died in the ground after being buried alive.

In the cemetery she rests in, the husband had erected a lifelike monument of Octavia, and it still stands there to this day.

4 Ursula Herrmann

It was September 1981 and ten year-old Ursula Herrmann was heading her way home with a bicycle through the woods close to her home when she was kidnapped by her neighbor, Werner Mazurek. In the forest, he'd buried a small, wooden crate, which was rigged up with a lightbulb and contained comic books, bottles of water, chocolate, and biscuits. She was forced to stay there as though it was prison, while he demanded ransom money from her parents.
Mazurek demanded two million deutschmarks for Ursula's safe return. By the time they received the note, the Hermanns were frantic.
Then, a phone call followed, warning the Herrmanns that if they went to the police or failed to meet his demands, they'd never see their daughter again. And sadly, he stayed true to his word.
Shortly after she was buried, Ursula died of suffocation. Mazurek was convicted of kidnap and murder and has been sentenced to life in prison.

5 Virginia MacDonald

After a prolonged illness, Virginia MacDonald finally succumbed to her illness and passed away — or so they thought. Doctors were unable to revive or wake her, and so they determined her to be dead. Throughout the entire process of her burial in Brooklyn, however, Virginia's mother kept on insisting that her daughter was, in fact, alive, but this went entirely ignored.
In a matter of time it finally came to the point where Virginia's family agreed to have the body exhumed and prove to the mother that she was only having these thoughts as she just couldn't accept the death of her daughter. As it turns out, the mother was right all along. When Virginia's body was dug up, she was discovered laying on her side, and her hands had been bitten badly either from terror or from hunger.

6 Jessica Lunsford

Nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford was held captive, raped, and murdered by her 46-year-old sex-offender neighbor, John Couey, in the year 2005.
After breaking in the house of the Lunsford family, Couey initially planned to burglarize the home, until he found Jessica's room and decided to take her instead, leading her to his trailer, and into his bedroom. There, he began raping her later that evening and then the following morning. She was held captive during the weekend.

Three days after she was abducted, Jessica was told to get into two garbage bags. She did as he told, after having been promised that she would be taken home if she followed. However, Couey tricked her. Instead of taking her home, he took her to his backyard, and dumped her body inside a two-foot hole he had previously dug, burying her covered with leaves. When her body was found three weeks after her abduction, there were little finger holes in the bag. She had managed to poke two holes in the trash bag before running out of oxygen.

7 Angelo Hays

Angelo Hays was a 19-year-old man who suffered a horrible motorcycle accident in 1937. The accident that authorities believed to have had killed him (due to doctors finding no pulse) left his face completely disfigured. He looked so terrible that even his parents weren't allowed to see him for their own good. He was buried rather quickly.
Angelo Hays's body was exhumed two days after the funeral, since the insurance company wanted to secure a cause of death. To everyone's surprise, they discovered that Hay was actually still alive; his body was warm and showed no signs of decomposing. After this discovery, he was rushed to the hospital, and after receiving proper medical care, he made a miraculous full recovery.

8 Sipho William Mdletshe

Sipho William Mdletshe and his fiancée got caught up in a severe car accident in 1993. Although Sipho's fiancée managed to survive, Sipho was assumed to be dead as he was so badly injured. Afterwards, his body was taken to the Johannesburg mortuary where he was placed in a metal box for burial.
Some time later, he woke up in a confused daze and began to scream for help, which was later heard by some of the workers at the morgue. He was let out of the box and he survived the whole ordeal.
When Sipho tried to return home to his fiancée, however, she was convinced that Sipho was a zombie, and sent him away.

9 Philomele Jonetre

Within six hours of her alleged death due to cholera in 1867, Jonetre was buried under the ground. About to head home after having had finished burying her, gravediggers heard a knocking sound from the grave site. The grave was dug up once more and a physician was quickly called. A lit candle was placed under the woman's nose to detect signs of breathing, but there weren't any. Although there weren't any apparent signs of Jonetre breathing, a faint heartbeat could be heard. She also had fresh wounds on her hands, injuries you'd expect from knocking on a coffin lid, and in addition, her eyes were twitching. The physician was able to revive her, but the next day, she died for real.

10 Essie Dunbar

In 1915, Essie Dunbar was just 30-years-old when she suffered an epileptic fit of what doctors believed may have killed her. Her funeral was scheduled for the day after, in hopes that her sister who lived out of town would still be able to catch up and pay her respects. However, she arrived too late. She failed to get to the cemetery in time and the service had already started without her presence. Devastated, she demanded that they bring her coffin out of the grave just to see her sister one last time. When the coffin lid was opened, Essie sat up and smiled at everyone around her. She lived for another 47 years, and no one bothered Essie's sister about running late ever again.

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