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21 9/11 Vines
22 The Vines that Show People Dabbing/Whipping in Public.

Mostly these vines just contain people dabbing in public. I don't even get why trends like this find their way on the Internet.

This is honestly a dumb trend. What do you get from dabbing in public? Nothing but humiliation and embarrassment. Plus it makes you look like a douc** bag

I'm sorry, are my memes too sank for you? HIllary Clinton for Meme Queen 2016

23 "Relatable" Vines

These vines consist of some person saying something like, "Flirting with girls/boys like," and the cutting to a YouTube clip like that "I got a bucket of chicken" scene from Expiration Date - ArpstaAmy333

24 Stop the Video to See/Find the Secret ______

Extremely annoying. It's the worst when they appear on those monthly "best Vines" YouTube videos. Nobody really stops or pays attention. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

No one gives a crap about the hidden pocket flashlight with a illuminati symbol on it.

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25 Smack Cams V 1 Comment
26 Taking a Picture Prank Vines

Just absolutely boring. Silence for the first 3 seconds then the last 3 are just rage. - ArpstaAmy333

Oh my god! I hate those videos! They are idiots to think that's actually funny!

27 Vines Making Fun of Strangers

One of these vines happened to me once. Who was making the vine had to go to the hospital after I cracked him on the head with a bat.

That's Mean! First you don't even know the guy, and than you just walk up to him and film yourself making fun of him!

That is terrible ayye. Like what bro

28 Joke Vines

Funny vines with a joke.

29 Vines Saying Go Follow This Guy

I hate these vines sometinimes they'll say you better follow this guy or your cursed. Wow that's going to scare young kids

30 "My Name Is Jeff" Vines

I know! Thanks to these butt nuggets, there are all these idiots walking around school claiming to be called

People claim to be Jeff. Anyone who says "My name Jeff" I will punch, kick, punch more, kick more. Someone said "What if someone is introducing themself" I don't care.

31 Hurting Yourself Vines
32 Deez Nuts

Like seriously you sound like a wanna be kid from the ghetto with braces. It's not funny as you think it is

It needs to be number 1. Parasites like creatures found at my middle school say this unholy phrase and shall deserve punishment.

It is so annoying and is popular at school

When someone says "Deez nuts" you say "SUCK EM! "

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33 That Was Legitness V 1 Comment
34 Ice Bucket Challenges

I don't agree with this because sometimes, the ice bucket challenge help supports important things.

At least it's helping ALD

35 People Jumping Onto the Bandwagon
36 AD Vines
37 He Need Some Milk
38 The Vines From Westboro Baptist Church V 1 Comment
39 Snapchat Vines

Anyone can take a camera and film someone doing a super man pose thingy

I think you have the wrong thread buddy 😊 ^*

40 I Am The One Vines
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