Worst Undertale Ships

Sometimes there are things in Undertale that make me want to cry. Ships in general. The reason being most are non canon, or really lightly implied. REMEMBER THIS IS OPINIONATED

You can disagree with me if you like, though.

The Top Ten Worst Undertale Ships

Fontcest (Sans and Papyrus)

Whoever came up with this ship either is a crazy Fangirl, did it as a joke, or wanted another gay Undertale ship. - MinecraftDoge

Just Why! Why the heck would people ever want to ship these two?!? It's disgusting! There brothers for God's sake! No one should like this ship!? Why would you have deep feelings for your own sibling That kind of way! Yeah they love each other but in a family way! This ship is just.. BELH!

Why would you have feelings for your own sibling? They're brothers. They already love each other as a family. Nobody wants this kind of ship, it's just, WEIRD!

Incest alert! - benjigoo

Soriel (Sans and Toriel)

First of all, the age difference. Second of all, that's it.

I don't find much wrong apart from the ages of the two. While I would rather them be friends, it still would mostly make sense.
Also, the creator of this makes bad points. - rhysterrabbit

Stop bulling the poor king!

Why? A goat and a skeleton? No.

What I ship this I don't know why

Frans (Frisk and Sans)

Frisk is like 13 and sans is in his mid 20s or something! AGE DIFFERENCE! >:(

I am disgusted.

Like everyone who ships this y'all nasty even if you age Frisk up like waiting for a CHILD to AGE UP in order to date someone who was ABOVE THE AGE OF CONSENT when they were still far younger is still wrong. Like imagine a 9-year old and a 20-year old. by the time the 9-year old is 18, the 20-year old is 29. It's more than 10 years apart, and that is just very wrong and bad.

I just hate this ship!
Because Frisk looks like 3-6 and Sans is an adult!

I... like Frans...
You'll probably think I'm weird but come on! When does it say Sans' age?
Yea, he's probably quite a bit older but I know that a lot of people's favourite character is Sans, so why not ship him with the main character? Unless you did the genocide route, in which case, Frans is just wrong...

Sans is at least 18, and the game makes us assume Frisk is just a child, so that is pedophilia. And do not even try to say it is an alternate universe where Frisk is older. - LittleAwesomeApple

Chasriel (Chara and Asriel)

What!? Is it chars tucking dead and Ariel a flower, and if they were still alive why! Their siblings.

Their relationship might have been abusive, and people ship that even though Chara forced Asriel into killing people and manipulated him. Like what?!

It would be extremely cute if they were friends. But no. They're siblings. Even if Chara was adopted, Chara and Asriel became siblings. - rhysterrabbit

Um... Honestly I am more into Chans (actually my favorite ship), the reason why is because they both are my favourite and it does make sense! Well Chara x Asriel? Nope!

Asgriel (Asgore and Asriel)

Yeah, this exists. - Darktail_of_FireClan

... what has undertale ships got to IT GOT TO THIS

This is a never should be shipped and burn to the ground

A father dating his son...logic

Ghostcest (Mettaton and Napstablook)

This is a thing? - rhysterrabbit

Idc if they're cousins. I'd understand if they were ANIMALS, like warriors, but these aren't the clans. This is considered incest. DON'T LET BLUEBERRYCHEERIOS KNOW THIS EXISTS! - Darktail_of_FireClan


Mettaton and nabstablook are practically opposites, except for the music thing, but they’re cousins so that’s why I’d say this ship sucks

Monsterdyne (Monster Kid and Undyne)

Monster kid only idolized her. Like if you idolized a football player it doesn't mean you love them. - Darktail_of_FireClan

Everyone has their idols but the person you idolize doesn't want to date you - Maya159610

This is pedophilia. - LittleAwesomeApple

On Monster Kid’s side? Yeah, I could see them having kind of a crush on her. That kind of stuff happens.

But adults having feelings for children is gross and it promotes pedophilia.

Charisk (Chara and Frisk)

I mean the relationship between them could be very toxic and since they are siblings but if they weren't siblings the relationship wouldn't work because well...let just say the relationship between them is toxic

By my earlier comment I meant INCEST. - Darktail_of_FireClan

Pretty much self explanatory. - Darktail_of_FireClan

Depending on the route, this is technically incest. - LittleAwesomeApple

Papyton (Papyrus and Mettaton)

Papyrus is TOO MUCH for Mettaton. The only good thing about this ship (even though it's apparently very popular) are the comics in which Sans beats up Mettaton for flirting with his brother. - Yendks

They have nothing in common and they don't know each other. Mettaton is straight

Papyrus is just too innocent for Mettaton. I'm not homophobic ( I'm bisexual myself ) I just don't think it would work out well

I don't know, but have you seen the pictures of their child? Super cute and impossible, but I don't know what monsters can do.

Papdyne (Papyrus and Undyne)

If Undyne was anything but a mentor to Papyrus. She would be a mother lol.

Uh... I hecking love this ship. So why is it bad? If you think Papyrus is in the friendzone, I don't blame you. He is. But their canon platonic relationship could easily evolve into romance over time. Also I sorta think he likes her in canon. She mentors him and really, really loves him. I think it might take a few years, but this could really BE something. I legitimately believe the only reason it's so hated is cause it interrupts Alphyne. And yes, I can see that being a blow-up spot. But calm down, and just give it a chance.

Undyne is wayyy too rough for Papyrus. - rhysterrabbit

shes more of that tough mom friend type :3 - BlackberryoftheRainWings

The Newcomers

? Alphamalg (Alphys X Amalgamates)

The Contenders

Flans (Sans and Flowey)

"Sans is a smiley trashbag" - rhysterrabbit

Pedophila and necrophilia. - LittleAwesomeApple

NAO - BlackberryoftheRainWings

I don’t even know...

Gasgore (W D Gaster and Asgore)

I am utterly disappointed in this fandom. - Darktail_of_FireClan

Gaster is basically an easter egg, and asgore is the king, this would never work out - Maya159610

I find it hard to believe more than ten people ship this - sansundertale

Oh, what now. - rhysterrabbit

Sancest (AU sans x AU sans)

NO, your fantasy isn't real

*gags* errorink? *vomits* - BlackberryoftheRainWings

Chasans (Chara and Sans)

Destroy this ship now

burn it burn it! - BlackberryoftheRainWings

Tosriel (Asriel and Toriel)

Worse than sans x Papyrus. This is so wrong.



You guys who actually ship this DO realise:
1. Toriel is a MOTHER
2. Asriel is her BIOLOGICAL CHILD
3. Asriel is UNDER AGE
4. GIANT age difference
1. Asriel is DEAD.
2. That would mean this would be FLOWEY x Toriel
3. Flowey can NOT feel love
4. Goats and flowers... NOPE.
The reasons above prove that this ship is worse than Sans x Papyrus.

Also, Toriel is at least 100 years old. She has witnessed the life span of 6 other children. - LittleAwesomeApple

Alphyne (Alphys and Undyne)

How is this bad? IT HAPPENS!

It's awesome

It's canon, so I think it's fine.

All the weeaboos will agree. At least I do.

Sansby (Sans and Grillby)

Sansby can go die in a hole -.-" - UFEdgygirl12

Sansby is like the worst thing ever, (I do respect gayness) but sansby is a noo

Torisk (Frisk and Toriel)

Sans x Frisk would work if they grew older. This wouldn't work ever. Who even made this? - rhysterrabbit

NO. - Willowfur

She sees them as her own kid. While whether or not they see her as their mother is up to the player, it’s still a child x adult ship.

Asrister (Asriel/Gaster)
Frasgore (Frisk and Asgore)
Torigorepapans (Toriel/Asgore/Papyrus/Sans)

What...? - MinecraftDoge

Gasans (Gaster and Sans)

I don't know if this is canon but I'm pretty sure gaster is related in some way to sans so this is just weird and rong

isn't he their dad or something - BlackberryoftheRainWings


Salphys (Sans and Alphys)

I don't find much wrong with this, I mean, Gaster was Sans' dad and he was the Royal Scientist and Alphys is the current royal scientist and they're both really smart...but I know I'm just weird

They barely have anything in common - rhysterrabbit

This is used a lot by homophobes! I hate this ship because it interferes with canon!
PS: Darktail yeah I made that comment on charisk!

ToriGore (Asgore and Toriel)

I think Dr. Alphys added this to the list. - tacoperson

It’s goat mom and goat dad

I don't see how people would survive shipping a goat mama who hates her ex. IT'S CALLED AN EX FOR A REASON, GODDAMMIT

Nyehctar (Papyrus and Flowey)

Not only is Flowey technically a child and Papyrus an adult, their friendship wasn’t even real. He was just manipulating him to get human SOULs.

Nice pun, but Nuuuuuuu. - MinecraftDoge

Torey (Flowey and Toriel)

Sadly, This is a thing. Worse than Papyrus x Sans.


Alphyton (Alphys and Mettaton)

1. Weird
2. It is shown in the game that MTT is more busy with his life than with Alphys
3. Ew
4. I know Mettaton EX's legs may be thicc but Alphys will still like Undyne more. That sounded weird. - tacoperson

Abusive relationship - rhysterrabbit

Undyrus (Undyne and Papyrus)

Eh... I ship Alphyne more. - Willowfur

Flowriel (Flowey and Asriel)

It's like dating a mirror.
Flowey and Asriel are the same person. - rhysterrabbit



Friskriel (Frisk and Asriel)

Icarly this ship is not canon but can be called ok in neutral because you won't be his adopted sibling.

Incest. Plus this makes no sense. - Darktail_of_FireClan

This I so lovely it works

Depending on the route, this is incest. - LittleAwesomeApple

Sansariel (Sans and Asriel)

I don't really ship it but I mean not that bad cause I am Asriel nyeh heh heh

Muffrisk (Muffet/Frisk)
Torister (Toriel/Gaster)


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