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81 Play With The Teletubbies

A video game based on the Teletubbies? Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

That flower in the lower right-hand corner looks suspiciously like the unholy rainbow stamp of death brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts... sounds appropriate!

82 The Three Stooges

This NES "game" is so bad it was probably MADE by the Three Stooges...

83 Lester The Unlikely

Playing as some guy who chickens out without warning at semi-random points in the game? How crazy can playing a video game get!

84 N-Gage

The original taco-shaped N-Gage was so badly flawed Nokia redesigned it as the N-Gage QD (which is short for Quirky Device).

85 Alphagrip AG-5 Controller

How many video games need a controller with 100 buttons, anyway!

86 Sunday Funday

Menace Beach + LJN's Bible games division = Sunday Funday

87 Polystation

A crazy cuckoo cross between PlayStation and NES

88 Mindjack

A shooting game with subpar controls and lousy graphics...

89 Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors

All six games in this collection (Desert Bus, Smoke & Mirrors, Sun Scorcher, Buzz Bombers, Mofo The Psychic Gorilla, What's Your Sign) make fun of something that is relevant to video games.

90 Ouya

A controller whose buttons spell out the name of the relevant game system? Talk about crazy!

91 Town & Country Surf Designs

A surfing game with a surfing gorilla? Do these Laughing Joking Numbnuts who never stop ruining everything to do with video games ever learn!

92 PX-3600

A crazy cuckoo cross between PlayStation and Xbox...

93 Super Chick Sisters

Believe it or not, TWO Super Chick Sisters games (one ridiculing KFC and one attacking McDonald's) were made by LJN's propaganda games division (as in Propaganda Embraced by Total Airheads).
People Eating Tasty Animals: The Laughing Joking Numbnuts of animal rights since 1980

94 Barbie (NES)

Barbie + Timewarp Tickers + Weird dream sequence = worst Barbie video game ever

95 Kid Kool (NES)

Thanks to slippery controls, Kid Kool is NOT cool!

96 Terminator 2 (Gameboy)

Going through an entire Terminator 2 game without dying once? What were them Laughing Joking Numbnuts thinking!

97 Sega Activator

An octagon version of the Kinect that's supposed to be used with Sega Genesis... and how well it works is questionable

98 Power Pad

Another confusing early version of the Wii Fit...

99 Gigolo (Atari 2600)

How this crazy piece of (uh, use your imagination) slipped by quality control is anyone's guess.

100 Super Megason 4

A video game system with a round cover that opens to reveal a cartridge slot?

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