Top Ten Worst Video Game Genres


The Top Ten

1 Point-and-Click Adventure

Like most of the genres on this list, it really depends what game you are talking about. Some Point and Click adventures are great, but some are incredibly dull. - Yoshilord

2 Simulation
3 Stealth V 1 Comment
4 Music

The most boring games ever. They are the exact same thing; pushing buttons with packs of music. If you aren't fast enough it gets boring really quick. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 2-D Sidescroller
6 Wave Survival
7 First Person Shooter

Overrated, Overhyped, full of the most annoying players to encounter. - UserWhom

8 Sandbox
9 Party

A bunch of random classic games on a disc. The controls could be infuriating. Games like these should be put in a pet care app on the Playstore. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 Adventure

The Contenders

11 Space Combat
12 Horror
13 Text-Adventure
14 Clicker

I don't get it why this is so popular, I hate all Clicker games except Time Clickers. - malamJONES

15 Role-Playing Games
16 Action-Adventure
17 Sports
18 Porn
20 Visual Novel

Is it just me or are those games actually that boring or plain awful? - SelfDestruct

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1. First Person Shooter
2. Sandbox
3. Stealth
1. Point-and-Click Adventure
2. Music
3. Simulation
1. Point-and-Click Adventure
2. Wave Survival
3. 2-D Sidescroller



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