Top Ten Worst Video Game Genres


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1 Point-and-Click Adventure

Like most of the genres on this list, it really depends what game you are talking about. Some Point and Click adventures are great, but some are incredibly dull. - Yoshilord

Click somewhere, he goes there, he does something, click somewhere else, giant loophole - Justmakinganame

2 Simulation

Boring genre-TheCoolGuy1

3 Stealth

WHAT! These are awesome!

4 First Person Shooter

Most boring genre.

Move this to #1

Major of games are only that, following with RPGs.

5 Music

The most boring games ever. They are the exact same thing; pushing buttons with packs of music. If you aren't fast enough it gets boring really quick. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 2-D Sidescroller

Who put this in the list? Some like Mario games are great.

Who would put this here? Mario games are great. This genre even saved gaming. - Justmakinganame

7 Wave Survival

It's the same thing: shoot a ton of zombies, wait for the next round, then shoot some more. - Dominicmgm

8 Sandbox
9 Sports

Sports games are the worst - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

10 Party

A bunch of random classic games on a disc. The controls could be infuriating. Games like these should be put in a pet care app on the Playstore. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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? Battle Royale

The Contenders

11 Clicker

I don't get it why this is so popular, I hate all Clicker games except Time Clickers. - malamJONES

Clicker games get staler when you play them longer, and they are mind-numbing.

12 Adventure
13 Horror
14 Space Combat
15 Text-Adventure
16 Role-Playing Games
17 Action-Adventure
18 Porn

Don't know why this genre is on a higher position. Maybe because of the big quantity of littles that overhype this cancer. The community's toxic, and it requires no skill from the players. All you have to do to win is wait for the opposing team to commit the first little mistake and then snowball snowball snowball snowball snowball snowball snowball and snowball like a retard until the enemies can't do anything against you and you become invincible. It's impossible to turn the tides once you gain the first edge of advantage against them, no matter how small this advantage is.

20 Visual Novel

Is it just me or are those games actually that boring or plain awful? The only thing good about some visual novels I heard of is that their anime adaptations are good. - SelfDestruct

Definitely deserves a higher spot on the list. At least the genres above take actual skills to make. - Chatsa2


You need internet connection and if you don't continue you will lose progress. Also you can never complete it.

22 Walking Simulator

These are dull. Gone Home is an amazing example, as not only is it boring, it has an SJW agenda. - Dominicmgm

23 Action Role-playing

Some are good, But some are mediocre

24 Tactical Shooter
25 Tactical RPG
26 Match Three
27 City Building
28 Bubble Shooter
29 EC games
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