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Not Your Average Middle Schooler
Blissy Blissy Blue
The Tales of Crazy Yum Yum
The Loud House: The Magnificent Lincoln Loud

This story sucks! Lincoln was very unlikable in this. Clearly everyone was mean towards Lisa, which is why I hate it!

I am a huge Lisa Loud fan! Screw this stupid excuse of a Loud House fanfic. What everyone did to Lisa was really cruel and abusive. Lincoln never got his comeuppance for abusing his magic and using it to torment Lisa. My rating 2/10. The only good parts of the fanfic were the Michael Jackson song and the Stan Lee tribute. - KyleLarsonFan16

Lincoln had no right to mistreat his sister like that! Poor Lisa in this fanfic. I will never read this piece of garbage ever again as long as I live.

Darcy betraying Lisa made me cry. Worst Loud House fanfic I have ever read. I honestly feel terrible for Lisa in this.

Goshy Goshy
The Loud House: Lisa’s Broken Tooth

I hate this story so much! Why did they throw Lisa out of the house?! That is illegal because Lisa is a toddler!

This fanfic is so bad, it makes No Such Luck from the actually show look good.

Worst Loud House fanfic ever! Even The Magnificent Lincoln Loud is better than this garbage!

I feel bad for Lisa in that fanfic. It was nothing but torture for her!

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Poppy Gurl
The Loud House: How Lisa Lost Her Sanity

The Magnificent Lincoln Loud was way worst than this fanfic.

I hate this story! Lincoln never got punished ONCE for the way he treated Lisa! 0/10. Scumhouse fanfic.

I’m a huge Loud House fan, and that fanfic was horrible. Leni and Lana were acting like absolute jerks towards Lisa. They think Lisa doesn’t know anything. She’s the genius of the family! I gave it a 0.5/10 because of Lisa’s torture in that story. No Such Luck is the worst episode in the show because of how Lincoln was treated, and this fanfic is the worst Loud House fanfic I have read. Lisa didn’t deserve this crap. I felt terrible for her throughout this fanfic and all Leni and Lana did was act extremely stupid and got Lisa punished. I love Lisa Loud and she didn’t deserve to get mistreated by Leni and Lana throughout that fanfic.

The Banana Boi
The Loud House: Leni’s Broken Foot

It sucks that Lisa was tortured and abused in this. Leni ruined her life and got away with it while Lisa got punished unfairly.

I didn’t like this at all. Leni was really unlikable because she treated Lisa like a slave! Even worst, Lisa was forced to sleep in the basement because it would make Leni’s foot feel better! It is illegal to lock a child in the basement!

This was Lisa Loud torture at its worst! 0/10.

The Lost Weasley
The Forgotten Weasley

Turfground. Imagine a person reading a story with actual lore, great storytelling, grammar and interesting characters, some would love it like one, two, or millions of people, but Turfground defies what a story should have, I explored and went to the doctor to fix my head because of this story to warn the rest about it.
First of all, cringeworthy lines, they're so bad that if you read one or more chapters, you might not want to read the rest of the cringey lines, so here's some

"Do you think this is noble? "

"It doesn't get Colorful than this "

"Mamma Mia why is potato sandwich so mad?! "

(I only typed some of the quotes there, because I don't want to type the rest of the cringey stuff)
Do not, I repeat do not get me started on the movie coming soon! Yes its not making yet but it'll come out soon! I guarantee you it'll will be poorly animated like the rest!
Funny how it has 85 reads! The people who read this were basically dumb, this story was so ...more

Oh and by the way I'm the same person who made all these comments, by the way I hope the creator kills herself

Four words: Taff and her friends...

The absolute worst out of all of these in the list, and come to think about it, most of the battles mentioned in the book, they're either rushed or boring, and uninspired

Turfground is the definition of lazy

The Loud House: Luna’s Drivers License

Another horrible fanfic. This fanfic included a death of a 5 year old girl, a copy of Jeffy’s Drivers License from SuperMarioLogan and tons of Lisa torture! I give this a 1.8/10. The only good parts were Lord Tetherby getting arrested and Luna passing her test.

The Loud House: Lola’s Addiction
The Loud House: Lincoln Gets Dumped

This fanfic is an insult to Ronniecoln.

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