Worst Ways to Die While Playing the Oregon Trail Game

A classic game that is very fun to play. The one goal is to not die before you get to Oregon. Here's the worst ways to die.

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1 Dysentery

Almost every time I play this game someone dies of it. Never actually knew what it was...and now I wish I didn't. Gross.

An infection in the intestines which basically leads to death caused by diarrhea. Fun. - SirSheep

I looked up Dysentery after dying by it. I regret it now. - bobthehallwayman

"You have died of dysentery." - Stalin

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2 Starvation

This is the easiest thing to avoid lol

Play as a farmer. I was hunting every other day until my last ox died. It took so long to trade that everyone died near Christmas. - Cyri

Do I really need to explain this? - SirSheep

Ffs! I survived Bergen Belsen just to starve to death in Oregon Trail. It was easier to steal food from guards than it is to find it on this game!

3 Drowning

The river is moving really fast. You fall in. You don't come back out. - SirSheep

4 Dehydration

This is what happens when you don't drink water people. - SirSheep

5 Cholera

Typically spread through untreated water, some symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, and seizures. - SirSheep

6 Attacked by Indians

And you're shot or stabbed. I'm sure that most of you would appreciate it if I don't go into further detail. - SirSheep

7 Fever

Your body gets really warm, and you get dehydrated. Then you die - SirSheep

8 Broken Arm

I'm not even kidding. You can die when this happens... WHY?!?!

This happened to me

9 Snake Bite Snake Bite

Congratulations, your new nightmare - SirSheep

10 Typhoid

Spread through anything you consume, and through contact (hard to avoid in a small wagon), this causes weakness, severe fever, headaches, and constipation or diarrhea, depending on the case. - SirSheep

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11 Measles

A viral infection usually only on children, symptoms don't show up for a couple weeks. Symptoms include common cold symptoms, fever, and inflamed eyes. - SirSheep

12 Getting Lost
13 Broken Leg
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