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81 LispyJimmy

This has done nothing but clickbait videos of him supposedly having Grand Theft Auto 6 from the past months.

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82 xXSlyFoxHoundXx

His voice hurts, his content hurts, he's slowly killing his viewers. - danielwotsits

I've seen sly once or twice... He's not that bad when it came to jokes or even when it came to being with the other "Creatures". But his voice really kills it all... I've seen him in the creature hub's game time videos where he played Mario Party, Golden Eye 007 for N64 (Miss that console by the way.) and some other games... But he was the most annoying one there... And though I hate sp00n more than all the creatures Sly ranks my 2nd most hated, IF Kootra stepped up his game so Sly's TRUE rank for me is 3rd hated for me.

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83 MinnesotaBurns

Stopped making YouTube videos to make money with his community channel and transformed his own channel in another community channel. Burns is the perfect definition of laziness. Got popular enough to be able to only make money from other people's videos he posts on his community channels... Good job...

I stumbled onto one of his videos ones day and watched. It was kind of funny so I watched a couple others but it got old really quick.

Thinks he is a clever troll but is actually an ass. - AlexApathy

All he does now are real life pranks :'(

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84 Lui Calibre

He doesn't seem to do much he is just there I never notice him till he is doing that god awful kid voice then I miss the never noticing him part.

He probably sounds less like a squeaker than you when he does the voice changer!

His little kid voice ruins every vanoss video

F u all he is a great part of there team so deal with it b

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85 TheRadBrad

Okay... So I knew TheRadBrad for his "The Last of Us" play through and... I had mixed feelings... He's okay but he sucks at the same time... Now I'm gonna use examples from my very first time playing that game. So when I first played it I was ALWAYS listening out for noises. I was scared of ANY ear roaring sounds it'll give (When I say ear roaring, just close your eyes as hard as you can and that's the noise you'll hear in game) to tell you you're about to be seen or you're caught. TheRadBrad however didn't seem to notice the sounds and got caught more than half the time and killed for it. And I'm one to say since I've played and beat the game on 3 of the 4 difficulties. But just avoid some of his videos or watch them. I personally stopped because he was becoming kind of bland in humor. But he is a loving guy so don't think he's an idiot all that much.

He cares about his fans so I don't see how he only cares about money yea okay he don't know much about games at least he has the balls to show it in front of a so many people he's my number one favorite. YouTuber he does not do it for money he does it just for fun and he loves his subscribers with out us he woukdnt get paid so yeah ok he loves getting that money but we all love money but he loves his subs. And even if someone makes videos for money who cares does it matter? As long as there content is great then I'm all good with them we all do things differently so stop bashing on people for being different and doing things there own way cause if he sucked they wouldn't send him games to play or test just saying! - Soybean98761

The only reason he is idiotic while playing the games is he always does blind let's plays.

I've watched Brad for over half a decade and I'm not joking. I first discovered him way back in 2008-2010, somewhere around that period, it's been that long.

I see some on here accusing him of only caring about money but I'm struggling to find where that's justified. For one, he hasn't changed his style of videos, he's not going to put himself on facecam to cringe and act overly freaked out just to "entertain" his viewers. What you see is what you get. Also, while he probably makes a good amount of money, I have never heard him e-begging like other youtube/twitch personalities.

He can easily twitch stream regularly and make even more money but he doesn't do that. Guy doesn't even have a patron for god sakes. He's not a very good gamer but he is one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of listening to. He has never been embroiled in any sagas from what I can tell, he's never been disrespectful to his fans from what I have seen of his videos. I enjoy his videos because ...more - EdF4

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86 Projared Projared

Whoever put ProJared here needs to die.

Which idiot put him here?

This guy hates Chrono Trigger, bashes every game he "reviews" and is an ass to not only his fans but other youtubers, some of which are more popular than he is.

This overly opinionated hipster douche hates damn near everything and he posts NSFW pics of himself on tumblr. That alone warrents putting him on this list. Really he should be higher up.

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87 EvanTubeHD

He's spiked and toy channels get millions of views for revewkng toys it's so pathetic

He is a total brat/spoiled kid.AND 8year olds should not have YouTube accounts

EvanNerdHD should have 0 subscribers he sucks his YouTube videos are for 1

Oh god not this *cringes*

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88 Glich'e Gaming

I agree. He screams way too much.

I saw my bro watch it, he tries way too hard, and he milks GMod and FNAF for all it's worth and also screams when unnecessary, "SAAANIC"-what I hear in most videos

89 Cow Chop

Not even close to the worst, one of the best

I don't mind adult humor, but sometimes they take it WAY too far.

90 The Yogscast

Not entirely sure what these guys and gals are doing in this list but I realize not everyone enjoys watching them, granted some of their videos are a bit boring or obnoxious (the ones with Kim) But overall they do produce good content for more than just little kids since some of their videos are a bit more teen to adult orientated given how much they swear or talk kind of dirty in those videos.

Their videos used to be amazing, but now they are not as good. Still great though. (sometimes)

In the beginning it was good but now it is just horrible... They took out all the good stuff like "The Shadow of Israphel" and replaced it with an animated show of it and it is terrible.

Incredible people. But I just want simple mods back. Not these damn MINIGAMES with people like Duncan And Sjin.

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91 Matpat13

I completely disagree with this, I think The Game Theorist's are the one of the few channels that fame hasn't corrupted. He still makes quality videos which are quite long, I know he doesn't do the editing but who does is a friend he made when he was a small channel (I'm pretty sure Ronnie's getting paid too) and Mat must take a lot of time out of his day to figure out all the calculations in his videos. He may have some sponsorship but those but he says that he believes in these companies and he's not just whoring for more money.

I used to be the biggest fan and I'm a long time subscriber so it pains me to say this but his channel has been going downhill content wise. All he seems to ever do now is FNAF and Pewdiepie videos because he knows they will crank in views. I find his older videos a hell of a lot more entertaining and interesting. - AlexApathy

Game Theory has always been hit or miss, I like their more scientific videos and videos on internet and human culture, but I can't stand their weird lore stuff

Is this channel clickbait trash? That's just a theory... A GAME THEORY EHEHHEHEHEHEHEH

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92 DaithiDeNogla

WAW!? WAW?! Just kidding. Anyways, he's not all that annoying; you just have to get used to his unique voice. - MKBeast

It's not his voice that is annoying, it's how dumb and stupid he is... It's like he is doing it constantly in hopes of funny material.

What? Noglas super nice dude

What!? Nogla is so cool!

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93 IIjeriichoii

Like how Jericho is actually grateful for YouTube and twitch.

His voice is giving me cancer is my nuts

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94 Smike

Holy Crap! Do I even need to explain? He literally got famous by milking FNAF videos with minimal editing. He acts like he takes a long time to edit, but I can make about 5 videos in one day with the same editing effort he uses.

He's captain obvious of the FNAF fandom. It's just a poor excuse to gain revenue.

Anyone besides Scott Cawthon who gets famous off of FNAF is a waste of air and a virgin, and this bastard is no exception. His videos are lower quality than that of molten dog feces, and his theories are ridiculous as all hell but their still not as bad as Razbowski's are, which is pretty much the only good thing about this degenerate

TOP 10 Fnaf WHATEVERS. More like top 10 reasons why I suck cause I like FNAF.

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95 Yabaecip

AKA Spencer, the most insufferable member of The Creatures

96 WingsofRedemption

I don't like watching the same 1% of a map for 99% of the gameplay.

97 Yahtzee19

Yahtzee stated long ago that he does not care what others think of his content, and that he posts it because he likes it, and has passion in his reviews. I for one, agree with him and think that you should not expect people to please all mediums.

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98 OMGitsfirefoxx

FireFoxx is so annoying. What is the big deal with her, shes stupid and weird. - danielwotsits

YouTube 'leecher' who leeches off Syndicate, CaptainSparklez and iijeriichoii's popularity to gain huge boost. What takes 4-5 years to gain enough subscribers for hardworking YouTubers, takes OMGitsfirefoxx approximately 1 year!

99 fourzer0seven

His only form of comedy is being an angry redneck. It works at times, but not always

"damn IT! "

100 Iballisticsquid

I think iBallisticsquid is the best u tuber ever I believe he is infinite above all the other you tubers I don't know why he is 102

Thing onjly bad thing about him is he makes 1 video at like 8 o clock

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