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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 million subscribers. more.


I actually liked PewDiePie before. He was actually funny, even making the same old jokes over and over. He was both serious and funny on his videos. But what's really sad is that (nowadays) he plays games just to scream, edit, make stupid jokes and try to be funny. The "I'm a duck" thing? For god's sake, how can someone laugh at that? It's not even immature, it's ridicule. I still have hope that someday he'll realize how ridiculous he is and watch his old videos and see how entertaining he was back then. So, for everyone who's like "How can you hate Pewds, he's awesome, that's butthurt, you're jealous", well that's sad. I used to be fan, but he began to scream at every game, making short videos (the longest was about 10 minutes) and "beatboxing". Now, about his fanbase... Yeah, they're the worst. Why? They support all this bull.

This YouTuber is the most popular and best one there does Exist On YouTube. And now all of you idiots saying that basically he is boring stupid and probably makes videos for money. But first check out about where does his money are going out and guess what where are they going out? Straight to the charity. Well And plus his fans are not all 12 years old or 13 years old kids. Check out some of his vlogs and his real life vlogs and see for yourself. And for all of you little haters saying his Fanbase it is been the wort well it isn't for maybe is it but I like to see you how you will hit millions of Subscribers on your own Channel. And no that is not true and he doesn't make videos for money he does videos for his fans for us for his bros to make people laugh, If he was boring he wound not be having Those amoth of subs on his channel..

Tell me a person on Earth that basically don't work out for money..Huh tell me is there any person that doesn't work for money. Hell We literally ...more

Long story short: Pewdiepie used to be good. He played horror games about 3-4 years back. After a few years, he started to lose what made him special. Now he plays uninteresting, pointless, and stupid games to appease his now absolutely horrible and overly-defensive fanbase filled with pre-teen girls, furries, bronies, weaboos, scene kids, and any other worthless Internet scum that you might come across. He is annoying. He screams like a child, he acts immature just like his fanbase, and he pumps out more refuse everyday than McDonalds pumps out every weekend. He is an absolutely terrible YouTuber who does not deserve the fame or money that he currently has. The only good thing I can say about this guy is his charity work but that's really it.

I figured because he is so much like an immature little kid. With him screaming and trying to act cool. It still amazes me that he got over 30,000,000 subscribers. But most likely they are all very young kids. Like teens or pre-teen.

He's just got an irritating voice, and half his videos are full of obnoxious swearing. He finds an opportunity to scream in every single video, and honestly I don't see how he has over 30 million subscribers on YouTube... It's ridiculous.

He thinks he's funny but here is the truth I would have not voted for this idiot if he didn't change his humor because of his audience if he starts saying whatever he wants again instead of censoring himself I might start liking him but not like this

Seems lioe a good enough dude. Smart gamer. But dear goodness is he annoying. Some of the games he plays are interesting and you don't see them anywhere, but they're just low budget nonsense games. Shower simulator? come on man. 4 million views for that? Now he's like that kid in high school that has everyone convinced he's cool and he becomes more popular just for being stupid, when in reality he's just a regular jackoff. The fact he makes millions off YouTube, don't tell me you guys wouldn't do it for the money because I sure would. The thing that grinds my gears the most is his cult following of idiots who worship him like he is the light of their lives. Ever seen the movie idiocracy? We are most definitely there, people.

He used to be funny and I did like his content but now he just screams like a child, He stopped playing horror games which was one of his high points of his channel in my opinion but now he uploads pointless boring games that usually last no longer than 10 minutes for his 12 year old fan boys, he is loud and irritating to listen too and I don't understand how he has 40M subs

He's so obnoxious and overreact to EVERYTHING. I honestly don't understand why he's the second most subscribed to channel. All he does is scream and giggle gayly. Every video should just be called R.I. P headphone user. How does he get so many subs (over 10million) and NerdCubed only has 1 million. It makes no sense. I would rather listen to Justin bieber than watch his videos. His videos are so repetitive as well. Watching him is like baysiting a school ful of crying infants. The only difference is in one scenario the babies are the ones puking. His fans aren't much better. The only thing that makes the pricks better is that I can't hear them. All they do is cuss out anyone who doesn't love there almighty god Pewdiepie. They FLIP if anyone says anything about him and think your jealous of the screaming monkey. If I see another person say "Brofist" in one more decent youtubers comment section I may quit watching any and all YouTube videos. His videos make me want to gouge my eyes and ...more

Gaming channels back before 2011 used to be non-profit fun little slices of video game nostalgia, but then along came a massive tidal wave of sell outs trying to make a quick buck off of sitting around over-reacting to video games. This guy is basically a poster child of that toxification of YouTube's gaming section. The term "Let's play" has become a dirty word thanks to people like him.

Literally, the moron responsible for the YouTube ad apocalypse. I'm sure the many smaller content creators going bankrupt right now are happy to know it was all so this guy could make a bad joke. But don't worry, he'll be just fine, this man children will never face the consequences of his actions at this rate.

I used to be his fan but he's not appreciative and he changed to make money. He stopped being himself and now its just 12 year old level jokes to entertain his fans..

What?! PewDiePie is #1 in worst YouTubers list, #1 in the BEST YouTubers list, #1 in the most overrated YouTubers list...

All he does in his videos is scream like a little kid. I can't believe he has so many subscribers

PewDiePie is so weird. And to make it worse jes really annoying!

Pewdiepie used to try to post good content, but after he took power as one of the most dominant channels on YouTube, he has realized that no matter what he makes (whether it is good content or not, which it usually is) people will watch it.

His videos are him screaming at a screen and his fans will attack anyone who dislikes him. Well. I don't care. It would only prove my point.

PDP is the perfect combination of cartoonish face, repetitive loud noises, and obnoxious "random" humor to appeal to the very stupid and the very young. Which is exemplified in the fanbase that he has cultivated. No one on YouTube is less deserving of their success than Felix.

Hmm, this came as no surprise. PewDiePie is so terrible. He's annoying and his let's plays are no fun.

He's using the same jokes, the same one-liners, and the same swears. He tries nothing new anymore.

5-13 Olds kids ruined a steam game community thanks to him (unturned),All he does is talk and looks like a mental retarded.

Like a "mental retarded" what?... I think you're the one who needs to get educated. - ana0_0g

The fact that he is number 1 for Worst YouTube Gaming Channels is quite funny. Let me tell you why. Well, on YouTube he is the subscribe to and he is one of the most hated.

I'm part of the bro army, and I think I speak for Pewdiepie when I say that he doesn't give a crap about what you guys think. If he saw all this, Felix would just laugh in your faces. Plus, the only reason people hate him is because he's famous and earns lots of money, so they just feel jealous of him. No one cares that he raises a million dollars for charity. So please, if you think that he sucks, remember that you have 47 million people against you :P.

I agree it's stupid any YouTubers make money just from playing games, saying what they think out loud and some other stuff and can be bothered to record it and put it on the internet

This guy has no effort making videos and gets a lot of subs and money this is bull.