Years Eminem Might Retire

Eminem has been in the rap game and i'm just wanting to know when will he retire here are some possible years that Eminem might retire in

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1 2026

30 years after his debut album infinite maybe he'll see it as a good time to retire - pocorn

Perfect time - B0S5J4M3S

2 2018

Revival didn't sell well even though I liked it critics didn't maybe he'll retire after this year but I hope he doesn't - pocorn

3 2022

He turns 50 this year and maybe he'll think this is a good time - pocorn

4 2032

He turns 60 and if he doesn't retire by 50 he will probably retire by now even though ice T who is currently 60 hasn't retired - pocorn

5 2020

I don't know this just like he might put out another album this year then retire - pocorn

6 2029

30 years after the album that made him popular and this feels like another good year to retire - pocorn

7 2050

He'll probably be dead by now so if he continuous till now I'm probably sure he won't retire - pocorn

8 2030

He'll be 58 no and this is the 30 year anniversary of his greatest album the mmlp - pocorn

9 2042

His 70th birthday - pocorn

10 2024

I feel like he might retire by now because this is the 30th anniversary of encore - pocorn

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