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21 Double Spell V 2 Comments
22 Spell Absorption

Awesome in a spell counter deck. - KilMii

V 1 Comment
23 United We Stand

You can get so much power with this card, so getting it

24 Limiter Removal V 1 Comment
25 Elimigate
26 Blazing Mirror Force

Blazing mirror force is the original with an added kick. sure, you do get damaged yourself, but clearing their field and potentially attacking directly next turn makes it worth its cost

Not the most usefull of the mirror forces, but is a great card if your enemy has short Life Points, you get the damage too, that's true, but is funny.

27 Power Bond
28 Swords at Dawn

It a great rare card

29 Scapegoat V 1 Comment
30 Creature Swap

To awesome to miss maybe gonna be banned

V 1 Comment
31 Mask of Restrict

Prevents tributation of any kind keeping more powerful monsters from being summoned.

.. Unless someone has a card capable of wiping out magic & trap cars alike Mask of Restrict & Prohibition are game killers for players with uber powerful monsters. Since most players with strong cards of that nature build their deck around those cards it's unlikely they would be carrying such a card.

V 1 Comment
32 Mirror Force

Whats not to love kill all your opponents monsters for no cost.

V 2 Comments
33 Foolish Burial

Great if you have a card that needs to be special summoned from graveyard

It's limited to 1 card in deck though

34 Shield Spear
35 Emergency Provisions
36 Pot of Avarice

5 cards from your graveyard back into your deck! And you can draw two as well! Class card a real game changer

V 1 Comment
37 Prohibition

Prohibition (a long with Mask of Restrict) is one of only two cards that has the ability to stop and/or prevent the summoning of even the most powerful monsters. Cards such as Exodia (if played assembled) or the "God" cards are immune to the effects of spell & traps such as Final Destiny. Prohibition can halt "instant win" cards. The great thing about a card like Prohibition is that it's most lethal against decks with super powerful monsters; most of which are less likely to have cards to counter this as the decks are built around the powerful monsters.

Really good card lets you disable the effect of one card

38 One Day of Peace

I love this card because it gives both you and your apponent a chance to win it's fair...

39 Final Countdown V 2 Comments
40 Enemy Controller

Take control of an opponent monster for only one card.

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