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41 Divine Warning

Stops everything from happening to yourself!

42 Monster Gate
43 Final Destiny

Your opponent is about to destroy you with Dragon Master Knight (5000 ATK/5000 definitely), Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500 ATK/3800 definitely), and 2 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms (4000 ATK/4000 definitely) and they have 5 Traps set and you have 4 traps set that suck and you have no monsters on your side of the field and they have no cards in their hand while you have 6 cards. You discard 5 cards from your hand to activate this card and watch your opponent cry in pain.

44 Fusion Gate
45 Pot of Avarice

5 cards from your graveyard back into your deck! And you can draw two as well! Class card a real game changer

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46 Prohibition

Prohibition (a long with Mask of Restrict) is one of only two cards that has the ability to stop and/or prevent the summoning of even the most powerful monsters. Cards such as Exodia (if played assembled) or the "God" cards are immune to the effects of spell & traps such as Final Destiny. Prohibition can halt "instant win" cards. The great thing about a card like Prohibition is that it's most lethal against decks with super powerful monsters; most of which are less likely to have cards to counter this as the decks are built around the powerful monsters.

Really good card lets you disable the effect of one card

47 Different Dimension Capsule

Everything you want you can get it.

48 Upstart Goblin

Great card to thin you're deck down to 37 cards.

49 That Wacky Magic! V 1 Comment
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