Best Australian Cars

This is simply a list of the best car's to have ever came out of Australia, I will ONLY count cars built in Australia.
The Top Ten
1 HQ-WB Holden

And finally! The various car. These old girls were stunning in everything they were, ute-coupe-sedan-whatever, which leads onto the next thing, more variety then any other car, EVER (Probably) they sold over 185,000, and they used the same base till 1984! This car was amazing, imported to South Africa even, why not? It's got generation after generation of Aussie petrol heads and rev heads wishing they could afford a HQ coupe, while owning a Hq-ute-sedan-or station wagon, if you want an Aussie car, this is the way to go.

2 Falcon

The old girl who kept on going. The falcon was up against the Kingswoods, and the commodores, when it came to Australia it was rather... American, did we trust it? Maybe, but soon we redesigned it, and it was awesome, then we did again, and again, and again, now it's still going (Though no coupes).

3 Valiant

It was American, now it's not. This was an Aussie car we didn't see coming, with one of the coolest names around, and a body design to knock critics off they're seats, this thing was great!... But all good things come to an end, and earlier then we expected, but we fell in love with it none the less.

4 Ute

Is it pickup? Or a car? That is the question. Though the Americans ask the previous question in confusion and quite regularly disgust, we love the things, they're a work of genius, it's always funny to watch Americans embarrass themselfs while talking about they're El caminos to us.

5 XB-XC Ford

Mad maxes car was a Ford. This beautiful old thing was... Only really good in coupe and ute... Though it's others were great too, the 2 doors had curved like nothing we'd seen before.

6 Commodore

The Aussie German car. Somehow this car from Germany ended up in Australia, now it's our favorite still running holden model, From VB-VL, VN-VS, VT-VY, VE-VF, we've followed this thing.

7 FX (48/215)-FJ Holden

More iconic then the sonic, maybe. These were where GMH began, they had no idea what they started, from the FX iconic shape, to the FJ's iconic grill, these old things were like a part of the family... Only big, and metal.

8 Monaro

An Aussie Mustang. This car was one of the greatest to ever come out of Australia (And one of the most iconic) this 'Little' car was a big deal, though I say an Aussie Mustang really it was very different, from 308 to 253 we were running along to try and get one, and when they accidentally remade it in the 90s we flocked to it like a we'd found a long lost friend.

9 Torana

A little car, with a big heart. A little big like Australia's mini (A little bit) The Torana was cool wherever it went, and whatever it went as, from coupe to sedan it's a tough little thing, not ahead of it's time OR behind, it was just right.

10 Ford cCapri

A car with no roof, which is still conventional. I know what your thinking "What's a Capri doing on this list!? " Well keep in mind it is the literal back of the list, now let me explain. I'll go as far as to say a lot of people around Australia love these little roadsters, and why not? They're like ford trying to bring back the 20s in a weird 90s way, and to be honest it kind of works.

The Contenders
11 Holden Kingswood
12 Ford Fairlane
13 Statesman

Australia's best luxury car.

14 EL Fairmont

Silky smooth, comfortable, well finished, exceptionally reliable, good fuel economy, very easy to maintain. Perfect for massive road trips.

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