Top Ten New Features of OS X Yosemite

With iOS 8 being recently rolled out, Apple has decided to release their new computer operating system OS X Yosemite.

Mavericks was the last iteration and it had plenty of new features but with Yosemite you get something new. Though it is a large download, the install is actually pretty quick and the new features make it worth the hassle.

Below are the top ten features new in Yosemite that weren't in Mavericks or other versions.

The Top Ten

1 Making Phone Calls

Sending iMessages isn't new to the mac world but now you can send regular texts to non-iPhone users as well as make phone calls - as long as your mac and iPhone are currently using the same iCloud account. - Finch

Ooooh! Is this an update available on iMacs? I FLIPPING NEED THIS! - Wolftail

2 Dark Mode

In case you don't like the bright menu bars and dock, you can switch to Dark Mode in the general system preferences and make the desktop a little easier to look at. - Finch

3 Sign Documents with your Trackpad

Yup, you can sign your name with your trackpad now - no need for a separate device to use a digital signature. - Finch

4 Device Handoff

You can now start tasks on one device and send it to another. Open your safari on your mac and you can seamlessly switch to your iPhone or iPad to keep browsing - or vice versa. - Finch

5 Send Sound with Messages

Just like with iOS 8, you can send sound clips when sending a message through your mac. - Finch

6 Screen Recording

Now you can record your screen activity to any other device running iOS 8 that is plugged into your computer. - Finch

7 Safari Tab View

Other browsers have been doing it for years but Safari got an upgrade with Yosemite and now you can see all your open tabs at once. - Finch

8 Private Browsing Grouping

While browsing tabs in Safari, all your private tabs will appear in a separate window than your regular browsing tabs. - Finch

9 3D Maps

Now with the Maps application you can enter in the name of a popular city and instantly be given a 3D flyover. - Finch

10 Desktop Aesthetics

Let's be honest here, the new look the Mac takes on is awesome. - PeterG99

The Contenders

11 Customizable Notification Center

Just like with iOS 8, you can now add widgets to your notification center - some of them as 3rd party apps. - Finch

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