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21Earl Sweatshirt

Y'all are tripping if you think earl is the 42nd best... Saying like Lil Wayne and ugly azalea are better... If you really think that the your taste in rap music is awful. Get it together, top tens.

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22Action Bronson

Great rapper and knows how to keep the flow going. Mr. Wonderful was a very good album. Good lyricist

23Big K.R.I.T.Justin Scott, better known by his stage name Big K.R.I.T., is an American rapper and record producer from Meridian, Mississippi.

This is the best rapper for all time by his biggest fan alive DeVontay Driver aka tay

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24HopsinMarcus Jamal Hopson, better known by his stage name Hopsin, is an American rapper, record producer, director and actor from Los Angeles, California.

Hopsin is great, he hasn't had much success since the whole funk volume thing, but this guy is still an amazing rapper

Your kidding right? This guy hopsin should be Top 10 easily, could argue top 5 too

Hopsin is an inspiration, who is one of the few rappers still alive, and producing music that has lyrcis that withhold some sort of meaning.

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25Wiz KhalifaCameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by his stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor.

Wiz Khalifa was possibly the rapper who invaded the charts the most this year with his Furious 7 hit See You Again. I don't like it that much, but I can at least respect it, being the first Wiz song which I do. - WonkeyDude98

What? Wiz is definitely the best ever no question. Anybody who doesn't like wiz just doesn't like rap period!

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26Swae Lee

PLEASE tell me that having the worst vocalist and writer of all time above Royce the 5'9 is a joke. Same goes to Slim Jimmy. - WonkeyDude98

27Snoop DoggCordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., known professionally as Snoop Dogg, is an American rapper and actor from Long Beach, California.

Whats up snoopy we played your team do you remember the bakersfeild mustangs and I admire you for your young thug life.

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28Slim Jimmy
29Young JeezyV1 Comment
30Vince Staples

Summertime '06 was the best debut album by an artist in years!

31Derek Minor
32Andre 3000André Lauren Benjamin, known by his stage name André 3000, is half of the hip-hop duo OutKast. He is widely considered to be the better half of the duo, and is widely considered to be one of the greatest rappers of all time.
33Royce Da 5'9"Ryan Daniel Montgomery, better known by his stage name Royce da 5'9", is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan.

He's better with Slaughterhouse though, going solo might have been the worst decision he took

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34Meek MillV3 Comments
35Kid Ink

He is one of the best upcoming rappers.

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36T.I.Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., better known by his stage names T.I. and Tip, is an American hip hop recording artist and actor from Atlanta, Georgia.

Classic artist who wouldn't find at least one song of his you love

Realest rapper alive funny man, has music with meaning as well as music to thump to

I also love T.I. music he is awesome vote for him.

T.I. is real that stays true to his music

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37Denzel Curry
38Danny Brown
39Chance the Rapper

Listen to "The Way" with Kelani! The remix she did with Drake gets all the radio play, but Chance kills it in his version! A super dynamic and original talent. Chance should be much further up the list and deserves more radio play.

I don't know... Chance has a few good songs, like "Favorite Song" ft. Childish Gambino and "Juice" are just 2 that I think everybody should listen to before judging chance

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40Fetty WapWillie Maxwell II, better known by his stage name Fetty Wap, is an American hip hop recording artist from Paterson, New Jersey.

He's one of the best starter's of 2015. Get this between the places of 1-10.

This is crap he's way better than top 20

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