Best Animated Television Series

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The Simpsons
The Simpsons may be old, lost some of its original music, and has new writers, but I'm going to go with this one. It's been on TV over twenty years, has a plot, and is not a rip-off like Family Guy. I mean the jokes in Family Guy is good, but everything else sucks.
Correction to the arhymemaster:
If it weren't for THE SIMPSONS, most of the shows you see today wouldn't be possible.

As funny as Family Guy is, the creators basically copied off of the Simpsons and added more adult humor and pop-culture references to it.


Best T.V. show ever made, futurama would be a close second. Even though it became terrible from seasons 14-19, seasons 20-23 have been just has good as the first ten seasons.
[Newest]This is like the show that keeps me going

2Family Guy
Family Guy is hilarious because of all the stupid humor. Seth McFarlene does an amazing job voicing Peter, Stewie, Brian and a lot of other characters.
I think Family Guy is amazing because it always cracks me up laughing and all the characters are awesome except for Quagmire I didn't find him that funny
come on... simpsons was the first but family guy just added animated series
[Newest]It makes me and my dad laugh like crazy

3South Park
Because they take on everyone. No one is spared, liberals or fascists, religion or humanism. The fact that they took on Scientology puts them right up there with the best. It was a brave act on their part. They continue to inspire.


South Park has some of the most creative writing and is written the same week it airs! They're not afraid to tell any joke, and has a different political affliction from most T.V. shows. Family guy is liberal and south park is libertarian.
THIS HAS TO BE NUMBER 1 ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This show paved the way for other shows that "push the envelope" like family guy. This show can create whole episodes that spoof on some of the worlds most serious topics. It's the best and funniest animated show ever.

4Avatar: The Last Airbender
This is truly one of the best animated T.V. series I have ever seen. This show has everything you could ask for, it manages to have comedy, action, adventure, and drama at the same time! There's always something you will like about it. The plot is amazing and the development of the characters is so amazing and real. I've learned a lot about life from this T.V. series and it has actually helped me to live my life to the fullest. I also love the romance in the show because it feels so real and so alive. The music is so amazing that every time I listen to it I feel the emotion the music transmits. I love the way the creators managed to create a whole universe, in which each nation has its own culture and traditions, in which there is a spiritual world, in which they have different animals from ours.
I really liked this show because its not dumb like others, they only have good jokes and not a real plot or purpose, but this show has everything plotted out from the beginning, it gives you life lessons you will never forget, it feels real. You won't regret watching the whole series.
Hands down the best animated series I've had the privilege of experiencing. The beautiful art animation, the scored music (done by the talented Jeremy Zuckerman) was second to none, the little quirks of each character, and even the ideas expressed great morality in situations.
I remember thinking how animated shows nowadays seem to be going downhill, and it made me feel terrible about the young minds being exposed to such garbage. BUT knowing that such a show as Avatar: The Last Airbender exists, I believe there will be plenty of amazing shows to come! I hope to see more shows like this one.
Honestly the greatest animated television show. It is more of an epic adventure, rather than a T.V. show. Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Life Lessons, Great Plot, Amazing Animation, Perfect Narration... This show has all that and more. If you think that this show is just for kids, then think again. Holds its own all the great fantasy series: LOTR, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, FMA, Twilight Zone, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.
[Newest]Clearly superior to SpongeBob, characters we can relate to and care about, a strong story, wonderful animation, and it's a show that everyone should see!
More comments about Avatar: The Last Airbender

5SpongeBob SquarePants
This should be MUCCH higher. I could understand other age groups not having grown up with it, but it's got funnier plots than The Simpsons, more structure than Family Guy, less obnoxious crude humor than South Park and much funnier dialogue, and... Well, all in all, it's one of the most entertaining shows I've ever seen. EVERYONE should love it. I love reminiscing about my childhood- though I'm the first to admit recent ones are terrible- and every thing I mention in conversation about it makes me laugh and makes me laugh hard. I don't think I can think of a single bad joke or unfunny plot from when it was actually good. It's the perfect comedy show, and can be enjoyed by everyone, not just kids.
Spongebob is the best show ever and it should be number 1. I especially love the setting and I've been watching this since I was a littles kid. I believe many people underestimate this T.V. series just because it's a kids show.
Best cartoon show ever, pop
[Newest]This should at least be in the top 3... It has got better plot than the family guy and even better jokes than the simpsons

6Dragonball Z
I grew up on DBZ! Sure some of the jokes are kinda cheesy but I absolutely love it. I can tell you the name of every character and everything that happened in all of the episodes until the Bu Saga. I don't know about all of you, but Bu annoyed me and I lost interest in watching after that. Anyways, DBZ is what inspired me to start writing my own adventures and when my novel finally gets published everyone that reads this post will know. Ps. I don't like Goku, Vegeta is the best character!
Best part of everyone's life should be number one for sure. All of the others are funny, but this show is so great it gives everyone goose bumps. Keep voting for this!
Dragon ball is the First animated series I had seen when I was the age of 3 and at that age it attracted me so much this kind of action can not be founded in any animated series and movies. Thanks to dragon ball z it gave me much pleasure I will keep watching it in my entire life.
[Newest]Dbz sometimes has really cheesy quotes but overall its awesome.

I was going to put Family Guy but Pokemon holds so many fond memories of the 90's for me. It was one of the breathrough Japanese cartoons along with DragonBall Z. It was just such an exciting and magical concept.


Pokemon is the best ever, even though it might seem a little kidish for a 15 year old to watch. Raelly, though, who doesn't know what Pokemon is? It's popular even if you never watch it.


Pokemon is the greatest thing ever crested! I as well believe the best wishes is the best thing that could possibly have happened to Pokemon it is amazing! Can't wait for Pokemon X and y! Pokemon was, is and always will be the best thing that ever happened to kids, adolescents and for adults as well! Pokemon for ever!
[Newest]It's the best series ever.
Must be at the top.
Everyone know about it.

8Looney Tunes
The Looney Tunes are classics! I prefer the shorts to the new show, though. I loved how they were so unexpected. You never knew what the characters would do next! Plus, I love how they're appealing to everyone, not just kids. They're also timeless cartoons. Anyone of any generation would enjoy these cartoons.
looney tunes is the best....its the classic.


What retard doesn't love Looney Yunes? It's a classic =O

9Batman: The Animated Series
Deserves to sit at the top of this list. Inception (reality vs dream), Matrix (virtual reality), Terminator (artificial intelligence, cyborgs) and other such movie's essence can be found in a 90's show (darkest cartoon ever, its not a just kid show, its much more). That's not it, you get to watch all the best of batman's villains. Men who gave batman's & joker's voices for the first time are still doing stupendous job in batman arkham video game series.
I love this show... It is one of the best American cartoons I have seen. It's probably up there with some of the best anime I have seen. I don't usually watch American animation because I find it most of it too boring or childish but this show is mature, amazing, and well-written. Its sequel is just as good, too.
Said to be a kids show, but even today it still is amazing and relevant

10Adventure Time
Best cartoon of all time. Some people just look at the strange setting and weird slang in the show and say that it sucks, but every episode teaches you something and there are actually very deep story plots in the show.
Adventure Time is very dumb but I like this show It is very interesting and funny
Adventure time has more character development than most adult dramas. It also has tragic backstories. Okay, Simon and Marcy is the saddest T.V. episode of all time, the first time I cried at a T.V. show. Also, PB is not a black and white character like finn, she is more real, like most of the characters. They are grey. Also, it is very mature. Like when Martin, FInns dad did everything to get rid of his son, finn. That meant ripping finn's arm off, ON SCREEN!

The Contenders

11American Dad
What's with all these Asian shows being in the top 10?
I believe American Dad is a lot better than people think. People don't realize Seth MacFarlane left the production crew when Fox renewed Family Guy, eventually causing an increase in quality.
Roger roger is the best character in history. Him and stan braking rocks in the hot sun. Stop stan I love that song. Or screw it I thought the law and the law won
I love this show so much. It beats Family Guy and The Cleveland Show by a mile. Better writing and better characters.
[Newest]Love this show so much


Naruto and DBZ are really good anime, but people think they're for stupid humans. If you just watch it, it would amaze your eyes into the core of existence. By the way, Pokemon anime is getting REALLY old now, I used to like it, but the same plot kinda keeps repeating, and Ash's new voice is just... weird. Don't watch, but play the game, it's enjoyable


Best ever animie show I have ever seen. Nice story. The most exciting thing about it is you never get bored after watching. Watch in japanese version. English versions steal away the expressions from it. You will definitely get addicted to it once you start watching it. Start watching from d beginning or you will not get d story.
If you watch it in its original version(japanese), Naruto is the beat anime show. it's very funny, sometimes sad... and the story is very good.


13Regular Show

14Ed, Edd n Eddy
This cartoon show was made to be funny for both kids and adults. Bad animation, but when I watched it, I found it hilarious. Definitely #3 in the top 10.


I couldn't stop laughing. This has to be the best show to ever come on T.V. , and if not, it is definitely the best show to ever come on Cartoon Network.


Ed, Eddy is the best animated television series ever!


[Newest]This show is my childhood.

15My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
To be fair the animation style and voice acting are pretty decent and makes a good kids show. But When it comes to its massive fan base which is made up of older people and is a part of the biggest flame war on the internet my thoughts about it are mixed.
This show is just amazing. Before I started watching it, I thought it was just another crappy show for little girls, but I found out it had an extremely large fanbase of adult men, so I watched the show to find out what they saw in it, and it was amazing. I also learned that just because it's intended for ypung girls doesn't mean I can't watch it.
This show is awesome. Great characters, morals, and an interesting plot. But seriously, it's one of the only good cartoons these days! Adventure time, regular show, and this show are some examples of quality children's television. Not bad for a show about ponies.


[Newest]Should be position 1. Best show ever. Deserves to get award as best animated show all time

16Tom and Jerry
I watched about 10 times every episode but I still cannot be without them


One of the best.
Tom and Jerry is original and BETTER than Oggy & the Cockroaches. BECAUSE WHAT?! Tom & Jerry released in 1940 but Oggy & the Cockroaches released in 1998.

I say got o hell people who think Naruto is better than futurama or SpongeBob at the same time who made this list? Cause I want to punch who ever did
dragonball z is better than futurama!? what is the world smoking?


Even funnier than the Simpsons sometimes.


[Newest]How can this possibly not be in the Top 10?! This is the best comedy show EVER! Really, really intelligent plots and humor and hilarious and lovable characters!



18Death Note
Death Note without a doubt is the greatest show ever. Its also the most under rated show. All those guys watching Prison Break should start seeing this and make a judgment themselves


Its a masterpiece I think...
The script is oriqinaL


Why is this amazing creation last? Seriously why?
This show is great, and l's voice... amazning. Also, I am kira! (jk)

19Gravity Falls
Really! Gravity falls is 24th on this list! It should be at least in the top tens! Gravity falls is like the best show ever next to spongebob. And guess what, I saw something creepy in the title sequence.ok I was watching gravity falls on T.V. I saw something so I paused for a minute rewinded it played it slowly and guess what, I saw BIG FOOT! Yeah crazy now I know there's going to be a episode about big's so freaky. I'm glad they give you secrets in the title sequence. Gravity falls is the best
Love this show! For a kids show in disney this show is EPIC!
I love this show so much! Along with adventure time of course! I love that no other show has been made quite like this before. My favourite characters are Dipper, Mabel and Waddles. If you have not seen this show, you have never lived.
Best Animated. Best for kids (and all ages). Best on Disney. JUST THE BEST THING EVER!
By the way... I'm a senior in high school.

20Courage the Cowardly Dog
A pink dog that will do anything and go anywhere for the ones he loves even though it scares the crap out of him that and he is funny and cute. Go Courage!
This is my most favorite cartoon. I love it so much and watch it everyday. I hope to see it forever. Nabeel
Love this show, but I never found it creepy or scary you Americans are wimps.

21Teen Titans
Best thing about this show SILKIE
Teen titans r awesome
One of my favorite show behind Avatar.

22Rescue Rangers

23Invader Zim
How is this not on the top ten? Gir is adorable, plus he has a pig named Piggy. I actually didn't like this show until I was about 13, though. But anyways, Invader Zim is amazing. (just because of Gir)
One of the most epic shows ever. They should never have cancelled this amazing show. Invader Zim has a convention (InvaderCON) and STILL has a big fanbase after YEARS of being cancelled. This show is the best. Period.
I love invader zim and it's specal plot and cast of characters it's a good show and deserves to be higher on the list. Besides the fact the animation was great unlike some shows today yes I would love to see the show with new episodes.

~E.V. W
[Newest]Invader Zim is the greatest show ever! I love everything about this show and I mean everything especially Zim... 😍


Probably the most insane cartoon I have ever seen. It was silly and entertaining and even had some educational values. The adult humor of this show was so well hidden that children didn't detect it, making it one of the most ideal cartoons for both kids and adults. We really need shows like this.
This is the most wonderfully insane cartoon since Rocky and Bullwinkle. Its smart, funny and appeals to kids, while adults life at the more off the wall comments

Most underrated show I have had the pleasure of viewing

26Totally Spice

27Phineas and Ferb
For me it has both the wacky humour of Roald Dahl and imagination of the "Pinky and the Brain". I love shows that have their own set of laws, hence every episode can be realistic according to the shows rules but unrealistic according to our own.


Whys is it so far down! This is one of the best animated show ever.. the characters are so likable and the plot so complicated yet seemingly simple.. sigh..

28The Adventures of Tintin
Right know Tintin rules the world!

29Oggy and the Cockroaches
These are absolutely marvulous

Probably the best show ever! Baloo 4-ever!
Crazyest show ever because this show is so weird and over rated

31Cowboy Bebop
Fun series at the surface, but has some deep characterization going on under the surface. There's more to this series than most writing for American television. I think a good show should tell me a story, not just distract me pointlessly.


Underrated. Better than DragonBall Z and Yu-Gi-Oh!

32Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
My god the turtles for Michael bays 2014 film are hideous, it's a miracle I didn't puke.
Going down to my grandmas and watching this with my brothers. this should be #1. sad to see they are ruining my childhood with the new movie.
Yes you are right

33The Fairly OddParents
This show is awesome! It's funny and it should be the best.

34The Tick

35Samurai Jack

36Justice League Unlimited

37Kim Possible
Kim Possible is AWESOME! I'm surprised she's not on this list! (
Kim possible is the BEST T.V. SHOW IN THE WORLD

38Code Geass
Best animated series EVER

39The Flintstones

40Scooby Doo, Where Are You?


Probably the best cartoon ever authored by Americans (excluding season 3, which was a completely different format and killed the series). This show had a little of everything, with action, romance, some deep philosophies, some light humor, some mystery and suspense, high technology, and medieval elements. Swords, guns, lasers, magic spells, and more.


43Code Lyoko
This is my all time favorite show with the best monsters. My favorite character is William Dunbar since he's so cool when possessed by XANA. Heard they're making a sixth season in January 2013
This is my all time favorite show. I love the monsters and they're going to bring it back for a 6th season and I hope it gets more votes.
Used to be great. THen EVolution came out. Now it sucks. I'm glad it was never made in English.

44Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

45Digimon Data Squad
AWESOME SHOW! Marcus and agumon totally rock. They make you laugh until your stomach hurts and thomas and marcus fights well you watch and decide

46Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

47Sailor Moon

This show was my LIFE It had everything a good anime needed, and lovable characters too! I'll never forget watching this 1, it was one of my first animes. Got me so hooked on Japanese music too!
I can't believe thhis show is on 23 this is such a funny show
Come on guys vote for it just watch it once and you'll fall in love
With it inuyasha and kagome are so damn funny

49Yu Yu Hakusho
Great theme song too. Gets you involved in the characters and surprises you. And it actually is a little scary.
Best anime ever! I don't know why its the last one. I'll give my own list
1. Yu yu hakusho
2. Teen titans
3. Dragon ball z 4. Pokemon 5. Avatar 6. Spongebob 7. Flame of recca 8. Sailormoon 9. Bratz 10. Winx


51Happy Tree Friends and Friends
Wait shouldn't it be Happy Tree Friends or have I been missing something? This is weird. Eh oh well.
Splendid, Giggles, Cuddles, Flippy, Flaky, Flipsy ^^ Lipsy, Pop ^^ Cub, Lumpy, Disco Bear, all characters must go upper!
Why is this at number 38? Should be number one! Or Flippy will kill you! Rahh!

52The Jetsons

53The Penguins of Madagascar

OMG! I loved Daria... why did they ever have to stop showing that show. MTV sucks... they have taken off or don't show much of or any of the good shows anymore. Now we're just stuck with drama filled "fake" shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills, Super Sweet 16 and more.
I almost can't describe how much I love this show and how much I hate MTV for cancelling it...


OMG I miss this show so much


57The Transformers

58The Legend of Korra
1 of the best T.V. shows on earth!
This show completely ruined the best show on earth, Avatar the Lat Airbender, so it sucks! Nobody vote for this

59Black Lagoon

60G.I. Joe

61Superman: The Animated Series

62King of The Hill
What why is
This awesome T.V. show down here!?!?!
Though I give the Simpson's the title to the animated throne, this one will always be my favorite.

63Attack on Titan
You really put shows like Family Guy and Adventure Time above this? This show is one of the best shows to ever come out. All of the characters are fantastic and the horror is really cool too. Why are shows like this thrown under the rug by the Simpsons, which was funny 20 years ago. It kills a part of me to see this nowhere higher on the list. Just watch it.

64Total Drama Island
This + Gravity Falls + COde Lyoko = favorite. shows

65Drawn Together

66Beavis and Butthead
Wow. Number 50? I would honestly rather watch this than any crap from Seth MacFarlane. Beavis and butthead is labeled and demonized as immature when it has quite genius and intellectual humor. I love a show where metal rules and pop sucks! I REALLY love season 4 also because they bash garbage shows like Jersey Shore. Love the originality and I love shows and movies from Mike Judge. I hate how overrated Family Guy is though. The first season is a HUGE ripoff of the Simpsons. Original? Not really. Clever puns? Not at all. Just random nonsense. Original humor? I wish. Almost every joke is ripped from a movie. You would be surprised how many times someone tells me "a joke from family guy" that turns out to be something I have seen in a movie. The cutscenes are ok, but do nothing for the plot. Believe it or not, I actually kind of like family guy, but not enough for a top ten list of any kind. Beavis and Butthead, South Park, and King of the Hill > Family Guy, American Dad, and Cleveland Show.

67Ren and Stimpy


69Samurai Champloo

70Rurouni Kenshin
This should be in top 3. It is better than any other

71Fullmetal Alchemist

72The Animals of Farthing Wood

73Xiaolin Showdown
Most people have never even heard of this AMAZING show!

74Battle Of The Planets

In the 80's they're great, but today it gets better and better with good quality and good acting except for little bit of boring quotes. This new version of Thundercats is still good. Lets hope it doesn't turned down on us.
Will Friedle and Emmanuelle Chriqui are execellent actors for the new Thundercats on Cartoon Network. That'll be way awesome for the new generation of Thundercats!

76Katekyou Hitman Reborn

77Ben 10

78Robot Chicken

79Case Closed
I feel this show is TOO under-appreciated in America

80Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates

81The Critic

82The Amazing World of Gumball

83Jonny Quest

It was the best was out when I was growing up, loved playing the card game

85Camp Lazlo

86Sym-Bionic Titan
This show kicks ass, but it should've last longer just like other animated action shows including Teen Titans.

87Transformers Prime

88Dexter's Laboratory
Should be in the top 10.

89Star Wars: The Clone Wars

C'mon folks, let's hear it for pine cone likker, tweeked out squids and Dan Halen!


92Card Captor Sakura

93Princess Sarah



96Mr. Bean


98Aqua Teen Hunger Force

99The Amazing Spiez!

100Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

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