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Accelgor is awesome it's like a bug ninja so cool

I love accelgor such a sneaky bastard


I Like Joltik, okay? It's fast and evolves into galvantula which is super powerful. - Swaggy11


Crustle is awesome he also has beast defense AND HE CAN LEARN SHELL SMASH that is a very good move still I don't think he will make one but I think that he is a very very good bug type

A Bulky Pokemon that can be an absolute monster if used right. Works best if you have multiple Pokemon on the field as most trainers avoid targeting it.

Crustle is a very good pokemon. Most of its weaknesses are phiisical so it has amazing defense also you've got many stratigies you can use such as: shell smash stratigie use she'll smash (you're brilliant defense will deal with the defense lower) then just hit them with stone edge or x Scissor and you've basically one.


In my opinion, Shuckle is one of the best Pokemon. But he relies too heavily on other Pokemon to actually be good on his own.

For example. If you were to teach Shuckle Bulk up to max attack and defense so that when you use Power Trick you can take a hit. He has such little health that he would be dead in a couple of turns.

I suggest using Follow Me or Baton Pass so he will be prepared to take on other Pokemon.

Shuckle is unbeatable in a double battle with my gallade! Gallade uses trick room while shuckle uses power trick last in that turn, then next turn he basically can kill anyone he wants in one hit and goes first!

Power trick room. Double battle, Shuckle and Dusknoir

Shuckle is a tank.

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I have to pick between scizor and escavalier because they both only have one weakness. escavalier has 25 more defense, 5 attack and 5 sp defense. He lacks speed so why not give this tank a counter? Also he can learn drill run (ground) to take out fire types. Scizor is better only because he has an omega form.

Escavalier should be MUCH higher on this list. More so in the top ten.

Why is it not up there with scizor. both are bug/steel scizor stats are 500 and escavalier with 495.

They work very well together

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The awesome Psychic Moth! It learns Quiver Dance and has an amazing ability (tinted lens)! Plus... It's just such an awesome poke- don't believe me, ask Sabrina- she has one (her only non-psychic type)!

Venomoth is the all time best insect pokemon. It has giagantic base HP for an insect and one of the few insects that actually learns Psychic.

to be able to use psychic type moves on a pokemon which is not psychic it self is cool

Wonder skin is op make status move miss more

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In my opinion, Vivillon is one of the most elegant and beautiful bug type Pokemon. Shame that it's stats are kind of lackluster without a boost from Quiver Dance.

You see this thing? This thing is a beast. Literally. Put this in a rain team with Hurricane and you are good to sweep.

Vivillon can easily set up after sleep powder with quiver dance and sweep. My favourite bug, and bugs my favourite type

This awesome bug type deserves more credit than it gets!

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28Mega Scizor

Whats wrong with the top tens mega scizor is evolution of scizor so it should be 1. - Mayank00-

If scissor is first then mega scissor should be before it

Mega scizor should always be on the top of the bug type Pokemons as Mega Scizor can defeat scizor.

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Bulkiest Quiver Dancing bug out there. Shadow Ball with STAB Sludge Bomb has awesome coverage, only 10 Pokemon resisting it. Give it Iron Defense.

Plus it looks like a lavender rabbit-fairy :3

These crazy Dustox Pokemon get Bug Buzz, Silver wind, Sludge Bomb, and Toxic which is a nice move if you use a defending move which I think quiver dance works excellent for that use so that can be a great combo!

In my ORAS play through I destroyed Sidney with bug buzz. If u trained it right it can be really scary Ike when I destroyed a online Deoxys with constant Bug Buzz and Moonlight

Give it Quiver dance to kill EVERYONE!

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Uh caterpie...

It's so cute somebody should push it up

Caterpie should be the best bug because logic.

Caterpie's voice is similar to Goldeen. Odd...

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cool... from the sinnoh region...

They are so awesome! They can play beautiful music and they're awesome scythes are like katanas.

Why is kriketune way down here it's a beast. first Nando uses it in all of his battles and contest plus he made it to the Pokemon league and the contest finally. Second it learns sing at level 18 and and can bug buzz and even perish song, plus it can learn almost all tms.

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Common! Who doen't like an exploding pinecone? Number one Right Here!

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Mothim has four tan-colored wings, two large and two small, with orange circles adorning them. The wings split to three at the tip of the larger wings and splits in two at the tips of the smaller wings. Mothim has a black head, with orange eyes and two red and gray antennae above his head. Mothim's body is also black with a patch of orange on the underside and his legs are gray. He also has a small black tail that splits into two. It doesn't matter what form Burmy was in before it evolved; Mothim will always look the same. They also will have a small gray stripe running down their back. -

cute and strong pokemon.... also like this=)

Believe it or not, Mothims are really good. They learn powerful attacks like Bug Bite at low levels and are really good additions to one's team.


So, you're trying to tell me my mate weedle is worse than caterpie? You are gonna have a bad time...
He is better than him in every single way, he learns Poison Sting, String Shot and Bug Bite? Caterpie gets tackle instead of Poison Sting leaving him at an obvious disadvantage as while he is using tackle he has to deal with being poisoned and my attacks whatever they may be.

If you have ever once thought in your life that weedle is bad, actually think about it for a minute he's not the worst bug type like everyone says, that is in-fact caterpie.

Stronger and cooler than. Caterpie

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Paras is beast because he can poison, paralyze, and put to sleep enemy Pokemon. Plus he learns he learns all different types of status moves at a lower level.

He so bad ass I accidentally voted for him

I just catch Paras because I'm interested in him. Then I realize he can learn Cut so I bring it everywhere.

Time after time, it got so strong it even learn Solarbeam and then I bring it to battle Kanto's Elite Four and Gary with 5 other Pokemon and surprisingly won.

Best bug ever

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Ledian resembles a large, mostly red ladybug. It has two black antennae, a black neck and a black spot in the center of its forehead. Its two eyes are large, blue and slanted, reminiscent of the stereotypical alien. Its four arms are like those of its pre-evolved form Ledyba: black stalks with cartoonish white fists at the end. Its two legs are similar to its arms, but end with large red feet. Its back is red in coloration, with the undersides of the ladybug-like wing covers yellow. -

cute... very cute!!!!
love it a lot...

It has the move set Substitute, Focus Punch, Swords Dance, and Baton Pass. Master move set right there. I mean come on! - gorilladanny

Ledian used fire punch... Scizor fainted

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Come on, really guys? Forretress is OP and he definitely shouldn't belong at 33, I mean just look at his STAB defense!

Forretress must be higher in the list. He can put hazards and do rapid spin and have nice defenses

Dude forretress should be higher on the list. A Loy higher. It's ability sturdy will let it tank 1 hit ko moves then you can just use explosion since you'll die anyway

Steel and bug he is pretty dope

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So huge and awesome, I think it's a beast

I actually think #8 fits Scolipede.

Too bad Scolipede got beat by its alternate counterpart Scolipide.

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A cocoon, but he learns PROTECT instead of harden, awesome huh?

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Worm a damn indeed, if you thought Burmy couldn't get anymore badass think again as you just screwed up. Wormadam is a 3 FORM Poke and the mate isn't even a legendary, if you don't think that's cool you have some problems of your own. The types are Grass, Ground and Steel while still retaining a Bug Type.

Do you know who else is a Steel/Bug Type? Yep, Scizor, you know who is a Ground/Bug type? It's Nincada. Guess who's a Bug/Grass type, like six other Pokemon. So, consider this poke instead of them alright?

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