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Wurmple is just a unevolved Pokemon of dustox and beautifly

I love wurmple it is my favourite Pokemon

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... Essentially a zombie...
Points for creativity...
(Hides under bed scared)

So underrated. This guy is a fantastic staller, and if you don't choose Bulbasaur, Parasect is almost a perfect replacement! How is Paras, the pre-evolution, higher than Parasect? - Meko750

Parasect learns spore more questions?

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43GliscorV2 Comments

Cute, adorable and an awesome Pokemon you can't help but love

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45IllumiseV1 Comment

Venonat will wreck you into another dimension. You wont be needing drugs anymore.

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47ChespinV2 Comments

A deadly ground and bug type that can take and deal quite a bit of damage


Why not it's a cute little guy I say best cocoon ever so fierce for a cocoon!


Excuse me but flygon is a dragon and ground type

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51LarvestaV2 Comments
52BurmyV2 Comments

I don't think this should count because it's practictly a Normal type but the plates are what changes the types, and you won't believe this but my Blaziken defeated it in (1) High Jump Kick, !

My durant one-hit it. I am disappointed.


He is best with his harden attack.

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It's string shot is very powerful attack.

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56SwadloonV2 Comments
57VolbeatVolbeat are a Danish metal band which was formed in Copenhagen. They play a fusion of rock and roll, heavy metal and rockabilly.V2 Comments

This Pokemon has a very cute and simple design. Female Combees evolve into Vesiquen, a very powerful bug Pokemon, and Male Combees do not evolve (as of this writing). Sadly Combees have a very limited move set but they do learn the move Bug Buzz, which is a powerful Bug move.

This Pokemon is a bee-like Pokemon that has a cute and simple design. Female Combees evolve into a very powerful bug Pokemon called Vesiquen. While Male Combees do not evolve (as if this writing). Combees have a very limited moveset but they do learn Bug Buzz, which is a powerful bug type move.


If only it had an alternative evolution with a water stone or something. Bug/Water would be really great for thoswe bug catchers, who specialise in bugs...

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60SkorupiV3 Comments
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