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21The Call of the Mountains

I can't believe this is at 22! One of the best songs in the genre of Folk Metal. Beautiful, rallying lyrics with powerful music. Absolutely deserves to be in the top 10

This song should be a lot higher! Its perfect!

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Amazing intro music, great song. The song will take you to another world. - EvilAngel

23OmnosV2 Comments

Please listen to this song before voting.. It's my humble request!

Awesome of their best...this is the song that got me into listening eluvietie...

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25Primordial BreathV1 Comment

The light the life the strength the harvest great fulness in four moons the antlered on will go to rest... one of the best song I have heard. Masterpiece! ! Awesome guitar. Best drums!

Most understated song... I believe it desereves a spot at least in the top 5

24th place?! This is a masterpiece how can it be that far away from top 5?! That violon, that chorus, that solo that drum...
This music is the pefect mix beewteen all of that!

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Music at the mid of song is awesome.

28The Arcane Dominion

This song has a lot of feel to it. I liked it far more than Thousandfold. Honestly, I don't see how Thousandfold makes it to the top 10 and this doesn't.

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This song is from their new album. If you are a melodeath fan it is a must listen track.

30Everything Remains As It Never Was

How is this song not mentioned yet? Such amazing intro with the drums, after that the melofic bagpipes and then the great screaming. The clean singing is just fabulous, never seen such a great combination of vocals and instruments. This band has a lot of talent, keep it up Eluveitie!

31Carry the Torch
33Carnutian Forest

This song languishing in the bottom half comes as a big surprise. one of their best songs.
Love the starting of the song.

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35The Song of Life

Such a great song, the title says it all

36Kingdom Come Undone
39Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom

What is this doing here? Top 5 easy!

40Santonian Shores
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