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1Yo Yo Honey Singh

He is simply amazing. He has a good sense of Music and raps very well. He has sung mazing songs like Brown Rang, breakup Party, This Party Gettin Hot, etc. His song This Party Gettin Hot Topped the chart Of most listened You tube Videos all over the world. Brown Rang too Topped the chart Of most listened Videos. His song High Heels got 5th Position

He has charged Rs.7 million for a song in an upcoming film titled Mastaan starring Naseeruddin Shah. It is the biggest amount paid to a song artist in Bollywood to date, making Honey Singh the highest-paid musical artist in Bollywood.

Punjabi rapper with attitude. Rap is not too good but his music sense is good.

Hii I am ajay pandi vikash nager gudhiyari raipur chattishgadh se Yo yo hony sing raeping is I like it

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You r my favorite rapper ever

The best rapper in hindi

He is best, no one can compete with him, he has written most of the raps of po po honey singh

Its yo boy badshah

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Hey man he should be on 2nd position after BOHEMIA. I know he's not too famous but I can bet he is real rapper after BOHEMIA.. he rap real like HIP HOP.. Only BOHEMIA AND RAFTAAR know real HIP HOP in India

Swag mera desi is enough to make him stand in comparison with honey singh...

He ryms dangerous and raps well to he is the rap guru

If you don't know him then go and listen Swag mera desi hai. His one song made him so popular that now he is considered as the best rappers and he is only one WHO can be competitive with honey singh.

Best rapper after bohemia and third should be fateh doe

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He is the creator of Punjabi rap. Awesome voice. Fantastic flow. Wonderful lyrics. And many more. love you sir

It's a fastest and hip hop rapper in India... And this is create a rap in India

Why is he on 13th rank till now... Why is he on the list even... Kings don't participate they judge... !

I am big fan of BOHEMIA he is best rapper

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5Brodha V

India's finest and fastest rapper. Those who voted for Bohemia should know that he is a Pakistani not Indian, and this post is about India's best rapper. And honey singh ain't a rapper, he is a bathroom singer who is loved by rural population of India because of illiteracy!

Brodha V is india's fastest rapper. He is one of the most famous indian rapper in world. He is from Banglore. He is also a multilingual vocalist. Brodha V is a Professional Record Producer, Composer and a Sound Engineer.

Yo! I am dhruv.
In my eyes he is the rapper who is keeping real hip hop alive in india.. And those whack rapper like honey singh huh! They are fake they don't know how to rap..
He is the real rapper... Rapper like him can kill honey singh even in freestyle..
Now here is ma freestyle for brodha V..
He is super col! /
He is the real dude! /
And even bitches says he is so cute! /
His raps makes my mind fuse/
His metaphors makes me illuse/
Sometimes I also heard his name in breaking news/
He gives his gig without background vocal and without any excuse/
We all know that he was working in underground/
But I know he will fly high because he has that perfect sound/
And yeah! I want to see him to wear that Indian rapper crown/...

Simply the best voice

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6Hard Kaur

You are a good rapper but for your kind information the only rap the bap is bohemia so next time be in your limits while commenting on bohemia otherwise u will be dismantle like honey singh


Bohemia ka fan

The first ever girl as a Indian rapper

Hard kaur is a very good rapper and a good notter too

Ever best rapper girl in India

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Pardhaan is a Haryanvi rapper with great voice. Member of Hip-Hop crew Desi Beam[db]. He is also Bohemia's favorite. Rapper in india.

He is a good rapper and I like him..

Bohemia and Pardhaan best rapper

The best rapper according to me. Hope to see more cool songs from him.

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Hey have you listened any song of a bazz as you r saying bohemia or huney singh is the best oh sorry honey singh they all sing like dogs don't you think a bazz who's votes are very low vote him he is the best of all of them good luck

! This a-bazz always drives me crazy with his songs. He never got an opportunity to get trained in music. But still he is an awesome musician, rapper and a great singer.

I think he is the best rapper in the world his songs

A bazz you are rock :8

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9Akshay Kumar

Akshay you are great

He is stuntman of bollywood But he raps good too.

He acts as well as raps

I am your big big fan

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10Bohemia The God Of Punjabi Rap

Living in the USA it is so exciting that Bohemia is from Oakland he knows all the Oak Town rappers and they know him. He is bridging the gap between US and India.

I love your rap song

Bohemia punjabi rap star

Bohemia is father of honey singh

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The Newcomers

?Fateh Doe

He should be number three after Bohemia and raftaar

A canadian Sikh rapper ruling over the world with his long beard and dumalla.. He has got good flow and writes the best lyrics.. He raps in punjabi,Hindi and the best in English..

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11Nasty Mhatre

The real hindi rapper

Check his lyrics on you tube he's my grand as great rspper

Awesome rapper like you

Bhai. Rapper h kya

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12Hervin aka Alien

He is really awesome! Love his Flirtis Babe! Best rapper!

He's Great rap artist

Listen his Flirtish babe?.. Oh!.. Its damn awesome man!

Shocked to see him here

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Hindi Rap Guru.. No fake publicity like Funny singh.. He is the best as himself... For me the best Hindi rapper...

Hindi version of Eminem

YOU are My favorite rapper... awesome...

He is the best bro

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14Young Sam

One of the best rap artist I've ever met!
You deserve to be be in the top ten!


You deserves the best :) you rock buddy God bless & good luck LOVE you

He is an amazing rapper, at this age he's got the right talent and hope to see him in the Top hit list...all the very Best Sam...

Best rapper great friend

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15Billy X

He is the best rapper I ever seen... He is the fastest and new generation hip hop rapper

He can be the future of rap, if he come to India

U are not a rapper

He is the best rapper

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19 years but sounds like a lot of experience, too hard for a guy to write lyrics like he do. God bless you boy, nice keep it upp!

He raps soft like silk and becomes beast inbetween.. Killer*

Come on homie's its not about the fame or cast-its about the skills- for that you can try me, ain't need non recording or video I'm just a swag in a street who can rap your ass off... dame this place is killing me man...

He might be a shining star IN future and will be on 1 rank.

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17Addy Nagar

In my view his ap his best and understandable. Besides this his rap is extraordinary

Addy ngar should be in the first position he is the best rapper

He is the best...
Don't forget to listen his songs.. Guys

Addy nagar is the best singer

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18Dr. Zeus

He is the best music composer in the world

Better than honey singh!

No one is better than honey singh

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You are the best singer your all songs r superhit

Na na na na is best prop song of any girl

Best rappers in India

Best punjabi singer nice dancer too

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Guru is a member of Desi Beam Hip Hop Crew. His rap and flow is awesome.

He is mind blowing his voice just amazing

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