Best Indian Rappers

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The Top Ten

Yo Yo Honey Singh
He is simply amazing. He has a good sense of Music and raps very well. He has sung mazing songs like Brown Rang, breakup Party, This Party Gettin Hot, etc. His song This Party Gettin Hot Topped the chart Of most listened You tube Videos all over the world. Brown Rang too Topped the chart Of most listened Videos. His song High Heels got 5th Position
Punjabi rapper with attitude. Rap is not too good but his music sense is good.
He has charged Rs.7 million for a song in an upcoming film titled Mastaan starring Naseeruddin Shah. It is the biggest amount paid to a song artist in Bollywood to date, making Honey Singh the highest-paid musical artist in Bollywood.
[Newest]Thanks Yo yo you help me for won my rap competition.

You r my favorite rapper ever
The best rapper in hindi
He is best, no one can compete with him, he has written most of the raps of po po honey singh
[Newest]YeaH GooD rappEr NeeD soMe SpEeD

Hey man he should be on 2nd position after BOHEMIA. I know he's not too famous but I can bet he is real rapper after BOHEMIA.. he rap real like HIP HOP.. Only BOHEMIA AND RAFTAAR know real HIP HOP in India
Swag mera desi is enough to make him stand in comparison with honey singh...
He ryms dangerous and raps well to he is the rap guru
If you don't know him then go and listen Swag mera desi hai. His one song made him so popular that now he is considered as the best rappers and he is only one WHO can be competitive with honey singh.
[Newest]His song swag mera desi was the best rap song

4Brodha V
India's finest and fastest rapper. Those who voted for Bohemia should know that he is a Pakistani not Indian, and this post is about India's best rapper. And honey singh ain't a rapper, he is a bathroom singer who is loved by rural population of India because of illiteracy!
Brodha V is india's fastest rapper. He is one of the most famous indian rapper in world. He is from Banglore. He is also a multilingual vocalist. Brodha V is a Professional Record Producer, Composer and a Sound Engineer.
Yo! I am dhruv.
In my eyes he is the rapper who is keeping real hip hop alive in india.. And those whack rapper like honey singh huh! They are fake they don't know how to rap..
He is the real rapper... Rapper like him can kill honey singh even in freestyle..
Now here is ma freestyle for brodha V..
He is super col! /
He is the real dude! /
And even bitches says he is so cute! /
His raps makes my mind fuse/
His metaphors makes me illuse/
Sometimes I also heard his name in breaking news/
He gives his gig without background vocal and without any excuse/
We all know that he was working in underground/
But I know he will fly high because he has that perfect sound/
And yeah! I want to see him to wear that Indian rapper crown/...
[Newest]He is the BEST! Honey Singh is just a loser in front him

He is the creator of Punjabi rap. Awesome voice. Fantastic flow. Wonderful lyrics. And many more. love you sir
Why is he on 13th rank till now... Why is he on the list even... Kings don't participate they judge... !
It's a fastest and hip hop rapper in India... And this is create a rap in India
[Newest]Bohemia your rap actions are very very good & best & I also same like you. I'm Abhishek yadav

6Hard Kaur
Hard kaur is a very good rapper and a good notter too
The first ever girl as a Indian rapper
I don't like hard kaur

Pardhaan is a Haryanvi rapper with great voice. Member of Hip-Hop crew Desi Beam[db]. He is also Bohemia's favorite. Rapper in india.
He is a good rapper and I like him..
Bohemia and Pardhaan best rapper
[Newest]Pardhaan. Is the best Rapper

Hey have you listened any song of a bazz as you r saying bohemia or huney singh is the best oh sorry honey singh they all sing like dogs don't you think a bazz who's votes are very low vote him he is the best of all of them good luck
! This a-bazz always drives me crazy with his songs. He never got an opportunity to get trained in music. But still he is an awesome musician, rapper and a great singer.
I think he is the best rapper in the world his songs
[Newest]I love the rap song bazz

9Nasty Mhatre
The real hindi rapper
Check his lyrics on you tube he's my grand as great rspper
Awesome rapper like you
[Newest]What a fake ass! Does not even deserves to be on the list

10Hervin aka Alien
He is really awesome! Love his Flirtis Babe! Best rapper!
He's Great rap artist
Listen his Flirtish babe?.. Oh!.. Its damn awesome man!
[Newest]He should be signed

The Contenders

11Akshay Kumar
Akshay you are great
He is stuntman of bollywood But he raps good too.
He acts as well as raps
[Newest]You are the actor

12Young Sam
One of the best rap artist I've ever met!
You deserve to be be in the top ten!

You deserves the best :) you rock buddy God bless & good luck LOVE you
He is an amazing rapper, at this age he's got the right talent and hope to see him in the Top hit list...all the very Best Sam...
[Newest]One of the best in hyderabad... Real ass..

19 years but sounds like a lot of experience, too hard for a guy to write lyrics like he do. God bless you boy, nice keep it upp!
He raps soft like silk and becomes beast inbetween.. Killer*
Best rapper of westside.. His music is just awesome!
[Newest]He might be a shining star IN future and will be on 1 rank.

14Bohemia The God Of Punjabi Rap
Living in the USA it is so exciting that Bohemia is from Oakland he knows all the Oak Town rappers and they know him. He is bridging the gap between US and India.
Bohemia punjabi rap star
I love your rap song
[Newest]Only punjabi raps :/

15Addy Nagar
In my view his ap his best and understandable. Besides this his rap is extraordinary
Addy ngar should be in the first position he is the best rapper
He is the best...
Don't forget to listen his songs.. Guys
[Newest]After raftaar he is an awesome rapper

16Billy X
He is the best rapper I ever seen... He is the fastest and new generation hip hop rapper
Best rapper but very fast
Highest rapper than bohiema and honey singh are childish in front of him!

17Dr. Zeus
Better than honey singh!
He is the best music composer in the world

18Rahul Da Rapstar
Rahul started rap at the age of 17 He neva learn music from a
He learn studio work with his
Own brain
He learn how to make a beat
Mixing mastering with his own
Brain, He will be appretiated,

He want to make her dreamz

His sLogan is "Music is my Life "

Join hiS journey of music at Facebook
Here the link of his id Coolrapstar
Awesome rapper keep it up
Your music is awesome
[Newest]He is really a talent

Hindi Rap Guru.. No fake publicity like Funny singh.. He is the best as himself... For me the best Hindi rapper...
Hindi version of Eminem
You 're great. I listen your all songs all day. You're nightcall song is amazing

You are the best singer your all songs r superhit
Best rappers in India
Best song na na na

Best singer and partner of honey love him
Nice hairstyle and dressing also songs

Guru is a member of Desi Beam Hip Hop Crew. His rap and flow is awesome.

23Rapper SIZ
Shivank aka Rapper SIZ is the next best Hindi Rapper from India. For more info search em on google or check latest at -
He is just awesome, music labels wants his name.
Best Hindi Rapper. Vibrant music has got variety and peppy tunes
[Newest]He is the best. Rocking BRO.. Keep It Up.

These Illiterate geeks don't know what music is.. They Rated Brodha V on 3rd.. *Lame* Smokey is one of the Best Lyricist of India and Brodha V too.. Scrap out those B*tches who deserve to be nowhere around Hip Hop and Rap..
I support Enkore, Munky Rhymes and Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi! Indian Hip Hop to the fullest!
Deserves to be up there.
Yo man he is way better than honey singh
[Newest]Smokey the lyrical monster

Rapper with awesome flow. He raps in English, Punjabi, Hindi.

Ye to honey singh ka bhi bap he be
Best rapper I love you
Yea yea its rapstar ex he my bro and he has done amazing job...

27Meco Nace
Best English Rapper in India... He will reach heights..
He should be at the top..
So young so talented...
He ain't no slim shady but he's got something

28Rapper PG
You're the best bro
I just love your all tracks
You're the best in that business
I just saw your page. Good man keep it up...
[Newest]You are best bro

29Rusted Boyz
He is world best rapper band with best vocalist

30Sikander Kahlon
Sikander kahlon is my 2 rapping idol you know I am just 13 year old and my all friends says that I rap amazing I want that I will became a rapper like bohemia, honey, the-hk, sikander kahlon, and also pradhan...
New rapstar. Honey and bohemia are nothing against him
A rapper from Mohali, Punjab. He started Mixtapes on Punjabi Rap. His first album Sikander The Soverign was awesome.

He is the only one who deserves on this list!
From Munky Rhymez... He is insane as a lyricist...
One of the finest

Awesome English and Hindi punjabi rapper and singer to..
His flow of rapping is mindblowing nobody can beat him.. He is in the group name (THE YOUNG STARS)
His best rap was in be my love with a sexy voice
In this song the first rap was not good at all what makes the song not that good
Awesome rapper man..
His flow of is so good.. And mind blowing... No words for this rapper... Hats of to this rapper..

He is simply amazing
Ikka my best singer
Best rapper in India

34Ishq Bector
He is the best Indian rapper
You are a world besttest rapper in India I like you

35The hk
He is also a good rapper. He lives in Mohali, and belongs to Hip Hip crew M-Brigade. His lyrics are awesome.

36Rapper Manny Da Desi Soul
#BEST only one word

37MJ Wayne

38Rap King Loky
The art of rap is deceptive and you know dis art very well...
Really loky you r a great Slow motion RAPPER your song 'LOVE=BUSINESS' is awesome
Your songs mixtures are really awesome we all love it...
[Newest]Great loky you'll achieve your goal very soon...

39SVS Kingh
Good Luck and Keep it up
The best rapper... Camo

40Mr. Brown
Very cool rapper. Especuially his dressing style.
Best rapper from navi mumbai, proud of you. You are awesome.
He is the most best rapper in navi mumbai.
[Newest]He is roo good

41Akashi Rapper
Nice rap star akashi rapper
My Rap king bohemia

42MC Ganee
WOW! The best chennai Rapper
I have heard him and he is awesome!
Till date dint get a chance to see his live performance, but waiting for one...

Cool Indian rapper from Karnataka.
Awesome.The songs are improving in every stage of his new songs.didn't think he would reach this height.Feeling happy that one of my friends is in the top 20.We would always support you
He is your friend's bro & also your bro from Kaiga a small town but he is a emerging talent & I really appreciate on his rapping skills...! Bro all the best we will vote and you vill be the number 1 rapper in India...! BEST OF LUCK BRO..!
[Newest]Keep up the good work!

44Money $tar

He is great... New but talented
Yeah! He is new one
An Indian rapper... With mix genre. Lots of creativity... His first debut song ye h wada mera, it's a small rap.


Best rapper India has produced so far. The guy deserves to be on top of this chain. The only Hindi rapper who talks about the Indian Heritage, History and Problems our country is facing. All the other rappers talk about themselves. I respect VOOFA. From my side its a 10 on 10. VOOFA - The IZI KING.
How Bohemia is in this top ten list. He is not Indian but Pakistani. Indian rapper I believe is the one who can rap in hindi and english or in any indian language. Voofa has it all. His songs are like phoenix which tells his story and that's what rapping is all about.
VOOFA is the best rapper that I can find on Youtube when it comes to Lyrics and Indian Music. He blends the finest quality of music with the street life. His album KORRUPT was itself the Blockbuster with India Against Corruption song. His rap talks about life experiences. I love VOOFA's songs. The Best, better than Honey and Bohemia.
[Newest]The King of Rap is VOOFA. Respect for this guy. He has done more work in the music industry for rappers than others but is banned by the Indian Media? Idiots like Honey singh who are not even rapper are ruling bollywood. VOOFA Rocks..

HOLLA bro... Rapper AMB here :D
I love "life goes on" and waitin for ya next song...

49Borkung Hrangkhawl
Bk needs no more introduction! He is the best rapper in India we have seen so far. for guys who have not know him yet... I suggest you to watch his music video, I am damn sure that you will be surprise to know such good rapper are present in India.
He is the rising star of north east India.. He can rap, rhyme..
No rap artist in India is comparable to bk... Be it honey Singh.. Brodav.. Or whatever.. ! Bk's music videos are very powerful as it conveys a strong messages n straight to the point.. ! His raps n lyrics are really a serious with international standards.. !

50Cj Akki
Nice english rapper..his flow is very hot...

51Risky Rai
He's a punjabi rapper, member of rap crew RJ13, from a small city Sriganganagar(RJ) and has the best flow indeed. And lyrics are based on truth. My inspiration too.
Lyrical genius! Rapping wit me since 2009!
Bro you and armor was awesome rapper

Awesome I like his song very much

53Haddie Singh
Starter of hip hop in himachal


55GJ Thakur
He is simply amazing. He has a good sense
Of Music and raps very well.
#best only one word
Wah wah wah bhai ultimate bhai kya rap gata hai bhai

56Rapper GB
Is a 18 year old rapper, who raps in Hindi, English and punjabi. Makes songs which every 1 loves like
Skul life. Mera skul, darda ni kisi k baap se etc. His rhymes are new n good.

57RD Dedha RapStar
Your Song Is Amazing

58Satvindar Aaha
This is best rapper aaha satvindar singh
It's the future of Indian rapper just listen his rap
I am new rapper in india I rap in hindi and punjabi
[Newest]Wow this rapper is so good

59Adhi (Hiphop Tamizha)
The best rapper ever seen
Adhi is a Tamil rapper, who sings about the proudness of being a Tamil.
A great rapper of India!
[Newest]Should be in number 1

60A-khtar Shah
He is best rapper from India...
Good going bro... Keep it up...
Shah... Shah $$$$$
Good. Going dude keep it up shah... Shah

61Hardy Rapper
HE IS A 19 YEARS OLD YOUNG RAPPER. from Sri Ganganagar. he always do with own lyric and music. and his inscription from BOHEMIA THE PANJABI RAP sTAR, WITH RESPECT and LOVE...

He is one of the best upcoming rappers in India look out for song Eyes aur smile
His Zinda single is on point.. He's very talented with lyrics n flow and can beat anyone lyrically. He should be in top 10.. Check him out..
How is he not up there, he is one of the finest upcoming rappers in India and could be next Bohemia or Raftaar.. Lyrics are great. Check out Prinse - Shuruwat his first song.

63Rapper D Sharp (Deepak Bhadri)


65YC Gujjar RapStar
The Best Gujjar Rap Star

One if the best music composer, rapper who raps in fast flow Punjabi language.. A top rapper musician from jammu city (j&k)
No one can match him in whole of the J&K state... a great talent but only needs a break. his tracks own great lyrics and great music too.
His all songs are mindblowing.. Some of his hit songs like Chadd gyi, kuch yaadan etc has made him to a level of popularity within Local artists, national as well as Among International Artists.. I give 10/10 points

67Indus Gharana

68Ami P
Best of bro...keep it up

69Shashank Hindi RapStar
Shashank is the new born rapper with high speed n best raps



72Siddhant Panwar
The guy come sfrom dehra Dun small state in North India but he is doing great he writes and raps and sings his songs like the Creator Bohemia hope we see him soon as the New Star because he is a born Musician
Hope to see you soon

73Prof. De'Man
He's flow Is superb... All in all his songs are far more good than lil Wayne
Great flow and lyricism. One song & he nailed it.
Evolution. A great track. He is definitely one of the best.
[Newest]Waiting to listen more from him.

74Wazzi Khan
He is best...we like his song
He is unique rapstar of city bikaner...he is first marwari rapper one can rap like him

75Rapper N-Drift
This Guy Is the Rising Talent. Like to see you in top 10
Yes Bro. I Want to see you in TOP 10
Brother I just heard about you At the age of 13 you started rapping at this age other teenagers r busy in watching cartoons etc. Hats off to you man. you have 2 work harder.

76Rishabh Rishi Kumar
He is awesome rapper

77Young H

78JJ Rapper

79Chaudhary Rapper
Nice like Bohemia Pa g

80Rapper Exo Nawab

81Shan 916

82MC Mike
Mc Mike Is Another Rapper From.Hyderabad, India.English Rapper Talking About Real Life! Good Artist.
MC MIKE is amazing! The best rapper in hyderabad

He is lyrically beast

84Raqib Rock

A underground rapper but he is good

86Sucha Freak
Passion is what it takes to Sucha Freak to go beyond with his music. Definitely his talent and professionalism will take him to the top. He deserves to be listened. Respect.
This guy will go great heights!
Sucha Freak's music has no frontiers, it came to me all the way to Argentina. Extremelly surprised for his talent along with personality. Let the whole world discover his name!
[Newest]Right rapper at right time

N,3 is the best rapper among all his real name is nitin he belong from garwal (U. K) he rapps very good he is a delhi boy and you will love him when you listen his rapps all he needs is your support, N,3 you will rock one day, love you

A young amateur rapper from Itanagar, INDIA. He got an unique flow. He raps for everything.
He got everything what a rapper have.
He's a lyricist and a rapper.
Due to some financial problem, he's not releasing any studio recorded tracks but he's releasing home recorded demo's.
Someday by the grace of god and people he'll be at the place where brodha v is now. NOTE IT.

Hindi rapper from North Delhi with dope lyrics.

90Mr. Lazy
From Germany, and I love it. Even met him in India. =)
Wow mene tera gana suna bhai it was just awsom..

91Michael M Sailo
The Best Rapper from NorthEast India

92Mr. Romeo
I love hiis songs bus abhi banaye nhi

93Mr.M Saifi
My Best Rapper Mr. Saifi I like this
Good work... :) bro keep it up

94MC Afroz Khan
Top emerging MC from Hyderabad, fast verses and amazing lyrics
"In Love Alone" is an example of depiction of thoughts, real artist
I'm virat sharma and I really love his rap battling skills!

95Youngsta Ash
This guy deserves it... He knows what he's doing and he's commendable...
Experimenting with different flows, different themes, different genres by fusing them with hip hop... This guy is the Future of desi hip hop...

96Jay G

Indian rapper
Best in Hindi & punjabi desi raps.
A Hindi rap artist from alwar, rajasthan.
Best in Punjabi & Hindi raps.

98Dark Kumar
He is the best and inspire with BADMASH Hindi RAP GURU.

So nice songs pushpakband
I love you pushpakband

Sameed is just amazing

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