Rock Songs With the Best Instrumentals

A lot of great songs have great lyrics, but some songs have some pretty great instrumental parts as well. These are the best of those songs, whether they're completely instrumental or not.

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1Orion (Metallica)

Just when everyone thought Metallica was history they released "Death Magnetic", and that stuff is a little redundant on the riffs but still shows they can jam harder and longer than any band so far.

I think Orion is the most powerful peace of music ever. RIP Cliff Burton!

Orion>Ktulu>To Live is to Die>Suicide and Redemption - 09ShamsulBahriel

Orion, Call Of Ktulu: Best instrumentals so far

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2YYZ (Rush)

Amazing song by an amazing band. I do think there is a better instrumental by the same band... LA Villa Strangiato is far more complex and diverse. By he way some of the songs on this list aren't instrumentals.. just saying! - scaff212

Orion? No way brothers. Orion has so little instrumentality compared to YYZ. YYZ boasts everything in a rock instrumental. Great drum solos, great guitar licks and solos and perfect 'Geddy' basslines. Where is Eruption? Black Star by Yngwie? For The Love Of God? Cliffs Of Dover? MAGGOT BRAIN? WHERE ARE THOSE? I thought all of us know ROCK MUSIC very well.

The best band of their era with the best instrumental as well. By the way an instrumental has no lyrics... just saying.

Musicianship at its finest, surprised La Villa didn't make the list

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3Eruption (Van Halen)

This is a good song - bobbythebrony

You can never go wrong with this song.

One of the only true "instrumentals"on the list. And one of the best ever made.
Van Halen was one of the greatest bands of the 1980s, and of all time in my opinion.

Orion is so over rated

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4Sleepwalk (The Ventures)

Sleepwalking by Santo & Johnny is classic.

5Soothsayer (Buckethead)

How in the name of god isn't soothsayer on the top 10?! It saddens me to see how underrated buckethead is and this song is easily better than most of the ones in the first 10.

Only buckethead. Only the greatest guitar player of all time could make an instrumental metal song emotional. Just beautiful and just so good.

Let's say Soothsayer is here to represent Buckethead as there is far more great song from him. This one has both feeling and technicity, I can't think of any other guitarist that reaches such a high level both technicaly and on the writing

6The Call of Ktulu (Metallica)

AMAZING SONG! Shows the incredible range that Metallica has. And half the songs on this list aren't even instrumentals

This song is incredible, I love Metallica and all their work but I don't know how someone can say Orion is better than call of ktulu!

Every now and then I like to put on this song and taste every single bit of it.

7Son of Alerik (Deep Purple)

10 min. Of pure ausomeness richie is badass

8Jessica (The Allman Brothers)

Greatest Rock and Roll instrumental song of all time by a long way. Greatest guitar riff of all time - easy.

I lived in "Beirut, Lebanon for nearly four years during the Israeli - Syrian-Lebanese war in the early 80's. The "Allman Brothers" were a saving grace during all the madness. I lived there for nearly four years. It's a beautiful country caught in the fury of war. If it weren't for the people and the music the world would be nearly unbearable. "Tim Elfstrom" from Connecticut.

Yeah MAN! Roll your car windows down... And Jessica is your highway soundtrack! - frank

The best rock instrumental ever!

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9Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

This isn't an instrumental.

This song is not an instrumental, but it is brilliant.

This is NOT, and NEVER WILL BE, an instrumental.

Wow, the greatest instrumental, definitely deserves the top 5...and THAT SOLO! Jimmy page the King

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10Maggot Brain (Funkadelic)

The best guitar instrument ever..

The Newcomers

?Iron Man (Black Sabbath)

Not an instrumental. Brilliant song, but it should not be on here

Amazing and memorable tune - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

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11Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)

Iii Have Become

Comfortably Numb

Oh, I love this song so much. It deserves to be higher for sure because it really means something if you know what I mean.

This Song is so good, its like a poem with a great solo.

This is also not a instrumental - Sabbath

Not an instrumental, but that solo is breathtaking

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12Suicide & Redemption (Metallica)

I haven't sensed as much emotion in an instumental since To Live Is To Die. Suicide And Redemtion not only makes me feel like a badass with its heavy riffs, but can also help calm you down with the clean and soft center.

This song is also a perfect example of how not all good solos are fast. It really shows you how smart James Hetfield is, working the first solo.

I can listen it over and over again. - kkkppp

One of the best instrumental sonngs, it has a killing guitar graet bass and drums thhat join together on a grat melody. Any one should listen to this magnific song you wont loose your time. Good job Metallica

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13Misirlou (Dick Dale)
14Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea (Nightwish)

Best instrumental song ever, no question.

The best instrumental by the best rock group, no doubt. One of the best cover songs ever. It takes one's soul to the deeps of the oceans.

15To Live Is to Die (Metallica)

NO, No no... To live is to die is the best instrumental song dedicated to best bassist by the best band... It's more than a song, it's a Masterpiece! Sometimes words are not enough to make you cry! This is my favorite instrumental song of all times!

This song feels deep

16Trampled Under Foot (Led Zeppelin)
17Black Sabbath - Fluff
18Takillya (Black Label Society)
19Brother - Pearl Jam
20Frankenstein (Edgar Winter)
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1. Orion (Metallica)
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1. Black Sabbath - Fluff
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