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Its the international language which is understands by anyone of any region. It removes all the barriers between different countries.

English is global language. It is sure that nobody owns English, even English do not own English because people from all over the world speak English with their own style and accent. However, the most important thing is to break the barriers with communication.

I am writing in English right now. Which actually proves something! English is the greatest thing that happened to the Earth

I don't like English vest language

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You have to say first that the spanish language is originally from Spain (Europe), because so much people don't known that Spain is on Europe, and then also most people from South america and central america speak it.

One of the few languages you can speak without feeling embarrassed. It is a very poetic language

The best language! Come on people, the most used language, it is used in such countries like, Mexico, Cuba and most of the Americas and I think the US Government is trying to make it an official language!

Pretty and rhythmic language - keycha1n

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Bengali should be 1st rank

It is one of the most sweetest language in india as well as in world, the way of pronunciation in this language is is very sweet.

Without any doubt Bengali one of the most popular language of India & mother tongue of Bangladesh is the sweetest language of all. In the world of literature contribution of Bengali is no less than English or any other language.

Life have in this language...

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We don't like Italian language and can not stand Italian dudes. I have worked during 8 months in Italy and they are very rude and dishonest from my experience and every time I hear their accent attempt to speak English, I have a bad feeling in my gut that some kind of new bad experience is about to happen.

And by the way, Italian didn't invent pasta which is Chinese and the same for Pizza which is form central Asia and the same for major they say.

It's such a rythmic and beautiful language! I love it when I hear people speaking it...!
It's true that English is really helpful, but definitely it's not that nice..!

A language which is simply a beautiful music to hear... So rythmic and romantic to listen and to speak, a language which has been the founder of most of languages in the world.

The language of poetry, and not complicated at all. It's all phonetic. Honestly, one of the best ones. Just listen to how the r roll, and you'll be completely captivated.

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Best language to express any specific feeling situation it's deep and very precise language... Maybe that's why so much writers and poets used this language for their masterpieces

Ok, some of the greatest poets used this language to describe feeling and emotions(Leo Tolstoy greatest writer in Russian history). Very cool language to speak. All of you should know it.

Pretty cool language! It is mad when your watching an action movie and there are Russian terrorists talking in their language and it just makes em look badass!

Russian is very beautiful.

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There is only one language I know perfect for science on this planet. And it is german. I am studying physics in America. And even the war is over for years and english overtook the place for most important language in science our professor still has told us to study this language, to get better in physic. And I did, and what did I learn? I firstly understood the relativity Therory in a whole new way of course. But I was able to get it much better. Still it is hard to get, because I wasn't able to get all of it, but I am moving on...
What I've learned is, that german is a language you shoul learn at least for science, because it has developed very important stuff, we still need today.
And if you are not that kind, it is still worth learning, because English lost so much through invasions of its heritage, you'll see by learning german. So learning is easy after a while, but the start is hard, because you are prejudiced by bad rumors of this language.
Not to forget, I am just an english native, other languages will probably see german as very challenging, and it was first, but not after a while...

Only through the complexity of this language, many developments have occured like "The relativity Theorie" and a lot of other modern stuff. But this is only a sidewalk of this language. It sounds hard to most non native speakers because the language is in relation to "Hitler" and it will stay there for a long time, I guess. Whatever language you like to learn, a language is always the best thing you can do for your brain. So as a native english speaker, german is very related and should not be banished because of history, like nearly 70 years ago.

German for me is the most creative flexible and also precise Language. Not only for Science and Research, but also for literature, music and culture. It is so rich of words and expressions and you can make up new words by combining existing ones. I like the Sound and melody of the language. It sounds very educated and represents the modern Germany with its modern, elegant, efficient and also fun orientated Lifestyle. As the two biggest European Parties are celebrated there. Oktoberfest in Munich and Carneval in Cologne. The Language fits to with it and to have great Fun!

May not sound the sweetest but it is so helpful for science! - MuchWow

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I love Japanese language, I speak both Spanish and English and after speaking these languages for all your life you eventually get tired. I started watching anime a few months ago and the moment I hear it, I loved the language.

Japanese in college is challenging, but if you get a good tutor to speak some to you it will sound quite melodious. Japanese is also the language of Japan, which I adore all things Japan. Go Japan from US!

The most beautiful language in the world for me

All hail the Japanese.

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Sinhalese better known as Sinhala is an Indo-Aryan Language which is Spoken by Sinhalese, Though I am not a Sinhalese I knew it from my childhood, I hope its one of the Best Languages in the World, A Person who can Pronounce Sinhala well undoubtedly will able to Pronounce any Language in the World in a native manner (or closer) that's the amazing fact

Sinhalese or Sinhala is one of the very few melodious languages in the World, Sinhalese no doubt becomes one of the most fertile and Greatest languages in the World as well.

Sinhala is considered as the most beautiful accent & most beautiful alphabet that a language has on earth. It has evolved for over 1000 years and so is well designed today. But, unfortunately, it's spoken by a very small no. Of people around the world and majority in Sri Lanka, also among the top 30 dying languages due to decreasing use of it due to lack of natural evolution and lack of availability of reference for higher studies and research. But, it still is the most beautiful language on earth.

The most creative language in the world

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French is the best language in the world! It is a very polite languge and people who think that French is a bad language are silly. The French language is obviously by far the best language so just admit it!

Bonjour, Minseurs, Madames and Madamoselles!
French is GREAT!
Comment ca va?

French is the best language! Much better than all the languages they listed anyway!

Very polite language and not a lazy one

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Only 30% of ancient tamil literature is recovered... Other older literary proofs got destroyed in natural calamities... In 30% of the existing content we have such a rich content... Now you can think about the greatness in this language... TAMIL (TAMIZH) THE BEST

I am a Thamizh. I know fluently to read, write and speak in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and have knowledge in Sanskrit grammar also. In my opinion I see Thamizh is "THE BEST". Not because I am a Thamizh but in no other languages I knew the words are having their roots and correct reasons in them. And those words' roots you can find in Thamizh. And the words not only just have correct reasons but when put together in sentences "ITS SWEET". I think this sweetness is because of its "SIMPLENESS".

I really love Tamil poems. They describe emotions into many cascading layers effortlessly. I love the way Tamil poem's world selection. Let it be the hell or heaven, one will feel it while reading. I cried many a times. It brought Che Kuvera in me. I've got the kick of 1000 bottles of wine at a same time. Very happy to see it, topping the list of Indian languages. Today I know there are 9 more beautiful languages I can't just miss..

A language with great history... One of the classical languages and probably the oldest language with literature to be spoken by a large number of people in the world currently. Most of the Indian languages are rooted from Tamil, and definitely a language with rich literature that will be appreciated by people whom may not be able to speak it. Proud to be one of those who are able to speak this great language..

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The original Arabic text of the Qur'an has been preserved from the time of its revelation. Translations have been done into various languages, but they all refer back to the original Arabic. In order to fully understand the magnificent words of their Lord, Muslims make every attempt to understand the rich and poetic classical Arabic language. - Bringls

Arabic is so beautiful, and it has so many different accents which makes it even more special, and the original Arabic (Arabic Fus-ha) is the most beautiful of them all! I feel so proud of speaking Arabic!

Arabic is the most beahtiful written language in the world, and learning written Arab is easier than learning written English or French, as words tend to be shorter and letters are very succint =, thus each word is like a special character which the eye can recognize faster than recognizing french or english words.

Arabic should be number 1 language

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It can be treated as the worlds sweetest language... Because already it has a title "Italian of the east".. Most of the words in Telugu ends with vowels which brought the language sweetness... Once you listen the language you can will believe that even honey is also somewhat lesser in sweetness of the Telugu... Its simply rocks... And music in this particular language is simply super... This language had preserved the language game called 'asthavadanam' which has extinguished in the other Indian languages except Sanskrit...

Eager to learn Telugu.. Its nice to hear this language and even to learn... I can say this, as one of the sweetest classical languages I heard. It is even called as "Italian of east"...

Telugu has been voted as the 2nd best script in the world by International Alphabet Association.

Best and sweet language

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The Portuguese from Europe and Africa sucks, but the Portuguese from Brazil is awesome. It sounds totally different than any other kind of Portuguese spoken worldwide. It is consequence of the influence that the Brazilian Portuguese received of a lot of other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, German, languages of Brazilian Indians, and languages brought from Africa by black slaves. It is what made the Portuguese from Brazil be the beautiful language that it is nowadays.

Portugueses sounds very romantic. I really like the language, but Portuguese from brazil.

I think it is he best language ever

Portuguese from Brazil sucks is so sold, portuguese from Portugal is awesome

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It is a very nice languages to learn. I am mostly proud to be learning it well.


Without any doubt I can tell that hindi is one of the best language in the world

This is the language which should be the world's best language. Its amazing to listen to Hindi songs or to read Hindi newspapers or to watch films in Hindi language.

Yes it should be...

Hindi is the best language...

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Ukrainian language sometimes like Italian, so nice melodic and soft

Very melodic language, just try listening to it!

Ukrainian songs are well known in all former Soviet republics because of their beauty. When Ukrainians speak their language abroad, many people stop to listen to it and ask: what language is this?

Singing language of love, freedom and nature...

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Chinese is the most beautiful language in the world, especially traditional Chinese, it consists of China's 5, 000 years of history. Either in its writing or speaking, it's perfectly amazing.

It's the only language that each character has its own meaning, and the meaning can be shown in the character because it might show the sound, shape, or both.

Its difficult, no doubt, but there's something very beautiful about it! The characters exude culture! - keycha1n

Just watch let it go mandarin

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Latin has been a dead language for a thousand years, yet people still speak it. That must prove the strength and beauty of the Latin language.

Latin may be a dead language, but it is what structured languages such as English and French. Everyone who learns Latin learns it to accept its beauty.

Romanian is a latin is so Romantic and full of expressions and proverbs!

Always good to go back to the roots. - keycha1n

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Greek should be at least at top 10. It's the Big Mama of ALL European Languages. It is a very interesting, and one of the few surviving Ancient Languages. For a thousand years it was the most important language in tge world, everyone should speak Greek, even Jesus Christ knew Greek. It is simply Majestic...

Seriously? Greek should be on number 1...

Why is Greek so low in that list? Almost every language has many greek words in it.. We owe the greek language the existense of all of our languages..

Greek is just amazing! I do not think that there is another language with that huge amount of vocabulary and number of different words. It should be in #1.

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I'm Swedish and this language is so beautiful! Yes I know, swedish and norweigan (and danish) are identical, but for me, norweigan sounds like Swedish but with such a beautiful and holy accent.
Way prettier than Swedish (my opinion, Swedish sounds quite natural for me).

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