Top 10 Best Movie Action Sequences

The Most Action Packed Scenes In Film Ever created.

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1The Matrix (Rescuing Morpheus)

Slow motion at its best. Simply amazing. - Badoosh45

2Star Wars (The Destruction of the Death Star)

One of the most epic moments in film history. - Badoosh45

Really big moment in this series - ballaboi17

3The Dark Knight (The Bat Pod Chase)

Totally amazing. Beautifully choreographed chase with all sorts of twists and turns. - Badoosh45

4Raiders of the Lost Ark (The Boulder Chase)

The Boulder was lame. The best action set piece in any movie ever. Happens near the end of "Raiders". The Desert Chase sequence is tops!. What I want to know is where are the car chases in "Bullit" and "The French Connection". They merit a top ten place, not too mention, the scores of action set pieces in the decades long James Bond saga.

This is freakin' Legendary. This scene has been parodied so many times from video games to The Simpsons and Robot Chicken. - Badoosh45

5The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings (The Cave Troll)

This scene is everything to love about the Lord of the Rings series. - Badoosh45

6Saving Private Ryan (Storming the Beach)

One of the most graphic and realistic scenes captured on film. - Badoosh45

7Terminator 2: Judgment Day 2 (The Motorcycle Chase)

When that big rig rams through the wall and lands. One of the best Holy S#:t moments ever. - Badoosh45

8Gladiator (Maximus vs. Tigris)

Tigers, Swords, and Blood. HELL YEAH! - Badoosh45

9Kill Bill vol. 1 (The Bride vs. The Crazy 88's)

This over the top scene was such a great climax to one of the bloodiest films ever made. - Badoosh45

10Star Wars: Episode III (Obi-Wan vs. Anakin)

You can say what you want, personally I thought this Star Wars captured the intensity of the originals. And this fight pulverized the original Obi-wan and Darth Vader fight. - Badoosh45

The Contenders

11Fight Club (Narrator vs. himself)
12The Protector (Tony Jaa vs. the Juggernauts)

nothing is more epic than seeing 10 roid raged giants get owned by tony jaa. - quote2000

13Bullitt (The Car Chase)
14Wanted (Wesley Shoot Up Textile Mill)

Wesley was really the man after that fate inspiring shoot out!

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15There's Something About Mary (Ben Stiller vs The Dog)
16Book of Eli (Eli VS. like Twenty Guys in the bar)

yes, I love this film - one of my favorite films of 2010. Great smart storyline and superb action of course - Alexandr

17Aliens (Ellen Ripley vs Queen of Aliens)

It was one of the most memorable moments in cinematography - Alexandr

18Heat (Bank Robbery Exit)

This cannot be #18 and must be #1 - this is Mann at his absolute peak, and he rarely dips below excellent, the musical score is perfect, the acting is superb. Many have tried to copy this and no-one will succeed because this is essentially the best sequence in a brilliant movie

19Kick Ass (Hit Girl shootout in the narrow hallway)

An 11-year old girl against 20 heavily-armed adult men.
She fearlessly channels the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, and the action sequence features THE most awesome pistol clip drop-reload sequence in history.
She manages to kill 19 of the 20 bad guys, but must be rescued by the hapless "Kick-Ass" in the finale.

20Ben Hur (Chariot Sequence)
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