Best Movies of 2014

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The Lego Movie
Fantastic voice acting, incredible animation, awesome soundtrack (see what I did there? ), laugh-out-loud humor, and very impressive plot. This is definitely my favorite movie of 2014 so far.
The best movie ever all I can say is everything is awesome
I absolutely loved The Lego Movie! Best movie of 2014 so far!
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Way way over-rated, could have walked out, save your money;; it's lame
Anti Christian movie. Pathetic

3Mr. Peabody and Sherman
I can' wait to see it

4Muppets Most Wanted
Another muppets this has to be good


5The Nut Job
I turned it on when I was high and I couldent turn it off me and my hommies loved it
Better than the Lego movie

6The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1
Better than the first.
Ending boaring movie good

7Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Can all the idiots please stop adding and voting for movies that haven't even come out yet please this is a BEST MOVIES OF 2014 list if you wanna vote for a movie that hasn't come out yet then go to most anticipated movies of 2014.
Without a doubt, the best movie Marvel has released in years - it even tops the avengers! An awesome movie that is filled with action, drama, character development and plenty of suspense! A thriller worth seeing a few times over!
He's my hero. We need more Americans like him. God bless the USA.
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10The Book Thief
One of the best movies for 2014

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11Jurassic Park IV
What this movie is coming out in 2015
I live in Myanmar
I waiting

12The Wind Rises

13Lego: The Piece of Resistance
This movie was amazing. It is both funny and emotional.


15Rio 2

16The Grand Budapest Hotel

17Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Well this movie was scary sweet funney and kinda romantic so its all in one to me

18The Amazing Spider-Man 2

19Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

20How to Train Your Dragon 2

21Need for Speed

22Ride Along

23The Legend of Hercules
I can't wait to see this movie

24The Hobbit: There and Back Again

A fan check to see what its about will he battle someone.

26300: Rise of an Empire
You put the infant movies firsts don't be so immature

27The Pirate Fairy

28X-Men: Days of Future Past

29American Hustle

30Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

This list is bull. Some of this movies haven't even come out yet.

323 Days to Kill

33Gone Girl

34Starting Over Again
Lots of peoples watching it from other countries as liked Philippines, Canada and Turkey as the best movies of 2014 of all of tine Let's people vote it snd watch it and know Pilipinos language

35Cuban Fury
Nick Frost prooves he's quite agile in this movie.

Cool plot. Good actors. Gong to be big.


38Edge of Tomorrow

39Guardians of the Galaxy


41Bride for Rent

42Transformers: Age of Extinction

43The Monuments Men
Saw it last night. Not really Oscar worthy but such great subject matter.




46I, Frankenstein

47Mr. Peabody & Sherman

48Son of God


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