Best Movies of 2014

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Guardians of the Galaxy
This movie was just fantastic. I enjoyed this movie so much it was so funny, it had amazing action scenes, and an amazing cast and characters. Chris Pratt as Star lord was just perfect, who else for granita but Zoe Saldana, Dave did a great job as Drax, Vin Diesel as Groot was just perfect, and Bradly Cooper as Rocket was just 100% fantastic. This is definitely not one of your average marvel movies, the best one I've seen in a long time, better than avengers, this movie was just amazing.
It was hard picking out of this, 22 Jump Street, How to Train Dragon 2 or X-men Days of Future Past but I ended up with this. Why? Because it's a great mix of Action, Comedy and awesome superheroes! Also Groot, Rocket and Star Lord are some of the best characters in movie history in my opinion! And the cast was great, especially Chris Pratt as Star Lord! Overall, this movie is completely badass! P. S I'm really surprised that 22 Jump Street and How to Train your dragon 2 isn't even in the top 10! WHAT!
That's because How to Train Your Dragon 2 and 22 Jump Street were just lazy sequels to franchises that arguably didn't need or even deserve sequels. Guardians of the Galaxy was a completely fresh franchise (to most people) that really lifted the movie industry from its usual pile of smelly old cliches and awful money grabbing ventures.

What do you get when you mix stunning visuals, great voice acting and real acting, an excellently crafted story and a stagnant movie industry. The Answer: Guardians of the Galaxy!


I feel this movie was purely awesome in both an action & comical sense. Chris Pratt did an awesome job! Secondly, this was something totally different an unique from Marvel big step in the right direction!


[Newest]This movie was just fantastic

This movie really blew away my expectations as a movie. It may flawed in some forms, but I feel that it's accuracy as a movie with a space setting was executed much more fluently than 2013's "Gravity," which had so many plot holes it became a piece of swiss cheddar. But seriously, the acting was much more vibrant and powerful, the plot twist was very unexpected and very different from something you see in a normal Hollywood big-budget film. It may not be the best of 2014, but the execution is the best I've seen in quite a while. I give it a strong 8/10 to light 9/10 overall.


First movie ever that made me cry openly. I didn't cry at the Boy in the Striped Pajamas, not at the Fault In Our Stars, not at any movie that others considered sad. Just this one. I don't know why, but this movie is so raw and emotional for me, and the music swells and falls silent at just the right moments, instead of those lame movies with music at moments where the audience is groaning inwards because it was so obviously at the wrong time, so it becomes cheesy. I don't know why I would cry at this one, but I'm weird. I absolutely, positively LOVE this movie. Deserves 7 awards, at the very least.
Really Great Movie, But I wouldn't consider it on par with films like Whiplash, The Imitation Game or Birdman. It's moments are very twisted and memorable and it's defiantly original however it's not the hype of legends like many would think nor does it set a standard for films in out of space (To be fair no one can beat 2001). But it's still a credit to Christopher Nolan and Johnathan Nolan's out of the box thinking. But compare to Inception it's The Dark Knight Rises of Christopher Nolan's IN trilogy.


[Newest]Nice movie... Loved it

3The Lego Movie
Fantastic voice acting, incredible animation, awesome soundtrack (see what I did there? ), laugh-out-loud humor, and very impressive plot. This is definitely my favorite movie of 2014 so far.
The big surprise of the year, Guardians of the galaxy was great but I gotta give my vote to this one because of what they did, great story, songs and great voice acting. WAS FANTASTIC
Rarely can I say that a movie was hands down my favorite movie of the year, and it's even more rare for it to be an animated movie, but this movie was really good.
[Newest]Lego Movie is hilarious! I think it should be moved up to either 1 or 2.

4X-Men: Days of Future Past
An explosive burst of awesomeness! It manages to balance a great script with gorgeous special effects perfectly, which makes up for a highly compelling and entertaining blockbuster. Everyone's on their best and it's an absolute treat watching the character interactions. A marvelous thrill ride from start to finish.


Calling this better than any other movie of the year would be a complete understatement. X-Men: Days of Future Past is, besides The Dark Knight, the greatest superhero movie ever made. Just watch the movie and see for yourself.
Haven't seen the movie yet - but it's completely badass. If I'm wrong, I'll shave my head.
[Newest]It's an just amazing movie...

5Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Without a doubt, the best movie Marvel has released in years - it even tops the avengers! An awesome movie that is filled with action, drama, character development and plenty of suspense! A thriller worth seeing a few times over!
Shouldn't be so low. I loved Lego and GotG and Interstellar, but this is right up there with them as best of 2014. I don't know anyone who doesn't like this movie; it totally changed up the Marvel universe in a new and exciting way. There's really no downside
I honestly did not know captain america was such a badass hero until I saw this movie, although I feel it shouldn't be this high in the list


[Newest]Best movie ever, you have action, friendship, trust and patriotism

6Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
A great big step from its previous film, giving me the same feeling I got after The dark knight and avengers. Everything was so fleshed out and made with such care that you felt for the apes and the humans which caused a problem for which side you hope wins
I loved the Hobbit movie almost as much as this, but decided on Planet of The Apes 2 because of how original it is--yes I said is, it's original. The movie has nearly nothing to do with the old movies and has a much different tone than the first movie in the reboot series.
A new planet of the apes wow they have been making these films since 1980 wow how many more this is getting old how many times can glorified monkeys take over our planet I mean soon they will try so these films really preparing us for the ape takeover. Thanks
[Newest]A film that makes you question the very essence of being human, and really shows how fear can destroy peace.

7The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
Wow, Just wow. It was... depressing. I don't know if I like it or not. I usually am not a big fan of intense movies like that, but this I have to vote for. Amazing movie, great plot, etc. My favorite movie is the 1st one, but still, well done.
The Lego Movie is good, but not as good as this. This is the better of the Hunger Games movies because more action scenes and amazing acting from Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen. )

And the Hanging Tree was on point!
Hey guys remember that part when... oh wait, THIS MOVIE HASN"T EVEN COME OUT YET!
[Newest]I like the hunger games and all but I think there wasn't enough action in this movie, only 4 explosions and love crap. WHERES PART 2, I'M DYING TOO SEE IT

8The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
I guess I'm biased because I'm from New Zealand (No, this movie did NOT come from Hollywood) But this movie took my breath away. Superior to it's predecessors in every way, this movie truly captures the enticing magic of the even more amazing Lord of the Rings trilogy in a strange, morbidly epic fashion.
I loved this movie maybe not as much as the previous two but it was still good. Never read the books so I never expected Smaug to be killed so early in the movie I thought that would be the final battle or something. But nevertheless it was a great movie.
Come on guys... Vote for it... Its exactly a masterpiece and in my opinion best movie of 2014 in every sense. The fighting scenes and the visual effects were heavenly good plus the amazing cast and their far more amazing display.
[Newest]This movie is epic!

9Edge of Tomorrow
One of the most underrated movies this year
One of the most exciting movies of the year- deserves to be higher up!
Awesome film, it's more underrated than it deserves to be. Tom Cruise's acting here is tops! And it has an original concept and great CGI and visuals, everything about this movie is to be loved! If you haven't already, watch this film!
[Newest]One of the most exciting movies of the year- deserves to be higher up!

10The Fault In Our Stars
Ugh, so stupid. Literally teenage girls incarnate. I cringed EXTREMELY hard in the scene where everyone clapped as they kissed in the Anne Frank museum? Talk about wet dream
I definitely loved the book AND the movie. And I'm 40 years old. It is a wonderful movie about living and accepting life as it comes your way. May it be for the living or the dying. So what if it's cheesy? Still a good movie, nonetheless. I'd pick this over and over again than the usual superhero stuffs.
So sad but so good

The Contenders

This movie wasn't good, why is it on here?


You got to be kidding me, this is in 8th place? I came all the way here and waited to see Godzilla get only in 8th place? Well, if you don't know Godzilla, just buy it on the 16th of September and sit down and enjoy watching Godzilla beat up some monsters!
I was so upset with this movie it shouldn't be on here in my opinion


[Newest]Japanese Godzilla is better than this, thanks for ruining Godzilla for me

1222 Jump Street
Come on, the film is almost as funny as the first, was certainly one of the best comedies of the year, with a lot of hilarious quotes, deserves a much better position, guys!


It's the end of 2014, and by now, I was definitely expecting one of the most intelligent, razor-sharp, witty comedies that I've seen to be in the top ten.


This is a hilarious movie. I can't believe that this isn't in the top ten
[Newest]One of the few comedies that actually lived up to its expectations. I'd say this was even funnier that 21 Jump Street


13Gone Girl
I am not sure how all of the Hollywood fluff above beat out this movie, it was by far the best of the year! Direction, cinematography, acting, musical score, everything about this movie was top-notch. It deserves to be much higher on this list!
The twist is great, and the ending is so unexpected that it leaves you terribly frustrated----and that's the point. GENIUS.
This is not only one of the best movies of 2014, but one of the best movies of all time, period

14Big Hero 6
Not the best of the year, great movie still. But dear God, somebody put it above Rio 2!
Big Hero 6 is number 1 on my list it is the best movie ever created by humans + The Lego Movie is lame my whole family fell asleep during The Lego Movie.
"The Lego Movie is lame..." Care to give some reasons why it doesn't hold up for you? Having an opinion is fine as long as you explain.
Why is this so low?!? It was the most AWESOME movies this year!
[Newest]This is like so good.

15The Grand Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson does it again! This artful roller coaster ride of a film is outrageously entertaining and superbly quirky with gorgeously dark undertones. Fascinating characters, incredible visuals, great soundtrack, terrific performances and beautifully detailed. I need to see this film again!


A quality movie light-years higher than Robocop or the pitifully bad Nut Job. I realize how early it is in the year to start cementing a top ten spot but this film deserves to be in the top 3 at the very least. This film qualifies as art.


Look at what's ahead of this masterpiece. Godzilla, The Fault in Our Stars, The Hobbit, Mockingjay, and the godawful Interstellar are all ranked 5 spots or more ahead of it. Why? They were all mediocre at best. The Maze Runner is ranked DIRECTLY below this. What the hell is wrong with the world?
[Newest]Wow this movies sucked, why is it on here. The look of it was unnatural, the acting was terrible, and the costumes looked like a Halloween costume. If this junk wins an Oscar, I will be so mad, because this movie is really low quality.

16How to Train Your Dragon 2
I like the first better but the 2 is cool.


Hey guys this is the best animated movie this year. Full of entertainment, elation and emotionally resonant. Certainly deserves place in top 5. Hiccup and Toothless are just great. Ya, certainly first part is unparalleled its soundtrack was amazing. Waiting for third movie


Best animated movie of 2014. It develops the characters established in the first movie to whole new levels, and deals with dark themes not often touched in a movie directed toward children. The only reason I think that it isn't in the top 10 is because not enough people have seen it.
[Newest]Number 2 is supreme!

17The Maze Runner
!. I loved this movie <3 I did not read the first book. But I read the second one Scorch Trials. I am in the middle of the third one Death Cure. The book is so good... who wants a spoiler alert and a cliff hanger so you can be excited for the 2 movie! In the book what happens is this... Thomas and all his friends werent the only people who did the maze. Another group did. But, there were all girls and 1 boy. The people the rescue Thomas and all them also rescue " Group B", they are all the girls. Thomas and all all them are Group A. They are separated for a long time. On the back neck of everybody in Thomas group.. group A. Minho has the words " leader" on the back of his. Thomas has the words" To be killed by Group B. Thomas also finds a paper that had Teresa's. Her's say " the betrayer" READ THE BOOK


Really suck. This movie confuses and has a crazy story line, meaningless experiment. Hated it so much. No story at all. No victory, no satisfaction. 1/10 is what I will give for this movie. Please try to make a better movie script for gods sake. Not even worth watching, waste of time.
Divergent was nothing like the book either so both of these suck
This movie was amazing. Dylan O Brien acts with raw emotion and is totally hot. The set is amazing, and the action was amazing and upbeat. How is this not in the top ten.
[Newest]I was hooked to this movie from the beginning to the end.. It's original. Interesting. !

The Fault in Our Stars? Mockingjay? GODZILLA? What in the world is wrong with you, people? 2014 was such a stunning year for film and you guys decide to settle for such mediocrity. You are really missing out on some incredible works of art, such as Leviathan, Whiplash, Wild Tales, Ida, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Nightcrawler, Mommy and, of course, Boyhood.
This film is a masterpiece. It is an utterly unique and absolutely satisfying experience you can't quite bottle. So, come on, guys. I know your high school mates want to see Transformers, but it doesn't kill to watch well-made films every once in a while. Go see Boyhood. I swear it will be worth it.
The fact that this movie is below Rio 2, Dawn of POA, Captain America, and several others saddens me. These are mediocre animated/action/superhero movies that come out every year but continute to make money. However, Boyhood is a once-in-a-lifetime movie unlike any other, getting a unprecedented 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.


This movie isn't just the best movie of 2014, it is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot of movies.
[Newest]How can this be under The Lego Movie?

Am I the only one here who thinks that Divergent has too many plot holes and is completely unoriginal? I mean, come on, people! It's the Hunger Games and The Giver mixed together into this cliche catastrophe!
Divergent is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I like Hunger Games too, but it's kind of different. This is better. Maybe I like it more as I like the book. The book is much more better of course...
Best movie I ever seen in my whole live! 1
Why isn't his top ten?! VOTE PEOPLE VOTE!
[Newest]Yes, girl, yes! This movie was amazing! Needs to be in the Top 5 if I'm not mistaken. 😊 Thumbs up! πŸ‘


Hands down best movie of 2014! Nightcrawler for the win- you have to know good acting and storyline when you see it!
My personal favorite movie of 2014.
Godlike classic..!...
Incredible acting by JAKE

Y'all are cray-cray to not have Maleficent as number one. I must admit, the Lego Movie was hilarious but Maleficent was pure amazing. It tells the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty in a whole other way. The relationship between Maleficent and Aurora is much different than what people picture it. Most people would think that Maleficent would've ruined the original classic, but it just made it even better! Angelina Jolie did the greatest job on Maleficent's role. No other star could've been Maleficent as great as her. The special effects are great, some of the best I've ever seen since Life of Pi. The characters are amazing and the story of it is just GREAT! I cried very much.. Maleficent is a beautiful and magnificent spin-off of a Disney classic and I loved it very much! Definitely one of my favorite movies. I give it a 9 out of 10.
Saw it last week and loved it so much I'm going to see it again this weekend. The cast was awesome, and the raven in this version of Sleeping Beauty is really cool. The visual effects were just crazy good, so watching it in the cinema is definitely worth it. I recommend it to anyone who listens!
This movie is very VERY amazing! The story is beautiful... I loved how Disney turned around one of their best classics into a plot NONE of us were expecting! Angelina Jolie did an awesome job as Maleficent!


[Newest]What about Into The Woods?

22The Amazing Spider-Man 2
You've gotta be kidding me! I hadnt seen any marvel movies before and I came to see this for some weird reason, and I was stunned! Yeah the Lego movie is great too so I'm not slagging anything off, I just think this should be much higher than 18, its one of the best movies I've seen! Brilliant acting too!
The first was really great, and I had high expectations for this one. I almost decided that The Amazing Spider-Man was better than the original Spider-Man. But then I saw this, and thought "No, that is not an option anymore."

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2"? Not that amazing.
I don't know why people hate this movie so much. 52%on rotten tomatoes?! Probably just nostalgia from the original trilogy. I personally like this more than Spider-Man 3
[Newest]It was visually impressive, but it was basically a rehash of Spider-Man 3.

23Muppets Most Wanted
Another muppets this has to be good


I don't want to sound like a hater but I thought this movie was kinda stupid. Granted, it was funny in some scenes but the plot was terrible and the muppets were dumber than usual
For whatever reason I hated this movie so much

Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! J.K. Simmons made you hate his character and his performace, as well as Miles Teller's, was amazing! This movie is well worth anyone's time!

Probably the worst list ever. Haha this is below Rio 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?! This is a modern classic and is by far the best movie of the year.
How this is 33 baffles me, as this came out of nowhere but still rocked our socks off. The film at 34, Whiplash, is amazing as well! This list is kinda terrible.
How is this movie 25th?

26The Interview
Waiting 2 hours for this to come out on NEtflix so I can finally watch it!
This is my #2 of this year behind Equalizer. Funny as anything

27Mr. Peabody and Sherman
I can' wait to see it
Why are all these comments talking about how they haven't seen it? Don't vote if you haven't seen it!
Oh man, this movie was AWESOME! It's got time traveling! And alternate versions of characters!


28If I Stay
I loved some parts of this movie. Especially when the grandfather was alone in the room with her. Touching moment.
This movies is really best movie in 2014, I love every minute in this movie
I liked it, the book was better. I was expecting more of the movie
I'd say this was the worst film I saw it cinemas in 2014. This came from a book?!

29Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This movie should be in the top 10, its awesome. Everyone was scared that it was gonna crap all over the ninja turtles, but surprise it's awesome, megan fox was actually pretty good in this movie, who would have thought? Shredder was awesome, the one in the original NEVER did anything, he just stood there and watched his ninjas do all the fighting, splinter was one of my favorites in this movie, his design was so accurate and looked great, and he acted more like a father, he rightfully got mad at them for going up to the surface so he rightfully disciplined them, the one in the original was fine but all he did was say things that sounded like a fortune cookie saying. And I LOVE the design of the turtles, and they had things on their outfits that reflect their personalities, my favorites were Leonardo's samurai outfit and all of the tech Donnetello had. I didn't really mind the foot just being a bunch of soldiers, I would of preferred them to be ninjas but it was fine, and here is so much awesome fighting in this movie the original only had a fight every once in a while
TMNT has been in my family for years. When I saw this movie I was speechless it was so good. this should be in the top 5. It is too awesome and funny to be #29.


Dakota follow me and change your account to were all top ten members can message you


It was good like Really Good I mean Megan Fox's Acting Mikey's comedy and the way they made the turtles look real THAT WAS AWESOME and Mikey Was Kickass in this, Oh He always is :P


The fact that Transformers: Age Of Extinction & A Million Ways To Die In The West are ranked higher than this movie makes me want to cry.
Some say the world will end in fire, some say ice... Mason was amazing. Great movie.
Amazing Spider Man 2 is above this movie? No. Just no.

This is one of the best movies of 2014!

Please see this movie this is very very beautiful heavy movie that you can see it 10 times! This is one of the best movies of 2014!

I love it because every time see it, I feel is the dream of future and he give us confidence very much!
Heyy! This is an ultimate movie.. The concept is best! Just lacks in directing n resource. Still its good. This shows the power of our mind. Our mind got limitless power if we can use it completely (100%). This also give the idea of enlightenment! It's the ultimate goal of every sentient being! And time is the only dimension finally.. Everything else is temporary! In this infiniverse...
Come on people, the movie was great!
[Newest]My sister loves that movie!

33Mr. Peabody & Sherman
I loved it's a top ten

34Begin Again

Really Amazing. A mix of Fun, Emotion and Adventure it must be in top 10 at least
P. K is the out standing movie of the year.
Its dramatic revelation of religion and God couldn't be better showcased
[Newest]+3P. K is the out standing movie of the year.

36Expendables 3
I think this is the best movie of 2014. Come On Man All The Best Movie Stars In One Place. Unbelievable! The Guys Are Awesome. Should Be number 1!

37300: Rise of an Empire
Very bad movie, he has wrong history!
This movie is garbage. It has a wrong history. You shouldn't see such a movie at all. Hate it
Wrong history. I laughed throughout this movie at the epic fail of the producer


38Rio 2
This is the only movie I've seen on this list so I guess I'm gonna have to vote for this lol!
The actual movie was not very good, however the animation was really cool.


It was okay but why is this higher than big hero 6?!?
[Newest]Terrible hated this movie

39Life Itself
This is voted number two of worst movies of 2014 top tens list NOT ON TheTopTens.cOM it was top ten movies from rotten tomatoes! The Lego movie was #3 lol


40The Imitation Game
What the hell this is one of the most incredible movies I had watched in the last few years why is it only 109?
Such a beautiful and inspiring movie why is it so low :(
Alan Turing : The true savior of all time.. One of the best personalities and one of the best movie.. Please vote for this movie.. Its worth voting..


41A Million Ways to Die In the West
A awesome film! Way better than The Lego Movie!


This isn't better than the Lego movie the Lego movie is the best movie ever and this is just stupid It's a Rip-off of Jackass
Seth MacFarlane is outstanding
[Newest]The most crazy script ever

42The Amazing Spider-Man 2
I saw it at a birthday party! It is AWESOME!


Um why is this on here twice for ignorant just ignorant
This is on here twice
[Newest]I loved it, for real.

I Think It's should be number one movie of 2014.
So amazing I watched it 3 times before I understood it

Don't miss this one, really great enjoyable movie!

45Night at the Museum 3
A great farewell to Robin Williams and Micky Rooney, really admired it❀️

Hilarious movie. Should be much higher
I though the movie was pretty lame

47Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Just make it a color film I meanwhile cheap can you b

48Need for Speed
Aaron Paul is easily the best actor. This was a great movie!
It was Really Cool Racing Film EVER!
Why 47 it should be in the top ten

49The Wind Rises

50The Equalizer

51Mr. Turner

Best remake I've ever seen

53The Raid 2: Berandal
Thrilling and action packed I think it should be in top five

Noah sucked. Why is it #2?
I know you might think the movie sucks but give it a chance there's way worse movies than this and maybe they put violence in there because maybe in those times there were bad people like with Jesus's life there were people getting crucified so you know what I'm talking about?
This movie was awful, it took an already fictional way out there story, and added rock monsters to it. It was genuinely awful
[Newest]Not a good movie

55Draft Day

56The Theory of Everything

57Step Up All In
I love moose and Camille they are one of the best on screen couple

58Ride Along
This could have been the most predictable movie I've ever watched in my life.
This should be WAY higher.

59Let's Be Cops

60Into the Woods
Wow blew my mind watch this movie

61The Book Thief
One of the best movies for 2014
This is made in 2013 not 2014
My favorite movie of all times

62God's Not Dead
This movie is incredible. It will make you examine your faith. Recommended for everybody. God is NOT dead. God bless you.
Do you recommend it for Atheists? Because' I'm not going to watch it.


Great movie and proves gods real and gives you a better understanding of the faith people have in god
Don't listen to polish guy. This movie is so amazing! Plus, I love Shane Harper. He is so cute

63Inherent Vice
How is this below TMNT and Rio 2? Probably the funniest movie of the year, with an amazing performance by Joaquin Phoenix.

It wasn't that good...

Good horror movie and it's real people believe it


67Serce, Serduszko

68This Is Where I Leave You

69Exodus: Gods and Kings

Best horror movie to come out in years! The only problem is that people haven't seen it...
Actually THE Babadook. But this movie is terrific.

71American Hustle
This movie didn't even come out this year
Excellent Movie but this was in 2013


72Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Don't know how many people have seen this movie but it very well deserves to be in the top 10. The movie is really inspiring and gives a better view of what really happened during the world war.
I loved the way in the end after slaughtering the whole battalion one of the lucky German soldiers who actually lived let one of the American soldiers who just tried to kill him live

74The Guest
Just got done watching this movie. It wasn't too bad. I thought the main character played a great role as a pyscho

75A Most Wanted Man

76St. Vincent
I love this movie! Great performances!


This was absolutely hilarious


I really am a die hard fan of Amir Khan and in this he kept his record but the concept and content of this movie is some how similar to "Oh My God" and top it all the songs remind you 3-idiots' music at once, honestly people love Amir and go to watch him just but actually this time Amir has disappointed many of his fans including me and my friends with his film choice.
This movie is simply one of the best movies that I have ever seen.

Embarrassing that this is so low, It is the best film of 2014, might not be the most popular as compare to Hollywood but it's the best one overall.
This is awesome, funny, and emotional. People just focus on Hollywood movies, but even Bollywood is awewsome. It is actually bigger than Hollywood.


81The Inbetweeners 2
I thought at first this would just be a cash cow sequel with cheap laughs. How wrong I was? How wrong I was.

82Ask Me Anything

83The Book of Life
This movies dumb why is it on the list
It was pretty good. Original, hilarious, and great acting

84The Hobbit: There and Back Again
Why is THIS here? It's not even called "There and Back Again" anymore.
This movie was great. (I think you got the title wrong though. )
God bless Peter Jackson

85Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters

86The Other Woman
Great Movie, very Funny! Chic Flick.. this is modern remake of classic… worth seeing!
This was a very funny movie! I just don't know why they put the Barbie in it lml nicki manaj


88The Pirate Fairy
It is pirate funnyπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œβ€οΈ
It was so nice. β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

89Into the Storm
Fantastic movie! Best movie of 2014

90Alexander and the Horrible Terrible Bad Day
This movie was much better than I expected it to be.
This was a great movie so everyone should vote for this
Very funny should be top ten

91Son of God
This got to be higher it tells the life of Jesus and Noah is too violent for a biblical movie.
This is the greatest movie of all time it talks about the sons creator and our father
This and Gods not dead were the best religious movies this year

92Nymphomaniac: Volume 1
Life in it's darkest deepest desires
Is still life
More than we might be ready and able to accept :-)

93John Wick
So much blood and killing made me jump out of my seat to see what would happen next. 😁
Simple plot but great action

94Starting Over Again
Good movie from the Philippines!
Lots of peoples watching it from other countries as liked Philippines, Canada and Turkey as the best movies of 2014 of all of tine Let's people vote it snd watch it and know Pilipinos language

95Brick Mansions
This by far should be in the top 5. Paul Walker was great as usual and the story line was awesome. The action scenes were top notch especially with the parkour.

An absolute must see for anyone who read the stories as a kid
It is greatI loved how he talked and walked it is a better version of TED

97The Drop
One of the best movies to come out in recent years... Hardy and Gandolfini were ably supported by Rapace. Average script but great direction n acting.

The music of KICK was topping the charts prior to its release. But the thing which attracts you mainly is the concept of story and ideas which make huge difference from all of other movies of 2014, it's really a thing for humanity and a person which have a patient at home to deal with can understand the value of this act. The content of Kick is really unique and good in comparison of PK and others.

It might be the greatest historical drama of all time.

It's GOOD. Like, Shawshank Redemption good.

Not to mention CRAZILY relevant to the problems in Ferguson, MI right now.

How is this not #1?

100The Giver

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Updated Friday, January 30, 2015

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