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21 Mamoswine

Not my strongest card, but my strongest Fighting Type Card. Has 160 HP and Primordial Boom does 80+ damage. 120 if you have a Stadium Card in play. Heal 40 if your opponent does.

Mamoswine is my favorite Pokemon, so I made a complete deck of Swinubs Piloswine and Mamoswine. (Of course energys and trainers though, but eh)
So somebody challenged me with there deck of all EXs we got rid of the "EXs give you 2 prize cards rule" And the need for energys on his team (I still was forced to use energys, cause I HAD them, Jerk. But yet, I still win, and the other guy is a pro like I am, also I notice that most of the people on here suck at the card game, cause every Areceus card I have ever had was pretty weak, though Arceus IS best, IN THE VIDEO GAME.

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22 Ancient Mew

If you know the translation of the card it sucks

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23 White Kyurem EX

White kyurem is not only the best Pokemon, it also looks the coolest too.

I just have the regular white kyurem, and black, I wonder why black kyurem is in top 15 or something

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24 Wailord EX
25 Shaymin Lv X
26 Rhyperior LV X V 1 Comment
27 Torterra
28 Regigigas Lv. X

Regigigas has the best Pokemon card.

29 Mew Star

Mew should be #1 because it beat arceus

I can't believe no-one put this up until now. You don't have a truly good deck unless you have this card.

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30 Pikachu

Cool strong and awesome also cute pokemon ever!

Very popular and cool but not good with battle.

It is totally cool because it is ach's first Pokemon bit should be in the top ten at least

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31 Hippowdon

Not my strongest Fighting/Ground/Rock Type Pokemon.

32 ShadowPikachu

999 health and over 200 damage like, who wants to win?

I love pikachu and I really want his card

Why not, his attack is awesome on the normal card.

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33 Mew EX

Mew EX's ability,"versatile", is copying the same attack your opponent's Pokemon has. Now that's awesome!

He can do the attack the opponent does.

Get this he could snap mega charizard

Almost beat mewtwo in movie

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34 Mightyena EX
35 Gardevoir Lv.x

Yes it is I have a ex 100 damage 170hp and life leap 20 damage heal the same amount of damage done to you that turn

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36 Donphan

Donphan is awesome baby

Don"t mess with the Zohan baby! $$

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37 Blaziken Ex

First card I ever had beat Arceus, Mewtwo, Celebi, Zekrom, Charizard, Regigiggas and Rayquaza. These are justones I think off the top of my head

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38 Mega Charizard EX

I like mega charizard ex because his design is awesome and he can beat any one and is really powerful.

Because mega charizard is so powerful he could beat any Pokemon you put in one shot

Beast want him bad played against him awesome

He should be first 300 bleeping damage

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39 Torterra Lv 45
40 Glaceon Lv.x V 1 Comment
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