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August 3, 2015 - Choose the best Pokemon combination based on their type and style. Here are some competitive teams to be used in offensive battles. Note that no legendary Pokemon is on each team

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The Top Ten

Piplup, Pachirisu, Leafeon, Leadian, Combusken
A very competitive and powerful pokemon team... its type combination are WOWlastic, this team will surely do very well on battles


2Monferno, Shinx, Staravia, Togepi,Lucario
These pokemon have powerful, cool and amazing attacks... they would be more powerful when they combine their attacks. These pokemons are powerful.
Oh, COME ON! This is Lucario were talking about here... And Monferno! They are both my heroes. Not to mention Togepi is super-rare
[Newest]Shinx, Staravia, and Monferno are all beasts

3Grovyle, Lanturn, Umbreon, Charmander, Scyther
yea this team is good... especially with charmander, umbreon, and grovyle... ignore the new pokemon... these are the originals... and the originals are always the best
Grovyle and Charmander? yes! Although wouldn't Sceptile, Charizard and Scizor be better? Sceptile and Charizard are the coolest starter Pokemon ever because they both mega evolve into dragons!
nice type combination... that will help a lot on competitive battles


4Beautifly, Bayleef, Raichu, Quagsire, Kirlia
Awesome Team. I'm going to rate the pokemon cuteness, and style from 1-10.
Beautifly 6.5 (Really pretty, not as good as butterfree though. )
Bayleef 8 (Love the whole chikorita family. Bayleef is my least favorite, but its still adorable. Favorite starter family! )
Raichu 9 (Adorable and super powerful. I love the pikachu family. Pichu is cute! Pikachu is awesome! Raichu is both and super cool+powerful. )

Kirlia 9 (super pretty, like a ballerina dancer. Favorite form of the ralts family. My second and third are gallade and Gardevoir.
Quagsire 10000000 (awesome pokemon super cute, powerful, awesome defense. Even if he is super slow. )
A team composed mainly of adorable and fashionable Pokemon... I believe they are fit for Pokemon contest.. but are there really up to for the battles?


5Turtwig, Rapidash, Wooper, Loppuny, Lairon
Nice team, I'd replace wooper and lopunny though, and add a sixth one
cute yet will powered... this team may put up good on battles


6Primeape, Swellow, Gabite, Roserade, Kadabra
nice type combination. this will surely work effectively. go for the goal!


7Torterra, Rapidash, Infernape, Raichu, Empolean, Gyrados, Charizard
Grass, Ground, Fighting, Electric, Dragon, Fire

Ultimate team

I actually like all of these Pokemon ecxept gyrados... HOLY CRAP I LOVE INFERNAPE!

8Jolteon, Dustox, Seel, Shieldon,Toxicroak
Compose mainly of defense based pokemons.. quite effective on battles


9Bagon, Venomoth, Nidorina, Ambipom, Drapion
"I like bagon an ambipom much. you also like it" and other three are strong with powerful poison attaks "soi like it
Grrr... angry looking pokemons.. they will surely intimidate their opponents


10Electabuzz, Paras, Misdreavous, Swampert, Nidoqueen

The Contenders

11Cyndaquil, Floatzel, Graveler, Cherubi, Espeon
Composed of elegant pokemons... will there fabulous style even effect the opponent... why not?! they also have good attacks


12Swampert, Blaziken, Hydreigon, Archeops, Staraptor
Really powerful and has great type diversity they can do all types of moves and could beat anyone


13Croconaw, Nuzleaf, Pupitar, Chingling, Electivire
mostly composed of dark type
pokemon.. and attack based pokemons... nice nice nice


14Typhlosion, Ampharos, Poliwrath, Alakazam, Tyranitar, Torterra
This is an amazing team


15Blastoise, Pidgeot, Dugtrio, Hitmonchan, Snorlax, Dragonite
TYPE:water flying normal ground fighting that can learn the elemental punches and dragon
Best team I have this team in fire red I beat elite four with this team with no problems only some level grindingg

16Piplup, Monferno, Leafeon, Pachirisu, Lucario
TYPE: water, fire, grass, electric, steel


17Blastoise, Crobat, Machamp, Alakazam, Tyranitar, Charizard
Fantastic! WHoever thought of this must be an absolute genius! He should be given a Pokemon phd! I've never met anyone nearly as smart as this guy! I bet his name is Aditya and he's WAY WAY smarter than his brothers (especially the older one).

18Lapras, Exadrill, Landorus, Groudon, Vanilluxe
This is the best pokemon team ever don't give it a second thought
type : water, ground, flying, ground, ice
all the pokemon know 1 hit ko moves so this team is the best team ever

19Treecko, Ariados, Nidorina, Magnezone, Gyar
Great team they cover each others weakness's
TYPE: graas, bug, ground, electric, water


20Charmeleon, Shynx, Glaceon, Masquerain, Turtwig
TYPE:fire, electric, ice, water, bug, grass


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