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Pokemon Emerald
I was so addicted to this game that I played till 3Am, Those were the good times now I just do homework till 3AM!
I love this game, is the best because you can catch almost all the pokemons from the hoen region, also you are able to catch Kyogre, Rayquaza and Groudon. Another awesome thing about Emerald is that it introduces the Battle Frontier. Without doubt, if you are a true fan of the Pokemon franchise you MUST have this awesome game!
My first pokemon game was gold but I think this one was even better. There were so many places to explore even after beating the pokemon league like the sea and abandoned ship. And when you were done with that you could start catching the 7 legendary pokemon, and go the the battle frontier. Definitely the best game.
[Newest]The newer games just can't beat the nostalgia within this one! Very addictive and fun even today.
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2Pokemon Fire Red
Those of you who are claiming that games like Diamond and Pearl can compete with the original Pokemon games or the remakes of the originals must have joined the Pokemon party late. The original games will forever be a masterpiece and hallmark of gaming. Those games launched a frenzy in their heyday the likes we will never see again. The nostalgia and memories will always make them top dog.
I love this game. I think the original Pokemon game was the best, because hey, nothing beats the original! (I'm talking about Pokemon Blue/Red) But this game has much better quality to it, and better music, you can play it on the DS, and frankly it has Charizard on the cover who the ____ doesn't like Charizard? LOVE THIS GAME
This is my favorite Pokemon game because I spent the most time on it. I have totaled 431 hours on it alone.
[Newest]Awesome game. You will love it. My first Pokemon game.
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3Pokemon SoulSilver
Unbelievable... Stunning graphics... And nothing to meddle with old memories... Definitely top notch on the behalf of Nintendo! New mixes with old, with not only a connection to Kanto, but the ability to look at Sinnoh and Hoenn through the pokemon make this best yet!
For me, the Silver-Gold remakes are my number one games. I simply put SoulSilver first because I prefer Lugia over Ho-Oh. I've played every game in the main series since the beginning with Blue and let me tell you, SoulSilver is the best game and deserves it.

Not talking about nostalgia, since I hadn't played Silver before this game, SoulSilver had outstanding graphics. The traditional Chinese environment Johto hosted made you really feel as if you were on an adventure in a foreign country. The houses, the cities, heck even people were based on a traditional Chinese society.

In addition to that, everything had an incredible backstory. The Ruins of Alph, the Sprout Tower, the Burned Tower, Bell Tower, Whirl Islands etc. Everything had a well-made, interesting legend. The legendary Pokemon were much more interesting than any other version, with the Legendary beasts supposedly embodying one of the three natural disasters that brought down the Tower, with Lugia flying off and Ho-Oh awaiting for a trainer to redeem humanity. Plus, Team Rocket's return was amazing. It was the first time a villainous team actually had a nice plot in mind. They let us see their whole plan taking place, the way they tested the radio signals in Mahogany till the very end when they hijacked the Radio Tower.

Also, one of the most important features, after the elite four you have the choice to visit Kanto and take on a second gym challenge. I mean, I think the only thing that can compete with a second gym challenge is the World Tournament in Driftveil, Black - White 2.
This game is by far my favorite of all the Pokemon games. This is because in most of the games after the elite four your done. This one there a whole different region to play through. Graphix are great and the amount of quality Pokemon you can get is unmatched. Pokemon SoulSilver all the way!
[Newest]Its awesome! Specially the idea of Pokemon travelling with trainers, battles, story & Pokémon are excellent. THANKS for making this game
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4Pokemon Platinum
DIAMOND IS ON 3rd position and you are ignoring platinum
Well, I completely agree, for the fact that it does actually have a lot of differences between diamond and pearl. For instance:
You get a level 20 eevee at hearhome from bebe, but in D+P, That was lv.5
The drifloon you get at the valley windoworks, is now level 15 instead of 22.
You can walk with your starter in Hearthome!
Not to mention the different designs!

Am I right?

[Newest]Awesome. No competing with a violent ghost dragon that had to be banished to another dimension. Also the distortion world was the best.
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5Pokemon Silver
I grew up playing Pokemon and I started with Pokemon Blue, I used to bring my gameboy to primary school with my friends and we would play all day and I loved every moment of it and then Silver and Gold were released. Me and my sister rushed to get them. Pokemon Silver and Gold are have the best story, the best Pokemon (100 awesome additions to already amazing Pokemon) and 2 main story's I mean after beating the E4 in most games that's basically it you've won but to send the player to Kanto and have a whole other story involved that goes beyond good creating. My favorite pokemon of all time is in this game as well (Espeon) after this game the quality in pokemon declined but I still enjoy playing them all again however Silver and Gold are my favorite along with Blue and Red, it's just unfortunate that so many young people growing up now never got to experience the magical days of Pokemon like me and so many other lucky people did it truly makes me happy to remember those days of playing pokemon and watching it on T.V. and I will never forget them.
This pokemon game had the best story, and you can go on MUCH longer than other games, they had pokemon that didn't suck, and stories that didn't make you wanna lie down and die. The problem to the newest pokemon games is that it feels like they have drawn a random creature and given it a random name. Then think they'll make millions.

I really look forward to a generation of pokemon where they make something similar, and adds some more excitement too.

People who grew up after blue don't see the quality, and I am sorry for them.
My first Pokemon game! Nostalgia... I'm from Poland, and when I was playing that game, I was six. I didn't understand anything, but that was EPIC. Sorry for my english, but I think that's even better than Fire Red.
[Newest]It looks fun to play
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6Pokemon Diamond
This game is awesome great graphics great sound and animation lets face it this game rocks awesome pokemon and dialga is beast my favorite pokemon is lucario and he was invented here
Pokemon diamond is the best. The graphics are good but they don't over do it like black and white. This game has the best pokemon ever! Girintina and my favorite Torterra. This was my second game after fire red (gameboy advanced version) so this was the game that actually taught me about pokemon it helped me understand pokemon. I also like this game because this game has more pokemon to catch, the hardest E4 and more legendaries than any other game. Finally this game was a great adventure because Sinnoh is the largest region, it let me explore and have a great time. I've played this game 400 hours and I'm not stopping. Any REAL pokemon fan should have this. And don't bother getting black and white its the easiest game ever!
Pkmn diamond is a great adventure game that prevents you from giving up. Out out of all of my pkmn games, pkmn diamond is my favorite game. Most of people should like it too. Games like it are awesome!
[Newest]Featuring Dialga the DRAGON OF STEEL! I love Dialga!
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7Pokemon Yellow
Nothing beats this one. It brings back so many memories for me and I love how it is just simple and to the point. Oh and Pikachu following you around is so adorable.


Pokemon R/B/Y set are the best. They will always be. 151 pokes were the first creations and they are genious designs. The followers are just found through a pile of what is left in the animal/plant kingdom. I might say yellow is so stuck with pikachu but still you collect all the starters and Team Rocket is more fun.
You can't beat the originals. By far the best game of the series. So fun
[Newest]This game is the best and for me this is as good as gold
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8Pokemon HeartGold
I've spent so much time on this game! It's fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a Pokemon game. It takes a while to complete owing to the 16 badges rather than 8 and you can get a Johto starter, a Kanto starter and a Hoenn starter, unlike the other games. You can also get over 10 legendaries completely legitimately which is one of the highest numbers that you get in the game. Plus, you get the pokewalker, which is great if your out and about a lot, and an even easier way of portably playing and leveling up your Pokemon!
Good game. I found the title more attractive, since I'm a girl lol
Great game! Good to entertain you till black and white is out
[Newest]Gives me more nostalgia than half the games I played back when I was a kid.
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9Pokemon Crystal
Hands down one of the best Pokemon games of all time! With so much depth in the story and so many great new places in the Johto region, along with the original Kanto region (with some minor tweaks, like Veridian Forest an the Power Plant). The great characters stories like your Rival being a criminal who becomes good have never been matched by newer characters. Even Joey and his Rattata had more depth than any new Black and White trainer, and who didn't get annoyed by his constant calling, but still not feel bad for him whenever that Pidgey escaped his grasp?
Not to mention the new additions that forever changed Pokemon for what it is today: Genders in Pokemon an Main Characters alike, Breeding, Shiny Pokemon... The list goes on and on! The first game to have animated sprites and to have pokeballs that were made from apricorns. An amazing and haunting soundtrack (Who doesn't get nostalgic from Ecruteak City's theme song? and the first game to add different music for the "bad guys" and Legendaries.

Pokemon Crystal had not 8, but 16 obtainable badges! An elite 4 like no other, and a final battle against Red from the original games! What more could you want?

The first game to add a radio or communication device and re-matches as well. It added mysteries and puzzles like no other Pokemon Game. The Ruins of Alph still rank as one of the hardest puzzles in Pokemon history!

I still remember the first time I had played this game. I loved Red and Yellow, but Gold and Crystal blew them right out of the water for me. Along with a great story, they have a great amount of new Pokemon! Pre-Volutions like Pichu have been loved and never forgotten through all of Pokemons advances. New pokemon like Togepi and Togetic were some of my favourites. And the Legendaries like Suicune and Ho-Oh are some of the coolest and toughest Legenaries ever added to Pokemon and events to obtain special Pokemon like Celebi through e-reader cards were so fun and unique.

Not only has Crystal been fun on it's own. But it also has one of the funniest translated versions of Pokemon ever! Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal is something any die hard Pokemon fan needs to search up and watch/play (be warned though, as there is some bad language due to translating errors).

All in all, nothing brings back the childhood memories you cherish like Pokemon, and Crystal is one of the best ways of bringing those memories back.
It's a great game! I've had mine for 8 years of my life. The first two regions are all I ever cared about because they were my childhood. I have right about 800 hours on mine. If I included the time spent before restarting, it might be about 820. The amount of time this game can accumulate annihilates any Wii, GameCube, or N64 game I've played!
This game has pokemon from both the Kanto and Johto regions. So why vote for Pokemon Red or Blue? I understand that the newer games have more pokemon and some of the same ones. Some people just like the first and second generation pokemon more than the newer ones. This game should be rated #1.
[Newest]My second favorite Pokemon game. It's just amazing!
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10Pokemon Black
Why black is 15th? It's so much better! I can't believe that!
I think the Black and White series have the most fleshed out and deep plots of the Pokemon series. Most people admittedly identify with the first generation more purely because of nostalgia, and I don't think that's fair to the later generations. 5th gen actually expanded its storyline with a second game and even provided back story to its characters (namely N) that we didn't have to find out via the manga or anime. The soundtrack was amazing, and I actually teared up at the end when N flew off with his dragon. That's a first for any of the main Pokemon games for me. I play games mainly for story, and that's why the 5th gen ranks as number 1 for me. I cared about the characters, especially the returning ones in the sequels since they were familiar and I had previous baggage from the last game I brought along. The music helped drive the story more and I thought the dialogue was excellently written. There's some sweet cut scenes thrown in too just for that much epic. Hell, even the mythos behind how the Tao trio came to be is awesome. Yes, I have played all the generations previous to it and started with the original Gold version so I do know what I'm comparing. For me, this is the first Pokemon game that felt like an actual JRPG and not just another formulaic "gotta catch them all and get all the badges and we might throw a bit of story on the side, yeah" game. I hope they continue to develop that path further with X and Y.
Pokemon black is the best Pokemon game ever! It has awesome, amazing graphics, as well as a super cool storyline! Don't even get me started on the super cool Pokemon in this game.
[Newest]Pokemon black is one of the best games I've ever played I think it rocks it totally takes away time from doing chores so love it
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The Contenders

11Pokemon White
Pokemon White gives us a new world to explore, full with new pokemon for us to catch, and in my opinion its the ultimate pokémon Experience.
If you are a true Pokemon fan you gotta love this!
It is a awesome game with lots of new pokemon, a new region with better pokemon, should be number 1 no doubt zekrom is beast anyway
With 3D effects a whole new world lots of fun and even good after game this should definitely be the best game on the list. Oh and it should be ahead of pokemon black diamond platinum and soul silver at least!
[Newest]This game is great! It is in between all the ones before that were really hard but not complete in five days easy like the ones that came after it! I also think it's better than black. Better Pokemon.
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12Pokemon X
Why isn't this at the top? It looks like the best yet! I mean, come on. Pokémon battles in 3D!
Let's be honest it has by far the best graphics and before this the Pokemon games had really been taking a turn for the worse, but this game has really turned it around and it should definitely be in the top five. It is only down here because it is new and no one is willing to buy a new 3DS just for this game, but I did and I think that it was well worth it because I did not even sleep the night after I got it... It really is that addicting.
Great graphics so far and pretty decent Pokemon designs unlike generation 5, plus it looks like there will be a huge regional pokedex including a lot of older pokemon. Really exited for new battle systems like sky and horde battles. Can't wait
[Newest]Pokemon stadium had 3D
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13Pokemon Y
To me, it doesn't look as good as Pokemon X but I still like it.
Awesome, got it the day it came out! As well the trading system of random pokemon, it doesn't get any better!
Are you kidding this is easily the best
[Newest]Life-Deer OR Death-Bird... yeah Death-Bird
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14Pokemon Black 2
Pokemon Black 2 is the best. No doubt, hands down everyone. Although I must admit I'm not really a fan of the mascot in the game (Black Kyurem). Besides that I think it's an absolutely wonderful game. I just absolutely love Humilau City so much it's like a paradise island! The gym is just an great experience with the relaxing music and all! But besides that you can even link back to the previous games Black and White and have flashbacks which to me is really awesome. People might complain that since it's a remake it's basically the same as the previous games. Wrong! Many new things such as The Black Tower (Black 2) is a brand new challenges which is tough and difficult to face, just what anyone would want. New characters including Colress and two other gym leaders Roxie and Marlon make the game a lot interesting to play. Also the Xtransceiver has for features including being able to talk to some of the main characters of the game and also four way calls! That way a maximum of 4 players can wirelessly interact with each other just like in the game. Also, I think a lot of Black 2 fans will agree that Hugh is the best rival a main character will ever have. Why? For once in a game you don't get a rival who calls you a total loser or acts like a jerk and is arrogant in every. Instead he acts like a total friend. Also, he actually helps out nearly most of the time with your quest to defeat Team Plasma nearly every time which in other games other rivals don't help as such. Ok, so he asks you keep his back which is not to much to ask and he doesn't come up with lame excuses as to why he lost or that you won because you were lucky or things like that. Besides Hugh's theme song is just awesome I mean it really get's me fired up. Also, the story line is quite different with new routes and places (e.G. lentimas Town) and cool scenes from Team Plasma. There's way more things I could say about this amazing game but I hope you get the point! So please vote and thanks for reading!
This game is below Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? That's a disgrace in my opinion!

This is one of the best pokemon games of all time and just because it's a sequel and uses the same region, it doesn't mean this has to be at the bottom. Just look at Pokemon Silver, that was a sequel which re-used the Kanto region and it's No. 3 on the list.

I've been a pokemon fan since that generation and I think this game deserves a chance. I can understand if nostalgic games such as Red & Blue are at the top of this list but to me, this is the best pokemon game to date and deserves to be closer to the top.
The game was incredibly fun, although a good chunk of the game was from Black and White, I think Black 2 and White 2 really expanded it forward. Fantastic music, my favorite storyline of ANY Pokemon game and a fair difficult challenge able to be changed via through key swapping.

Come on! Why isn't this a lot higher on the list!? It's the ONLY video game in existence I've played that I've given a ten out of ten! Several features make this hands down the most fun Pokemon game I've ever owned.
[Newest]Black 2 is the best game, and that is tops. It has only been 1 year since I bought it, and already nostalgia is seeping in. Just like Black, the post-game content was VERY vast, and you almost never get bored. The characters were fleshed out, and you could connect to them in so many ways. If you look at the top, basically nostalgia rules. Diamond and HeartGold deserve their spots (maybe Emerald) but the other ones are just "NOSTALGIA".

15Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness
This game and Colosseum both offered a much darker and grittier atmosphere than other Pokemon games. From the thugs running around in the littered town of Pyrite to the sinister factory of Cipher Key Lair these games were something else. The concept is unique too. Instead of running around through some tall grass hoping to catch something good you simply snag powerful Pokemon from other trainers. Yeah. You get to steal Pokemon in this game. These games also introduced shadow Pokemon which are stronger than the ordinary Pokemon. An evil organization is using them for wrongful deeds which is why you steal the shadow Pokemon from other trainers and purify them so they can return to their normal state. Not only that, this game is packed with double battles. About 95% of the battles in this game are double which opens up many strategy opportunities and is really a cooler battling experience. If you are a Pokemon fan looking fro something a little different then look no further than Pokemon. And just as I mentioned before, Colosseum isn't half bad either for it's the same concept. This is my favorite Pokemon game of all time and I really hope they do something like this again. It was such an awesome concept and sadly, it appears they abandoned the idea of shadow Pokemon.
Great game. The way of catching pokemon is unique. So much better than all the others. Even though you can't be a girl (which pisses me off -_-) it's still an amazing game. It has pokemon from red/blue and silver/gold, so it's a really good mix and a great number of different pokemon. LOVE IT.
Don't worry, I still absolutely ADORE the original styled Pokemon games, I pre-order them whenever a new game comes out! I'm obsessed with Pokemon! But it's nice to have a totally different concept every once in a while, don't you agree? Gale of Darkness is my absolute favorite Pokemon game for multiple reasons! I love the fact that there's more to the storyline than just catching Pokemon and training them, then catching the main legendary Pokemon near the end and defeating the Elite Four. This game brought up a totally new concept to the Pokemon world! You don't search in tall grass, you get to steal other people's Pokemon! Then you proceed to purify them and train them as your own. I also LOVED the fact that it was in 3D! AWESOME. I just liked that there was more to training your Pokemon other than just blatantly training. You had to purify them as well! I loved that there was an ACTUAL STORYLINE AND PLOT. No gym leaders, and THE BEST TRAINING METHOD EVER. I absolutely LOVE the place where you can continuously beat people and your Pokemon get revived after every battle and there's prizes AND you get EXP! I'm sorry but, this is definitely the best Pokemon game.
[Newest]It is a beautiful game that has a really cool story line and I will be confused if no one votes for this
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16Pokemon Sapphire
At the time this game was released I was probably 5 or 6, I had no idea they would be releasing another Pokemon game. Before Sapphire I had finally accomplished my goal of getting my Typhlosion to level. 100 and was actually content. But once I started on this game I doubled and almost even tripled the hours spent on Golf version. This game was so much fun for me and I spent countless hours on it. I don't think there is a best Pokemon game but I do think the memories we have of them affect how we think of each of them. This game was truly my favorite not for the story or the game, but because of all the time I spent trading and battling my cousin. It's just not as common these days to battle and trade with friends either because everyone has grown up or they are too ashamed to be themselves. I personally have been playing Pokemon for around 10 years now and I am not in the least bit ashamed or embarrassed to admit it.
When you remember back to the few years between silver and gold and sapphire and ruby, the popularity began to dip and people were saying that the pokemon craze was over. But when sapphire came out, their stock rose like crazy, bringing back the awesomeness pokemon is known for. That is why I believe it should top the list.
It's really fun, you get an awesome legendary, and you get rain at the end of the game when the world gets destroyed. Besides, Team Magma is more awesome to be on sides with!
[Newest]Pokemon Sapphire at 20 :, (

17Pokemon Blue
This is the Alpha and Omega of not just the Pokémon game franchise, but the entire Pokémon Empire as a whole! Think about it. Both Red and Blue version are still one of the top selling games of all time, without them Nintendo wouldn't be the power house they are today.
The other Pokémon games add more land, more items, and more Pokémon (but after #251, Celebi, they all sucked), which definitely improved the games in some respects. But nothing can compare to the eldest of them all.
*Also in Blue and Red version you do actually have a chance to catch them all!


This game brings back such memories. Even only being a 12 year old! Pokemon Blue was the first video game that I've EVER played! Sadly, modernization has brought the big square game paks out, and furthermore, just game paks completely out of the picture. I'd like to see a modernized version of a Gameboy released! A bit of graphic enhancing (not too much though. I still want to see that charming squarey art that brings nostalgia to the eyes... Oh, not to mention keeping the music! ) could probably make this a hit among adults who KNOW what the good games are, and possibly even bring a light of classic respect to the eyes of the modern generation... Sorry about my blabbering.
While games like Silver, Gold, Ruby, and Sapphire have all become amazing games, you can't forget where it all started. This game is still played today showing just how great the classic Pokemon fan-base was. If you don't think this is one of the best Pokemon games then you haven't played it yet.
[Newest]Nostalgia by its purest definition. I still play this on my gameboy color.

18Pokemon Red
The original pokemon games were definitely the best of all of them. You can't beat the original 150. We didn't even now mew existed until we saw it in the intro of the anime that came out later on in the pokemon era. There was more mystery to the game because the internet wasn't very popular yet. Take not children that the originals are th
I Like this game a lot! It's not all to well, I say FireRed is better. Lots of people say this is the best because its old, but that is a really stupid thing to say. I like this game not because its old but because it has good gameplay. It is all fun which is what I think the reason for most people liking this game should be. Thank You.
I remember when there were only 150 of you, well technically 151 if you are counting mew. But I digress I guess I spent the best years of my life surfing Cinibar Island to get 126 revives. And I miss the Pokemon center. I miss the music too. And the way that snorlax looked like lapras on water. Pokemon what happened to you. Now legendary means nothing to me. And one of a kind creatures add up to thirty. And I only want three choices for my evee. I won't accept your leaf green. They'll always be red and blue to me.
[Newest]This game was the original Pokemon game. It started the series off. If there was a remake of this game with better graphics and harder. It would be the best game ever. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😛😝😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁"""""""""☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

19Pokemon Leaf Green
I used to love playing this game. I still do and I'm 16. I play sports and I'm not a nerd. great game!
OK WHY ISN'T THIS FIRST? I always thought this was way better than fire red... This game has to be the best Pokemon game ever... I could play this all day long... Just wish I hadn't sold my game boy.
Why is this 47th?! It is the same as firered laugh out loud... This is my first ever pokemon game I played. I remember playing this when I was young and finishing the game with only a level 90 blastoise! This should be higher up vote for this game guys!
[Newest]My first Pokemon game and still the best Pokemon game

20Pokemon Pearl
Best one ever, the gym leaders are awesome and when you catch Palkia, who rule!
I would like to vote because I have this game and it is very good
Pokemon Pearl is the best thing that happened in game history after pokemon crater.
[Newest]I love this game! I try over and over getting the legendarily. It's hard, but I want them!

21Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
Very nice game, the best of Pokemon!
My first Pokemon game and hands down my favorite Pokemon game. Its great because you can get every single Pokemon without having to trade with other people. Also the way the Pokemons' moves are played out are a bit more... Realistic, in the sense that they bring in aspects such as range. I have lost so many hours of my life playing this game.
This games music is by far the best of any soundtrack, it brings back the most memories for me, and is much more personal than any of the other games. The storyline is the best, as well as the post game play. The fact that you can get every single legendary is so much more fun becuase it doesn't limit one to a game, or even a few to a game, you can get and of them throughout the game. Also, this game is awesome to play over and over again, becuase the gameplasy changes each time you play, with each character.
[Newest]First Pokemon game I have ever played and by far the best.

22Pokemon White 2
Pokemon White 2 is by far the best pokemon game ever. It's amazing how it makes you take a stroll down memory lane-- revisiting Unova, discovering the remnants of team Plasma and going to the previous main character's house (Pokemon White). This game is AWESOME!
It is a really good pokemon game for being a new one, lot's of locations, amazingly huge regional dex, and a wide variety of pokemon to choose from to make a team. From Bulbasaur to Genesect, there are 649. This game offers about 400 of them to be obtained. 400 in my opinion. But either way, I love this game. I got it in October, it is now Dec 28th, and I have 130+ hours on it.
It is an awesome game and has more features and is really fun the tournament and the white hollow really challenges you
[Newest]I just love this game!
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23Pokemon Gold
I have no clue why Silver is so high up on this list and Gold is so low. These two games were almost identical. This game is one of my favorites of all time. I grew up playing this game and also Red version. I am completely flabbergasted.
awesomest ever game, long, good pokemon, unlike in hertgold or soulsilver jigglypuff right at the start
This game is good so is crystal


Pokemon gold was a filled with new Pokemon and I liked that you didn't need a guide to beat the game plus you could continue after 8 badges to the kanto region and beat the original gym leaders like in red version

24Pokemon Ruby
Well so far I think that this is 1 of the best Pokemon games, since it isn't very old like red, yellow... Etc and it had a great storyline and many awesome pokemons, and I really liked the other characters like your friends and rivals who comes from time to time and battle with you
As well as Twister it started the game era of Pokemon for me. I feel like this is the same as the Sapphire Pokemon, though with better gameplay, and the special Pokémon is better.
When I was little I always wanted a game boy color to play Pokemon yellow, blue or red, but my first Pokemon game was Pokemon ruby and I felt like a real trainer cuase I didn't know any of the Pokemon from hoen, the original 150 Pokemon rock but I have to admit that the ones from hoen became my favorites too!
[Newest]Greatest Pokemon game I ever played

25Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time
The story was so beautiful and I never had so much fun playing a Pokemon game. It made me feel so much more emotion than red and blue rescue team. The end was so sad, my friend and I both cried. I loved the plot and how it involved Grovyle and Dusknoir and their rivalry and hate for each other. Best Pokemon game by far.
Thanks to this game, Grovyle is my favorite Pokemon of all time now, and in every one of my fantasy Pokemon stories Grovyle is my OC. Actually, he didn't die, though. He was captured by the evil Dusknoir, but defeated him before he could alter the future. Best game ever. One of my first Pokemon games, I actually cried when I beat Primal Dialga and my character disappeared. I rage quit and never played it again. Now I'm older, and I play Explorers Of Sky. I beat the whole game, recruited Mewtwo and beat all the 99 floor dungeons, and evolved my Treecko and Totodile into Sceptile and Feraligatr. BEST. GAME. EVER.
I love Grovyle! I was so sad when he died! When I had to leave my partner behind I started to cry, even though I knew I'd come back. There had to be a happy ending.
[Newest]People need to play this game more. Seriously.

26Pokemon Colosseum
Pokémon Colosseum is the best pokémon game in my opinion. But, I have a hard time dabating witch one is better soul siver or this. I would probably choose this I have been playing this since I was 4. So, I love it so much good memories. And this game is cool because it is different than the usual collecting gym badges and beating gym leaders. Plus, this game is one of the most underrated pokémon games. This game great and it should not be so underrated.
Pokemon Colosseum may not be the most addictive Pokemon game, and it may not be the most loved, but it is certainly my favorite by far. I had this as one of the first games for my GameCube, and I still have it now. The story is great (regardless of it being pretty cliche) and the animations are gorgeous. I love this game!
Best way of catching Pokemon ever! If you play Pokemon and haven't played Colosseum, you are a wuss. Shadow Pokemon are the best kind, and taking them from npcs is even better. Snag Machine also looks better in Colosseum than in my opinion...
[Newest]Can't say I'm surprised this is so low, but really? Lower than it's much worse sequel?

27Pokemon Stadium
For one emerald is on a handheld. Two emerald improved much from crystal. And Pokemon Stadium 2 while it is good it is not as memorable to people as Emerald. Don't go IGN on this forum
I think is like Super smash bros


I love this game so much let's see the difference between stadium and emrald
Stadium graphics awesome gym leaders free battle stadium game boy so you can play on the big screen hall of fame
Emarld terrible graphics not so good Pokemon dumb gym leader ugly professor the only time to me this game is good is when I use a action replay

28Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
I loved this game! I know it's just a remake of Darkness and Time but still, it added things like the jukebox (slight appeal), the Spinda Cafe (slightly bigger appeal), being able to send ITEMS to another game rather than AN ITEM (slight appeal), and the special episodes, above all. I love to hear about how Wigglytuff got the treasure mentioned in your exploration to Fogbound Lake (it was mentioned by Team Skull), how Team Charm met Wigglytuff, how they became famous, how Bidoof was before you and your partner came to the guild, what Sunflora's big OH MY GOSH, and especially, what happens to Grovyle and Duskinoir after the Rainbow Stone Ship battle. It ties up the loose ends and is so exciting!

I think this game should be 21st place or higher since the ones above this game don't really deserve their spot.

Example: Pokemon X hasn't even come out yet! How can it be better?

Example: Pokemon Explorers of Time and Darkness leave you hanging and if not for Sky, we wouldn't know what happens. And Time and Darkness doesn't even have Shaymin Village! I'm surprised Explorers of Sky is so low.

Example: Pokemon Battle Revolution wasn't all that great. Trust me, I've played it. At first glance, it's pretty fun, and it does allow you to buy things like a legit surfing Pikachu and such, but after a day or two it gets boring.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky really made me actually like Pokemon again. It may be just a remake of Darkness and Time, but it added so much detail and fun that I couldn't resist buying it.
Sure, this game doesn't have the best graphics…or generation 5+ pokémon, but this game is one the best games I have played in my entire life.

It is a outstanding introduction to pokémon, and clearly explains pokémon stats far more thoroughly.

But the reason this game should be #1 is because of its story line. In other words: the best RPG ever created.
Sure, it's an outdated game, but no one, not even critics, can take a away from the game's golden plot.


What can I say about this game. That it is the best game of Pokemon (for me, course), and I know that there's people that say: "That is just a secondary game of Pokemon. Never is gonna be better than other Pokemon's games", but I Think differently, and I think that this game deserve an opportunity. 'Cause, maybe, just maybe, this game may become in your favorite game too
[Newest]This game should be much higher on the list. Pretty much the best Pokemon game ever.

29Pokemon Omega Ruby
This is the best game so far because it has stunning graphics (3D) and not only is it a remake but you can catch Pokemon from any region. If they remade Emerald however then I'd rate that the best but this beats it all hands down! This game just came out so I wouldn't expect it to go that high as far as ranking
HOW are the Gen 5 games ABOVE THIS! This is obviously the best blend of storyline, technology, gameplay, AND Pokemon themselves that Pokemon has EVER made!
Awesome, epic, eargasmic music. An intriguing new story which introduces us to the concept of a canonical Pokémon multiverse (and I love that kind of thing). HOENN IN 3D. New, better designs for most of the major characters. An incredible amount of legendary pokémon to catch. And, finally, connecting with people from all over the world has never been so easy and fun in the Pokémon games. These are the reasons why I love ORAS, and especially Omega Ruby (because Ruby was my first Pokémon game), more than any other Pokémon game.

30Pokemon Snap
This game is too beast the way you get to interact with the Pokemon is so unique and incredible that no other game can honestly contend. I simply just die every time I see those cute pokemon running around
Was scrolling down and didn't even think this would be an option. I don't think it's the best pokemon game, but it is a lot of fun, super addicting. I loved this game. I think I'm going to go play some pokemon snap now.
Ah Pokemon Snap, brings back memories for when I played this as a kid. Good times

31Pokemon Conquest
I like this game, it was like something new for me, it's a mix of MisteryD and Tactics rpg games, but, I was not able to take the story too serious, and of characters are exactly identical, so it was difficult for me to search some of the characters if I want to change his Pokemon. Was very short for me, when you finish the story, there is nothing else to do with all the big effort you did and, when you finish the story, all the Links with your Pokemons go to 10% again, and lose all the places you conquest. There is only more story of the another characters in the same places. I expected something different about the story, but combat style is really great.
Pokemon conquest is the best game of all time why isn't this up at the top seriously it combines warriors and Pokemon who wouldn't love this game I mean sure its not as good as the old classics like blue and red and firered but its still an amazing game and is completely underestimated on this website
Pokemon Conquest was THE best Pokemon spin-off game ever. This game actually makes you think by combining these cute and lovable characters with real, tactical gameplay. How this is 36th is beyond me.
[Newest]This is a good game, better than everything else in Gen 5, anyway

32Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team
I remember playing this for HOUR'S trying to get to a high level losing I mean like who will ever get another chance like this it tells you how what Pokémon has what attributes and come on it tells you what Pokémon you are so what I am saying is that this game is great
How is this game so low! It definitely better than the original red and blue. Best way to make it funner? Add gen 3.
This really made me love the series. At first to me it was another game on the shelf, but now it symbolizes more. Summer the Eevee (human girl turnt Pokemon) and Kaine the Squirtle will always mean something to me. I'm getting Gates to Infinity soon, and it's all thanks to Blue Rescue Team

33Pokemon Stadium 2
It is a nice game.
This game should be 1st first of all its graphic are a hell of a lot more better then emarld it's outrages I can't believe it
Not just the best Pokémon game. Best video game ever in my opinion.

34Pokémon Crater
I just love this too bad its no longer available. I wonder what happened to my account. I was very powerful at that time
The creater aaron could not continue this game so the pokemon company or nintendo made pokemon battle arena
this was an great game sadly that is doesn't exist anymore
I hope it will come back once
[Newest]It was awesome. By the way pokemon crater reopened as pokemon vortex

35PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure
Although short, it was a nice game that's worth picking up if you're bored.

36Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
I LOVED this game. Why so low? I thought the story was nice, I liked the missions (especially the one were Barlow was kidnapped) and it was fun!
Great story and missions

37Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
This game most defiantly deserves to be in the top ten, if not higher! The graphics are good, gameplay has been improved from Explorers, and, most importantly, it has a fantastic story. It starts off all happy and cute, albeit with some slightly dark undertones. Then about 2/3 of the way through the game, the story smacks you in the face, becoming very dark and turning into something you don't want to put down until you finish. It's engaging, it's beautiful, it's funny, it's heart-wrenching, and it's overall just an amazing game and a worthy addition to the brilliant mystery dungeon spinoffs.


This game is so fun and cute!
I find this game to be very underrated

38PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond
I love this more than I hate justin beiber
This is one of the best games ever its awesome
I wish the story was longer...

39Pokemon - Trading Card Game
This game was very fun. I spent hours on end playing it. You can get all KINDS of cards. I remember when I pulled a Charizard from an Evolutions pack. The only thing is it's not worth 2 grand. :P

40Pokemon Battle Revolution
Pokemon pearl and diamond in one

41Pokemon Puzzle League
Wow, I was thinking I was the only one who knew this game existed. I
Beat this game.
I cannot believe this game is so low it has something better then stupid emarld it's allows you to play as a chareter from the anime. It's way more better plus the Pokemon actually have voices not weird strange voices
So difference
Puzzle league awesome graphics and cool Pokemon voices with the choices of some kanto region chareters bad thing only one abra, s voice
Emarld terrible graphics trainer / gym leader battle sprites are ugly good thine nothing emrald sucks its an outrage

42Omega Ruby

43Pokemon Tower Defence
This game is amazing and you can always play it, even if you beat the game by collection rare pokemon! And you can breed to get shiny pokemon! Every week, you can get new pokemon (mystery gift) and I could go on forever, but that will be WAY too long! :D This game should be AT LEAST in the top ten! Vote for this!
42?! Really? I have played this though it's a little hard it's still a super good game I rember when I fist played it
I love the new version pokemon tower defense 2

PLease play pokemon tower defense
[Newest]Delete it! If you want that game to be on the list then it needs Best Fan Made Pokemon Games!

Someone not Nintendo made this fan game!

44Pokemon Rumble
I <3 Pokémon Rumble

45Pokemon Indigo
This is the best pokemon game and pokemon is the best cartoon ever
I play this game and it is awesome

46Pokemon Pinball
It is the most fun gameboy game of all!

47Alpha Sapphire
Unlike Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire has kyogre, Lugia, dialga, and zekrom in it. You can't pass that off.
I really want 2 play this cause it looks so fun


What's bad about it! NOTHING

48Pokemon Dragonstone
Ultimate game you could buy masterballs and rare candies at the pokemart


Delete it

Need best fan made Pokemon games

49Pokemon Ash Gray
I've tried all... Addicted to this till the story ends... best ever
It should be among Top 25


Best game ever I saw

50Pokemon Trozei

51Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness
One of the best games I have played with quite good graphics and amazing story. Also a Pokemon game where your character can move diagonally! In my opinion it should share a higher rank together with explorers of time.
A great game with a grat and really moving story...
The best game I have played in my life! Try it out and you
Will realise the importance of a person close to you. When I first played this game, I couldn't help crying!
My favourite spinoff with one of the best stories in any Pokemon game.

52Pokemon: Type Wild
Example of what a real pokemon battle should be, although the game is 100% fan made and pretty much based on super street fighters. But it still gives an ideal how a epic pokemon battle. I hated the pokemon battle experience on all nintendo games, everything other then the pokemon battle is fine. I just don't want a pokemon battle to be like playing chess I want more action in pokemon battle rather than just more advance graphics.
This is made by a Japanese guy but it's fan made!

Should you need top best fan made Pokemon games with the tower defense dragonstone and ash gray

53Pokemon Blaze Black 2

Someone delete this junk
I like the new legends
You can get all 687 Pokemon in one game. Isn't that great. And better gameplay then old Pokemon black 2 and white 2. You can fight all the unova gym leader in one. And magmarizer and electrizer is usable on magmarizer and electabuzz.

54Pokemon Global Revolution
It's a nice game with over 400 Pokemons. The features of the game are not too good but overall it's anice game.

55Nintendo Pokemon Pikachu Virtual Pet, Yellow
Do not delete it! It is so cute

56Pokemon Moon

57Pokemon Lolfest
The only Pokemon game known to man that revolutionized the laugh out loud battle system

58Pokemon Link: Battle!

59Pokemon Racing

60Pokemon Glazed
One of the best alternated emerald hacks of all time

61Pokemon Green

62Pokemon Sparkle and Shine
When is it out?
Heh heh I actually made this up but it would be a good game the starter Pokemon are the fire type cubchar the water type bearbly the grass type geckotts sorry but I really needed to add something feel free to give some ideas! Thank you!
Sorry this is a game I created on this tablet, but still give me credit for being so creative. Please. Here are the starter Pokemon cubchar lion cub fire type. Bearbly the bear cub water type. Geckotts the lizard hatchlet grass type please drop ideas. Thank you

63Pokemon Tower Defense 2

64Pokemon Zeta Omicron
This should be all the way to top!

65Pokemon Snakewood
Nice Game but a bit bad story

66Pokemon Vortex
It started its version 3 in october 2014 with new 100,000 members each day!

67Super Smash Bros. Brawl

68Super Smash Bros.

69Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

70Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

71Pokemon Delta Emerald

72Pokemon Chaos Black

73Pokemon Light Platinum
It is a nice game and it has most of legendary pokemon.
This was so much fun and it have more area sinnoh and another. It is one of good game
If this game is on this list it should be #1! This hack has so many improvements from normal Pokemon games, Especially Emerald.
The guy put so much effort into it give him some credit
[Newest]Best gba hack it allow to catch almost every Pokemon till gen 5 and some of gen6

74Pokemon Rumble Blast
A creative innovation to put a Pokemon boss that is not human nor Pokemon: dark rust. The music is epic, the abilities are diverse, and the game is plain AWESOME! The graphics are realistic, the moves are cool and is 10000000000000X awesomer that it's predecessor, which is also pretty good.
Why isn't this up top? It's in 3d, and it's the newest game yet. The graphics are awesome. I think Nintendo did a fantastic job here. And plus you get all the great features of the 3ds.
I love this game! I try over and over getting the legendarily. It's hard, but I want them!

75UnovaRPG Online
It is an interesting game that adapts the world of Pokemon into the computer though it lacks storyline and eventually gets boring over time
! THIS GAME ABSOLUTELY ROCKS! It's really amazing believe me you have all the pokemon all gyms etc. And it is very easy to play laugh out loud!

76Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
You guys forgot about the ranger fans!
I really loved this game, the storyline needs at least 5 stars! I also liked it how they included some of the older characters, plus you can play wire-lessly with your friends.
Overall it's a 5 star game!
This is the best Pokemon Action game (the others are all rpg in battle)!
Good. One of the best hacks I ever played

77Pokemon Flora Sky
Fantastic story and you can catch pokemon(some) from all region. This is a wonderful game new sprites rivals and everything... Awesome

I think pokemon lake is a really cool website

79Pokemon Channel


It is one of the best RPG Pokemon games online. So, it should be added.
Fantastic game! Gotta check out live battles and some sizzling Pokemons

82Pokemon Omega
This game is the best so far; is better than most rpgs that are online; and they're planning to improve it too. If this pokemon online game is not the best game, I do not know what is and what's not.
This games is tally boring
Why is it at 80 this should be in the top ten. It has Groudon, Ho-oh, Palkia, and Reshiram. Vote for it now

83Pokemon Ranger
This was one of my first pokemon games and now looking back its very special and brings back great memories like the go-rock squad.
Pokemon ranger should not be 54

84Pokemon Creed
The best online Pokemon MMORPG. It is the most updated Pokemon online game.

85Hey You Pikachu
Hey You Pikachu was absolutely stunning. Amazing graphics, intense combat system, unbelievable story, and a heart-warming inspirational ending that left me in tears. Hey You Pikachu was a jaw-dropping masterpiece that I will fondly remember for years to come.
So much FUN! WAY better than anything else on this list.
It's so bad, it's good.

86Pokemon Twilight
It's free and it's made with gamemaker, it's nothing compared to the real stuff but it's stil very impressive.

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