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61 Pokemon Omega

This game is the best so far; is better than most rpgs that are online; and they're planning to improve it too. If this pokemon online game is not the best game, I do not know what is and what's not.

Why is it at 80 this should be in the top ten. It has Groudon, Ho-oh, Palkia, and Reshiram. Vote for it now

This is the third time I saw this on the list

Yo this game is not boring the best game by far

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62 Pokemon Dragonstone

Ultimate game you could buy masterballs and rare candies at the pokemart -


Delete it

Need best fan made Pokemon games

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63 Pokemon Shuffle V 2 Comments
64 Pokemon Ash Gray

I like this game but when charmander evolve he stop doing attacks

I've tried all... Addicted to this till the story ends... best ever

I like this game when ash was the champion

To be honest the only game to take you through Ash's life I give it a 20/10

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65 Pokemon Dash Pokemon Dash
66 Pokemon Link: Battle! V 1 Comment
67 Pokemon Uranium

Not a real pokemon game it is fan made

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68 Pokken Tournament Pokken Tournament

This is a combination of my two favorite games ever... It's awesome.

This looks like a super smash bros with only Pokemon-epic!

Ok I agree this game is epic but it's fighting style is nothing like smash bros

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69 Pokemon: Type Wild

Example of what a real Pokemon battle should be, although the game is 100% fan made and pretty much based on super street fighters. But it still gives an ideal how a epic Pokemon battle. I hated the Pokemon battle experience on all Nintendo games, everything other then the Pokemon battle is fine. I just don't want a Pokemon battle to be like playing chess I want more action in Pokemon battle rather than just more advance graphics.

This is made by a Japanese guy but it's fan made!

Should you need top best fan made Pokemon games with the tower defense dragonstone and ash gray

70 UnovaRPG Online

It is an interesting game that adapts the world of Pokemon into the computer though it lacks storyline and eventually gets boring over time

! THIS GAME ABSOLUTELY ROCKS! It's really amazing believe me you have all the pokemon all gyms etc. And it is very easy to play laugh out loud!

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71 Pokemon Blaze Black 2

You can get all 687 Pokemon in one game. Isn't that great. And better gameplay then old Pokemon black 2 and white 2. You can fight all the unova gym leader in one. And magmarizer and electrizer is usable on magmarizer and electabuzz.

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72 Nintendo Pokemon Pikachu Virtual Pet, Yellow Nintendo Pokemon Pikachu Virtual Pet, Yellow V 1 Comment
73 Pokemon Global Revolution

It's a nice game with over 400 Pokemons. The features of the game are not too good but overall it's anice game.

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74 Pokemon Delta Emerald V 1 Comment
75 Pokemon Ducklett Version

I love this game! Ducklett is my favourite Pokemon, and I'm happy to see it as the mascot!

Simply the best game ever made. I remember playing it on my Brand new Nintendo 5DS. It was the first ever Pokemon game I played and it was just awesome... Brings back my childhood memories...

Brings back so many memories, it. Is. ' AMAZING!

Guys, do you remember this on Nintendo 5DS? I played until I completed the entire 1476 pokedex. This includes Ducklett, DucklettOver9000, Mega Ducklett, Ninja Ducklett, Dinnylett, Ducktrio, Groudolett, Kyolett, and Duckchu. Over 9 million hours of gameplay! Vote this!

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76 Pokemon Picross Pokemon Picross

Sadly I don't really like this game because I caught manaphy and it was NOT WORTH IT

This is a pretty good puzzle game and it's free too.

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77 Pokemon Sparkle and Shine

Heh heh I actually made this up but it would be a good game the starter Pokemon are the fire type cubchar the water type bearbly the grass type geckotts sorry but I really needed to add something feel free to give some ideas! Thank you!

Sorry this is a game I created on this tablet, but still give me credit for being so creative. Please. Here are the starter Pokemon cubchar lion cub fire type. Bearbly the bear cub water type. Geckotts the lizard hatchlet grass type please drop ideas. Thank you

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78 Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Oh come on! Number 78? Seriously, this game is my favorite. You can basically get all the legendaries,all the pokemon and also the cosmoids starters. The storyline is pretty good. Also shadow pokemon exist which are pokemon which have a purple outline and gains more experience than a normal pokemon. The surf hm move (in my opinion) is awesome. Riding on any water pokemon rocks. The world tournament is pretty hard and the trading system rocks. I believe this game deserves a higher rank. - Ahleaxt

79 Pokemon Vortex

It started its version 3 in october 2014 with new 100,000 members each day!

80 Pokémon Puzzle Challenge
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