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1In the End - Linkin Park

This is not only the best rap/rock song of all time. It's one of the greatest songs ever made. Mike Shinoda's rap is perfection and Chester Bennington has incredible vocals. This song gives me chills every time I hear it.

An amazing song. Their other song "Waiting For The End" is also nice

This song is so rocking
In the end is so awesome
The rap part of in the end is the best
This song is the best rap/rock song ever

This one of the best rock songs ever

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2Last Resort - Papa Roach

Way Better then Linkin Park are you kidding me?
This song is amazing better in everyway possible!

Way Way so MUCH Better then Linkin Park are you kidding me?
This song is amazing better in everyway possible in Exsistance!

Such a Discrase to the universe

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3Been to Hell - Hollywood Undead

Undead rocks! Every song in their every album is awesome

In the end and last resort have NOTHING on this

Hollywood undead is awesome! Don't even get me started on their songs

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4Faint - Linkin Park

I don't feel like voting for the top one even though I totally agree, so I'll vote for the second best.

Epic song best of all time by lp really a magical song it makes me screaming a!

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5Killing In the Name - Rage Against the Machine

This is only the best and most iconic rap rock song of all time. How is it not #1. The other songs are good, but this just blows them out of the water, no doubt.

By far the best rap/rock song ever. Why is linkin park on this list? They are terrible

Oh come on. Papa roach? Killing in the name is LEGENDARY!

Not even a contest this should be #1

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6Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine

This song is awesome in so many ways- from the guitar riff to Zack's rapping.

7Undead - Hollywood Undead

When it comes to rap this is the best you can get, johnny and charlie absolutely killed it

Hell yeah this should be 2nd after In The End
Awesome song can't stop listening

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8Sabotage - Beastie Boys

REALLY? This is one of the best ever in rock rap songs
should be in top 10 at least

9The Truth - Limp Bizkit

Awesome song amazing guitar. I don't understand, why the people are hated LB? This band is very talented.

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10Bleed It Out - Linkin ParkV1 Comment

The Newcomers

?Fat Lip - Sum 41
?Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan

The first music video ever. A rap and classic electric folk-rock mix. Nothing is better than that.

The Contenders

11Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

Best song ever.
Amy Lee and Paul McCoy is a Rap.
Linkin Park style my friend...
Evanescence Rocks.
Best Rap Rock song.

I like this spng but its not rap. Paul sings as if he is rapping, but it is NOT rap.

Siriusly? Rap rock? I take this song as a alternative rock. #Peter_angelov

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12Youth of the Nation - P.O.D.V1 Comment
13Loser - Beck
14The Way You Like It - Adema
15Blind - Korn

This is like one of the first rap metal songs

16Between Angels and Insects - Papa Roach
17Papercut - Linkin Park

This one is awesome just listen to it and I bet you to tell me that it is bad.

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18Lying From You - Linkin Park

This one is so energetic... Too good

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19Calm Like a Bomb - Rage Against the Machine
20Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

One of my favourite songs which works by blending rap and rock perfectly. For the former, we have the great De La Soul providing brilliant rapping which makes most other mainstream rappers look embarrassing in comparison, especially considering how these guys rap about something (gasp! ) meaningful. For the latter, we have an utterly kickass bassline with great vocals and meaningful lyrics about freedom and individuality as well. - Mrveteran

In my opinion the second greatest song of all time should be much more higher - samanime

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1. In the End - Linkin Park
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