Top 10 Best Scorers In NBA 2K12


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The Top Ten

Kevin Durant
He can do it all. He hits threes. Is phenomenal on the fastbreak, dunks like few others, and has arguably the best mid-range game in all of 2k12.


2LeBron James
His FT is more consistent than in real life. Luckily, he stills same old Lebron otherwise.


But you will have a hard time shooting threes
In my opinion LeBron can score a lot easier than KD. Kd can't shoot in this game. In this game I make more threes with LeBron than kevin

3Stephen Curry
Play him in "My Player Mode", or anywhere for that matter. But do not give him any space on the perimeter. Believe me. HE IS AUTOMATIC.


He is just a beast from the perimeter. He can hit any thing if he is left open with his jump shot he is auromatic and the best shooting point guard.

4Dirk Nowitzki
His fadeaway will always work no matter how closely guarded he is. His 3 ball is deadly, and he can always play big.


5Kobe Bryant
The Black Mamba. Must I say more?


5 time NBA champion. Need I say more?

6Russell Westbrook
Possibly the most overpowered player in the game. His post game is that of a center, he drives like a forward, an shoots like a guard. If you can get him going coast-to-coast, there is nothing the other team can do.


Be a point guard in my player mode and he is the most horrible match-up to play. Can land 3pts or med shots in your face, or drive in and 360 dunk in traffic.

7Derrick Rose
His 15 foot jumper in this game is crazy accurate. He can shoot the 3, and drive. He wasn't the MVP for nothing.


8Ray Allen
If he gets hot, you do not want to know what will happen next. He is the best 3PT shooter in NBA history for a reason.


Greatest three point shooter in the game


9Chris Paul

10Andrea Bargnani
A 7' center who can shoot the three in anyone's face. He has a nasty turnaround j & he is as automatic from 15+ feet as anybody else on this list.


The Contenders

11Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo is a shooter man

12Monta Ellis
Everything Stephen Curry is, plus a spin jumper.


13Jamal Crawford
If Jamal Crawford is not on this list. Then you either never played with him or you just forgot about him. Easily one of the top, if not the top scorer on 2k12.

14Brandon Knight
He was just a rookie in this game, but he is crazy consistent from 3 point range. He is also very athletic and can drive.

15Josh Smith
He is an animal great from all around

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