Top 10 Best Team Fortress 2 Weapons

Self explanatory. What weapon gets you the most kills, and helps you dominate the server.
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1 Your Eternal Reward

Experienced spies are rely more on stealth than disguises. When you think about that. This knife is perfect. It doesn't broadcast the kill to the other team, there's no dead body plus silent killer. If there's anything even close to this it's the stock or big earner for experienced spies.

I often use the YER, and it's flexibility with the L'Etranger and (in my preference) the stock watch is unparalleled. Even the opposing team always admires the beauty of it's chainstabs, and whilst they are busy having their minds blown, you can make them the next link on that chain!

Hard to learn, but the learning has a HUGE benefit. No attack noise, disguise instantly as your victim, and their body goes away. The most stealthy weapon in the game.

2 Machina

Not the best weapon, but not bad either. For high-level play, The Hitman's Heatmaker and The Bazaar Bargain will be much better, and Stock will be fine also. The Machina fires tracer rounds like The Hitman's Heatmaker, which isn't too huge of a problem when the enemy is aware (most high-level players don't need to see tracer rounds to know that you're there), but, when they are free2plays, it will make it as if every single one of them is aware also. The penetration on full-charge has some very situational uses, but will not be used often. The lack of noscopes is a huge downside, but a pseudo-noscope can be performed by quicscoping and shooting. Finally, the damage increase on full-charge is not game-changing in most circumstances, but it can be slightly useful.

Sniper's most powerful primary weapon. Has the ability to penetrate through multiple enemies. Downsides are that when fired, it leaves a bright team-colored trail, and it cannot fire unless it's in scope mode.

3 Sandman

This is a great weapon as you are able to stun an enemy which I've found useful no matter what map or objective.

With a sandman you could make anyone to make a BONK! And critical hit.

You can stun your enemy ( it also slow them down) and you can have an easier kill

4 Air Strike

The Best.

Gun Mettle just made this weapon HELL. This is so simple. Just use with BASE and you can rain hell upon your enemies.

Warning: Only use when necessary. Use within 12 months after purchase as it will expire/nerf. Do not use on Cp_dustbowl. Treatment works the best on payload maps like Upward. BASE Jumper is also needed for the treatment (sold separately).

This gun is for more experienced players, on kill you get more ammo up to the max of 8. You can rocket jump into the air, then with the parachute rain down hell.

Amazing weapon. I love that you can rocket jump and unleash a barrage of rockets on your foes.

5 Crusader's Crossbow

This thing is awesome. Trust me.

Imagine this on Spec Deliv: A scout on the list, and he needs the heals.

But you can't get on the lift. What do you do?


You can shoot syringes from far away that heal teammates.
Plus this gun is the sniper rifle of syringe guns.

Anyways, get this. It's awesome.

Healing at a long range that also works in medieval mode. Carries the medic class in DeGroot Keep.

I've gotten a 7 killstreak... As medic... This syringe gun is perfect for control points. While your team8s are fighting in the control point fire a bolt will either hurt enemy or heal teamate

6 Loose Cannon

Bomb Fuse Charge Meter: You can make the cannonball explode faster by holding down m1 before you shoot the cannonball. If you charge for too long, you become a suicide bomber (this is good, this is good! ).

Very High Push Force (better than the Iron Bomber overall)

20% more projectile speed. (better than the Loch-n-Load overall)

Knockback is applied on the direct hits, which deal only 50 damage to enemies with no splash, but which also deal ZERO self-damage. After this, the cannonball explodes, dealing 60 damage to enemies normally, but dealing 35% more damage than that if the explosion is within 0.5 seconds of the direct hit, which causes light classed to die instantly. (so basically, it deals more damage if you have skill, and this thing is called a Double Donk by the way)

Has 1 second fuse time (this is good and bad)

Can easily be used to deal self-damage and to grenade jump.

Overall: Highly useful for building Ubercharges faster and for grenade jumping.

Good for close encounters as its cannonballs explode quickly, knock people away from you, and deal 0 self-damage. This makes it perfect for self-defense.

If you are more aggressive, this weapon's 20% extra projectile speed and increased damage can be used to shred enemies.

Best Demoman primary, but it lacks the +25 health of the boots, the parachute of the B.A.S.E. Jumper and the range of the stock Grenade Launcher (because its cannonballs explode quickly). Better than the other two grenade launchers (Iron Bomber and Loch-n-Load) by 100%. Straight upgrade to them unless you aren't very good at using the Loose Cannon.

Be one with the cannon.

7 Frying Pan

With the Frying Pan, I killed like 5-13 players in 1 life! Best weapon ever!

This and the fish are the best thing ever.

For some reason does more crits than anything else. This is the superior melee.

8 Spy-cicle

This weapon is better than the Stock Knife, however, most people will hate you for using it. Essentially a fire retardant suit embedded into your Knife, the only downsides are losing the knife in fire, and leaving ice-statues everywhere. Neither of these two are even marginally huge. The upside is a lot of fire/afterburn immunity upon being struck by fire while the weapon is deployed, which will melt it and allow you to escape. This means that the Spy has two counters (Dead Ringer) to his main hard-counter, one of which comes at little cost other than to your reputation.

You're a spy, and trying to backstab someone. Oh no! A Pyro sets you on fire. But you're immune, thanks to the spy-cicle. Just take your gun out for defense and wait for the knife to regenerate. Put with the dead ringer, it is almost impossible to die.

The Your Eternal Reward is for the Silent Spy. But if you want a Spy that strikes fear, the Spycicle is for you. Once you backstab an enemy and use your watch, his friend will look around with nothing there but a frozen corpse, when BAM! Right in the back.

9 Flare Gun

Overshadows the shotgun by allowing a pyro who can aim to burn and crit targets at a high range. Better than the shotgun or Thermal Thruster at most ranges.

A great way of getting critical hits on burning players at long range!

It's a master of balance but is also an amazingly good weapon for all Pyro playstyles.

10 Neon Annihilator

It's so fun to use when your in a water based map, grab a friend and pair it with a sniper or mad milk and run around getting crits. It crits whenever a player is wet through water, jarate, or mad milk

The Contenders
11 Scattergun

This is definitely tying as Scout's best Combat Primary. Basically, anything that operates similarly to this, ie The Back Scatter and Baby Face's Blaster are about equal, and also the Soda Popper, which operates differently, but has a faster reload speed to make up for the Force-A-Nature's biggest weakness, and also has Hype.

Meanwhile, the Force-A-Nature has more utility than some of these options but is overall worse at combat.

Finally, the Shortstop is a weapon with huge potential, but it is so hard to aim, that most people won't be able to use it effectively.

The Scattergun. Deals 100 damage at melee range, and has 6 shots. You have the potential to kill a heavy in less than 2 seconds. It has a fast reload with a nice ammo reserve with the biggest clip of the scatterguns. The spread is also a bit small for deadlier meat shots.
The best stock out there, only rivaled by the minigun, knife, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, and maybe the sniper rifle. The scattergun is the least situational out of that whole collection

12 Kritzkrieg

Because of the 25% faster uber charge rate. You can use the crits to try and eliminate the enemy medic before he can activate his uber.

Faster ubercharges and kritz for uber, this is the offensively geared medigun for the offensively geared medics. No downsides as compared to stock, except for the few situations in which complete invulerability is more needed than triple damage.

Popping Kritz before the enemy medic pops uber is the whole game changer.

13 Scottish Resistance

How is this not in the top ten? This fantastic weapon lets you have a huge amount of stickys be out at once, you can see your stickys through walls, you have the option to detonate them one at a time, and with all that, only ONE tiny little downside.

If you intelligently set up traps to cover an area or your hide, you can get quite the kill streak with this...

This weapon made my a much better tf2 player. Used it in training viaduct king of the hill and got 27 points and lead my team by just covering the control point with stickies.

14 The Black Box

Gives you 15 out of 200 per hit, and its as strong as the ordinary rocket launcher. If you ask me, -25% ammo isn't much of a drawback for this awesome thing.

It's tied with the stock. Although you get 15hp shot that's hits the enemy. You need that 4th rocket for air shooting. If you rocket jump. It's pretty hard to kill someone with only two shots. It's amazing with the concherer and escape plan. Its basically the ultimate survival loadout.

Very powerful, healing every time you get a hit is great. This allows you to win fights against other soldiers because you can heal to outlast them.

15 The Golden Frying Pan

Enemies will literally stand in front of you so they can get a freeze cam shot of someone with a golden pan...

Sersiously? An Overpriced Golden Frying Pan? How would F2P's Get that weapon? Why not use the Frying Pan instead of the golden one...

Just destruction the people have no choice but to bow down to you!

16 The Quick-Fix

Oh yes, the uber sucks alright, but that is like, the only thing that sets you back. The uber has its uses though, don't get me wrong. Lesser overheal is no big deal, unless you're a pocket medic that everyone hates except the pocket. This is meant for healing people who get damage too quickly and always dies because his team is not competent. It's a shame that this is so low on this thing. don't get me wrong though, because this dang thing can still be useless.

I thought it was great before the upgrade. Now that it has got a huge buff, it's menacing. Using it on differet maps, I get too the top of the ranking list in no-time with this thing. Extremely underrated!

I mean, first of all, the ubercharge rate doesn't decrease on fully overhealed targets. That is amazing. And the only thing the uber doesn't stop are crits. Its faster heal rate cancels out the less over heal. This is definitely the best.

17 Brass Beast

Immaculate weapon, use this or the default minigun. Goes well with the Kritzkrieg and the G.R.U.

18 Huo Long Heater

My favorite minigun of all. It doesn't cripple you like the Brass Beast, fires faster than the Tomislav, and is stronger than Natascha. Perfect.

Heavy Primary weaponed
- Secondary fire deploys the barrel without firing.
- Sustains a ring of flames while deployed.
-6 ammo consumed per second while deployed.

It's a great minigun but if you don't know the map your on that well your screwed. Also spin up uses ammo.

19 Force-A-Nature

Incredibly powerful, actually allows you to kill things as a Scout. People argue that you can do that with the Scattergun, but frankly that doesn't do enough damage to make up for the low health of a scout. It's extremely satisfying to shoot someone with this, and very effective in games like Mannpower where you can just hook someone in and blast them away. On the downside, people will hate you for using this, but there's a reason for that. The reload is quick enough, and the high knockback gives you time to reload after use. Sure, you get a bit cheated with the ammo thing where if you only shoot the once it still takes 2 ammo to reload, but that doesn't matter too much, because you're probably gonna find an ammo pack or die before you can go through 32 rounds.

The Force-A-Nature is a really good weapon, and I will tell you why it has incredible knock back when you shot the enemy and that's really helpful when your trying to get away and your about to die. It also has faster firing witch helps when your rushing to the enemy base for the intelligence.

20 Southern Hospitality
21 Soda Popper

The Soda Popper is a very effective weapon when it comes to attacking strong targets. After about 12-15 seconds of consistent running, the hype meter will be fully filled and you will be able to unleash a barrage of mini crits! Plus, it has faster reloading! (Not that it changes the game very much).

Faster reloading and rate of fire! You can use hype to fly really high in the air! I also love how you can do using it with the atomizer flying up in the air and then crash down and wack someone with the bat!

When the Scattergun isn't fast enough for you, use the Soda Popper! The speed for reloading for the FaN and the Soda Popper are about the same but the Crits are very effective if used carefully!

22 Sandvich

It's probably one of the best secondaries of any class. You heal 300 health when eaten, and can heal a teammate for half their own total health pool. It has quite the charge rate however unlike the Dalokahs Bar, which gives less health for no charge rate.
The best Heavy Secondary other than the shotgun out there

One of the most useful and famously hilarious items in the game. It's a definite pick for this list, as it functions as a medium health pack for any teammate, and a full health pack for you. It makes you a gun-toting bullet-spamming medic.

Its like carrying your own health pack witch holds 399 health (unless you have any health extending items) and you can heal the medic best part? Its free with a milestone

23 Eyelander

A strong drawback at first, but few things stand in the way of a Demoknight with the Eyelander loaded with 4 heads or more. Great for all modes, and is really rewarding should you play defense with no shield and you manage to get 3-4 heads.

All you need to do is get 2 kills with it and the health you lost is back you are faster and if you get 5 kills you have tons of health and you are very fast, plus it looks cool, and that's always a plus.

24 Diamondback

If you backstab someone as spy it gives you plenty of crits, when you sap a building you get even more crits! I can only think of a few more weapons which have crit boosts like this weapon does, sure you lose some damage, and it doesn't require you to be super accurate like the Ambassador.

As a spy, you won't be using the revolver too much, so once you get that backstab, you can 1 shot someone!

This is awesome! Guaranteed crits for backstabs and saps... And a modest 15% damage reduction.

25 The Huntsman

You can annihilate enemies with this. You can easily take out a heavy after his little medical friend is stuck to the wall with an arrow through his head! It is a satisfying weapon.

This weapon is good because it gives the sniper class a more close range weapon, plus this weapon and its Fortified Compound reskin carry the class in medieval mode.

It's my favorite TF2 weapon of all time, Even if you don't have a scope, besides... everyone can agree that it's fun to taunt kill a Heavy.

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