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1 Deadpool Deadpool is a fictional antihero created by Marvel who appears in their comics. Deadpool's first appearance was in New Mutants #98 by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza in February of 1991. His powers include self-healing and super strength. He is regarded as one of the funniest characters in comics due... read more
2 GLaDOS GLaDOS is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system appearing in the video games Portal and Portal 2. The character was created by Erik Wolpaw and Kim Swift and voiced by Ellen McLain.

As the only other character in Portal, GLaDOS made the game enjoyable.

Favorite Quotes:
"I'm going to kill you! And all the cake is gone!" (Portal)

"(Darkness) Are you ready for the surprise? (Room lights up) I made it all up. (Confetti falls) Surprise!" (Portal 2)

"It's a guaranteed fact that 80% of you will lose this hand. And 100% of you will eventually die. Math is fun, isn't it?" (Poker Night 2)

3 Great Mighty Poo - Conker's Bad Fur Day

Why did Microsoft censor it in the remake? He was hilarious in the N64 version too!

His defeat was like he is dying to go to the loo! Ha ha!

4 Wheatley - Portal 2

He is way funnier than GLaDOS. Definitely one of the top 10. And Deadpool isn't funny in my opinion. Neither are the Halo characters. He deserves to be 4 or 5 at least. And give him a chance, it's not easy being in space.

He's misunderstood because it wasn't himself that started the madness. It was the body that he was forced into by Chell. But it was not Chell's fault, as it was his idea.

Though, it was the scientist's fault for creating the dumbest idiot in AI (don't blame me!) to calm down GLaDOS. Therefore, it was the creator of Wheatley who gave him sheer stupidity to tear down Aperture.

5 Heavy - Team Fortress 2
6 Daxter

He progressively got funnier with each game in the series.

7 Fawful Fawful, known in Japan as Gerakobits, is a fictional character appearing in the Mario & Luigi series of role-playing video games developed by AlphaDream.

He has fury! He has angst! He has chortles.

8 Ratchet Ratchet is one of the protagonists of the Ratchet and Clank series developed by insomniac games as a playstation exclusive.

His sense of humor can be shared with both young and adult audiences. He's gradually developed well over time and has managed to rid himself of his "jerk" attitude from the first game, while still keeping all of the quirky humor that he's so well known for.

Not many funny characters can also portray a deep storyline and history as well as Ratchet can. By far, in my opinion, he deserves to be high up this list.

His sense of humor is appealing to both children and adults at the same time! Ratchet is perfect.

9 Link - Zelda CD-i Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.
10 Sgt. Johnson - Halo

Dear humanity: We REGRET coming to Earth, we REGRET being alien bastards, and we most definitely REGRET that the Corps just blew up our raggedy ass fleet. Hu-rah!

His comments in the Halo series were always hilarious!

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11 Hades - Kid Icarus Uprising

This guy is hilarious and clever! He makes funny jokes about serious situations!

Viridi: They grow like fruit. Organic fruit.
Hades: And when it becomes ripe, it falls off the vine and organically destroys everything in its path?
Viridi: That's not exactly how it goes.
Hades: But I'm in the ballpark, aren't I?

12 Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim is the main protagonist of the Earthwork Jim video game series as a worm who's life changed after coming in contact with a cyber suit that granted him special powers to battle the likes of his nemesis like Evil the Cat, Psycrow, Queen Slug for a Butt and Bob the Killer Gold FIsh, in the... read more
13 The King - Zelda CD-i
14 Sans - Undertale Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult... read more

I have never in my life seen such a punny character.

Nobody could not laugh at his puns (and 4th wall breaking abilities). And nobody ever forgot him.

15 King Dedede - Kirby King Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.
16 Handsome Jack - Borderlands Handsome Jack is the main antagonist of both Borderlands 2 and Tales from the Borderlands and the deuteragonist of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.
17 Bo Rai Cho Bo' Rai Cho is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series, who made his debut in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.

He brought some humor to the Mortal Kombat franchise. I'm not his fan, but I like the fact MK creators added various personalities.

18 Lammy - Um Jammer Lammy Um Jammer Lammy is a rhythm video game developed by NanaOn-Sha and published by Sony for the PlayStation video game console in 1999.
19 Dr. Nefarious - Ratchet and Clank Doctor Nefarious is a fictional character and the main antagonist in Insomniac Games' Ratchet & Clank video game series.
20 Captain Quark

Captain Qwark is probably the dumbest yet funniest character in Ratchet and Clank. You've gotta love him. He has some very random moments, and his lines are always hilarious.

This so-called "galaxy's greatest superhero" is always getting himself into trouble, and Ratchet will always end up saving him. Well, at least he tries to help you in A Crack in Time. After all, he somehow managed to tame the War Grok.

"Read it and weep, Nathan Drake!" That line gets me every time.

He is one of my favorite characters in R&C.

21 Rabbids - Raving Rabbids

Should be 1. The Rabbids are SO funny.

22 Homer Simpson - The Simpsons Game Homer Jay Simpson is the main protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.
23 Aigle - Rumble Roses
24 Dante - Devil May Cry Series Dante is a fictional character and the primary protagonist of the Devil May Cry series, created and published by Capcom.
25 Ganondorf- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Ganon (Referred to as Ganondorf in human form) is a fictional character and the central antagonist of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. He is a power-hungry Gerudo who possesses the Triforce of Power and aims to conquer Hyrule with the remaining Triforce parts.

I find him really hilarious in Brawl, for some reason.

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