Top 10 Best Singers of 2012


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1Katy Perry

Awesome because she sings so good that no one compare to her sometimes! Come on she has a movie being created about her

We, Abbey and Jessica, both think she is an amazing singer of all times. We LOVE her movie. It was AMAZING. WOOHOO GO KATY PERRY!

Katy Perry Fans,

I <3 her song firework shes truly awesome even though I don't agree with this list I think she still awesome and there should only be one singer of the year thanks for listening I <3 you guys you truly rock yourselves!

I love Katy Perry

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2Taylor Swift

Best female singer, goodluck for your carrier, two thumb for you

She sings so sweetly and her songs is so meaningful.
She should be top 10 and not so far behind!
You are the best!

Taylor swift is amazing. She is my inspiration and role model nobody can compare to her. Her lyrics and songs are so meaningful and relate-able. Plus, she writes her own songs. Unlike justing bieber who has loads if help to write a song that repeats the same lyrics over and over, " BABY BABY BABY OHH! " anybody could write that. She uses live as a template for her songs. Why is she so far behind?! Shes No1 in my eyes!

Love you taylor xx

Taylor swift is the best

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Eminem deserves first place in my opinion! Let me tell you that I could name many people who would agree with me. Eminem is beyond amazing. And to all the people who think lil' wayne or niki manaj is better, I will say they rock but all they rap about is drugs and stuff. Eminem doesn't. He is the king of rap and could take on any rapper ever! All I'm saying is I love Eminem and you should too because he's beast!

Eminem? 23? This is such nonsense... He deserves the very best! Come on Out Shady fans- let's vote and get eminem what he deserves

Eminem is a king of rap.. -__-! No one could beat him...

I think he should be first place and Justin Bieber sucks wiener

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4Bruno Mars

HE IS AMAZING! MOST STUNNING VOICE IN THE WORLD! I honestly believe he should be number 1. His voice makes me melt inside. His songs are completely amazing. He is the best singer out. I love you bruno

Best singer for me cause his voice is live the same as on his CD's or something else!


I'm the biggest fan of bruno mars, I would love to come to see your concert but I can't afford it to come. I love you bruno mars. you have the most amazing voice I've ever heard.

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5Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is amazing! She isn't like a celebrity who thinks they are better than others. On the Ellen show there were 2 little girls who sung her song and were really good. She loved them and took them on a shopping spree and gave them advice to stay in school. She is a good celebrity who wouldn't die of alcohol or drugs.

Your the best person ever and you r really pretty but loose some of the butt

Shes just... Wow. Seriously, she's really come along this year. Super bass was a hit, then starships and pound the alarm came..

She is d best singer

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Love her so much

Rihanna is totally awesome I love her so much<3 she is the best singer and song writer ever I hope you always stay the way you are xx

She has swag and she do what ever she want she's not a copycat she try to created something new I love her

The best singer of all time

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7Justin Bieber

I love justin bieber I am glad that he is in the top 10 but he should be 1st & his voice is the best he is a inspirational person. He he very kind to his fans he has made a huge progress through out his time being a pop star and he should come back to the uk after what happened but that's just once he should carry on until he is 85 doing this amazing job of being sexy and a amazing singer he should be 1st in 2013 because his songs are outstanding thanks for reading <3 love you justin bieber hotty fit boy my husband forever <3 follow me on twitter @sophiebieber67

Justin Bieber is se-cute and his voice is so amazing it can not be put in words! His songs are so inspirational and just so brilliant. He also treats his Beliebers and fans like family<3 He has come a long way and worked hard to be where he is now.. His voice is a gift from heaven! <3 && for the haters.. Thanks for paying so much attention to him and pretending ya know everything about him (; haha, he's also hot

I love Justin so so much, I adore my boy, he is perfect and I love everything about him, he is my favourite singer in the whole world and in February I will see him on a concert! I know that my dream will come true and one day I will be able to speak to him face to face and give him a hug! I love him loads and I know he loves me because he says he loves his beliebers loads!

I just love him...

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What is wrong with people? Katy Perry and Justin Bieber ahead of her? She is very talented and deserves #1 spot!

Adele's voice is so distinguishable, and it's so beautiful! Unlike most artists, she uses real instruments (like piano) and uses her own beautiful voice with no autotune. Her music also has extremely meaningful lyrics. Adele should be #1

Adele has way more talent than the top 5 on this list.

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Yes everyone else is good but p! Nk has a something about her and her songs to me like she has a meaning to every song she does and shes got a great voice-she should definitely be number 1! I just love her but to be honest its who we all like really and all these people have grate voices.

If you want to listen to a song with a bunch of power Pink is your choice - vffdvdfv

She gives me inspiration in drama and my life wouldn't be complete without her inspiration.

P! Nk should be on number 1

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10Jessie J

She's an flawless amazing singer, top swag, she's a true artist, FLAWLESS LIVE, TO me she's the hottest in the world an amazing inspiration her songs are inspiring...

Jessie J has soul and she sounds good live well, she sounds better in live than recording. She also has wide vocal range and can play with her voice. "Who You Are" was just perfect.

She is the best singer ever I know people with no taste in music and they like her and at my school for music were learning to ply one of her songs on the ukulele and everyone likes her she should be NO1 not no30

Jessie j is amazing I Got so much respect for her shes beautiful!

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11Demi Lovato

Demi is amazing she got a great voice and a great personality it's amazing how she came back again and stronger than ever she's just simply amazing

She is the most strongest, honest and incredible women ever lived! She has gone through so many things and she came back to our world with a big smile. Her voice is not like any singer we have heard nowadays! She has such a powerful voice and she knows how to use it properly! I can't wait for her 4th album!

Demi's album doesn't have a single bad song in it and that's pretty rare for any singer. Plus she has one of the strongest voices in the industry and a great tone which again is pretty rare. Yet she is so underrated and deserves a lot more credibility for her work and deserves no. 1

Demi you sing so well and I am your fan

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12Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is 20th on the list? Are you kidding me? How in the world can anyone honestly think that Kesha, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Flo Rida, Chris Brown, Rihanna and everyone else is better than her! Whoever thinks that obviously needs their hearing checked because none of them can hold a candle to Kelly when they sing live! Her voice is absolutely incredible!

Kelly Clarkson rocks! She should at least be in the top ten. My favourite Kelly Clarkson song is Dark Side but Mr. Know It All is brilliant and What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger). How can Ke$ha and Eric Saade be ahead of her? Even Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry shouldn't be ahead of her.

Kelly Clarkson has the best singing I had ever heard. Compared to Taylor Swift and Justin Biber, her songs are the best. I always kept listening to her old songs every single chance I can on a free time. Taylor Swift's "Never Ever" was kind of annoying, listening to the same lyrics. Same thing to most of the other singers

Katy second and Taylor Third? Seriously they can't sing to save their lives. Kelly Clarkson easily should be the first, that's why she won a T.V. show. If Taylor was there she won't pass the audition... And I think Eminem is a rapper not a singer. This list is a mass!

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Usher is fantastic <3<3<3<3<3


You are my best singer and your best song is without you

I am usher number one I love him

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She is a great singer, great performer, sexy girl
She is every thing and auto tune fits her very much
I love her debut album anima even though its a little bit old now but I still listen to it
And her new album warrior is pumpin'

She is amazing and wonderful voice


Her songs are amazing best singer of 2012

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15Flo Rida

I mean he does have one of the most inappropriate songs of the 2000s but he has a great voice and if you don't look at it the dirty way, whistle is a really really great song

He is the best in the world and I will remember him till death you rock mann

Crazy my first song was from him low

I pick Flo Rida because I like the song wild ones and other kinds of songs of his.

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16Chris Brown


I love chris brown song

Cool song. I like his song called kiss kiss. Who even likes katy perry and they put her in first what! I would put Chris Brown for first place!

He is too good

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Shakira rocks! I love her music and I loved it since I was 4! I am a Shakira fan! I heart shakira! VIVA SHAKIRA!

Amazing singer in the world. Shakira rock she got a great voice. You guys are not deserves top three. Love you shakira.

She is best singer in the world her voice and her beauty I love her


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18Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly is such a wonderful singer! A really love her song "CALL ME MAYBE"..

Carly Rae Jepsen is an untalented turd who is famous for being a one hit wonder. Why is she even an option?

He is so sexy, his face makes me feel like taking my clothes off.

Good time is the one

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19Emeli Sande

Emeli sande might not be as a good a singer as adele but she is so much better than katy peri peri

20Olly Murs

He is the best singer ever and he should be at the very top of this list! I love Olly Murs!
I saw him in concert and he was incredible, I love every single one of his songs they are all catchy and make me smile, so this is why I think everyone should vote for Olly Murs!
Olly Murs is amazing!

Trouble maker is awesome! Olly murs is number 1 he has so many good songs best singer ever so he should at least be in top 10. If you listen to his songs you will be dancing like mad! If you want to relax there some songs to relax.

HE'S PERFECT, THE BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD AND SHOULD'VE BEEN NUMBER 1. He's my idol and means everything to me, I'm a dedicated Ollyette;) went to see him in concert and he was just as good if not better live than he is recorded! :D

He is just amazing! All his songs are so fun and up beat, he is such a good singer! Olly needs to be near the top!

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