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21Ahhirann - Aur War Nahi
22Sifar - Mita Do

Though it's not my favorite Sifar track - it's still an amazing song. You can really feel the angst in this one

One the very first hard core metal track.
Lyrics and composition is at best.

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23Wo Teri Yaadein - Harfan

Very emotional song. Worth listening for someone who's been in love...

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24Tum Meri Ho - RaethV2 Comments
25Kuch Bhi Karlo - Swastik the Band

Heard it first time on T.V. Couldn't stop myself from downloading it. Very Heart touching and inspiring song. Awesome video too

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26Aagman - Teri Kami

My first song from a Hindi rock band and will be my favorite forever. Its very soulful and connects deeply with anyone who's ever been in love. Totally love this song m/

No words for this song. I just can't even guess in what mood the writer and singer of this song must be. Really awesome piece of work.

Its one of the best song... By Aagman band... Lovely music and lyrics

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27Sha Na Na Na - Euphoria
28Aaja Piya - Andhvaas

This song reminds me of the 60's artistic english rock songs. Now that this song is in hindi and romantic, things get even better.!

Great Song!

The soothing music, the romantic touch and the voice!
This songs mixes rainy day with nostalgic memories. A great, great GREAT song!

The magic of great music and love and romance all in one song!
This song will definitely make its way to the top!

29Mein tenu samjhawa ki - Atif Aslam
30To Phir Aao - Roxen the Band
31Paisa - Aghosh

A really really great song and an even better video. One of the only funny songs on this list and truly a gem

32Pyaas - Jal the Band
33Bandish - Bandish
34Aa Bhi Jaa - The Lost Symbols?

The best alt rock band of India

35Bikhar Gaya Hoon Main - Jaazib
36Aashayein - Antariksh
37Mera Bichraa Yaar - Strings
38Qaid - Paradigm Shift

Best of the lot. Needs to go to the top. Lyrics, Music, Video is brilliant. Rock with Classical feel.

39Farmaan - Hasratein
40Undivided Attention Chahiye - Ahhirann
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