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21CharizardCharizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

If mega charizard x beat mewtwo then this Pokemon has to be a beast charizard is the most powerful fire type Pokemon ever he can just beat all fire types he can beat grass types easily with his fire moves and he can beat water types with solar beam grass type move grass waters weakness and some water types are weak to electric charizard knows thunder punch electric move. Charizard is the best and he is effective against lots of Pokemon types like Grass, bug, steel, fighting and fairy. Plus it has two mega evolutions and can fly it beat blastoise ands just awesome

Charizard is a beast. He is a combination of fire, flying and awesome! His outrage, flamethrower, earthquake, and fire blast will just demolish all the Pokemon in your party.

Imagine Life without him! Charizard is overrated and you gotta admit it. But at least he is better than blastoise and venusaur

I know wright

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Its a great pokemon with a good attack stat and decent defense with a good move pool. Granted it does not have unique typing. With a chain of pokemon like feraligators I'm surprised it has not been added yet to this list, plus it is one the best water types out there and can be good add to a number of teams, and stratigies.


All but emboar this is the second best starter and 5th best Pokemon

It is not a starter, it is the final form of totodile

FERALIGATR IS GOD he's has the best moves ever! he's even cool looking!

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Infernape is my favourite Pokemon of all time, mainly because he was the first starter I ever had. His attack stats combined with his amazing speed made him nearly unstoppable when using him in Pokemon diamond. definitely the best fire fighting type out there (blaziken was cool, don't get me wrong. )

This fire-fighting monkey is fast, powerful, and really cool Pokemon that can take your team to the chopping block. Be aware from its kicks and punches
Cause it can take your team out

Infernape in my view is the best fire type starter pokemon as it can know supercool moves like flare blitz, stone edge, thunder punch, close combat, focus blast, blast burn. What else do you want from a starter pokemon. It even has stunning looks

Blaze mode infernape can take any starter

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Its a Ninja + Frog. What makes that's more even cooler than Water/Dark Type

Can kill grass types with ice beam and can kill fighting types with extrasensory, only weaknesses are bug and electric, plus, protean powers up its already boss attacks, Greninja is a god!

Ninja Frog Water Dark type Tongue for a scarf Awesome Shiny Form Protean Ability WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!?!?

I have a ninja, I have a Frog, UGH! Greninja.

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25BlazikenBlaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

The only starter to become uber, thanks to speed boost. He was my favorite pokemon before his ability, but now he can outspeed and rip apart most who stand in his way with his new friend Groudon.

Blaziken is my favorite Pokemon ever he can only be beaten by one Pokemon which is Absol

Blaziken is great!

New ability speed boost, overpowered mega, super cool-looking - DudeDude

Blaziken is the best because he I s super fast and is super effective against so many pokemon

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Wicked, I made it through the whole game with just Tepig. It is very powerful so I recommend it

Tepig is up here twice... Weird. At least this guy spelled it right. (yes I am the person that said Tepig looked like a pig with rabbit ears: a good thing, trust me). Anyway Tepig is awesome. It could cream Snivy any day and when it evolves into Emboar you can have it learn wild charge and cream all the stupid Oshawotts. Go for the TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! TEPIG! YAY!

Of course, since my Tepig rarely fainted throughout the WHOLE game, and I mean, like, it is SO strong!

Wait why is Tepig up here twice

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I prefer Charizard. EVERY Pokemon is on this list so its not fair not every Pokemon can be the best

He is the best out of all of them who is really cool loking and poison plus he is the first starter that was ever mad

He rocked a lot. He is super powerful and never failed me. He rocks.

Venusaur is so cool! He could make cherry blossoms in winter!

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For those of you who've played Pokémon: Colosseum, you probably kept Espeon on your team all the way through. It's been my favorite starter so far, and I think Nintendo should mess around more with starters, instead of the classic Fire/Water/Grass. Unfortunately, the Umbreon that you get (You get both at the beginning) is fairly weak, which is a shame since I like Umbreon almost as much as I do Espeon.

This Pokemon is so smart in mystery dungeon! And she's psychic type! Another type that I love! But I think its too girly to be male it should only be female

Don't forget umbreon you start with them both in Pokemon colosseum

It can tell what is going to happen, before it happens. FUTURE SIGHT.

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Blastoise is the tankiest, most powerful, and just the best starter, the pure fact that his hydro pump can make pure steel into nothing is so awesome that you can't beat blastoise. His combination of ice, water, ground, and fighting moves can beat anything that comes in his path.

How is Blastoise number 26 his should be number 2 after that fire lizard

How's he so low on best water Pokemon he's on the top

He's cooler than the ugly Char-ugly-zard.

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Jow is empoleon not at the top at least in the top ten. This steel penguin wreaks havoc on every thing. How is torchic even higher then it. It's the biggest beast hands down

Empoleon is a blade armed, blizzard making, beast of a bird. Its blizzard and hydro pump will wreck half of a well put together team. 2nd best water starter probably ever.

Empoleon is awesome he should at least be 6th

He's the emporer! there's no more to it!

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Really? This beast of a Pokemon does not deserve to be here it is much better than you thought.

LOOK. AT. THE. TREECKO. POST. I do agree with you though, Sceptile is the best.

He looks like a Christmas tree! I love Christmas trees! If I could have a 2nd ORAS starter I would choose Sceptile!

Sceptile should be number #1, he's my first ever starter Pokemon (treecko first of course)

Sceptile is so awesome!

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This Pokemon is just totally beast. The combination of a grass and ground type makes it unstoppable. With the combination of earthquake, leaf storm, synthesis and a filler makes it truly a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention its ample defense doesn't hurt.

Torterra, the self producing earthquake island Pokemon. Nothing else really has to be said. Its combination of frenzy plant and earthquake is powerful enough to make bird Pokemon feel in danger (not literally) it is so tanky that flying barely shakes it. And it can do the job well

Why is Turtwig a higher rank than its evolution, also why is there turtwig and torterra counted as a different starter, anyways, torterra is a tank, and can take a lot of super effective hits before dying. Also, he has the highest attack base stat out of all the sinnoh starters. Look it up if you don't believe me.

This pokemon is awesome.

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I remember the first time I used this Pokemon. It unleashed sheer havoc, being able to take virtually anything with it's really high defense. This Pokemon with Shadow Ball is just a match made in heaven.

Umbreon had a lot of both dark and psychic, well we know that the dark has many resistance and also psychic. Umbreon had a strong defense but low low in attack otherwise, it is fast. But UMBREON is hard to get

Please. VOTE

I can't understand what he/she's saying'

Only word... Beast

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Emboar is a sack of trash when I beat every game and beat red with level fifties I had trouble with the fourth gym I had to evolve him to em oaf before he even had a chance. I play again use oshawott and beat the gym first try. Emboar is garbage in every way bad stats horrible move and his design makes me barf honestly your better off with oshawatt. And if you think his appearance is good it's trash compared to the other ones serperior is a giant serpent with and awesome sort of thing going on and samorott pulls swords out of his ARMS emboar is just a fat ugly pig on steroids

He's useful, fun to use, and no, he doesn't suck.If you say its a bad pokemon you have clearly no experience with it.

Well when people say he sucks they are calling arceus and Mewtwo unable to survive while walking because emboar is vastly superior to every Pokemon

Don't get me wrong! I love Tepig, I love Pignite, but Emboar wasn't really my stile. Its just very ugly. Should be on the top 10 ugliest not best

Best ever best ever at being bad LOL

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I like Serperior. Why doesn't anyone else like it? Its really awesome and cool. Also whoever posted dragonite here has problems... ITS STARTERS!

She or he is really cool so pick it!

Serperior is nasty... Bulbasaur is my favorite though

Serperior is amazing

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Ho-oh I'm in love with you your a legendary search it bird Ho-oh wait you can't your a bird but a cool and swag one his not a starter

Ho-oh is awesome but, its crazy hard to catch! I had to throw 34 ultra-balls to catch it!

When the list goes from best started Pokemon, to every Pokemon in existence.

Because Ho-oh is totally a starter pokemon.

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Honestly, Litten made the best first impression out of the gen 7 starters to me. I loved the design & it just sort of spoke to me. however, I'll have to know more about all 3 before I fully commit to one. I feel it will become a fire & dark-type, based on the color scheme, which is good since I really love dark. Again, though, I'm still gonna have to wait & see.

Immediately when I saw litten, I knew I'd get him for my starter in sun/moon! Just thinking of its mega evolution gets me excited! (If it has one...)

Litten is very good but I have to say I'm going for either the owl or popplio but that still took a long time to decide

To be honest. Litten is the best starter (besides froakie) EVER! - BonnieRules

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The best Gen 7 starter, its just so cute and interesting. Especially when it turns its head 180 degrees

I'm probably gonna pick him in Sun. But I'm definitely picking popplio in moon.

I think Rowlet is the best out of the 3.

I chose it and it lived up to his challenges

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Now your just putting random Pokemon in here, These aren't starter Pokemon and nor is Porygon-Z, its not a starter Pokemon it's a Pokemon you get later in the game

I got porygon-Z in a randomiser and thanks to the special and physical split introduced in diamond and pearl this thing dominated because of its early game special attack, However under normal circumstances it's not a starter

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I have gotten a lot of starter pokemon and the best one I have gotten was Samurott, I got him all the way up to level 100 by the end of the game and he is also probably the best water type in my opinion, sorry Kyogre.

I beat the elite four and champion using ONLY this Pokemon and a Reshiram. And I used Samurott until I reached the champion so its actually the strongest but I think it should be part fighting and it should have sturdy or something but its still my favourite

This water type is very good at resistance, its defense is very high. It can hit hard and will take fire, ground, and rock types to town. A good starter.

Do not underestimate the power of a samurott

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