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41 Typhlosion

This fire weasel is a very good starter, now that may sound horrible, but it is the best starter of johto. Its fire blast is very devistating, and its other moves can take out many grass, steel, ice and bug types to come.

I prefer Cyndaquil. This is basically just an angry big Cyndaquil. The design doesn't change

Got serious power and has a great look

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42 Ivysaur

I already voted for swampert (because he is best) but Ivysuar is awesome! Nobody likes him though! He is ADORABLE as bulbasuar too!

Not many people like hime but he is really good though please bubasaur fans vote please

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43 Popplio Popplio

At first I didn't think Popplio was so great. I chose Litten. I know Popplio is cute but I didn't think is was helpful at first but give it a chance guys. It's evolutions are cute and cool. After looking at it's evolutions, I started to love this Pokemon. Plus it's evolution is a fairy type meaning it can take down dragon types like Druddigon or Dragonite. Don't get me wrong I love all Gen 7 starters. Finally Evolved Litten is a beast. And Rowlet becomes a ghost type which is cool, but fairy types are pretty powerful and Popplio is actually pretty good, so give it a chance.

I know people say it looks dopey and boring and all, but I think Popplio is kind of cute. Out of the Sun and Moon starters, I was actually drawn to Popplio the most. Those cute, floppy paws, and that smiling mouth, and those big, irresistible eyes!

EVERYBODY hates popplio for some odd reason... But, honestly, popplio is MY FAVORITE out of the three. I don't see why people hate him... His evolution, is going to be one of the BEST starters ever. Just all u haters watch...

I was actually gonna start with Popplio at first. But then I saw Decidueye and quickly changed my mind. However, I watched MandJTV Pokevids' Wonderlocke with his Primarina, and he SWEEPED TEAMS! So in my second play through, I will start out with Popplio, 100%. Also, I can't see what people hate about it. It's SO CUTE! And it's evolutions have great designs and Primarina's Fairy typing adds on a nice immunity to Dragon. So yeah. Definitely #TeamPopplio. - Absolite

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44 Zekrom Zekrom

It's so powerful that it can destroy Arceus with any electric type move and make up new moves which is cannot be stop I want him.

Zekrom is an awesome legendary Pokemon but not a starter Pokemon

Zekrom would so beat Arceus if Arceus used a lot of fire type moves.

It can't beat kyurem but it can beat almost everything else! ITS NOT A STARTER! the owners of this website are just taking Pokemon out of a box,most of them I saw so far aren't starters!

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45 Delphox Delphox

Delphox is the best Pokemon ever beat all gyms only using it

Can't defeated the rock gym Delphic is awesome still though

I love Delphox because she is Over powered I wish she had a mega evolution

This pokemon is ugly and worst pokemon to me

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46 Charmeleon Charmeleon

He is awesome I used the ever stone because I couldn't say good by to him and wake up the next morning to overgrown lizard he is really good but levels up to fast for my liking

Charmeleon my 2nd phase to charizard I like when you evolve into charmeleon because he learns dragon rage plus he looks and is epic

Charmeleon is a starter Pokemon, It evolves from Charmander

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47 Tropius Tropius

Cheat cheat cheat it is not a starter

Man when I had the choice between the beloved charmander, the creative and new froakie, and all the others I just had to go with tropius

Ah, this brings back my memories of me and my Tropius in Omega Ruby (I still play itMan, good times

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48 Chesnaught Chesnaught

This grass-fighting beast of a starter Pokemon is a good first Pokemon for beginners, its poison jab and frenzy plant attack are two great combinations to kick off a battle. Its not the best but it's a good one

Chestnaught is the best hands down. He has big hands for attacking and a huge shell thing on his back that gives him great defense. I'm all about defense. He also is my favorite type grass.

Best stage 2 ever besides flygon Scolipede and Luxray

Chespin is the 19th best.

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49 Quilava Quilava

Quilava has an awesome design. He's definitely the best stage 1 starter in Pokemon

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50 Farfetch'd

Not a starter but its still one of my favourite Pokemon

51 Gardevoir Gardevoir

...Gardevoir is not a starter. Sure, that was Wally's first Pokemon, but that was Wally. He needed that sort of Pokemon to help him...besides...Gallade is better...

Gardevoir ain't a starter. But it is an awesome pokemon

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52 Psyduck

Psyduck isn't a starter Pokemon you can catch it in water

I love psyduck one he might be a dumduck but he can really kick I especially love his evolve form golduck it kinda reminds me of a vaporian except in a duck form and standing upXD

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53 Bastiodon

He's the best starter Pokemon by FAR. He's obviously like an actual starter and stuff

This is a piece of crap who posted this

This is no starter it's a piece of crap

Who on planet earth posted THIS one. Typical Monday to start off your Pokemon DP with a Bastiodon. I am impressed. LOVING the horrible ignorance that exists within this post.

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54 Giratina Giratina Giratina is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Giratina first appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but gained prominence in the sister game, Pokémon Platinum, which it was made the mascot of.

Giratina origin is the rarest Pokemon

Giratina is not a starter Pokemon it's a legendary Pokemon

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55 Vulpix Vulpix

Vulpix is a cute smart Pokemon but its not a starter

56 Prinplup

Its really overdesigned. Lets just make sure Piplup doesn't evolve ever again

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57 Scraggy

What the heck is it with not actual starter pokemon. Scraggy plus half of the pokemon on here aren't starters.

He not a starter AND he sucks! Scrafty also sucks

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58 Frogadier

I really like frogadier but I chose froakie because froakie is #14 on this list and I want him to win

He can probably get a mega evolution if the game allows it like in the show

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59 Servine

PLUS it has all sorts of absorbing moves! It's also effective against the first two types: Earth and Water, and by then, it's already a beast!

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60 Raichu Raichu

He's an awesome and rare Pokemon

Not a starter because you can't evolve the Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow. - Goatworlds

Raichu is a cute awesome Pokemon but its not a starter Pokemon

Some rare poke this

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