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Its because of its cannons
Blastoise can use hydro cannon and hydro launcher that is very strong even in fire type pokemons

When something is perfect... Its perfect. You have a giant Tortoise with mechanical water pressurized cannons located within its shell to cause serious damage while behind a castle wall defense. Train his both his defenses give him left overs. Get him with Iron Defense, Aqua Ring, Toxic and Rapid Spin (or Surf) and just see how far you get with him Pvp... The only reason they didn't make Blastoise a Steel Type in Gen 2 Was cause he'd just be too Overpowered and we all know it.

Its RAPID SPIN can flew away nuisance HP decliner moves like LEECH SEED, WRAP, SPIKES and others. Then add its good body figure, stocky with two highly accurate cannons!

I am a big water Pokemon fan and I have to say Blastoise is one of my favorite water Pokemon!

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Isn't it funny that the most weakest pokemon evolves into this horrible and powerful monster

Gyrados kicks ass because it learns earthquake which can kill it double weakness against electric and it can learn ice type moves plus it has a super high attack stat

I think Gyarados is good because although it is not ground type, it can also use earthquake. So it can kill pure or half steel except flying. It can also use ice type move.

I don't have one but my friend does and it is good because some have three attacks

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Swampert has the highest base stat total of all starter pokemon (so far). It has a secondary ground type, which totally eliminates one of Water-type's weaknesses, the Ground type. It only has ONE weakness, Grass, although it is a 4 times damage increase. Swampert makes up for this by being able to learn Ice type attacks, such as Ice Beam, Ice Punch, Avalanche, and Blizzard. It has a rather low Speed stat, which benefits in learning Avalanche. I think Swampert should be at the top of this list, because it looks cool, has amazing stats, learns great moves, and has only one weakness. Pokémon Sapphire was my first Pokemon game I was truly interested in, and Mudkip was my first starter (named him Nimbus). He led me all the way to the end of Pokémon Sapphire, and beating that game ignited my interest in playing all of the Pokémon games.

What type can honestly beat Swampert? Any grass-type Pokemon will get man-handled by ice moves. Swampert can take care of any Pokemon it battles with the right sec of moves.

Swampert: my first Pokemon game was Pokemon Emerald so I was wondering which starter to choose. My brother said to choose Torchic, but I ditched that idea and chose Mudkip, the coolest looking out of all of them (sorry bro). Swampert is the powerhouse of all starters. Solid stats and fair defense makes it a nightmare to stand up against in a battle. My first Swampert new Earthquake, Surf, Toxic and Rest. Rest saved my butt in the Elite Four because I stocked up on a ton of Chesto Berries. When I battled with my friends, Toxic would always be the deciding factor. Pokemon that are immune to Toxic? I think EQ and Surf can take care of that. My first starter, and by far, my first tank in Pokemon

Water and ground... KICKS ASS!

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Obviously, Empoleon is the only water and steel type pokemon, and knows many powerful moves. I bet it can beat any pokemon in battles. Empoleon trainers like me can beat the champion any time!

I'm a trainer who specializes in water types and I've used every pokemon in the top 10 on this list and empoleon even being considered against these pokemon is an insult to empoleon. Empoleon is the greatest pokemon EVER. That means it is better than arceus mewtwo and all those other legendaries. It is water-steel type that has ELEVEN RESISTANCES AND ONLY THREE WEAKNESSES. And good stats that let it destroy anything that is foolish enough to stand in its way. Empoleon is the best pokemon ever.

Its power and strength. Its glamorous. Well surely on my opinion it is better than Blastoise but has a slight disadvantage over Fire Type.

Empoleon should be above swampert! Empoleon rocks!

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Lapras is a great pokemon:

Let's start with the ability.
- Water Absorb gives Lapras an immunity to Water.
- Hydration with kill status problem with a Rain Dance.
- Shell Armor means NO critical hits, what-so-ever.

Now, the attacks.

- Sing is a starter move, which gives you an upper hand on attacks.
- It learns TONS of Special moves, and Stab adds to this.
- Perish Song kills both pokemon, Lapras and the foe. Though, if you use it wisely, the ove is really beneficial.
- Sheer Cold is a One Hit KO move, which is good.

- Breeding Lapras with a Stunfish will teach the baby Lapras Fissure. Train it up high and it learns Sheer Cold. There's two One Hit KO moves.
- Lapras learns some Dragon moves as well.
- Lapras can also learn a Psychic move, along with Sleep Talk and/or Curse (Ghost Type).

- Lapras has the ability to learn Thunder and Thunderbolt. When battling a water leader and use a Lapras with Water ...more


Lapras is ' wicked! I know they're supposed to be peaceful, but if they need to fight they're super strong. They're also a great source of transportation! Go Lapras!

Lapras is just the very best. No need for explanations.

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When I was 10 this was my fav pokemon, I had a lv 100, I used to see if I could beat the entire elite 4 with just this one pokemon. Ahhh good memories. - dragon13304

Feraligatr is super cute and powerful what ever it does! I love the way how it can learn ice type moves I beated the whole elite 4 in my game only with my feraligatr when I first did it. I have never fainted in my game either so I'm really happy with him

Despite my love for fire pokemon, feraligatr was my first pokemon. He has awesome attack and defense. Not to mention the fact that none of the others stand a chance against it (typhlosion does come close though).

Feraligatr was my fist Johto starter AND is my fave Pokemon of all time! It really helped me out with Claire's stoopid dragon with ice fang. It DESERVES a mega evolution!

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Vaporeon is the best I use vaporeon as my bulky water type in my water dance team. Not only can vaporeon take multiple hits but also has few weaknesses and is not very affected by grass knot. In my opinion VAPOREON IS THE BOMB!

I admit, I chose Bulbasaur over Squirtle back in the days when I played the first three version of Fire, Water and Grass. But when I stumble an Eevee which can evolve into one of the three tier of evolutions.

I decided to change it into Vaporeon to make up for not choosing Blastoise and I'm glad to do so. Cause Mega-Blastoise, too much. New kick ass appearance COOL. Over-all base stat NOT COOL. I mean if everyone is gonna choose either Blastoise or Garyados for the Mega evolutions in a long run, other water Pokemon isn't so watery anymore and that's just sad.

But what am I talking about?! This is Vaporeon, a water cat like that jets with bubbles! I LIKE IT! :) With Hp stat start on 130 similar to Lapras which a true contender to Vaporeon itself. I can respect both of them cause of the reasonable movepool and it's fantastic yet cute cuddly designs. And let's not forget the anime.

The only reason I chose Vaporeon over Lapras is that Lapras unfortunately have 4 type ...more

I love vaporeon because there so cute and I like water type pokemons!
i wish I had a vaporeon.

Easily one of the best water types there is. Water absorb, the bulk, can be ran different ways. I love Vaporeon.

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Excellent dual STABs in Waterfall and Outrage coupled with Dragon Dance make Kingdra a top threat capable of sweeping unprepared teams. Kingdra's excellent defensive typing, along with its deceptively bulky stats, allow it to take strong special hits and Dragon Dance with a comfortable amount of HP remaining. Suicune and Starmie, two excellent checks to other Dragon-types, usually hope to bait Outrage, only to find themselves unable to stop Kingdra from setting up two or three Dragon Dances, then Rest and restore itself to full health thanks to Chesto Berry. Chesto Berry will not cure anything but sleep, so Pokemon relying on Will-O-Wisp or Toxic might think that they have beaten or crippled Kingdra, only to find they have given it an opportunity to gain more boosts before healing off status with Rest. With its boosted Waterfall, Kingdra is able to beat many Pokemon without locking itself into Outrage, and becomes very difficult to stop if the opponent no longer has a defensive wall ...more

Kingdra is cool mainly because he is water and dragon type. The fact that he is water type makes him much less weak against ice types - who are normally best against dragon types. This makes his only weakness dragon. However, because he is dragon type, he can fight off his own weakness, and further more, he is a water type which allows him to learn ice type moves - which are also good against dragon types.

Kingdra and Pilkia are only weak to dragon only and Kingdra and Pilkia are both Dragon type so Kingdra can beat all water pokemon apart from Pilkia but this can use in the Battle Subway while Pilkia can't. Kingdra might not have high defense or special defense but YYAAWWNN can't make pokemon sleepy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz then Kingdra finish them off.

I use one on my team. Focus Energy, Scope Lens, Sniper. Wrecks house.

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Why is this pokemon in 8th place?
Starmie is one of the most versatile pokemon in pokemon world.
Teach it powerful special attacks like Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Psychic. With its high special attack and speed, starmie can defeat all pokemon. I caught a staryu in vermilion in leaf green and evolved it into a starmie, then it became my best pokemon throughout the game.

It is a crap for real trainers but for you it is a great Pokemon. Are you crazy? - kormo

It's speed and sp. Attack are way higher than Blastoise. And Blastoise can only learn ice and water but starmie can learn water, ice, electric and psychic moves

Starmie is the best because Surf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and Psychic will just sweep those kanto elite 4. It's also fast not like other water types. Can also learn recover to heal itself. BEST WATER POKEMON EVER. My Favorite.

Starmie should be higher due to its speed and its ability to not only use high level water Attacks but can also use all electric and psychic type attacks which makes it the most diverse water Pokemon of all

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Killer special attack, plus drizzle, its STAB hydro pump smashes anything that doesn't resist it really hard. Add choice specs, and it's unmatched in the category of H20 Pokemon. Have no idea why it's languishing at 8th spot.

Kyogre is the master of every pokemon, UNBEATABLE in my opinion! :)

This Pokemon is a true force of nature. Even though I had Groudon and Rayquaza, I still trembled when my cousin brought this monster onto the field during our link battles. Groudon would be finished off with Water Spout or Hydro Pump, and Rayquaza would suffer death by Ice Beam! The rest of my arsenal was no match for this beast. STAB plus rain made its water attacks extremely powerful, and high special defense meant that even super effective grass and electric attacks barely had any effect. Truly the greatest of all water Pokemon.

Kyogre is a legendary, and that's that

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Milotic is a great Pokemon. I mean, no one cannot tell me they've never tried to catch a Feebas and then evolve it into a Milotic. It's a rare Pokemon that can kill it's opponents if it's trained right (that includes EV, not sure about IV) and has the right (or if there's no right, then the BEST) move set. I mean, it can learn Rest. ______. You could take down the Elite 4 with it (I'm not sure about this, I'm still trying to beat the Elite 4 in my Ruby just to get a Pamtre berry to guarantee it's going to be max beauty) and if you're Milotic is really low on HP, you could just use Rest! :D Just make sure it's higher than level 85? <


It has a great ability called marvel scale, toxic, and scald and recover plus whatever else you want it also can a lot of hits so it will stall you out and let toxic widdle you down while switching between recover and scald plus leftovers giving it a little health back every turn (unless hit by knock off)

Milotic is a wonderful and amazingly powerful Pokemon and deserves at least a top 5 spot

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Greninja as of ORAS it has access to low kick and gunk shot. Low kick takes down Kangaskan and Snorlax and Gunk Shot OHKOS any Azumarill. Greninja can learn Water shutiken a priority water type move. This allows Greninja to take down a Gale Wings Talonflame and Bkaziken. If Water Shuriken hits up to 5 times it has 75 base power. Greninja can defeat water types as well with grass knot taking out Blastoise. If Greninja has Hidden Power Fire it will take out a Scizor since Scizor will go for the Bug Bite or U Turn. Greninja can learn Uturn which gives it momentum in battle allowing it to switch in and out. Greninja learn ice punch and ice beam taking away the value of all dragon types other than Kyurem which is BANNED as well as Greninja itself.Greninja can be used as a return Pokemon with max happiness and a revenge killer. It might even receive a potential Mega evolution in the sequel to Pokemon XY and it would carry over its protean ability. Greninja is the best dark type. Greninja is ...more

Greninja is way better than Blastoise. Mat block is this man's signiture move. It provides protection for your whole team (mostly in triple and double battles) which allows you to lay traps such as toxic spikes and stealth rock.
This also has the best ability in the game. Protean. Instant STAB, which means it gets an extra 50% power for attacking. It also confuses the opponent.
Last but not least is its speed. It is the fastest water type there is (I think...). This allows it to hit fast and hard.
Overall, if you add everything up, you will understand why it is the best. Blastoise may be the best Pokemon anime wise, but Greninja is the best competitively. It also has cool looks.

Greninja, with Protean, can make every attack do less damage. Grass type attack coming? Use Ice Beam, it changes into Ice. Has it changed into Dark, and there is a Fighting enemy? Use a Flying- Acrobatics attack. This thing sweeps out all Pokemon because of his high attack, SpAtk, and Speed. Low Defenses are no problem when you're a Sweeper. and changing into the move's type makes the move even 1,5 as strong. Learn it some Grass and Fighting crushing moves. This Pokémon will be unstoppable. You can't outrun it. His power is too strong. Works really well.

greninja's in the house! why is this in 12th place I don't know, but is fast like a plane, offensive and have protean ability, do you know what that means... EVERY SINGLE MOVE IS STAB. there's no way to counter it, and it can be water/dark/ice/poison/normal any type of its attacks, he will have it too...

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Samurott isn't that bad. You all don't realize it but he's the best water type starter. He's got spec attack almost like charizard and attack that makes charizard cry(please don't hate me charizard. I love you). Plus decent hp and mediocre defenses. He's worth using.

Really? Way down here? Samurott is the best water type starter. With it great spat and at it can be a mixed sweeper. Teaching it swords dance would further make him beast. Even Blastoise's defends wouldn't keep him down.

Samurott is very good stat-wise. While it has mediocre defense and Speed, its attacks (both) make up for that. When it DOES get to attack, it hits hard.

It is at number 13! It is best water type Pokemon.

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Palkia is the best than any other he should be coming first because he is a legendry Pokemon he is the best among the 5 legendry Pokemon

PALKIA! Is the best

The thing is a legendary him and dialga are rated the 4 best pokemon judged by the creater

Palkia is a badass.

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Cloyster is a tank with amazing sweeping capabilities. With Shell Smash and the amazing STAB move that is Icicle spear and the ability Shell Link he can sweep entire teams if used correctly. I also think he's the best ice type Pokémon in the game. The only problem is, is that I don't know why he's on this list since he's a ice type Pokémon and not a water type.

He looks like a vagina

Because of his high defense stat, his Skill link ability and the moves Shell Smash and Icicle spear, Cloyster can be quite a useful Pokemon.

Many a time I've took out a legendary with cloyster's ice shard

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I like wailord because of its hp which is so much and also the attacks damaged which is pretty strong. It's also because the move. One of the move was water spout which is perfect to Wailord. It's also unique and the largest pokemon. Wailord also can learn dive, bounce, and hydro pump without any TM or HM.


I forgot to point out he has the HIGHEST health base stat of all Water Pokemon.

Wailord is the best

It's a fat whale, what's not to love

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I can't believe you people! I'm not trying to be mean, but have you guys ever used this beast?! In the remakes of omega ruby alpha sapphire, this guy is a destroyer! With the fairy typing he/she can wipe out the dragon type elite four member! BEAST!

I think Azumarill is the best. Belly drum with Aqua jet is really op

Two words. HUGE POWER! Coupled with Azumarill's well rounded water/fairy STAB, not much will survive a hit from the good ol' choice banded blue bunny.

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Squirtle is boss how dare you put him at 34 he is the best starter of them all¡!

Squirtle rules. He is one of my favorite water Pokemon and can become a badass with the moves Hydro Pump and Hydro Cannon.

What is wrong with you people Squirtle should be number one

Oshawott is better than squirtle. squirtle sucks in front of oshawott

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It has high special defense and defense and just looks sweet

Suicune my favourite Pokemon it is just so beautiful and elegant yet strong and bulky, his access to calm mind ice beam etc makes him a force to be reckoned with.

suicune is great and cool its very strong for your team - lugia10158

Why should he be in top 19 he should be in top 1 because he is best water Pokemon

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Giga Drain + Rain Dance + (any move) + (any move) + Rain Dish/Swift Swim = Perfect Speedy Drainer or Annoying Drainer But yea, it is a Pokemon who can knock out the weakness to Fire and Grass

Epic learns double team listen fool it should be first don't believe me talk to wallace

Double typing make it have a little advantage over other water types

It's the weakness of fire type and grass type

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