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1Muhammad Ali

If Ali were in the same weight class as Manny he would destroy him. Ali would dissect Manny's brains and make him believe he was invincible. Physically Ali had faster hands, better foot work, the best jab of all time, a diamond chin that was unbreakable and a heart that wouldn't give in. Mentally he is just too smart for Manny, He would psych Manny out and toy with him before and during the fight. He is a genius, and that can't be beaten.

Easily the Greatest of All Time, the greatest boxer, thinker, competitor, role model, and the greatest leader for loving people, competing with his all, and not thinking of his self.

Was Most fearsome boxer in the world he should be no 1

Greatest of all time nothing to say.

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2Manny Pacquiao


Pound for pound BEST IN THE WORLD!... I'm glad he's number one... I mean its not like he has to prove anything.

spell Manny Pacquiao in English, "THE BEST"
you know why? because he is the best.

Manny is decent but not nearly as good as others on the list he doesn't deserve to be second

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3Mike Tyson

I get kind of tired of people giving Tyson less credit than he deserves and its bull. Everybody complains about how Tyson just fought average fighters and not the best and when he fought the good fighters he lost. Tyson dominated for about 5 or 6 years fighting pretty much the best of his time. Yes he beat an old Larry Holmes and Michael Spinks but lets admit do you really think that those bag of bone boxers could beat one of the strongest punchers of all time by using jabs and crosses? Mike would beat them if they were in their prime the only reason why Larry ever became famous anyways was because he won against a old Muhammad Ali its funny how no one ever brings that up how Larry won against an ancient Ali but everyone brings up Tyson won against ancient Larry Holmes. Then Spinks came into the argument you know at least Larry was able to last about 3 or 4 rounds but Spinks got knocked out in 91 seconds that's is basically domination. By the time he went to fight Buster Douglas Tyson wasn't the same. He fired his good coach and started to get knocked down in sparring. He did tons of drugs including weed, cocaine, alcohol, and more. Plus Don King pretty much brought him downhill. So actually their is a lot of excuses but it was Tyson's fault. However I do think even if Tyson was on the right track Douglas would still have a good chance so I think it could go either way anyways. Plus how do you expect someone who is 5'11 to beat someone who is 6'4, heavier by at least 20 pounds, and outreaches him by at least 9 or 10 inches. Tyson still had some fight in him but only for about a couple more years. By the time the Evander fight was scheduled of course Tyson went to jail for three years! That's a lot of time without no sparring, practice, and robs him out of experience. Then when the Holyfield fight finally came Tyson was basically washed up. Evander had more experience at that point and was honestly a lot more motivated than Tyson was to do the fight. To be honest Evander still wasn't even doing that good against Tyson and tried to play the I'm not afraid of you bull. Well I bet Holyfield is afraid of him now after Tyson bite his ear off plus Evander head butted causing a huge gash above Tyson's eye and Tyson even told the referee and nothing happened not to mention all the other head butts Holyfield did. I'm not really going to mention his other fights he lost like against Lennox Lewis or Danny Williams Tyson was basically done and was just doing the sport for money then. Tyson in his prime had supreme power, speed, timing, movement, just everything. I think the only people who would have a chance against a prime Tyson are Buster Douglas, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, and well that's about it. People say Tyson is overrated and really wasn't that good but people also forget Tyson was and is still the youngest person on earth to earn all three heavyweight championship belts and is a two time world champion.

Tyson was the most exploited boxer in terms of "myth building" by Don King's organized crime organization and the sporting press ate it up which created the most over rated fighter in history! Tyson was a wonderful combo of speed and power and given the tomato cans that his handlers put in front of him, he was destined to reach the top of the heavyweight division at some point but it was no accident that a boxer with power like Buster Douglas knocked Tyson out early on because Tyson was vulnerable to a big puncher. He was never again to face a quality opponent until the two Holyfield defeats and then the Lewis destruction. George Foreman never got the chance to fight Tyson as his promoters knew that the match up of styles would expose the five foot eleven Tyson to the knockout power of the out of shape, aging Foreman. If you want to understand the heavyweight division you should study film footage of the greats like Jack Johnson, Evander Holyfield. George Foreman, Joe Frazier and even George Chuvalo (OK Cassius Clay was great even though some of his fights were fixed) and realize that this division was historically the most corrupted due to the heavy betting and huge gate receipts generated by the heavies. Comparing all in their prime - Jack Johnson beats them all!

When it comes to the two best of all time it's no doubt Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. When it comes to Ali vs Tyson I pick Tyson every time. Tyson won against tomato cans as you say but he also had some a lot of good wins and if Tyson and Holyfield would have fought in 1991 I bet the fight would have been a different outcome. You say Tyson never won against anybody to good and lost to the best competition. Not completely true Tyson is the youngest man on earth to have ever to capture all three heavyweight belts and it a two time world champion. Tyson was in a time of newer and improved fighters while Ali was in a class of people that were not in his league. Ali is good no doubt but could Ali deal with what Tyson dealt with? Ali beat Sonny Liston wasn't Liston just the regular brawler? Floyd Patterson was really no different than Liston he didn't move very well and was very slow. Anyone see how George Foreman fights? As Ali said he fights like a mummy and that you can out run a mummy. George was successful 95% because of his strength and size besides that he has terrible defense, is a slow fighter, and really wasn't in Ali's league. No Ali fan seems to bring up the Frazier fight too much but what I'm trying to say is that all the opponents Ali faced might have been more famous than Tyson's opponents but we're they better? Could Ali handle Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Razor Ruddock, or any of the other tough competitors? They were better than all of Ali's opponents except maybe Frazier and exceptionally Foreman. You might say that Tyson was a brawler that he relied completely on his strength if you say that than you don't know what you're talking about. Look at Tyson's highlights strength, speed, heart, accuracy, fitness, he had it all he looked better than Ali in every way including having the punching power to launch somebody through the ropes.

Mike Tyson is the best boxer who have talented individuals

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4Sugar Ray Robinson

Ali said himself and always maintained that Sugar Ray Robinson is the greatest boxer of all time.

He said of himself, he was the best heavyweight. And because he was the larger man, not the better boxer he would have beaten a Sugar.
Pound for pound Sugar was the best.

Roy Jones wouldn't win against Sugar with both men in their prime even if they fought ten times!

Pound for pound Sugar Ray Robinson was the greatest boxer of all time his record wins in professional and amateur speak for themselves. He was officially never knocked out by any fighter and he fought until he was 45 years old. The man won boxing titles in welter and middle weight divisions. His only blemish is his TKO loss to light heavyweight champion Joey Maxium. A fight he was winning on all judges scoring card until the fight was stopped because of heat exhaustion Robinson suffered fighting at the old Yankee Stadium. He will always be THE GREATEST FIGHTER AND BOXER OF ALL TIME.

Sugar Ray Robinson...173 wins (ko'd 108)-19 losses-6 draws. Born in 1921, debuted in 1940 at 135lbs, won the 147lb title in 1946, won the 160 lb title in 1950, challenged for the 175lb in 1952 but passed out in the 14th round due to heat exhaustion while leading 10 rounds to 3 on the judges score card. He retired until 1955 & he came back won the 160lb title again. He won the 160 lb title 3-4 more times and retired in 1965. Could knock you out with either hand, was lightning fast & had a good chin. THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

Ridiculous list, mostly casual fans. Tyson, Pacquiao.. You lot are crazy...

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5Joe Louis

This man is simply the greatest, watching him fight in his ever stood a chance. His only legitimate loss was against Max Schmeling and Joe knocked him out round 1 of their rematch. The precision he had, he was able to land one in right on the chin every time as opposed to throwing random hard punches until his opponent was done. I find watching this man far more spectacular than any other boxer as every knockout of his was some perfect direct hit that looked like he was planning from the very beginning. Ali prepares moments like this, but Joe just waited and prepared for the moment to land his perfect 1 hit KO punch. - connorfordham

What makes an athlete great is not only how much they excel at a sport but how they standardize the sport and how they inspire people (black and white, rich and poor alike). We, unfortunately live in a time where athletes are nothing more than athletes. No one stands up for anything anymore or inspires us to be great at what ever we do like Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, or Rocky Marciano. Joe Louis has my vote for #1 place. He has an outstanding record and title defenses and well as longevity. Joe Louis #1.

A real peoples champ, he was undefeated for 12 years! and was champion for that long as well!

I thought either him, Ali, or others will be number 1 but oh well - Pony

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6Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano should be number 1, he beat Ali in the Super Fight Animation! He is still undefeated even though he is dead (RIP), went to 49-0, had one of the hardest punches in fighting history, NOT JUST BOXING! He beat Joe Louis and also MANNY PACQUIAO NUMBER 1!? That's very bad, it is between Ali and Marciano.

He is the greatest of all time and he also has the greatest single punch of all time when he knocked out joe walcott for the heavyweight championship of the world. 49-0. He is also my favorite boxer of all time. 49-0.

marciano is the best... he has begun his career while he was a soldier that is why I appriciate him... besides he just super, best ever

He threw fast UPPERcuts! He could always get inside you and then he'd punish you.

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7Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This guy doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the top twenty his whole carrer he's been ducking fighters he just fights boxers he knows he can beat he is in it more for the money than the glory so if you want to even be mentioned with the greats you fight all comers even if you know there is a chance he will wipe the floor with you.

Mayweather has delayed fighting Pacquiao for years and hasn't really faced the best before. Mayweather is a solid defensive fighter but may not be able to stand up to the offensive agility and quickness of the world's greatest southpaw. If Pacquiao doesn't knock him out in the first few rounds, he will wear him out in later rounds. Pacquiao needs to be hungry and throw the combinations because if he doesn't, Mayweather could sting him. Sadly, it's a US based fight and Mayweather is American so if it comes down to points, Pacquio is finished because the odds makers need a Mayweather victory in order not to lose millions!

This bull about him being the best fighter and he wasn't in it for the money. not sure if any of you noticed but everyone who paid to watch that fight was very disappointed because Mayweather did his normal "duck and run routine", the fight was a bore, the "biggest fight of the century"? No, the HIGHEST GROSSING fight of the century. Money has ruined all sports/entertainment.

Doesn't even deserve to be mentioned

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8Roy Jones Jr.

Some quick little facts/quotes about Roy Jones
>"hits like a heavyweight and moves like a lightweight. " ~ George foremen

>Montell Griffin (who has spared Floyd Mayweather (whom main "weapon" is his speed)stated- Floyd was no comparison as far as speed. Roy was much faster.

> "He possesses the fastest hands in boxing with lightning fast moves and explosive power in both hands. " ~ Bert Sugar

>"the greatest fighter of all time. " Mike MacCallum

> Roy is his career has held 10-11 major titles

> the first boxer in 106 years to go from middleweight- heavyweight world champion.

>the only boxer to go start his career at light middleweight and then go on to win a heavyweight world champion

> In his 6 defenses of his super middleweight belt(s)he won all of them by KO.

>the first boxer to go a whole round without getting hit

> most HBO appearances.

> he went 10 years where he didn't even lose a round.

please inform any boxer who has achieve anything like this?.

really impressing und stunning - untouchable.
combining lightning speed and reflexes with ko-power - he had the complete package.
He was so fast, this enabled him to do what he wanted to, although it surely wouldn't work out for anybody else.
Should have fought more in his prime and easily beat everybody - he had no opponents.
Should have end his career after his heavyeight-title-fight.
Poor and sad career-ending.

Pound-4-pound, he possessed the best combination of reflexes, punching power along with hand and foot speed in boxing history. Probably the most dynamic puncher as well, considering the speed and power he possessed in both hands.. Consistently embarrassed world class opponents through out his career, in his prime NOT only did he remain unbeaten but it was rare for him to even lose a round.. Legacy is hurt due to staying in the game to long and being unwilling to take risks in the ring... In my opinion he would have outclassed Robinson!

Best left hook. Fastest power.

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9George Foreman

Foreman was the most feared fighter of his day and retired for ten years during his absolute prime. He returned to the ring in poor shape (for only the money) during the reign of Tyson. Don King knew that the match up of styles would not be in the best interest of Tyson and the myth they had fabricated around Tyson and would not make the dream fight happen. An interviewer asked Foreman if he thought he could beat Tyson as Tyson had dismissed the prospective match as a "piece of cake! " The interviewer said to Foreman "you must admit, he's a pretty tough cookie" Forman replied "yah but that tough cookie is afraid of this piece of cake! " Foreman's power, longevity, jab, chin, and second career success ranks him among the top five fighters ever. The other four in any order are Jack Johnson Roberto Duran Teofilo Stevenson S Ray Robinson.

Tyson would have started the fight whipping Foreman's butt, laughing to himself at how easily he was beating the old man. After a few rounds of watching Foreman stumble around the ring Tyson would start to tire and wonder why this old man was still standing. Finally, he would find himself laying on the floor wondering how the hell a tree trunk was able to come swinging through the ring and pummel his poor fragile body into mush and why the referee was holding Foreman's hand up to the cheer of the crowd.

Greatest boxer of all time. Master of destruction in the ring. One of the most winning fighters in history with a impeccable pedigree of formidable challengers which he defeated.

Was amazing at punching and beat joe frazier and lost to muhammad ali because not enough speed

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10Sugar Ray Leonard

Speed Speed and more speed. A sugar ray flurry was a thing of beauty. Then to do the windup at the end was a thing of beauty. How you couldn't love some of his classic bouts, Hearns, Duran etc.

Sugar ray is one of the greatest boxers of all time. Leonard was 1 of the most versatile boxers the game has ever seen, from he speed, his ring generalship&toughness. You fools have him ranked at 20 goes to show that you guys don't know nothig about boxing. Lets end on a reel note Aryon Pryor were is he rankm on your list. The Greatest jr welterweight of all time. Up grade your boxing knowledge.

If there is any truth that there is one boxer greater or the best of all other boxers leonard would be my choice he won all the great boxers to be great you have to beat great boxers he did that

Ray Leonard should be higher on this list, Roy Jones is not even in his class.

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The Contenders

11Joe Frazier

"strong body with strong upper cut and was a real champ"
Feel sorry about his untimely death... Bye bye joe

Remember, he knocked Ali's ass to the ground and won the first fight between them.

What makes a real Champion? Real Champions do not duck anybody. Joe fought the best! Joe beat the best! Joe lost too. He can rest in peace because he was a fighter in the truest sense. Fearless sportsman through and through. Boxers must challenge themselves or else they lose before the bell rings. Joe was a winner because he fought the top contenders. Fearless.

How is manny pacquiao above this legend? Smokin joe beat Ali first time around, he would utterly destroy pacquiao

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12Julio Cesar Chavez

Went at least 88-0 (13 Years)longest in over 75 years, held titles in three different weight divisions, most successful title defenses (27), most title fights (37), at least 10 year as champ. First pound for pound title. Best fighter ever.

Was undefeated and was able to go to 88-0 now that's really saying something, about how good he is!

He got the record and longevity as champion that nobody in history is going to much ever, especially now on days where champions last only a couple of years and choose and pick who they want to fight so they can be sure they going to win. Just look at mayweather he refuses to fight manny to ge won't tarnish his record but was a undefeated record when you fought no top contenders and that's why Julio cesar Chavez is the best because he fought the best there was.

He's one of the best fighters, he goes in to win and he did almost every time! 88-0

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13Evander Holyfield

The best, he beat Tyson and had a lot of good fights and beat a lot of people. He just beat somebody a few months ago at the age of 49!

A great fighter! Even better than most of these boxers and has obviously still got it! World Champ and beat TYSON a few times!

He beat Tyson a few times and he just recently won a fight over somebody, at the age of 49! He is an amazing boxer!

Come On Exept Ali He Is The Best Boxer. At Least Top 3 - copkiller

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14Bernard Hopkins

hopkins can adapt to any style and may win by late hnockout or decision

B hop is definitely the top 10 fighter's of all time

15Marvin Hagler

Hagler was champ for yrs. There was no body that could match him, even when they would match him up with overwhelming oposition, like say when he fought John"The Beast"Mogabi, The Beast was suppose to be the stronger of the two, and was well favored over the champ, but Hagler gradually wore Mogabi down before knocking him out. Who most were saying could'nt be knocked out, not by another middle weight. That fight alone was a perfect example of how the boxing world never gave Hagler his props deserved. Take a look at his carrer, Marvin Hagler is the greatest boxer who ever lived, he was anatural weight always in perfect shape, and knocked his oposition out 98% of the time, or pummled and hurt anyone who could stay in the ring foR NOW REMEMBER THIS 15 ROUNDS, and always had enough for it seemed like 10 more. He lost to Suger Ray Leonard cause he could'nt chase him as fast as he could run around the ring, Leonard never once came close to hurting Hagler, his punches had nothing on them nothing that fazed Hagler, maybe pissed him off cause he ran around the ring the whole fight slapping the champ every chance he could then running. The fight was an embarassment to Hagler and to boxing in whole when the decision went to Leanard. Hagler retired never getting what he deserved and everybody knew it, just goes to show, when yor that good, there isn't a lot of money for your fights when everybody knows who is going to win, they just don't like to talk about it.

One of the greatest middleweights of all time mayweather wouldn't stand a chance

Marvin Hagler was the best boxer in the world! He is too good for words! He had quick combinations and wonderful hand movement

Hagler is WAY too low on this list! He's a top 10 fighter, all time. - CaptainAmerica2000

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16Lennox Lewis

He beat legends like, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and even David Tua! He can battle with anyone if beat all of those three!

Great boxer... But never got the respect he deserve... Heavyweight class was weak during his era... Even weaker now!

The greatest UK boxer of all time! He beat Tua, Tyson and Holyfield! He can beat anyone if he tries his best!

Lewis as number 24? What a crock!

He's the no lower than the top 4 greatest heavyweight boxers of all time after Ali, Frazier and perhaps Marciano. He also retired early and avenged his couple of defeats both of which were controversial.

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17Jack Johnson

No one at any weight could take Johnson in his prime. His defense was an art form that no one else could master. Who could last 20 to 40 rounds? He carried fights to sell film footage for financial gain but had the power to end a fight in round one. Watch Ken Burns documentary "Unforgivable Blackness" to see film of this super human from the early 20th century!

He should be ranked much higher. Probably in the top 5 of all time. If you watched the many bouts that he fought in way back in the day, most heavy weights today would've struggled to beat him. They were out there fighting 20 rounds in the hot elements of 90 degrees temperatures in a lot of his fights. That's unreal when you think about it. A true beast of a fighter who was shockingly good on defense and smart!

This list is awful in the way its done. The biggest crime is no Benny lynch, one of the greatest small men of all time

Tou are kidding me -- Jack Johnson should be 1 or 2. This incredible force was only beaten by the courts.

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18Willie Pep

242 fights, lost 10 or 11, eat that! He would have smoked all of the boxers of today in the featherweight division. Also he, not Roy Jones Jr. was the first fighter to win a round not only by not getting hit but not throwing a single punch! He made opponents look like clowns in the ring.

The best fighter ever, anybody that know real boxing and boxing history... KNOWS

Has to be in the top 3 best fighters ever just look at his record 229-11-1

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19Larry Holmes

The Ivan Lendl of boxing. A modestly talented fighter who just happened to fill a void between over the hill Ali, Frazier, Foreman and the rise of Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis. His record is great on paper due to this fact (which was out of his control) and affected his own objectivity regarding his place in boxing history.

49-0 Until they gave him a defeat against Michael Spinks, what a joke.

The most underrated heavyweight of all time!

20Henry Armstrong

Held the 125, 135 147 titles at the same time and just missed winning the 160 crown by points! Most fighters today sleep in their dressing rooms till it's time to fight. Hammering hank would shadow box 15 three minute rounds to warm up, then go fight 15 three minute rounds in the fight! Other than the larger heavyweight fighters of today, the lower weights would get their asses handed to them by the old timers! Including Jones, Mayweather and Pacquiao.

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