Best Chaos Space Marine Warbands in Warhammer 40k

Now we look at the Traitors of the Imperium that now serve the Chaos gods. DEATH to the false emperor and BLOOD for the BLOOD god!!!!

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1Alpha Legion

The Alpha Legion is the Chaos space marine chapter who is the least known about. They are masters of infiltration and their armies often contain numerous cultists and Chaos Space marines. - ChaoslordG1

2Iron Warriors

The Iron Warriors are a Chaos legion that specializes in seize warfare and fierce melee fighters which are compared by the World Eaters and Blood angels. They are fierce rivals with The Imperial Fists space marine chapters. Personality wise they are one of the most unpleasant chapters as one of the tatics often involve using their slaves as cannon fodder for the enemy and they are the guys behind the very f#^$ed up Daemomculaba. - ChaoslordG1

3World Eaters

Even before their fall the World Eaters were infamous beserkers. Now they go across the galaxy in small warbands killing anyone and anything that has blood to be spilled for their blood god. - ChaoslordG1

4Thousand Sons
5Death Guard
6Word Bearers

This Warband follows Chaos strictly and spreads it like a religon. They are also infamous for being the 1st chapter to join Chaos thus kicking off the Horus Heresy. - ChaoslordG1

7Night Lords

Probably my personal favorite legion. The Night Lords uses Psychological warfare against their enemys which are often so horrific that one time 14% of a planet's population died of total nervous system failure do to the Chaos Marines week long psychological warfare. - ChaoslordG1

8Emperor's Children
9Black Legion
10Crimson Slaughter

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11Red Corsairs
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