Top 10 Cutest Pokemon


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The Top Ten

Eevee is without a doubt the cutest little pokemon out there, nothing can top that little ball of fluffy cuteness :')
Eevee has got to be a pokemon that was designed for the sole purpose of being uber cute. I swear, the people who design pokemon must have sat down and went, "okay, lets make a pokemon that everyone will go aww at! "
Of course Eevee is the cutest just look at it, so fluffy and yet people are saying that her fluffy coat makes it ugly, whats up with that?
[Newest]Of coarse eevee is just to dang cute!
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Mew is my no.1 fave pokemon and if there was such a thing as a cuteometer Mew would overload it with cuteness!
Mew is so cute even know it is ultra powerfull they should put mew as a non evert pokemon in the next games.
[Newest]Mew looks very cute when it laughs
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Pikachu is the cutest thing I mean what else is better.
I think that pikachu should be number one because its awesome. He the cutest on the first episode
Pikachu is totally the most awesome pokemon in the world, why do you ask? Because he has been my first favourite pokemon, he is loyal, brave, kind, smart and the best thing about is that he'll never give up on you. Over the years Pikachu has learnt new moves such as iron tail, volt tackle and electric ball, he's gotten a lot stronger, faster and smarter as a battler as well as still being cute.
Oh gosh, pikachu is the cutest little ball of lethal electricity ball EVER!
[Newest]Cutest Pokemon without any doubt
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Oh my gosh pichu is so cute he's in my party all the time and I never evolve him!
Yeah! I knew I could do it! I added Pichu, Celebi, and Eevee to the list because they weren't on there and I thought they were cute. I was right! Now they're all three tied for 1st place!
Pichu rules I like him because he's cute. And my favorite too I like all the 3 'chus Includes pikachu. And he is strong too!
[Newest]He so cute he makes me want to squeeze him

its so CUTE! I really like eevee but I'm still votin for VILPIX! even its evalution is beautiful and graceful and stuff! LOVE IT! probably in my top 25 pokemon!
I love vulpix its so cute it evolves in to a nice Ninetails so you should vote for vulpix trust me you'll be satisfied ask any of your friends or just ask anyone who likes pokemon I truly love vulpix but its not my favorite pokemon in the world my favorite pokemon is weavile don't take my opinion everyone has their own so follow your heart
It's simply Adorable It's got that spunky look, and it's cute at the same time. Definitely one of the cutest Pokemon around.
[Newest]Vulpix is SO cute! I have a shiny Vulpix in my Pokemon game and I love it so much! It is the best! It's so fluffy! Vulpix is definitely the cutest Pokemon EVER!
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I love PIPLUP especially in the anime when he uses bubble beam piiplluupp! And his eyes when they are mad makes me super happy
Penguins are awesome and Piplup is just the cutest thing ever. It's final form is both elegant and adorable. Oh, and it's movies are great too.
I love Piplup simply cause he is adorable and so CUTE. And he's evolution are also awesome. He's not totally look like a monster!
[Newest]Piplup is way better than Eevee or any other Pokemon

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Emolga is the sweetest thing! If that adorable smile doesn't convince you, I don't quite know why, but just say yes to the eyes.
WhenI first saw Emolga, I flipped. Not only is Emolga an awesome electric type, but he's an adorable flying squirrel. Pokemon can't get better than that.
Emolga is adorable, cute, sweet and also the drama queen!
[Newest]Emolga is both super cute and a GREAT competitive player!

Skitty is cute! Its eyes are adorable. The problem is I don't have a skitty >_< I wanna have pokemon in real life *sigh*
its tail is cuter than aipom's tail
Wee, skitty is so cute, especially it's color! Waah.. I wish it's not just a cartoon/anime pet! I want to take care one!
[Newest]I ❤ skitty! And I love skittles too!

that little adorable egg pokemon is really cute!
Togepi is just the most adorablely cutest pokemon. I love the little head poking out of the shell. I mean come on... Who doesn't like a baby animal, even if its a pokemon, if they were real I would deinatly have a Togepi. I WANT ONE SO MUCH! I think Togepi should be higher on this list :D Come one Togepi lovers VOTE VOTE VOTE! Please
Togepi has to be the second cutest, or even the first. She is so cute, its size, voice and feelings. This pokemon is to cute! If I could choose it in the beggining of the game I would choose her! Its evolutions are even cute too. It deserves to be first or second.
[Newest]That little cracked egg is so cute
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Oshawott is so ADORABLE! He's got the cutest voice EVER, TOO! Oshawott's rank should be higher than 18!
OSHAWOTT! His name is fun to say and so cute! My favorite starter and one of my favorite pokemons. I like oshawott, if you see this video on youtube called oshawott eating, it's so cute.
Oshawott has always been my favorite pokemon. I have like 10 posters of him in my room and I have oshawott dolls. I LOVE OSHAWOT. He's so cute and he's really strong too!
[Newest]Oshawott is cute and strong also so only advantages

The Contenders

On Pokepark (or anything else) he talks so cute too, it makes me want to hug him!
Its little tail is so cute and curly. Its just cute!


Oh cman guys! It should be on top ten! When I opened this page, I thought it would ranked up nearly at one or but I had to scroll down more to find the name...
[Newest]I love Pachirisu's tail, it's SO fluffy!

OH MY GOD SHAYMIN! Shaymin is super cute! In the movie it was such a cute character! So snooty and funny, I love it eating pancakes, that was funny. Plus Ash's reaction to smoke cough, laugh out loud! Piplup's anime sadface was so ridiculously cute, but Shaymin was the best and cutest. Sky Form was not as cute, but still the cutest thing ever, ! In Sky Form it sounds exactly like rainbow dash. Best Shaymin quote: *on Ash's cap being stupid* "It's that way! "No, that way! That way! Etc. " After watching THAT as my first pokemon movie, I expect good times with the copy of Destiny Deoxys I got for Xmas.
Shaymin has got to be one of the cutest Pokemon ever! I don't understand why its not at the top of the list! This pokemon was designed for cuteness! (aw! )
Shayming is mega cute you must agree! It is just made for sheer cuteness :)
[Newest]It's land forme cry

Forget about igglybuff, I know over 500 people that tyhink that jigglypuff is the cutest pokemon&every one of them is a huge pokemon fan
Jigglypuff is one cute pokemon with big eyes. Its rocks!
You people must be crazy, think of the Pokemon above these? Togepi would be cuter if it wasn't in a diaper made out of an egg. And Pachirisu is just as ice-squirrel copy off of Pikachu. Their names are very similar too. Igglybuff and Jigglypuff aren't HALF as cute as Jigglypuff. It has the cutest name, when you hear "Jigglypuff" you automatically know that it's cute. It's eyes are adorable, they're huge and round and blue. Like, seriously. Pretty much all the Pokemon above have boring and black little bead eyes that look like they belong on a teddy bear. Jigglypuff is like a pink little round pillow. It's so huggable and I LOVE IT! It can sing too, it's got a way better voice than Justin Bieber. If Jigglypuff was real it'd be a celebrity. It beat my Yveltal in a Pokemon match COME ON! It's super strong. It puts people to sleep with its soothing lullabies.
[Newest]Jigglypuff is so awesome in SMASH BROS. BRAWL and her final smash puff up it is so cute.

Dude... Why isn't Mudkip in the top 10?! Mudkip is my FAVORITE! Especially after you take a look at that one cute Pokemon card with kippy playing in the mud! That fin on it's head, and those cheek spikes are absolutely IRRESISTIBLE!
Mudkip is one of my personal favourites in Pokemon. I love water type Pokemon because I've always been a fan of swimming and being underwater along with my love for marine biology. And I find it very cute, especially with his fins for some reason.


Mudkip=cute little boss who easily picks up hot chicks and babes. He should be number 1 on this list because of his outstanding beauty.
[Newest]In my opinion, that's my cutest Pokémon.

Charmander was everything I ever wanted as a child: it embodied the raw fury of fire and the primal strength of a dinosaur. Plus, it evolves into Charizard! It's hard to top that.
I can't even- Why is this little bugger not top? I mean, just.. No words to describe the cute/badass ratio that Pokemon got SO RIGHT here!
Come on guys this is one of ash's strongest pokemon that he chose to evolve cause of what the old owner that had charmander did to him he abondoned him and ash chose to keep him and whenever he says charr! Charmander! It makes me feel fiery! And it was one of the few pokemon that belonged to ash that made ash cry! In the episode that charizard had to go to that training place!
[Newest]I love Charmander! I don't even want to evolve it to that overrated Charizard!

Celebi so cute and in movies it can fly so fast, and I love the color green on him. And he is my favorite Legendary Pokemon!
In my personal opinion, I find Celebi much cuter then mew. Mew has that big nose that doesn't quite sit right with me. While Celebi has those big eyes and the most adorable voice!
Its the most cutest pokemon ever
How do you not like it
Its cute eyes its graceful ness AMAZING
Have you seen its really epic movie yet the voice of the forest please vote this adorable creature
[Newest]Guys, celebi is just so... why doesn't be in the top 10 list::(

Awesome fire-butt cuteness! I love his cute little eyes :) He's by far my favourite pokemon
Cyndaquil is awesome! It has awesome eyes and the flame only makes it look even cooler. It is the cutest starter!
Cyndaquil has the cutest eyes in the entire world! The problem with most cute pokemon is that they start cute but then end up really not cute at all, but cyndaquil evolves into Quilava, which also looks pretty cute!
[Newest]How is Cyndaquil NOT in the top 10?!

What the? Chico is the cutest Pokemon! Just look at her... Why can, t you see it? Do you see the softness, charming, inncocent she is? It makes you wanna Just her and hug her. She, s the cutest Pokemon and the cutest thing in the whole universe!
Oh my god chikorita in #56? Just look at her happy eyes and cutest voice. When ash picks him and when he says "Chikoo! " it makes me happy inside. He/she is very very cute. 0.0
It's the only cute Pokémon of all these generations! And it isn't in the baby Pokémon group! All baby Pokémon are only designed to manipulate everyone! Chikorita is the No. 1 Pokémon!
[Newest]She's the cutest and no one can control it

Awh! Igglybuff is SO cute! Sure, she does look like some pink ball of fur, but that's why I like Igglybuff! Sheesh, she's even cuter than a baby ocelot or a newborn puppy or something!
Igglybuff has the cutest face ever! I mean seriously LOOK AT THOSE EYES! They stare into my soul and fill it with warmth and love!
Jigglypuff is the cutest pokemon ever. Before it starts singing it wavers around those big, round, blue, adorable eyes it will melt anybody's heart its voice is so adorable and the angriest cutish expression on his face when he stops the way he scribbles on peoples face is adorable too! I love jigglypuff
[Newest]This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life.. Those big eyes killed me..

Torchic, the only chicken you can eat without having to cook it first.


Ma first ever Pokemon! And like he's a total boss. Adorability!
I'm biased towards fire types... So yeah. Anyway Torchic is kyute I mean like come on it's a chick on fire how awesomely adorable is that.
[Newest]How is Eevee cuter than Torchic?

Shinx has to be at least in the top 5 I mean come on! Plus its final evolved form is really powerful, exactly what you would want in a Pokemon when you start training it from a low level.
I can't beleve shinx is no 1st cutest pokemon it is so cute
Seriously?! #16?! Shinx decently should be #1! Look at him! He is adorable! A Dora Dora Dora dora Dora adorable
[Newest]Shinx is cute when he looks up and when he runs

Glaceon is so graceful and look at it's eyes. To me it's cuter than any Eevee evolution! Who doesn't love blue and something as graceful and cute as that! People say it's not as cute as other Eevee evolutions because of it's eyes but doesn't serious eyes make it look cuter. Who said ice types were mean? Glaceon is a very loyal and it's strong. Plus may got a Glaceon. Cynthia has one too! Who doesn't love something as cute as this. It's eyes are crystal blue and it has beautiful color. Glaceon should be number one!
What?!? Glaceons way down here? You've GOT to be KIDING me. What's Not to love about this ADORABLE yet very graceful pokemon? Come on guys! Bring Glaceon up to number one! It's way cuter than any pikachu!
I personally think that Glaceon is THE cutest thing EVER! It's the cutest Evee evolution. That is a fact not an opinion! I'm not surprised that May and Cynthia got a Glaceon! I mean look at it. It's blue. It's graceful. It's cute. But it's so strong! It is MY favorite pokemon!
[Newest]This has always been my favourite Pokemon! I absolutely adore Glaceon!

My favorite Pokemon of all time! Its good at battles and its cute too. Seeing it withdraw into its shell makes me want to have it and steal it from anyone! LOVE SQUIRTLE!
If your a real Pokemon lover and have ever played pokemon yellow, or watched the anime you would know that the Squirtle Squad was the cutest, most badass team of pokemon that ever existed. When squirrel uses bubble, or spins in its shell, or even when it faints and has those spiral eyes, it is irresistibly cute!
Why isn't Squirtle at the top look at him he's a TURTLE for heavens sake
[Newest]Squirtle was my first Pokemon and he is ADORABLE.

Snivy is so green and adorable!
Plus, it looks like Excalibur on Soul Eater
Snivy was my first starter in Black 2. I always have loved the way Pokémon has made grass starters. (With the exception of Treeko. I don't like it At all. ) Now my Serperior has grown to level 94 and knows Leaf tornado. It's awesome, cute, and strong.
[Newest]Snivy awesome best grass starter epic

This little guy is so cute! He holds his little tail with his small paws and looks like a evolved pichu! So cute!
Its adorable appearance is backed up by the fact that it's also fairy type! Adorable!
Dedenne has appeal comparing to the other Pokemon, IT IS JUST THE CUTEST Pokemon EVER!

The new Generation six fire starter! Don't you just think it's so adorable?
It's so fluffy! Looking like a little fennec fox, fennekin is just a huge bundle of potential
The cutest thing probably in all six generations. I mean come on! Whoever thinks this isn't cute needs to get a life
[Newest]I love this starter so much, It Is SUPER DUPER CUTE!

People, people. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT WITH CUTENESS AND YOU! ALL OF YOU DON'T THINK VICTINI IS CUTE?! Victini, if he was real would you like him?! ", people, listen to the Pokemon. POKEMON! Really, people, Victini is the cutest thing my eyes ever found since so long I don't remember!
Victini the victory pokemon.. Usually very shy but with those cute little wings of it and a cute smile even after experiencing worst conditions.. It smile.. Victini is truly the most cutest pokemon which brings the sense of victory in our hearts.
Big blue eyes, and the v sign makes this little critter the cutest ever.
[Newest]Victini is the cutest besides mew because it is so small and cute and kind

This is absolutely the number one cutest Pokémon! I mean, who can't resist the look in the eyes of a small Lillipup? If he was a starter Pokémon, I would choose this cute Pokémon. By the way, there are always people who have problems with this little Pokémon because they have cuteness overload ^^
It's a super cute little doggy, what's more to say? Everyone loves little doggies, and that furry face is just a plus.
Lillipup is the cutest! How the heck could lillipup be 61?
[Newest]Eevee mew? No lillipup

Come on what's wrong with this chart! How can mewtwo can be cutest than teddiursa? , this Pokemon is THE CUTEST ONE!
60?! SERIOUSlY crazy people. If you people think oshawott is cuter than Teddiursa man... Teddiursa IS NUMBER 1! Even his pokedex info is cute!
Cuutiee! I think teddiursa is THE cutes Pokemon ever, except chicorita but teddiursa should be much higher up the rank...
[Newest]Teddiursa should be number 1

I have never Ever seen a cuter elephant than Phanpy its adorable
How is phanpy not higher up!?!?! Its sucha cute little pokemon!
I mean come on how is phanpy at 26 while a SKITTY one of the most ugly pokemon in the game is right up at number 7! This is a load of crap!


It is just an elephant calf. Phanpy is my favorite pokemon ever!
[Newest]It's a shame about it's evolution

Riolu is epicly cute. It is just so awesome and innocent, but it has amazing power and can even learn aura sphere. People, you can't get cuter than riolu!
Oh. My.. God. Riolu is my favorite pokemon in the whole wide world. Also Tepig, charmander and Bulbasaur are so cute!
I agree! Riolu is the BEST, but I also like Tepig, Pikachu, Pachirisu and MANY others.
[Newest]Should be third after torchic

Azurill is one of the cutest, most adorable pokemon that I have ever seen yet... The bouncy ball-like tail of it is so squishy and bouncy that I named my own azurill squishy! But yet there are some that are cuter than this lifebuoy like mouse, but he's cute...
I don't understand why this isn't in the top ten?! Azurill has got to be the cutest pokemon ever and it's only serious contender in the cute competition is eevee, vulpix or ninetales. This has to go up in rank!
Azurill is a cute little Pokemon its tail is like a jelly XDD
[Newest]I wish I could say the entire azurill line. But I'll just stick with the cutest one, obviously it's azurill. I mean, the gen 6 version of it is just to adorable. It's hard to give good reasoning to why I picked this besides, well, just look at it. You can't tell me it's not cute.

Jirachi is the most beastly-cute legend EVER! I mean, really, you can't look at him without falling in love with his epicness.
JIRACHI IS SO ADORABLE and that cute star thing on its head and those blue tags, so CUTE! Its so tiny and strong! I wonder why jirachi's not one of the top ten cause jirachi is the BEST I have jirachi in every game cause I can't stand its cuteness!
Easily the cutest Pokemon, what with its little pointed head and dangle tags. Those eyes. Or rather, that eye. Eyes are wonderful, and when you get that cute eye on its tummy you cannot go wrong. Unless you're using the gen I sprite. I don't know what they did to its eye there. But Jirachi!
[Newest]Best. Legendary. Ever. Cutest. Pokemon. Ever. (next to Lord Shinx)

After reading through the entire list, I almost passed out because of CUTENESS OVERLOAD. I think all of the pokemon here are just cute as each other except for Muk. I love them all. By the way, the person who put on Muk is obviously trolling and has troll followers
Look at its little grass blades on its head! It looks so cute I can hardly stand it! And think about what it will evolve into! I just can wait!
Chespin is my favorite grass type next to snivy and leafeon, look at the quills! And it's one big cute tooth!

This pokemon is so... Cute! It'll beat any pokemon in cuteness any day! I love litwick!
Oh come on, this guy is great! He has that tiny little face and I just want to hug him! Well maybe not because he's on fire so...
Litwick is indeed really beautiful. Just look at his chubby body, his emo-looking face, his adorable hands!

Buneary was a really good training partner for Pikachu, really worked up his endurance. Mainly because Pikachu was always so busy smashing Buneary's box!
Buneary is a strong Pokemon, but unable to take it violently from pikachu toop away from it's cuteness when its gash is destroyed
Bumeary is the cutest thing in the also it can learn blizzard and mirror coat and who wouldn't want one it also makes a faithful and loyal partner.
[Newest]Just look at it! It is a fluffy ball of cuteness with ears! And if that wasn't good enough it's shiny form is pink!
Beat that eevee!

Cubchoo is so cute I have one too bad it evolved into a Beartic
Like, what the heck! It's so cute! Its like teddiursa but cold! The reason cubchoo doesn't make it to the top is look at its evolutions! Like seriously!
The best Pokemon in the world is ditto. IT is not cute but it has a talent which is not in another Pokemon. ditto convvert it into any any Pokemon.

He is the best Pokemon in the whole world.

Cutest little thing in all of the games. My favorite and first Pokemon of all time and everyone should think that he is precious kay thanks bye.
Totodile is very cute and it is also my favourite!
Are you kidding! Totodile is the cutest Pokemon of all time next to Pikachu!
Neither of them is my favorite, though.
[Newest]Love his little dance in the Pokemon anime.

Growlithee might not be strong (Well... Not a strong pokemon card) but it's so cute! I have 5 pokemon cards of Growlithe! I just love Growlithe! He should be in the top 10 cutest fire pokemon! Cute fur, paws and a small bushy cute tail! A very loyal puppy and a strong evolution! Arcanine! I love Growlithe!
Growlithe has always been my favourite I mean just look at him that cute face and stripes CUTE :3
My number 1 favoritr pokemon! Its a cute little puppy, and who don't LOVE puppies? It has a cute little bushy tail, soft fur, ADORABLE little paws, anf to sum it up lets just say that its awesomely cute! Growlithe os also super loyal and is really strong too! I love you Growlithe!
[Newest]He is cute because of it's cute little connection of arcanine and it's like a little tiger pup

It's so cute! I think they're making up a fairy-type. Just for Sylveon. It's so cute with the ribbons. The colors and eyes are simply adorable. I can't believe I had to write this when nobody else would. Vote! I COMMAND YOU TO VOTE NAOW!
When you got double HEARTS? Or HAPPINESS? You got an awesome and super cute Pokemon
[Newest]Sylveon is absolutely adorable!

Minun is just amazing. WAY cuter than pikachu, skitty, and eevee combined. I wish it was real!
Minun is absolutely adorable! It can create Pom-Poms out if electricity to cheer people on! What could be cuter? It also has a decent Moveset for Contests and Battles.
Please at least put plusle and minun in the top 15! And how could a plusle and minun be with URSULA?!? She is so mean!

He is... The CUTEST the CUTEST Pokemon in the world. I sometimes wonder why people don't like it... It's cuter than pikachu skitty and even eevee. I love it and want it to be my first pokemon... If you know what I mean
I think plusle is the cutest Pokemon out of every single Pokemon ever, ever, ever made in the whole entire universe
I totally wish it existed in real life! Also eevee is not ugly and retarded:(
So cute than any other one
[Newest]How can this adorable little thing be so far down! Plusle is like a pichu but cuter! What are you thinking people!

I evolved Espeon from my Eevee. I didn't even know it was going to evolve. But I was glad I didn't. Isn't it the best Eevee evolution? I mean seriously, Vaporeon and Glaceon are okay, but Espeon rocks! How can you not miss those eyes, and that million dollar gem on its head! It drives me crazy hope Eevee's up there when it's cuter evolutions AREN'T.
I just got into Pokemon. My friend showed me her EEVEE which is the second cutest and it evolved into an ESPEON and I'm like It's so CUTE! When I get Pokemon X I'm getting an EEVEE and evolving it into an ESPEON! SO DARNED ADORABLE!
This is cute? Come on guys! Vaporeon and Leafeon are cute. Espeon is plain BEAUTIFUL. I think he should be moved to top 10 prettiest Pokemon. Dazzling eyes, velvet fur, and the ability to hold you helpless in midair. Meow.
[Newest]Espeon is too bland to be cute. It always looks angry.

Joltik is extremely cute! This is probably the first time I called a Pokemon cute. Seriously! Also it has a very good type combination. ^__^

I remember one afternoon where I spent the WHOLE afternoon searching for Joltiks in Chargestone Cave. You wanna know why? Cause he's ADORABLE. Look on Google, you can see images of the little guy chomping on everything.
[Newest]They made a bug cute, it's harder than you think people!

This Pokemon is the cutest thing EVER! It was the first Pokemon I ever saw, and I am STILL not over how incredibly CUTE this little fire fox is. This thing is practically a stuffed animal! (not in a bad way of course) I just love this thing! Plus, in battle it has flash fire, and that is so useful. I mean so useful! Just TRY blowing fire at this adorable Pokemon!
Flareon is THE cutest thing in the universe. I CAN'T believe that I had to put it up. COME ON! IT'S SO FLAMIN' CUTE!
Come on! It's such a cute Pokemon! With big eyes and degrees and degrees of fluffines, who can resist it? Everyone who think Flareon is ugly should die! It is one of the cutest Pokemon EVER! (Behind Pikachu, Mew and Eevee, of course)
[Newest]Who knew the false prophet was THIS adorable?

I relly LOVE Leafeon. I mean, who doesn't? It's so cute!
I Mean how can you not like leafeon it is so hard not to when I was younger I hugged the screen every time I saw leafeon so much sorry if bad spelling can't see what I'm typing anyways I LOBE LEAFEON VOTE LEAFEON NOW I COMMAND YOU VOTE HIGHER IT IS TO CUTE TO BE THIS LOW PEOPLE!
He/she is so cute and I love grass types
[Newest]Cutest thing ever in the Pokemon amie.

Deerling is covered with flower who doesn't like that?! I LOVE DEERLING!
H leaps into the air look at his cute darling face
So cute w/ pink flowers! :D
[Newest]It's a small pink deer with small flowers on its head! Look up the Google picture. How is this 36?!

Oh come on! Tepig is so cute can't you see? Listen to its happy voice and soul-filling eyes! Always so cheerful, tepig should bump vulpix out of its spot and to the moon!
Tepig is afire and cute pokemon I think it should be the cutest pokemon ever
Oshawott and tepig are so happy
[Newest]Tepig is so adorable!

Look at her! She's a red psychic jet dragon with (in the anime) a cute voice and an awesome amount of power. You just can't go wrong!
She is way TOO cute <3 <3 My most favorite Pokemon~ I remembered trying to catch her but failed because she and Latios could only be caught during special events :(
Latias is my favorite pokemon both looking cool and Cute. I wish you could catch one in pokemon black
[Newest]Favorite legendary. Go Latias!

Umbreon is really flipping cute and I also think its cool because I mean come on its flipping black and yellow
GO UMBREON! Tis is the cutest pokemon ever. Plus the fact that it can light up to makes it that much more irresisteble! It's way to cute to be true! Come on! I think it'salmost as cute as any pokemon on the planet!
Umbreon (besides Victini) is by far the best AND most cutest pokemon to walk on the poke-planet! (sorry mudkip and fennekin)
[Newest]Umbreon is so awesome!

Raichu is my favorite pokemon why isn't it number one?
Raichu is the best
[Newest]Raichu is just so cute

I you've watched the movie you'll agree with me that Zorua is the cutest pokemon out there.
Zoura is really cute. This should be on the top ten. It evolves into a badass.
Already Made Roleplay Characters Based on this pokémons Adorableness... You cannot beat that!
[Newest]It is very strong I even think it can defeat arceus

Why is everyone so hard on him? He lost his Mom for God sakes
I love the way he uses his bone
[Newest]He lost his mom and wears his moms skull head sad and that he really cute right

П😍😍😍i think he deserves to be up at the top! That is so not fair just because he is so cute and has a flower slowly growing on his back and through his soul. Makes him a very sweet dude! There's a blossom in his heart for pete's sake! You gotta love him! I demand that you love him! Do it! Now!
Yeah! I agree! Everyone just loves Pikachu cause he's the most famous pokemon! I think mew and mewto look weird... But Pichu is cute too!
[Newest]What its on no. 45 I mean why? It's so cute and the growing flower on its back looks so cute on him. I think the creator of this list doesn't understand the meaning of cute

Look at the chubby cheeks it has it's irresistible
Absolutely gorgeous Water/Fairy type! Will always be my favourite!
This should be in the top 10. OR at least THE TOP 20. It's a chubby mouse for crying out loud! That's adorable!
[Newest]Its voice is like an angel! Cutie

Jolteon is cute and super cool in battle
I love Jolteon. I love all the Eevees.

Its adorable either that or mincino they are just so cute with extra cute
Guys! Are you serious! Only 47? Cinccino is the absolutely cutest pokemon there is! It's large ears, and fluffy coat make it so so so cute! I am disappointed! Quick, vote for it! It deserves to be at least in the ton tens!
It's so CUTE I mean it is my dream to have a Cinccino in real life she is the cutest Pokemon in Pokemon history!

My First Pokemon Ever! How Can You Look At This Thing And Not Say It's Cute? It Should Be #1! And That's Not Even Mentioning That It Evolves Into Torterra, My Favorite Pokemon Ever! Also, Ash's Turtwig Is The Cutest Thing Ever! Keep Rocking Turtwig, You May Be #27 Now But You Deserve #1!
. This kid. This Pokemon. This turtle. CUTEST. THING. EVER. Not to mention it is very strong and evolves into an absolute beast of a Pokemon. How could anyone choose Chimchar or Piplup over Turtwig. It is my favorite. Pokemon ever and not only do I and many other trainers have one, but ASH HAS ONE!
Turtwig is a Cute, Lovable, Tiny, Plant Turtle. Eco-friendly I must say. Also, in the 'Pokemon Diamond & Pearl' Comic, Turtwig's character is a cute, hungry, ( and somewhat derpy ) which fits the little 'wig!

[Newest]Turtwig was my fist, too! I love tart wig, and torterra is so powerful and awesome!

Meowth was always and always will be my favorite pokemon.
Super cute kitty and the very first one ;) major fan of his willy ways!
Why do you guys like meowth so much? He's one of the three bad guys in the anime (the other 2 being jessie and james of team rocket). You guys are basically saying that you like evilness.

Let's go Generation 6! (like a g6
Froakie's pretty cute... Unless it becomes roadkill!

Why do I even have to add this amazing pokemon? They are graceful and sweet! Vaporeons have a natural grace and beauty about them that can melt anyones heart! Vaporeons are my absolute favorites!
It's cute and beautiful.. It's also strong..
SO CUTE! Eevee is my favorite, but I love all of her evolutions too.
[Newest]I love vaporeon hard not to love 90 I love them please vote please I'm so sad😭

62Spiky-eared Pichu
Anyone loves this baby she is cute naughty and fun anyone can see she
Is special all that's bad is she can't go in the union room...
Shes cute and travels with celebi that's making celebi a cutie too! 😍

He's cute with his little acorn top!


He's so cute with his tiny feet and acorn hat!

This thing is just so precious and it's evolutions are just as powerful as any other cute Pokemon! It's a beautiful baby! Rides on shooting stars even!

Everybody loves a little adorable devil kittle who steals. And who wasn't amused when Meowth and Oshawott had a crush on a Purrloin that was actually a boy.
Duh, you people don't know what cute is. She is a total cutie along with meowth (who falls in love with any cat Pokemon), and I feel sad to think that she is in 93thrd place! What a disgrace! Look her up! Powerful isn't everything!
Purrloin (Stealth) will always have a place in my heart!
[Newest]OH MY GOSH! Purloin is so CUTE! I LOVE how she acts!

Lapras is also good I like it

I can't BELIEVE YOU WEIRDOS I MEAN ARON IS THE CUTEST THING ON EARTH (calm down) sorry bout that its just that I can't deny that cute little thing its just so cute! I want more comments please
Aron is simply the most adorable pokemon ever
Aron is so cute! It used to be my favorite Pokemon for quite a while!
[Newest]Number 2 ugliest Pokemon

Come 'on guys. We all love this awesome glob of pink goo. The moe you look at him, the more you just wanna hug him.
Isn't it obvious? The only reason I'm on this website is cause I'm a kid who loves Pokemon! And why the cheese isn't ditto already on the list?!?! He is my favorite non-legendary Pokemon!
It is the best. It is so cute. At least good as anyone else. And as cute as anyone else.

It's adorable! It's like a babydoll...! X3
Castform is OP it can know 3 attacks that do 110 damage.
The disigh it was floating BALLs who came with idea.

Chimchar is the cutest Pokemon ever. His cute little voice and little cute body is just adorable
I can't handle the fella when it comes to this one

The force is too strong with him
He should be the top 10 I mean who doesent like a fire monkey you just gotta love him put him in the top do it now he's so adorable

Milotic, a pokèmon full of pure beauty. When I first saw Milotic in bw when Cynthia had it, I believed it to be one of the most beautiful Pokemon out there. Milotic may not be considered "cute" to many people, but it sure is beautiful.
It might not be cute but it sure is majestic and beautiful

It's so cute! I love how it dances and twirls about! It's like an angel, but without wings!


Why no one choose mawile is because she is weak or is it because she has a giant mouth for a head.please give her more attention she really needs it please poke fans
How can you not think Mawile is not cute, is absolutly adorable! With the tiny body just like pichu, attached to his head is a steel iron jaw. Ironic right? ;]
Mawile is so cute, I have a special female one anywhere that can move tutor me, and everything else. Mawile is a strong pure steel type pokemon for the world, I can teach mine to learn every move and command one day.
[Newest]This thing is adorable. Is it because it has its huge jaws that you are hating?

Hello?! You don't have to be all fuzzy and cuddly to be cute! Dratini is Extremely cute as well. Haven't you noticed it's big lavender eyes? Not to mention it's adorably squishy nose!
Dratini is adorable! Plus it evolves into Dragonite, a total beast! That makes it even cooler, which makes it eve cuter! It's sleek little serpent body, circular nose, and light purple-ish eyes make it so cute that it deserves to be number one on this list.
Dratini's eyes are purple. Purple! The magical color! And I think it is WAY cuter than Pikachu. Or Buneary. Or Smoochum. Or..
[Newest]I love Dratini! She's a blue baby snake!

My 2nd favorite pokemon so cute the show its on is a bite to remember
WHY THE HECK IS THIS CUTIE SO FAR DOWN?!?! Poochyena is just so adorable! ~
Come on this is one of the cutest Pokemon ever... Why is it not in the top twenty at least
[Newest]It's my favorite Pokemon ever!

Oddish is just so adorable and I can't believe Oddish is way down here when Oddish has not only the most adorable cry ev but also is really powerful and even is in a few shows in the anime
Go Oddish! Go Oddish! Go Oddish! Seriously, how can you not want to cuddle with this delicate little fruit creature? I mean seriously! It's so adorable, and EXTREMELY underrated! I wanna hug it so tight, but I don't wanna pop it. It's an adorable little WALKING BLUEBERRY. A WALKING BLUEBERRY! How can you not love that? I HATE blueberries but I still love Oddish! It's the cutest thing ever.
Honestly? How could it come this low? It is like a jolly little blueberry that you wanna cuddle with. GO ODDISH!


Well, there's a good reason it is #90. Ash's treecko ws not that cute. It was very emotional about that dying tree. that's all. Tree treecko!

Come on mareep is the cutest pokemon ever
Mareep should be #1

"So elegant! And breathtakeing it just makes you want to dance with them. It's also cool that they can be either male or female"
? Can't describe the weirdness
Gardevoir is adorable. Fairy types are hard to ignore. Gardevoir jused pops UT in omega ruby and I can't wait till they Make a mega evolotion of it

The bloody cutest pokemon in the world I can't believe you guys wrote a review for muk and wont write a bloody review for the cutest pokemon ever Manaphy
I love manaphy who doesn't
Shes so cute shes just a cutie pie! If I was a real life Pokemon trainer I wanna do the same thing may did with manaphy and be with manaphy forever and ever come on she should be number 1!
[Newest]Manaphy is cute! Why you put it into only No.79? Hey no way!

It's a cutie why did it not get top? It's so ADORBS my sister calls it cutie she says hello cutie hello! When she plays her Pokemon game

Out of the three evolutions, this one is the most adorable. I mean, it's a bunny, it already has something undoubtably cute about it. I just thing that the entire way it's designed just scares that it's cute. I feel this isn't higher here is because it's a fully evolved Pokemon. If that's the case, that's dumb. Things can still be cute despite fully evolving, like towel is. But obviously I think azumarill is a lot cuter. I mean it's a water bunnies. That's cute! I do have one in my team as well, it's very good. Also Pokemon amie just makes this thing even more adorable.
Azumarill is a ROUND, cute, rabbit pokemon that should be WAY up in the rankings. It's little blue tail is so cute, and it's whole body is like a big fat circle, which makes it even cuter. People... VOTE for this amazing thing!
Who doesn't like bunnies? Who doesn't like water? Well, Azumarill is a WATER BUNNY. Should be Top 20, at least. Vote for this!
[Newest]Azumarill should be #1!

Minccino is by far the cutest Pokemon I have ever seen. I have 3 Minccino plush toys and I can't help but say "D'aw" every time I see them. Chinchillas are adorable and I love this Pokemon so much. All of my friends agree with me and they all say that it is the cutest thing they have ever seen as well. I don't understand how Muk is number 25 on this list and Minccino is only 83. It should be so much higher, it is insane that people would not talk about how CUTE this Pokemon is. Hope you guys agree with me, best Pokemon ever!
Minccino is so the cutest Pokemon. With a brush tail and how they do somuch for a clean item there so cute. Deservse to be the number one out of all there other Pokemon. You can't resist.
<3 I have no words anymore for this list
[Newest]It is just to cute to resist! That's the reason it has become my favorite Pokemon!

Whaat? Delcatty is way down here? Come on guys, Delcatty is just so adorable! Adorable eyes, Adorable tail, Adorable Ears! Her colours are pretty cute as well, it is a playful, cute and slightly lazy pokemon, it is just like a real life bigger cat. Not only is it an adorable pokemon, but it makes everyone want to take it home and CUDDLE IT!
It's just SO cute! YOu'd want to cuddle it all DAY!
I remember playing Pokémon on Gamecube and I would always catch Delcatty! Its adorable
[Newest]It's so so so so so cute it's amazing

This is one of the most adorable eeveelutions you can get! Just look at the cute ribbons, and those adoring etes! What makes you think that it has to be all the way down here? VOTE NAO!

How is Diglett not #1?! Not only does it look cute but it sounds cute too!

Everyone seems to hate this pokemon for it's eyes. Come on! His eyes are sort of weird but he's still kind of cute.
Look at those eyes.

Cutie call ever plus it is a little shark never evolve him because Garchomp looks worse than garbodor with an old dress on


Arcanine are so cute it has the most awesome mane
And it looks like a tiger and tigers are very cute

And very powerful too

Clefairy is easily the cutest pokemon of all! Pink, fluffy, round, and adorable... How anyone could think otherwise is beyond me!
She's so cute! Cutie cute cute... CUter than JIGGLYPUFF
Why is clefairy all the way down here! Clefairy is derpy and adorable!

He is so CUTE! I remember when Misty didn't like him, and he was crying later. POOR CATERPIE...
It's caterpie, the most awesome adorable thing ever. You cannot hate the look of Caterpie. He just looks at you all adorable and stuff and then rolls over and you're like, D'AW. You can't go wrong with Caterpie.
Caterpie is not one of those blah worms. He is a cute worm. Too bad he had to leave. {for his mate]
[Newest]Caterpie is plain cute :3


A have a dragonite and he is at level 98 and I didn't get him until about 3 years after I got the game I loved him that much. He is so cute


What about dragonite!?! All it wants to do hug you! And completely destroy all your enemies with a single blow!
A dragon who is not intimidating and often times waves at people.


Why do YOU think AZ loved this thing so much?

Why is there a Pokemon Trainer on the list. I also found May and Serena.

My mom used to call me beautifly
When I was younger.
Another Pokemon that is too girly
I love beautify it's one of my favorites

This pokemon is superb cute! She is one of my top listed pokemon. Shes so beautiful that every girl wants. I better like this than buneary. I can see a picture of a woman in this pokemon. So cute for me! I know for you too. This pokemon deserves at the top of this chart!
You know it like a fashion girl with big ears.
Definitely should be at the top! Very pretty Pokemon!

Come on! Swablu is so cute and clean and fresh. And it does not lose its cuteness when it evolved
I mean like, WHO doesn't LIKE SWABLU? Why the HECK is it all the way down HERE? It is the cutest little cotton ball EVER!
The cotton bird Pokemon
With wings that resemble cotton, Swablu can sit on top of someone's head and look like a cotton hat
-Pokemon ultimate Handbook P.255

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