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Cherrim is in the top 5. It's so cute! With his pink flowers seems it's very cool! I love Cherrim!

Sunny form is just utterly adorable. It's outcast form is cute to, it looks like it's shy.

Come on :( It looks weird with Overcast Form but it is ADORABLE in Sunshine Form

OH MY GOSH WHY IS CHERRIM 149 it's so cute in sunny form

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I love its determination! Keep trying little buddy! You'll fly eventually!

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A green little goat, with that round little nose and perpetually happy. Can't get over that little beard!

Why is this number 269? It should be in the top three!

SKIDDO IS ADORABLE! Have you heard it's cry when ride it on Pokemon X/Y? And that adorable music!

He's so adorable (Crystal)

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You probably mean feebas there is no Pokemon named wedras

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It's got a head to big for its body! And tiny little arms! And a ghosty tail! Such a little-known Pokemon, it NEEDS to be on this list.

Phantump is and will forever be my favorite Pokemon

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Has no one seriously added this yet? Anaura is so sweet and gentle looking. Not to mention it has a beautiful color scheme and it's just overall extremely cute.

Wow. Amaura is the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. It's a perfect shade of blue, with the patches above its eyes that resemble an aurora borealis. And that name! "Amaura" sounds like the Spanish word for "love". This Pokémon is just PERFECT and I want it.

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Dunsparce is like the pug of Pokemon. Some think it's cute, others find it ugly. - GREATEST

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268BlazikenBlaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I LOVE BLAZIKEN! Also that's mega evolved Blaziken. Torchic was my starter and it evolved into this team eventually. I THINK BLAZIKEN IS CUTE DO NOT JUDGE ME!

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Absol is the best and cutest Pokemon EVER! It warns people of approaching danger. It's loyal and kind to it's trainer, and it's shiny is 12 times as cute! It's my #1 Pokemon, and if you're reading this, and haven't already, I hope you vote for this amazing Pokemon!

I like it when he mega evolves don't u he's a adorable Pokemon love him

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272LatiosV2 Comments
273ProbopassV2 Comments
274SunfloraV3 Comments

How come Fairy type Pokemon are below the Water type pokemon, I think Electric and Fairy type or the most adorable and I have to say that some fire pokemon or also the cutest things ever

It's so cute like it has that cute little light thingy on top of its head

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You can put in barboach, the ugly one. But no croagunk? You people don't have a good cuteness sense, even if it POISONED you people!


Leavanny! Most adorable and such a cute face! But who knows, a great power is behind this charming face!


Taillow is a brave Pokemon, but it gave up if it's hungry!

279SunkernV1 Comment

... Just look at his face. Come on. Hands down one of my favorite Pokemon because it's adorable and not to mention powerful at the same time. Double win!

Just look at his face. Looks so clueless. His face just remindes me of the word derp. he's my favorit opener. Like I don't get why he isn't up there TT. TT

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