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81 Plusle

He is... The CUTEST the CUTEST Pokemon in the world. I sometimes wonder why people don't like it... It's cuter than pikachu skitty and even eevee. I love it and want it to be my first pokemon... If you know what I mean

I think plusle is the cutest Pokemon out of every single Pokemon ever, ever, ever made in the whole entire universe
I totally wish it existed in real life! Also eevee is not ugly and retarded:(

How can this adorable little thing be so far down! Plusle is like a pichu but cuter! What are you thinking people!

Who doesn't like plusle and minun

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82 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Bulbasaur, known as Fushigidane in Japan, is the first Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


Bulbasaur is the cutest Pokemon ever! This spot isn't where he belongs, he belongs at least in the top tens! I mean, look at that little face and those tiny feet... He's better than many Pokemon (in my option), and I might even get a jacket of bulbasaur! He deserves to be up further!

Yeah! I agree! Everyone just loves Pikachu cause he's the most famous pokemon! I think mew and mewto look weird... But Pichu is cute too!

It even has a website named after it! (Bulbapedia) I've always loved the starter grass pokemon ( with the exception of Treeko) but bulbasaur was always my favorite. This is what I told my mom when she asked me which starter pokemon she should choose in pokemon go: Well... charmander is the strongest but bulbasaur is the cutest. He ( or she) May be our lowest pokemon but he's good for leveling up gyms. (In pokemon go)

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83 Luxio

Since Shinx is so cute, so is Luxio. Such a strong Lightning Pokemon!

84 Aron Aron

I can't BELIEVE YOU WEIRDOS I MEAN ARON IS THE CUTEST THING ON EARTH (calm down) sorry bout that its just that I can't deny that cute little thing its just so cute! I want more comments please

Aron is simply the most adorable pokemon ever

Aron is so powerful and CUTE! If you say its not cute or powerful you haven't ever seen it! Or you have gone CRAZY! To CUTE! Best at battle and being adorable!


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85 Chimchar Chimchar

Chimchar is the cutest Pokemon ever. His cute little voice and little cute body is just adorable

Why is this in 78th, it's way cuter than luxray, latios, and basically everything else from 77 to 15

I love Chimchar, it's a monkey, got a butt flame and becomes a badass infernape in level 36

I love him! I felt bad for Ash's Chimchar (I think he's an Infernape now, didn't watch many Sinnoh episodes) when he was attacked by a pack of Zangoose TT_TT

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86 Clefairy

Clefairy is easily the cutest Pokemon of all! Pink, fluffy, round, and adorable... How anyone could think otherwise is beyond me!

Yes, clefairy totally belongs at number 100... ON OPPOSITE DAY! COME ON! Clefairy has got to be at AT LEAST number 10! Come ON peeps! Vote!

! my fave is Flareon but how can this little thing be this low! GO TEAM FLAREON AND CLEFAIRY AND 100 OTHER THINGS!

Its super adorable! Look at its little tooth!

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87 Starly

You know, a lot of Pokemon on this list aren't even cute and will never be cute. Face it guys, your groudon isn't a charming little angel. And yet here, at number 269, there's an adorable little, lonely bird, sad and rejected, who never gets a chance in anything. Starlies grow up to be the beastly staraptor, but no one really appreciates the weaker stage, do they? I've seen practically every other bird Pokemon that can be considered cute in this list above starly... For me it's in the top ten. I actually scrolled through the whole thing just to reach this little birdie and attempt to vote it higher. Come on guys, give the underdogs a chance for once.

The comment below me is absolutely right.

This should be at the top 10 it is a bird

Please vote for this bird

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88 Delcatty

Whaat? Delcatty is way down here? Come on guys, Delcatty is just so adorable! Adorable eyes, Adorable tail, Adorable Ears! Her colours are pretty cute as well, it is a playful, cute and slightly lazy pokemon, it is just like a real life bigger cat. Not only is it an adorable pokemon, but it makes everyone want to take it home and CUDDLE IT!

To be honest, kittens are cuter than cats to people. I prefer the grown ones, but raising them is adorable. This is why delCATty is ranked lower than sKITTY. because of the names. Plus, lets face it: Raising a Skitty to a Delcatty is sweeter.

It's just SO cute! YOu'd want to cuddle it all DAY!

I want this as a pet to cute!

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89 Mareep

Come on mareep is the cutest pokemon ever

Mareep is so cute and innocent, and it looks so soft, you could us him as a pillow, cuddle and stuff. Go mareep!

MAREEP IS 1# CUTEST RIGHT V! It's SO CUTE AND you love 2000 BETTER THAN SKITTY! IT SHOULD BE 2# INSTEAD OF MEW! Oh he evovles to flaffy at 15 then at amphardos at 30 than give a mega stone to get mega evovle to him

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90 Leafeon

I Mean how can you not like leafeon it is so hard not to when I was younger I hugged the screen every time I saw leafeon so much sorry if bad spelling can't see what I'm typing anyways I LOBE LEAFEON VOTE LEAFEON NOW I COMMAND YOU VOTE HIGHER IT IS TO CUTE TO BE THIS LOW PEOPLE!

He/she is so cute and I love grass types

Leafeon is adorable I mean literally its a plant type go plant types and tree huggers!

I thought this was top 10...

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91 Hoppip

Despite all that his attacks might be lacking, Hoppip is an adorable bouncy little grass pokemon and should be considered one of the cutest! -

Love Hoppip! It's a flying strawberry

Hoppip needs more love- he's adorable!

92 Gible

Cutie call ever plus it is a little shark never evolve him because Garchomp looks worse than garbodor with an old dress on

Boo! I only like Ash's gible because it is hilarious!

I think the whole Gible-line is cute as hell.

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93 Ninfia

...You mean Sylveon? I-it's not Ninfia.

Its probably here because ninfia isn't its name

This is one of the most adorable eeveelutions you can get! Just look at the cute ribbons, and those adoring etes! What makes you think that it has to be all the way down here? VOTE NAO!

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94 Tyrunt

Am I the ONLY one who thinks this little dude is adorable?!? What us he doing all the way down here? Come on, peeps! Vote for him!

I just can imagine hugging adorable!

Come on... the more you watch Pokemon XY: The Tiny Caretaker makes you want to hug him more.

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95 Swablu

Come on! Swablu is so cute and clean and fresh. And it does not lose its cuteness when it evolved

It's a cute, blue parakeet which has clouds for its wings. I love its funny personality which makes it land on people's heads and act like a hat.

I mean like, WHO doesn't LIKE SWABLU? Why the HECK is it all the way down HERE? It is the cutest little cotton ball EVER!

It's a cloud bird. Come on people, give it some votes

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96 Popplio Popplio

Popplio is a cute little sea lion that sneezes bubbles. Not many things cuter than that, nun said

I love Popplio but my opinion Litten is a slight bit cuter.

Very few Pokemon manage to maintain their cuteness throughout evolution. While Hoppip, Mareep and Chikorita do this, Popplio completley nails it with the adorableness of Brionne and Primaria. I haven't actually got Sun yet ( because of the 5 day delay for us Brits T_T ) but when I do, this little cutie is never leaving my team!

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97 Minccino Minccino

Minccino is by far the cutest Pokemon I have ever seen. I have 3 Minccino plush toys and I can't help but say "D'aw" every time I see them. Chinchillas are adorable and I love this Pokemon so much. All of my friends agree with me and they all say that it is the cutest thing they have ever seen as well. I don't understand how Muk is number 25 on this list and Minccino is only 83. It should be so much higher, it is insane that people would not talk about how CUTE this Pokemon is. Hope you guys agree with me, best Pokemon ever!

Minccino is so the cutest Pokemon. With a brush tail and how they do somuch for a clean item there so cute. Deservse to be the number one out of all there other Pokemon. You can't resist.

Minccino is sexy and cute! And it cleans up for you! It has attract and tickle as it's main attacks, I love em!

Cuter than emolga

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98 Tepig Tepig

Oh come on! Tepig is so cute can't you see? Listen to its happy voice and soul-filling eyes! Always so cheerful, tepig should bump vulpix out of its spot and to the moon!

Oshawott and tepig are so happy

Aw! Tepig is cute because he loves to smile and he looks so adorable! Come on, why don't you show him any love?

Tepig is so cute I want to hug him

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99 Cleffa

This thing is just so precious and it's evolutions are just as powerful as any other cute Pokemon! It's a beautiful baby! Rides on shooting stars even!

I absolutely HATE the clefa line they freak my out! Clefa's okay but don't get me started on clefairy!

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100 Smoochum Smoochum

Just look at it! It's small, pink and has blonde hair and cute eyes. You can't say it's not cute

How does such a cute thing evolve into...(0-0)

Ugly no matter what don't vote for this ugly thing and don't get me started on its evolution!

It's the smaller evolution of my favorite Pokemon, Jynx. So of course I pick Smoochum. - SexySiren666

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