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101Spiky-eared Pichu

So cute! it is like a Pichu except cuter

Anyone loves this baby she is cute naughty and fun anyone can see she
Is special all that's bad is she can't go in the union room...
Shes cute and travels with celebi that's making celebi a cutie too! 😍

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Snorunt is the cutest ice-type in hoenn and in the world

Snorunt is the cutest ice pokemon in the world and the cutest in the hoenn reigon. Like ash"s snorunt always playing around and makes snowmen out of everyone

Custest ice pokemon in the entire world with it"s cute little teeth and the way it says its name so adorable best pokemon in the entire Hoenn reigon

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Compare him to all of the other dragons. The difference of other dragons is, it looks like they want to kill you. Dragonite on the other hand, it looks like he wants to give you a BIG hug. - RebelGamer

A have a dragonite and he is at level 98 and I didn't get him until about 3 years after I got the game I loved him that much. He is so cute - ThunderdrumsRule

Dragonite is the best, he will give you a nice big hug and your enemies a taste of death! What's there not to love?

Dragonite so cute

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I chose Spheal, because... A. Mudkip isn't on this list, be. You can make the little puffy seal do a crap-load of stuff, C. It's adorable. I love Speal. Spheal is one of my favorites.

Spheal is so cute and sphere-like. It's Adorable and round. It has the cutest face and cute little flippers. Spheal is one of my favourite Pokémon because of that.

What? Why isn't spheal number one? Has no one looked into its eyes? Has no one heard it say spheal as it looks at you or watched it cry in Pokemon colliseum or smile in black and white? Seriously. Spheal looks like it was designed for the throne! Vote spheal!

Spheal is the 2nd cutest thing ever only to my dog

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He looks like pee shooter from plants vs Zombies

Pea Shoo---I mean, BELLSPROUT, is kinda cute.

He looks like someone who has been stuck in mud talk about UGLY

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Bellossom is an incredibly adorable Pokemon that also happens to be pretty strong! On top of that, it's hard to find a high-quality Grass type that isn't a starter.

Bellossom is so cute! She/He wears a little dress and dances around in it! Gen 2 forever!

Bellossom is so cute! She/He wears a little dress and dances around! Gen 2 forever!

I love her cute little hula girl theme and her adorable happy expression, especially when you feed her treats in the amie.

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107MagbyV1 Comment

Misdreavus is without a doubt my favorite Pokemon. I love its flowing ghostly hair and its pretty turquoise form. She is terrifyingly adorable! It's kinda hard not to enjoy this scary-good Pokemon!

Why is this way at the bottom?!? I am furious! I always catch one as soon as possible and it's also got great moves!

Misdreavus is just about the cutest ghost Pokemon you can get! And it evolves into a pretty powerful Pokemon I may add.

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Axew is so cute. Axew and Iris make a great team. Axew is just ADORABLE!

Don't you agree Axew's dumbness is so cute? His face, tail, even tusks are all adored! So please dragon type lovers vote NOW!

Axew has a big mouth and he is a tiny dragon with adorable tusk-like nubs. He is so sweet on the anime and he is a strong contender. I was sad when mine evolved into a fraxure. What a stubby little cutie.

Stunfisk and feebas are both above this...

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Popplio is a cute little sea lion that sneezes bubbles. Not many things cuter than that, nun said

I love Popplio but my opinion Litten is a slight bit cuter.

Very few Pokemon manage to maintain their cuteness throughout evolution. While Hoppip, Mareep and Chikorita do this, Popplio completley nails it with the adorableness of Brionne and Primaria. I haven't actually got Sun yet ( because of the 5 day delay for us Brits T_T ) but when I do, this little cutie is never leaving my team!

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Ok I bet a lot of you do not agree but I love weedle! I have a bunch of cards with weedle on it and I just love them so much!

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OH COME ON! It wasn't Porygons fault for the seizures! IT WAS PIKACHU! But considering Nintendo didn't want to replace their "precious mascot" they just removed Porygon, for no reason, and blamed the incident on it! AND YET PIKACHU IS AT NUMBER 3!

Yes. Apparently the seizure pokemon is cute.

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I think Slowpoke is one of the cutest Pokemon! I just want to keep it as a pet X3

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She is a pink, plump fuzzball of cuteness, and should really be higher on this list. Her big blue eyes make you give in to her.

He is so cute! I have the 2014 card, and he is adorable!

He is so cute! I have the card and he is adorable!

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Super cute! The playhouse Pokemon is strong and cute! Check out brock's happiny! Cute cute cute!

HOW!? HOW IS THIS POKEMON #110? It makes no sense. This IS, and always will be, the cutest pokemon of all time. People say it's a togepi clone, but I don't agree. Eevee? Pikachu? How!? These Pokemon aren't cute when compared to Happiny. If you have a soul you'd vote for this little bundle of joy

It holds an egg. What? How is this not number one?!

Happiny makes me so happy!

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Why has no one picked this lil cutie it has in its name beautiful and its just so cute

My mom used to call me beautifly
When I was younger.

Another Pokemon that is too girly

It's a butterfly tongue thing I forgot what its called

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Dragonair is so adorable! I mean, what sort of person would look at him and say, " wow, that is one ugly Pokemon! " I bet the person who says that also enjoys kicking puppies in the face. Come on, peeps! VOTE!

SERIOUSLY what in the world is the problem with the cutest pokemon being a snake this is just racism and discrimination for pokemon because dragonair deserves to be at the top and get the furball eevee off the list it is hogging the first place

So cute Pokemon he is

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Milotic, a pokèmon full of pure beauty. When I first saw Milotic in bw when Cynthia had it, I believed it to be one of the most beautiful Pokemon out there. Milotic may not be considered "cute" to many people, but it sure is beautiful.

It is so Pretty the poor thing is down here just because it evolves from an ugly fish

It might not be cute but it sure is majestic and beautiful

How beautiful

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Those cute big eyes that Fluffy round body enough said

Rowlet is the cutest. If you hate him I will kill you with me gun

Cute.. I want to have a Rowlet as starter! - Cubea

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Wurmple is adorable! It has big sweet eyes and little spikes all over its body! Plus, it is a little baby butterfly! Baby butterflies are cute, so wurmple should be at the top of this list what is wrong people why isn't wurmple number one?!?!?

Wurmple is sweet. He later evolves into the super-adorable Beautifly. It's a shame why Beautifly didn't make the list.

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